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Strawberry Juice Concentrate is a blend of quality domestic and European strawberries processed to retain the characteristic flavor and color of the whole fruit. All shipments will meet the following specifications. Brix 51° +/- 1° Brix pH 2.9 ­ 3.6 Titratable Acidity 0.65 ­ 0.95% wt/vol as citric at 8° 4.0 ­ 5.9% wt/wt as citric at 51° Clarity 60% T minimum at 625nm at 8° Color Typical of a strawberry juice Flavor Typical of Strawberry Foreign Materials None Microbiological TPC 2000 cfu/ml, maximum Yeast 1000 cfu/ml, maximum Mold 50 cfu/ml, maximum Ingredients Strawberry Juice Concentrate Packaging 52 gallon open top metal drums, or as specified Additives None Storage Recommend 0°F for shipping and storage. Shelf Life 1 year, if kept at 0°F Reconstitution 1 part concentrate + 6.64 parts water to 8°. Origin USA, Poland Nutrition per 100 g of Concentrate Calories 210 Carbohydrate Protein 2.2g Sodium

47g 27mg

Sugars Potassium

51g Fat 375mg


"The product shall be prepared, processed, packaged, and delivered in accordance with current good manufacturing practices and under strict sanitary conditions. Standards of identity and label statements for consumer products are the sole responsibility of the customer." 7116jt


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