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Issue 2 Autumn 2008

to the National NHS Dialysis Scheme in Cheshire & Merseyside


Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter, which is dedicated to updating you on developments across the National NHS Dialysis Scheme in Cheshire and Merseyside. Well, what a difference a few months can make! Our first newsletter was published in spring this year, just after Fresenius took over the management of existing dialysis units at Whiston and Clatterbridge Hospitals. Find out what patients think of the new services as we reveal the results of the first patient surveys later in this edition. We will also be shining the spotlight on both Clatterbridge and Halton NHS Dialysis Units. New units have already opened to NHS patients on both sites, and each receives its official opening this autumn. Take a peek inside the units in the following pages. And finally, the summer months were filled with activity elsewhere across Cheshire and Merseyside, as builders moved on to land at Southport District General Hospital, home to the new 12-station unit, which will be clinically managed by Aintree Renal Unit. Take a look at the local scheme updates to find out more about progress on that particular scheme. Away from the national NHS dialysis scheme, patients may also be interested to know that the new Dialysis Access Bureau Initiative is now up and running. This pilot scheme is aimed at improving transport for dialysis patients. You can find out more about the scheme later in this issue. We hope you find the newsletter interesting and informative. If you would like to comment on anything in this edition, or would like to see something featured in the next newsletter, please contact Jo Stringer, Communications Manager, North West Specialised Commissioning Team, on 01925 406017 or email her on [email protected]

Clatterbridge and Halton celebrate the opening of new

New NHS dialysis units at Clatterbridge and Halton celebrate their official openings this autumn. The newly-refurbished ward at Clatterbridge opened to patients at the beginning of August, followed closely by the new unit at Halton just over a week later. Fresenius had been running the Clatterbridge unit in its previous home since February this year, with many staff seconded to the unit from the NHS. The Halton unit is run by Fresenius staff and has been created out of a former ward at the hospital, which is part of North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Patient representative Dave Speakman was one of the first people to tour the new Halton NHS Dialysis Unit, which received its official opening on September 17th. Dave, who received a kidney transplant in November last year, said: "This is an absolutely brilliant facility for patients. It is so modern. The isolation units in particular are perfect. Patients spend a lot of time on a dialysis unit and I think people will be extremely comfortable here. "The patient has definitely been put first in the design of this place. It is absolutely spot on."

The Halton unit, which houses 12 dialysis stations, is a `typical' Fresenius unit in that it mirrors the company's other dialysis units up and down the country. Its opening is a tremendous boost for local NHS dialysis patients who previously travelled to Warrington, Liverpool and Whiston for their treatment. Halton was open to patients, their families and carers, as well as hospital staff and the media, for guided tours prior to service commencement. All who visited were impressed by the overall look of the unit, as well as the provision of state-of-the-art medical equipment which Fresenius offers as standard in all of its units. Key features of the new facility include: · Access-controlled entrance to ward. · Comfortable patient waiting area. · Consulting rooms, offering privacy for clinics, and for patients to meet with dieticians, social workers and so on. · Seminar/meeting room. · Euclid 5 individual computerised patient records.

· Excellent staff welfare facilities, including showers and staff room. · Bright, airy, spacious treatment area, comprising 10 stations in the main ward, and two separate isolation rooms. Each station has its own television, with Freeview and radio, as well as washbasin, disposable curtains, sheets and pillowcases. · Fresenius 4008H dialysis machines, all capable of haemodiafiltration treatment. · Nurses use PDAs to record and download patient information. · Beverage preparation room. · Technician room, enabling technicians to service and repair machines on site. · State of the art water treatment room, the hub of the unit, providing a sophisticated filter system to ensure the highest standards of water purity attained. Tests are regularly carried out on the water purity on site, and samples are frequently sent off for further testing. · Central delivery of concentrates.


Facilities at Clatterbridge NHS Dialysis Unit are similar to those at Halton; however Clatterbridge is designed around 4 and 6-station bays rather than an open ward model. Clatterbridge is scheduled to receive its official opening on November 5th. Clatterbridge Clinic Manager Lorraine Fergusson said: "This has been a fantastic move for both patients and staff. As soon as the patients moved into the new unit they loved it ­ it is so light and airy. "As for the staff, they just love coming to work! We now have fantastic facilities for staff - a spacious and modern staff room, showers, toilets and lockers. The move from the old unit ran like clockwork as well. The whole experience has been a positive one for all concerned." Patients who will be using the Southport, Warrington and St Helens NHS Dialysis Units, can get a sneak preview of what to expect by looking at some of the pictures of Clatterbridge and Halton included in this newsletter. I think you will all agree that the new facilities will be well worth the wait, and should ensure that future NHS patients are able to dialyse in a clean and comfortable environment, the design of which has the patient and his/her needs at the very top of the list.

Patients give `thumbs up' to new dialysis service

One way of finding out whether a new service or product is any good is to ask the consumer what they think of it. In healthcare, patient opinion is probably the most important factor in shaping the delivery of services. Patients in the modern NHS are possibly listened to, and their views more valued, than ever before in the 60 years of the health service. Fresenius Medical Care has been keen from the beginning to find out what patients think of the new services they are delivering across Cheshire and Merseyside. Anecdotal evidence shows that patients feel very positive about the new services, but to back this up, Fresenius carries out six-monthly patient satisfaction surveys to find out what people really think of the services they deliver. Debbie Reece, Director of Marketing for Fresenius Medical Care Ltd, said: "We have carried out the first surveys for Clatterbridge and Whiston, sending postal questionnaires to patients, actively seeking feedback about the service they are receiving at the units, and asking them to highlight any potential areas of improvement. "The results are made available to patients on the dialysis unit noticeboard, and within the main NHS Trust buildings as well, and we are extremely pleased with the first set of results for both Clatterbridge and Whiston. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the patients who participated in this survey ­ their views are much appreciated." The recent survey attracted a 48%-50% response rate for both Clatterbridge and Whiston and covered all aspects of care, including treatments, staff and facilities. The results showed that the care received was rated as `very good' to `excellent' for 90% of patients at both units. Cleanliness was also rated highly at both sites, with 90% of Clatterbridge patients rating their unit as `very clean' and 93% offering the same verdict at Whiston. The other 7-10% of respondents rated cleanliness as `fairly clean.' 100% of respondents said they were made to feel welcome at both dialysis units. For further details of the patient satisfaction surveys conducted at Clatterbridge and Whiston NHS Dialysis Units, please see the dialysis unit noticeboard or contact the Unit Manager. The next survey will take place at the end of the year and will include the new NHS unit at Halton.

Update on local schemes

Southport NHS Dialysis Unit

Southport & Formby West Lancashire Bolton

Patient Transport Bureau Many of you may have already seen copies of a new patient leaflet, advertising the services of the Cheshire and Merseyside Dialysis Access Bureau (DAB). The DAB is a pilot initiative, running for 12 months, until May 2009, and is part of the overall strategy of Cheshire and Merseyside Renal Services, to improve local access to dialysis treatment. The DAB is essentially a single telephone number via which hospitalbased haemodialysis patients and their families and carers can access up-todate and accurate information about a variety of transport-related issues e.g. · Public transport routes and timetables for those patients able to travel independently. · Details of voluntary and community transport schemes in Cheshire and Merseyside. · Access to reimbursement of costs; completion of forms; parking; drop-off arrangements. · Access to non-emergency ambulance transport, for those patients with medical and/or mobility conditions that prevents them from using other forms of transport. The overall aim of the scheme is to provide a single point of contact on transport issues, for patients, carers, renal staff and transport providers, and to improve the co-ordination of transport to different areas within Cheshire and Merseyside, reducing travelling time and waiting times for patients. It is also hoped that additional benefits will include a secure and up-to-date patient database, as well as an improvement in the quality of transport provided, ensuring minimum standards are met by all transport providers. If you require information about any transport-related issue, please contact the DAB on 0845 117 0012. The DAB pilot will not remove the entitlement of transport for patients whose clinical condition requires it.

South Sefton St Helens

Ashton, Wigan and Leigh Salford

North Liverpool

Trafford North

St Helens and Knowsley NHS Dialysis Unit

Birkenhead & Wallasey

Central Liverpool

Knowsley Warrington Trafford South

South Manchester

South Liverpool

Warrington NHS Dialysis Unit


Bebington & West Wirral

Halton NHS Dialysis Unit

Ellesmere Port & Neston

Eastern Cheshire

Clatterbridge NHS Dialysis Unit

Central Cheshire

Warrington NHS Dialysis Unit · Building work on the Guardian House site is due to start, as scheduled, in December this year. Southport NHS Dialysis Unit · Building work progressing well. On course to open to patients in February 2009. · Discussions ongoing to organise an official opening in spring next year. Clatterbridge NHS Dialysis Unit · Newly refurbished ward opened to patients August 2008 (Fresenius took over the management of the service in February 2008). · The official opening of Clatterbridge is scheduled for 5th November 2008.

Halton NHS Dialysis Unit · Officially opened by Dr Gordon Bell, Clinical Nephrologist at the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust; Jenny Scott, NWSCT Director of Specialised Commissioning, and patient representative Dave Speakman, on Wednesday 17th September. · Unit opened to patients beginning of August 2008. St Helens and Knowsley NHS Dialysis Unit · Local Implementation Group reconvenes autumn 2008. Date to be finalised. · The title above will be the name of both the new unit at Whiston and, on transfer, the new St Helens facility.

Contact us

If you have any questions/comments about any of the patient issues raised in this newsletter, or any other matters you wish to raise, please contact Dennis Crane MBE, Patient and North Region Advocacy Officer for the National Kidney Federation, on 0161 740 5550 or email [email protected] If you would like to speak to Patient Representatives at any of the individual sites included in the National NHS Dialysis Scheme in Cheshire and Merseyside, please contact the following: Warrington Clatterbridge Southport Halton Whiston/St Helens & Knowsley Neville Berry Jim Pearson Dave Lindsay Colin Jones Bernard Blaney Dave Speakman Richard Smith 01925 444395 01925 486273 0151 639 5970 01704 547580 01704 568224 01928 718773 01744 635128



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