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Edna Wells Handy Commissioner

Mitch Gipson First Deputy Commissioner Sally Renfro Chief of Staff Julianne Cho Chief Communications Officer Russell Ann Nobles General Counsel

Kevin DePodwin Director, Planning and Projects

Sheila Grizzle Scheduling Coordinator

Ria Harris Correspondence Coordinator

Norma Martin EEO Officer

Christopher Lane Director, Internal Audit


Deputy Commissioner Information Technology

Richard Badillo Chief Financial Officer

Keith Kerman Chief Fleet Management Officer

Sergio Paneque Chief Purchasing and Reengineering Officer

Maria DiPaola Chief Human Capital Officer

R. Fenimore Fisher Chief Diversity and EEO Officer

Kristin Barbato Chief Energy Management Officer

Joey Koch Chief Asset Management Officer

Office of the General Counsel

Shameka Boyer Asst. Commissioner, HR, Payroll, and Timekeeping

Ronald Pitts Asst. Commissioner, Chief Technology Officer Maria Frasca, Deputy Asst. Commissioner Business Analysis & Quality Assurance

Richard Thom Asst. Commissioner, Fiscal Management

Brent Taylor Chief of Staff

Robert Cleary Asst. Commissioner, Citywide ACCO

Brian Goldberg Asst. Commissioner, Civil Service Administration

Lisa Nakanishi Executive Director, Diversity and EEO

Emily Small Chief of Staff

Lenore O'Keefe Chief of Staff

Kenneth M. Leibowitz Deputy General Counsel, Operations

Andre Brown Asst. Commissioner, Security

David McCann Director of External Reimbursement/Expense Budget Coordinator

Sherry Lee Deputy Chief of Staff

Carol Green Asst. Commissioner, Agency ACCO and Knowledge Mgmt. Robert Riccelli Executive Director, Program Evaluation, ReEngineering and Revenue

William Klimowicz Asst. Commissioner, Examinations

Siu Cheng 55a Compliance Coordinator

Susan Cohen Asst Commissioner, Energy Budget and Procurement Ellen Ryan Deputy Asst. Commissioner, Client Agency Engagement

Jerry Torres Asst. Commissioner, Building Services

Eric Hicks Director, Discipline

Marty Preston Asst. Commissioner, Special Events and Projects

Michael Rubin

Director, Network Operations & Helpdesk Support Ronald Tszuska Director, Applications Development & Production Support

Robert Tobin Director, Capital Buget

Steve Weir Deputy Chief Fleet Management Officer

Barbara Grossman Asst. Commissioner, Learning and Development

Jocelyn Lobo Director, Compliance

Cesar Lopez Executive Director, Tenant Services

Michael Slutsky Director, Labor Relations

Paul Herszdorfer Deputy Asst. Commissioner, Transportation Services

John Pontacolone Director, Audits and Accounts

Eric Richardson Assistant Chief Fleet Management Officer

Guy Oliveri Director, Performance Mgmt. and Analysis

Rosa Gomez Exec. Director, NYCAPS Central

Jerzy Warman Workforce Analyst, Diversity and EEO

Emily Dean Director, Energy Programs and Strategy

Glenn Pymento Asst. Commissioner, Design and Project Management Services

Steven Mortman Deputy General Counsel, Real Estate

Susan Kerner Director, CityStore

Daniel Louie Director, Financial Reports and Special Projects

Alfredo Melian Director, Fleet Enterprise

David Taylor Fink Director, Citywide Purchasing Card

Mike Dipple Director, Energy Efficiency Projects

Jeff Kondrat Asst. Commissioner, Acquisitions and Leasing

David Nida Deputy General Counsel, Personnel

Krishna Kirk Director, New Media and Municipal Publications

Harris Kaplan Director, Fleet Operations

Christine Norman M/WBE Officer

Val Slobodyan Director, Performance Tracking and Analytics

David Dimitri Asst Commissioner, Facilities Operations

Sylvia Pryce Director, Citywide Occupational Safety and Health

Eli Blachman Editor, City Record

Joseph Wagner Chief Engineer, Facilities Operations

Randal Fong Asst. Commissioner, Planning

Richard Friedman Asst. Commissioner, Real Estate Financial Services


Visio-DCAS Org Chart.vsd

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