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National Purchasing Partners - Construction

National Account Manager ­ Adam Eby - 801 884-6000 - [email protected]

National Accounts BSA ­ Ike Romero - 801 419-2057 ­ [email protected] Current Corporate Offer ­ · 22% Corporate Access Discount - $34.99 calling plans and higher · 22% Data discount ­ qualifying $24.99 data features combined with a $34.99 calling plan or higher · 35% accessory discount · $20 Blackberry/PDA feature ­ 2 year contract or extension and $34.99 calling plan or higher is required · $24.99 PTT Only ­ 2 year contracts only · $19.99 PTT only ­ 1,000+ corporate subscribers required, 2 year contracts only · $100 CRP Invoice credit ­ Exp 12/31/2009 o New Activations and Eligible renewals/upgrades o 2 year contract required o $34.99 calling plan or higher required o Cannot be combined with any other promotional offers (i.e. NE2, BOGO, BAGX, etc...) o Cannot be combined with region, area, or discretionary discounts o Cannot be combined with $50 PTT Acquisition credit o Applied within 90 days of activation · $50 CRP Invoice Credit ­ Exp 12/31/2009 o New Activations and Eligible renewals o 2 year contract required o $34.99 calling plan or higher required o $5 PTT Feature required or $29.99 PTT only calling plan o Can be combined with $50 PTT Acquisition credit o Applied within 90 days of activation Current Employee offer · 18% Access discount - $34.99 calling plans and higher · 18% Data discount - qualifying $24.99 data features combined with a $34.99 calling plan or higher · 25% Accessory discount · No promotional credits at this time · No waiver on activation fees. Group ID's ­ Default GID (BAE) ­ NPPMC, NPPME MAM GID's* ­ · NPPBC, NPPBE · NPMCL, NPMEL · NPCC1, NPCE1 · NPCC2, NPCE2 · NPCC3, NPCE3 *Please work with your region commissions before adding GID's to your module to ensure the GID's are not assigned to another MAM.

Eligibility Requirements There are two validation points under the NPP Construction agreement: 1) NPP's requirements 2) Verizon Wireless' requirements

NPP's Member Association Eligibility Requirements · Must be an active, paid-to-date member of the Associated General Contractors(AGC), or · Must be an active, paid-to-date member of the Home Builders Association (HBA/BIA/MBA) To verify that the company is an active, paid-to-date member, call the association (click on below links to secure the phone number) and confirm membership. · HBA: · AGC: Please note: The AGC of America and the NAHB does not endorse this program and should not be presented as such. This is a program that the local chapters have the option of taking advantage of via an agreement with National Purchasing Partners.

Verizon Wireless Requirements ­

An entity actively participating as a member of the National Purchasing Partner LLC ("NPP") purchasing group. Each Member must: (i) Derive all, or substantially all, of its revenue from the construction industry, and (ii) Be a construction company, home building company, remodeling company or other trade craftsman (e.g. a subcontractor such as an electrician or plumber whose primary trade is within the construction industry); (iii) have an active membership agreement with Purchasing Group, current in all its membership criteria and obligations, (iv) be current in any dues or fees payable to Purchasing Group; and (v) Appear on Purchasing Group's list of active members.

Broken down: 1) Members must belong to NPP. 2) Must derive all or substantially all (90%) of their revenue from the construction industry. 3) Must be a construction company, home building company or other construction subcontractor whose primary trade is in the construction industry. 3, 4, 5) Must maintain membership with NPP... Supply companies, distribution companies, equipment companies etc... May derive their revenue from the construction industry, but they are not construction companies nor is their primary trade construction. Their primary class of trade would fall under distribution, and therefore not qualify.

Enrollment Process

Step 1 ­ Validate eligibility ­ · Send an email to [email protected] with the following information o Name of Customer o Website Address, or o Physical address o We will validate that the company meets the VZW requirements based on the member definition above · Validate your customer's membership with the HBA or AGC If your customer does not meet all of the requirements above, they will be denied eligibility to purchase off the NPP Construction agreement. Timing ­ All accounts will be validated within 24 hours

Step 2 ­ If your customer does not meet the eligibility requirements, be prepared to propose a different offer. We should not be presenting the NPP Construction agreement to a customer unless you've received eligibility validation. If you have received validation that your customer is eligible, have them visit and register. Registration on this site will only provide access to the site, this is not the member agreement. Within 24 hours of registration, your customer will receive their login credentials. Timing ­ registrations are processed within 24 hours, unless the member's registration is incomplete or their association membership cannot be validated. Step 3 ­ Your customer will login to using the login credentials they've received from NPP. If it's been longer than 24 hours and they have not received their credentials, they can visit the website and click Forgot Password and have it resent to them (their username defaults to the email address they used to register). Instructions ­ 1) Login 2) Click on "Contracts" 3) Scroll to Verizon Wireless contract 4) There will be a link "click here to begin enrollment process" Online Agreement Site (OLAS) Instructions ­ This should only be accepted by the customer

· · · · · · · · ·

Scroll to the bottom of the first page and click the "join in" button. Enter NPP Member ID and ZIP code and press "Validate" button (member ID will appear when the customer logs in to Enter authorized signer information Enter additional SPOC information (if necessary) Enter VZW sales rep Choose MyBusinessAccount options Click on "View Agreement" The last page has 2 boxes that must be checked (authorized contact and agree to terms & conditions) Click on "Accept" button.

After the customer accepts the agreement, it will take approximately 24 hours to have the contract executed and profiles built and ready for order activity. BFO Responsibilities · Update profiles and accounts/lines with new discount · Update profiles with domains for ELEU RYL activity

Sales Rep Responsibilities ­ · Process orders · Customer Service · Request price plan changes to your BFO · Request feature changes ($20 BB/PDA feature) to your BFO. This is contract affecting and the BFO will not automatically update the eligible lines when they update the new discounts · NPP Construction accounts should be supported as any other SMB account. They do not have dedicated AL support (unless they meet the individual requirements).

Custom Feature Codes -

· ·

$20 unlimited data feature for PDA - 71743 $20 unlimited data feature for Blackberry - 71723

· ·

MBB unlimited ­ 68924 $24.99 PTT Only ­ 74320 AMC ­ 74321 Nationwide

Common Construction trades based on the U.S. Department of Labor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Boilermakers Brickmasons, blockmasons, and stonemasons Carpenters Carpet, floor, and tile installers and finishers Cement masons, concrete finishers, segmental pavers, and terrazzo workers Construction and building inspectors Construction equipment operators Construction laborers Drywall installers, ceiling tile installers, and tapers Electricians Elevator installers and repairers Glaziers Hazardous materials removal workers Insulation workers Painters and paperhangers Pipelayers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters Plasterers and stucco masons Roofers Sheet metal workers Structural and reinforcing iron and metal workers


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