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Please be advised the CHRC 102 Consent form has been revised. From this point forward, all agencies are to discontinue use of the existing 102 form dated 9/06. The new form complies in both form and content to the requirements set forth by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Having this new form signed by prospective subject individuals will permit the CHRC Legal Unit to forward a summary of the criminal history received from both the FBI and DCJS to the CHRC APs designated by your Agency. Please note the following: If you have received a letter from us in the past indicating that there is a criminal history reported by the FBI but we did not include the FBI summary, you will receive such information in the next few weeks. For your information, subject individuals in this situation were identified in the "Conviction/Charge" report which was attached to the initial letter submitted to you. Please obtain a new signed consent from these subject individuals utilizing the revised 102 form. This new consent form must be placed in the subject individual's personnel record. Do not send the newly signed consent form to the CHRC program. The original letter we sent will be resubmitted to you with the FBI summary If we are currently reviewing a case and determine that there is FBI criminal history, the CHRC Legal Unit will identify such employees to you and request that you obtain the subject individual's newly signed consent form and file it in the subject individual's personnel record. Shortly thereafter, you will receive the appropriate letter with any DCJS and FBI criminal summaries. We realize that obtaining a new consent may present a hardship for you. However, not obtaining the proper consent and receiving the FBI summaries is a serious matter. There may have been situations in the past where you were informed that the individual had a history from the FBI but the individual is no longer employed by you. It is not necessary for you to obtain a new consent from terminated subject individuals. You are responsible, however, to complete Form 105 Termination informing the CHRC Unit of the individual's termination from employment. Do not contact the CHRC Program when the new consent is obtained. During survey, there will be a review of personnel records and the inclusion of the new consent form will be one of the items reviewed for compliance. Please submit any questions to [email protected]




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