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February 28, 2005 THOMAS NAGEL - CURRICULUM VITAE 1. 2. Date of Birth July 4, 1937 Education Cornell University 1954-8 Corpus Christi College, Oxford 1958-60 Harvard University 1960-3 Appointments Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley Assistant Professor, Princeton University Associate Professor " Professor " Professor of Philosophy, New York University Chairman Professor of Philosophy and Law " Fiorello LaGuardia Professor of Law University Professor Visiting Appointments Rockefeller University University of Pittsburgh Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico University of the Witwatersrand U.C.L.A. All Souls College, Oxford U. C. Berkeley Lectureships Tanner Lecturer, Stanford University Tanner Lecturer, Oxford University Howison Lecturer, U.C. Berkeley Thalheimer Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University John Locke Lecturer, Oxford University Hempel Lecturer, Princeton University Whitehead Lecturer, Harvard University Immanuel Kant Lecturer, Stanford University Townsend Lecturer, U.C. Berkeley 1

B.A. 1958 B.Phil. 1960 Ph.D. 1963


1963-6 1966-9 1969-72 1972-80 19801981-6 19862001-3 2002-


1973-4 1976 1977 1982 1986-7 1990 2004


1977 1979 1987 1989 1990 1995 1995 1995 1999

Storrs Lecturer, Yale University 6. Fellowships Guggenheim Fellowship NSF Fellowship NEH Fellowship NEH Fellowship Other Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy Honorary Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford Associate Editor, Philosophy & Public Affairs


1966-7 1968-70 1978-9 1984-5







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6. 7.

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9. 10.

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