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RobbeRy Assignment Kit

offered by

The National Association for Bank Security

in cooperation with

Profit Protection, LLC

Take the Stress and Chaos Out of Post-Robbery Actions Each Kit Includes

A Specially Designed Envelope

One Pad of Bandit Description Forms Eight Teller Instruction Cards A Supervisor's Guide for Robbery Procedures


Profit Protection, LLC

4800 S.W. 51st Street, Suite 101 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314 (954) 327-1223



By using this kit your employees can: · Assemble all vital information quickly; · Aid police in identifying the robbers; · Help gather evidence that may be used in court.

Evidence Bag Two Robbery Assignment Cards that are perforated so that they are easily separated into six cards containing those specific procedures employees should immediately implement after a robbery.

Most importantly, employees do not have to memorize the procedures; no long training sessions to put the procedures into effect; and nothing to remember during the emotional period after a robbery. Your employees need only pick up the kit after a robbery and follow the instructions printed on the cards.

Also Available:

Laminated "Closed"

Caution Tape

Color Coded, Easy-to-See Door Height Tape

Prepared by the National Association for Bank Security

Distributed through 32 state bankers associations

Alabama Bankers Association Colorado Bankers Association Connecticut Bankers Association Georgia Bankers Association Illinois Bankers Association Indiana Bankers Association Iowa Bankers Association Kansas Bankers Association Kentucky Bankers Association Louisiana Bankers Association Maine Bankers Association Maryland Bankers Association Massachusetts Bankers Association Minnesota Bankers Association Insurance and Services, Inc. Mississippi Bankers Association Missouri Bankers Association Montana Bankers Association New Hampshire Bankers Association New Jersey Bankers Association New Mexico Bankers Association New York Bankers Association North Dakota Bankers Association Oklahoma Bankers Association Ohio Bankers League Pennsylvania Bankers Association Services Corporation South Carolina Bankers Association South Dakota Bankers Association Vermont Bankers Association Virginia Bankers Association West Virginia Bankers Association Wisconsin Bankers Association Wyoming Bankers Association

Order 15 or more kits and receive one 200-foot roll of caution tape, one color height marker and one laminated "closed" sign



Quantity Product Code OS214600 (15+) OS214601 OS1234 OS1235 OS1236 OS1237 Product Price Each $24.95 $24.95 $6.95 $6.95 $4.95 $7.95 $ $ $ $ $ $ Total Price

Robbery Assignment Kit(s) Robbery Assignment Kits with FREE height marker, roll of caution tape and "closed" sign Color-Coded Height-Marker Tape Caution Tape Laminated Door Sign Custom Laminated Door Sign (add your logo or other important information) Call 1-800-390-6227

Order Today! fax (954) 327-1226

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Subtotal $ Florida add 6% Sales Tax $ Shipping and Handling Charge 1-10 kits $ 10.95 $ 11 or more kits $15.95 TOTAL

RETURN TO: National Association for Bank Security 4800 S.W. 51 Street, Suite 101 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314

Check enclosed. Payable to: National Association for Bank Security Bill me.

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Bank Robbery

A financial institution's security program must, "provide for initial and periodic training of officers and employees . . . in proper employee conduct during and after a robbery. . ." Since employee robbery training is of vital importance in today's banking environment, especially for safety considerations, it is imperative to keep the training materials as fresh and pertinent as possible. This 20-minute video training tape includes all the points that need to be covered in robbery security training. This video training tape covers how robberies occur, the robber's mindset and what the robber's goals are. Also, how a teller can reduce the odds of being a robbery victim, how to safely deal with robberies and how to be helpful to law enforcement in their investigation.

Safety After a Robbery

Before · During · After a Holdup procedures

A bank robbery creates an environment in which employees, in their desire to help the police identify the robber, sometimes take actions that may jeopardize their safety and that of customers. While this videotape contains the security procedures for employees to follow in compliance with the Bank Protection Act training regulations that may aid law enforcement in their investigation, the most important aspect of this videotape is that it focuses upon those employee measures after a robbery that impact their safety.

Avoiding Morning Glory Robberies

Motivate your employees to implement effective morning opening procedures. Give them the ability to deter "morning glory robberies," those which occur early in the morning before a banking office opens to the public for business. This 26-minute videotape discusses the seven techniques most often used by criminals to perpetrate these kinds of robberies and provides easy-to-implement procedures to combat these dangerous crimes.

Tellers Choice

An innovative, interactive CD requiring participation of the viewers. They must apply their robbery security knowledge by making decisions based on options presented on the screen. Single or multiple viewers can participate during the same viewing. Use a PC for viewing and a mouse for selecting options. A VHS format is also availiable without the interactive feature.


Quantity Product Code

VS301803 VS300803 VS20400 VS105002

Product Bank Robbery CD - mpeg Bank Robbery - VHS Safety After a Robbery - VHS Avoiding Morning Glory Robberies CD- mpeg Avoiding Morning Glory Robberies VHS Tellers Choice - Interactive CD

Price Each

$119.95 $119.95 $119.95 $119.95 $119.95 $150.00

$ $ $ $

Total Price

VS105001 VS500000

$ $ $ $ $

Subtotal Florida add 6% Sales Tax Shipping and Handling Charge TOTAL


Order Today! fax (954) 327-1226 phone (800) 390-6227 Internet

Name ________________________________________________ Title _________________________________________________ Bank ________________________________________________ Street Address _________________________________________ City/State/ZIP _________________________________________ Phone ( Fax ( ) ______________________________________ ) _________________________________________


National Association for Bank Security 4800 S.W. 51 Street, Suite 101 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 Check enclosed. Payable to: National Association for Bank Security Bill me.

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