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FAIRWIND HOTEL & SUITES IS FIRST U.S. HOTEL TO GET CUTTING-EDGE SALTO SYSTEMS, INC. KEY LOCK SYSTEM Miami Beach, Florida.... The latest in electronic key and lock technology made its U.S. debut today at the Fairwind Hotel & Suites in Miami Beach, Florida. The key and lock system made by Salto Systems, Inc., an Atlanta, Georgia based company, uses breakthrough radio frequency technology that makes the ubiquitous hotel magnetic-strip key card systems obsolete. Noted for its enhanced security properties, Salto Systems, Inc. has over 3,000 clients in Europe including the French Parliament. "We are thrilled that the Fairwind Hotel & Suites is the first U.S. hotel to implement this incredibly innovative technology," stated Claire Callen, president of Oceanside Resorts, Inc. owner of the Fairwind Hotel & Suites. "The Fairwind is an historic Art Deco boutique hotel property located in the heart of South Beach on one of the city's most important corners. We bought it just over a year ago with the intent to redevelop it into a true South Beach landmark worthy of its prominent place in Miami Beach. Our plans include combining irreplaceable historic elements with the very latest in design and technology. The installation of this key system is the first step in realizing the vibrant vision we have for this hotel," added Ms. Callen. Enhanced Hotel Management Radio frequency ("RF") technology has become part of everyday life, from cell phones, to WIFI, to electronic hands free keys for cars. Now, RF technology is changing the way hotels lock their guestroom doors. The Salto System key and lock system features contactless RF guest room keys and wire-free communications with the hotel's front desk computer. The system introduces a new concept: the "key-audit" as opposed to a "lock-only" audit. Every RF hotel key automatically carries information to and from the hotel's computer system. Every time a key comes close to a "Hotspot," a WIFI-connected unit, it audits the key's memory which becomes automatically updated by the hotel's computer in just a split second. To maintain security and privacy, the electronic keys can only be read or written by authorized and properly authenticated sources. No personal information is entered into the keys. Keycards Are History! Style Meets Substance AND Security! Keys no longer need to be swiped. They don't even need to touch the lock. A RF key only needs to come within one inch of the door and it will unlock the room. Amazingly, RF keys can take almost any shape: traditional key card, key-fob, wrist watch, a bracelet, a sticker for a cell phone or handheld computer, or.... even a seashell. The only requirement is the space to mount a tiny radio antenna. -more-

FAIRWIND HOTEL & SUITES IS FIRST U.S. HOTEL TO GET CUTTING-EDGE SALTO SYSTEMS, INC. KEY LOCK SYSTEM Page 2 "Let's face reality, magnetic strip keycards did not storm the market for guests' convenience, but rather to enhance security and for hotels' legal protection. Two decades after the first magnetic strip key systems were introduced, RF technology finally shifts the focus to guest convenience and comfort without sacrificing security. In fact, as the RF keys are continuous contact with the computer system, security is enhanced," stated Manuel Albert, vice president of sales for Salto Systems, Inc. Magnetic-strip key systems have often been the source of guest frustration and hotel managers alike. The top six complaints with the magnetic key system include: the keys demagnetize keys won't work if swiped the wrong way keycards are often encoded incorrectly locks with dead batteries won't open keycards are easily lost no alert system if the guest tries the wrong room Salto's RF keys puts an end to these top complaints: RF keys won't demagnetize, low batteries are automatically reported to maintenance, keys no longer need to be swiped or inserted, and the keys records guests' attempts to access a "wrong" room allowing the front desk to assist those who cant' recall their room number. RF keys can be turned into wearable jewelry, mounted on the back of cell phones and watches or placed on less likely to be lost items. Putting Guests First, Where They Belong... "We want the Fairwind's guest experience to be unique and special from the moment our guests walk through the door Yes, it is important to create an aesthetically beautiful and inviting environment, but we want to go beyond that. We want our guests to know their comfort, convenience, and security comes first. The first thing guests receive upon checking-in is a room key, which until now has been a boring, flat piece of plastic that often doesn't function well. Why not give our guests keys that have style, are hi-tech loaded and are more convenient and reliable to use? Why not have guestroom door locks that more akin to the sleek style of an Armanii suit than a commodity `boxy-hotel-lock' from the 1980s? It's a WOW factor that right now only the Fairwind has," stated Ms. Callen. "Oceanside Resorts prides itself on being innovative. That is why we partner with equally innovative vendors such as Salto Systems, Inc. We feel that this key and lock system is going to revolutionize the hotel industry. We are proud to be a part of that," continued Ms. Callen. "Additionally, we have plans to fine tune some new concepts in energy conservation and minibar controls with Salto Systems. You can expect a rollout of this new technology in all Oceanside Resorts properties in the future," stated Ms. Callen.


FAIRWIND HOTEL & SUITES IS FIRST U.S. HOTEL TO GET CUTTING-EDGE SALTO SYSTEMS, INC. KEY LOCK SYSTEM Page 3 Where Will You Be Able to See RF Key Lock Systems in the Future? RF technology is not inexpensive, at least not yet. Salto Systems, Inc. currently plans to only market this exclusive system to premium and boutique hotel properties for the next two years. Eventually, as the technology becomes more cost-effective, mainstream and accessible, Salto believes that RF keys will replace the all-too-familiar hotel keycard with "key-anything" keys. About Oceanside Resorts, Inc. Oceanside Resorts, Inc., a closely-held private company headquartered in Miami Beach, owns and/or manages over one million square feet of signature commercial, hotel and retail properties located along the Southeastern Atlantic seaboard including Charleston, South Carolina's preeminent Class A office building the Bank of America Place. In addition to the Fairwind Hotel & Suites, Oceanside's hospitality interests include the Holiday Inn South Beach Resort in South Beach and the Holiday Inn Miami International Airport Hotel in Miami Springs. About Salto Systems, Inc. Atlanta-based Salto Systems, Inc., electronic hotel lock and key specialists, introduces revolutionary breakthrough technology. Decades of experience and fine engineering went into tuning this into the fist RF hotel lock and key system this side of the Atlantic. With over 3,000 customers and 200,000 doors secured, Salto Systems, Inc. has taken the hi-tech, hi-end market by assault. Using twenty-first century technology for the real world, the company's name is no accident: S-A-L-T-O stands for "technology leap" in Spanish. For more information contact Manuel Albert, vice president of sales, at 404-234-0693 or email: [email protected]




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