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E-books are text that have been converted digitally, just books without paper. There are 2 parts of E-books, software and hardware. The software is what is used to either create or view the books. It ranges from simple word processing programs to more sophisticated programs such as Microsoft Reader. Hardware is what the program runs on. There are many options, including, simple hand held devices such as ebookman by Franklin, Palm systems, and hand held computers or laptop and desktop computers. Each has it advantages and disadvantages.


E-books allow the user to adjust many features of the text depending on the software and hardware used. Features that may be available include: · Changing text type, size and color. · Having the text read to you. · Ability to make notes on the pages. · Manipulating the pages with a single click.


E-books potentially would benefit everyone. For students with special needs this could mean the difference from dependence or independence. For the student with visual impairments, the text is already in format that could be dumped into program converting it to Braille, transferred to a device with a refreshable Braille screen; text can be enlarged with changing the size in the preference menu or using keyboard commands and the read feature. For the student with learning disabilities, the whole text can be read to the student, questionable words could be highlighted and looked up with the built in dictionary, and important passages could be highlighted by the teacher emphasizing import facts or content. For the student with physical disabilities, it allows for independent manipulation of a book. For all students it could potentially decrease the need for carrying around a lot of books, greatly decreasing the weight in a backpack.


Cost has to be looked at in 4 parts reader software, hardware, e-books and personnel time. All can range from no additional cost to very expensive. Hardware, may not involve any additional cost assuming the student has access to a computer with whatever access hardware they need (for example switch interface or screen reader), and the teacher somewhere has access to the internet. IF there is not access to a computer and the internet, this is the largest expense. Portable hand held devices run from E-bookman under a $100 to hand held computers in the $500 range.

Software, the reader software depends on the student needs, again for most students there is no cost, MS Reader and Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader, the most common froms are free. If the students needs additional features as found in Cast E-Reader or JAWS, then it could add up to several hundred dollars. E-books range from no cost to under $100; most were in the $20 range, for pleasure reading books. There are many projects out there dedicated in getting books into electric format, see attached list. The free books are ones that are no longer under copyright, a lot of the required reading at the high school level are in this category. Most books in the suggested reading list for elementary school students are not. But they can be purchased through companies such as Barns and Nobel or Books A Million, for under $5.00. It is my understanding of the copyright law, see attached, that books can modified/adapted for individuals with disabilities, as long as a copy of the book is owned by the user, and the adaptations are not being sold. Potentially, someone could turn a standard book into e-book, at no cost, just personnel cost. Text books in e-book form is a different story. The only actual same text book found in digital format was through Glenco, they have several on CD-ROM in the $70 range, the hard copy of the text book is in the $80 range, with a very limited selection. Several companies are coming out with text books on line. The school pays a yearly fee, and the students access the books. The books do not appear to be downloadable, limiting the student to be connected to the internet when accessing the book. This limits the where and when the student can use the book. Personnel cost, depends on the student and situation. It could be minimal if the book either purchased in e-book format or has already been converted, and has been located on the internet, see attached list of web sites offering books. Time requirements increase if someone has to create the book. Many of the students who would benefit from this could be taught to download their own books.

Other Findings

1. Many text books have websites with study guides and worksheets on them. These worksheets are usually in PDF format. After downloading them and using full blown version of Acrobat, students can complete them on the computer. The educational version of Acrobat is $59; site license can be set up by districts to obtain copies as low as $20 per copy. The student or teacher would go into each worksheet and add text boxes, basically turning each worksheet into a form. With the full blown version of Acrobat, the worksheet can be saved and completed in segments. 2. There are a host of other sites, created for homeschoolers, which have worksheets already on the computer. Most sites have the same information on multiple grade levels. This is very beneficial for teachers who are teaching one topic, but may need it available on multiple grade levels. 3. Another idea for providing accessible material, or just a different way of reading is using close captioning. Many movies on DVD or video come with either close captioning or subtitles. If the sound is turned off and close captioning is turned on it is similar to reading a book, with the fringe benefit of having more visual cues.

Web Sites

Reading and Electronic Text

Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader ader/main.html The free Adobe® Acrobat® eBook ReaderTM enables you to read eBooks on your notebook or desktop computer - no special hardware is needed! For both Mac and Windows. Assistive Media Assistive Media provides free-of-charge, copyright-approved, high caliber audio literary works to the world-wide disability community via the Internet. BlackMask E-books on line, the best site since all books come in several different ways to download, depending on the e-book reader you have. Copyright Law Online hap1.html#121 DK Learning Software for all ages, abilities and subjects. Great graphics. Drs. Cavanaugh Educational Technology Site includes more detail information on digital media in education. Florida Public School Recommended Reading List _read_list.htm The reading list with links to where to find the books in electronic text. INTERSECT ult.html Digital books on the internet. Internet Public Library A library on the internet National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Impaired Information on books on tape. National Reading Styles Institute Information concerning reading styles. Orange County Public Library PROJECT GUTENBERG Free source of books in E-Text. Reading Rockets ex.html Reading Rockets provides accurate, practical information to anyone who cares about helping children learn to read.

Reader Works ReaderWorks® 2.0 is the leading suite of eBook authoring and conversion tools for creating Microsoft® Reader eBooks with ClearTypeTM. Only for Windows. Teach Now Digital books for education.

LD Online An interactive guide to LD for parents, teachers, and students. LD Resources .html Richard Wanderman's site. An ever changing site, check it frequently. Includes tips, low tech solutions for the LD students and humor.

General Educational Sites

Teacher Created Materials chercreate.html A variety of downloads. Design to Learn Free worksheets. Do To Learn Find information on autism, ADD, LD & other disabilities, family advocacy resources, and teacher tips. Site map indexes all information and print material. Has downloadable picture activities Dr. Jean Dr. Jean's web site has information and resources for teaching young children Education Planet p.html Search 100,000+ top educational sites, lessons, supplies. ESL Lounge Hundreds of ESL lesson plans and materials that can be used for communicative lessons in the classroom. this site also has resources that allow you to craft your own lesson plans. Flash Card Exchange Can make flash cards and print them out. This site also has flash cards already made to printed. Freeworksheets A free email newsletter sent out every Friday with one free Thematic Unit. Each unit has between thirteen and twenty-four pages. This site also has other free worksheets FREE- Federal Resources Hundreds of free educational resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government are now easier to find.

Kid Zone Animal, language and math facts. free printable activities in each section. Printable Dolch word lists and flashcards. Kinder Art A large collection of free art lessons Lesson Tutor Another site for free worksheets Primary Games This site features educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, crafts and more.

Rick's Math Page This site contains more than 4,800 math problems for students pre-kindergarten to high school who need help learning to count, write numbers, understand place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, prime numbers, composite numbers, least common multiples, greatest common factors, factoring whole numbers, fractions and lots more. School Express A free email newsletter sent out every Friday with one free Thematic Unit. Each unit has between thirteen and twenty-four pages. This site also has other free worksheets Sites for Teachers Pages and pages of good links, for classroom resources. Songs 4 Teachers More than 100 songs and poems to down load~ free. Themes include, holidays, back to school, dinosaurs, insects and more.


Blazie Engineering 105 East Jarrettsville Road Forest Hill MD 21050 410-893-9333 Makes the Braile and Speak and other computer accessories for visually impaired and blind. Don Johnston, Inc. 800-999-4660 26799 West Commerce Drive Volo, IL 60073 Don Johnston Incorporated provides intervention products that struggling students and students with disabilities need to achieve literacy. They offer reading, writing, word-study and computer access products, as well as professional development services for educating teachers on using technology in the classroom to teach reading and writing. They produce Start to Finish books on CD, Co:Writer, Write:OutLoud, Access to Math, Discover Switch among many others. Franklin www.franklin.com1 1-800-266-5626 One Franklin Plaza Burlington, NJ 08016-4907 Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. is the producer of eBooks with a wide variety of dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, Bibles, medical reference works, personal organizers, entertainment, and educational works. IntelliTools 1-800-899-6687 55 Leveroni Court Suite 9 Novato CA 94949-5751 IntelliTools is the developer or the IntelliKeys and software that supports inclusive learning for students. Mayer Johnson Company 1-619-550-0449 P.O. Box 1579 Solano Beach CA 92075-1579 The makers of Boardmaker and adapted books both hard copies and software. Onion Mountain Technology, Inc. (860) 693-2683 74 Sexton Hollow Road Canton, CT 06019 Onion Mountain has developed the LoTTIE KitTM, a low and mid tech tool kit for informal assessment and evaluation, and now carries a number of hard to find low and mid tech tools. Onion Mountain Technology, Inc. is a company owned and founded by Judith Sweeney. Judi founded this company to provide evaluation, consulting, training, and presentation services to children and school districts interested in increasing their knowledge of and access to assistive technology. Judith P. Sweeney, President.


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