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Payer Reports Some payers or insurance companies provide electronic payer reports. Since the insurance company is aware that you are submitting claims through the McKesson Clearinghouse, the payers will send the electronic payer report to McKesson who will forward the unaltered payer report directly to your mailbox for your convenience. The contents of Payer Reports vary. If your payer has the ability to provide electronic payer reports to you, the reports could contain information regarding rejected and/or accepted claims. If the report shows a rejected claim, you must correct the rejected claim and resubmit the claim as soon as possible. If you don't understand your payer reports, it is your responsibility to contact the ELECTRONIC claims division of the insurance company. Offer to fax the electronic report to the payer while you have them on the phone to explain the report. If you do not have the phone number, call the number that you should have for the paper claim division and request the phone number for the electronic claims department. RLISYS does not have access to Payer Reports. Any reports that ARE generated by McKesson are supported by RLISYS. Payer reports are not generated by McKesson or RLISYS and we do not support Payer Reports. Learning to read payer reports and finding the correct phone numbers for the electronic divisions of each payer is the most time consuming portion for first time electronic submitters. However, the benefit of your efforts will result in faster payments and the ability to re-file rejected claims in a more timely manner.


Microsoft Word - Payer Report document.doc

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