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Member Companies as of June 1, 2011 ATP Oil & Gas Corporation Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners, LLC ANKOR Energy, LLC Apache Corporation Arena Offshore BP America, GOMX BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas), Inc. Badger Oil Corporation Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations, LLC Callon Petroleum Operating Company Century Exploration New Orleans, Inc. Challenger Minerals, Inc. Chevron Cobalt International Energy, L.P. ConocoPhillips Company Contango Operators, Inc. Deep Gulf Energy II, LLC Dynamic Offshore Resources El Paso E & P Co., LP Energy XXI GOM, LLC Energy Partners Ltd. Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. Eni Petroleum US, LLC ExxonMobil Corporation Fairways Offshore Exploration, Inc. Hall-Houston Exploration III, L.P. Helis Oil & Gas Company, LLC Hess Corporation Hilcorp Energy, GOM, LLC Hunt Oil Company LLOG Exploration Company, LLC McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC Maersk Oil Houston, Inc. Marathon Oil Company Marlin Energy, LLC Maritech Resources, Inc. Medco Energi US LLC Monforte Exploration, LLC Murphy Exploration & Production Company-USA Newfield Exploration Company Nexen Petroleum USA, Inc. Nippon Oil Exploration USA Ltd. (NOEX Energy) Noble Energy, Inc. Northstar Offshore Energy Partners, LLC Pisces Energy LLC Petrobras America, Inc. PetroQuest Energy, LLC Phoenix Exploration Company, LP Plains Exploration & Production Company Prime Offshore, LLC Repsol E & P USA, Inc. / Repsol USA Holdings Corp. Rooster Petroleum, LLC Samson Offshore / Samson Contour Energy E&P LLC SandRidge Energy, Inc. Seneca Resources Corporation Shell Exploration & Production Company Sojitz Energy Venture, Inc. Statoil USA E&P, Inc. Stone Energy Corporation Tana Exploration Co., LLC Tarpon Operating & Development, LLC Taylor Energy Company LLC TOTAL E & P USA, Inc. W & T Offshore, Inc. Walter Oil & Gas Corporation Wild Well Control, Inc. (WWCI) Woodside Energy (USA), Inc. Total Member Companies = 68 (MEMBERS-OOC.doc)


Member Companies as of April 24, 2001

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