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CASE MANAGEMENT STUDY GUIDE Please review and focus on the following topics to assist with your study for your upcoming exam. This outline should help you tailor your studies. What is RECOVERY and how is it tailored for individuals 1. Who is involved 2. How to empower the individual consumer 3. Role of client in services 4. Cultural competence 5. Key Elements Essential Functions of Case Management 1. All populations, women, incarceration, substance use, minorities, homeless, person with disabilities and mental health 2. Factors that help you work with consumers of services 3. Relationship building 4. Linkage, advocacy, monitoring and follow up 5. Goal setting for client 6. Assessment What are the Stages of Change 1. Why person receive services or not 2. Barriers to recovery

Practices of Case management 1. Strengths of consumers 2. Purpose of helping 3. Services for various populations 4. Resources and Referrals How does Alcohol and Drugs impact individuals Strengths Based Model 1. Fidelity 2. Supervision 3. Goal setting for clients 4. Ethics 5. Values 6. Core helping functions



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