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Please join us for the Litany of the Rosary this Tuesday evening, July 31st at 7:30 p.m. in front of the Blessed Virgin Mary statue outside the Church. The litany will be done in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Polish and German. ***** Our Mother of Perpetual Help first Wednesday Mass/Novena and Memorial Mass for FR. MARC CALIWAN will be held on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lower Church. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Due to the rising costs of flowers, hosts, etc., the donation for weekly Altar flower intentions will be increased to $50.00 and the Altar Bread, Wine and Candle donation will be $30.00. ***** Please remember in your prayers all the deceased members of our parish family, especially: Hilda Jaklitsch. *****

SATURDAY 28TH 5:00 Eleanor Bennett (A)

SUNDAY 29TH 8:00 10:00 12:15 Beatrice Nodar John Boyle (A) Michaele Motisi

MONDAY 30TH 8:30 Margaret Matassa

TUESDAY 31ST 8:30 Charles Heinzelmann

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 1ST 8:30 Vittorio & Flora Medaglia

THURSDAY 2ND 8:30 Brian Cosgrove

FRIDAY 3RD 8:30 Parishioners of O.L.M.M.

SATURDAY 4TH 8:30 5:00 Maria Kurre Baldassare, Gaetano & Giuseppa Catalano and Giuseppe Ganci SUNDAY 5TH 8:00 10:00 12:15 Erwin Fink (B) Edward Francis LaPlant, Jr. Frederick Endress III (B)


FLOWERS on the Main Altar were donated IN MEMORY OF ROBERT BYRNES.

In case you weren't able to attend Fr. Sean Suckiel's First Mass here at OLMM. check out the link below for highlights of this joyous occasion.

JULY 29, 2012

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TIME TO SAY GOODBYE As the summer moves forward, we are looking at some major changes happening to the priest-staff that currently has served the parish for the last year and certainly during the summer. Fr. Soju will be leaving before mid-August to a new parish in the Archdiocese of New York, where he will experience new ministry challenges. I have known Fr. Soju for only four weeks. However, I have found him to be a gentle, kind and caring priest to the people of our parish and an excellent collaborator in beginning the new challenges facing me as the new administrator of OLMM. I know we will miss his sense of humor, generosity and the many talents which he has displayed in helping me to reorganize so many facets of this complex parish. We wish him well and pray that Our Lady with the title of the Miraculous Medal will accompany him as he begins to serve Jesus in another parish. ______________________________________ Fr. Oliver well known for many years as parish summer help will be leaving us at the beginning of August as he returns to his native Nigeria. Fr. Oliver was professor in the seminary in: Ecclesiology, Missiology, and Dogma and currently serves as pastor of a parish that is in process of building and expanding a church structure for a larger capacity of parishioners. Fr. Oliver continues to be a familiar face each summer and we pray for his safe return to Nigeria until we meet again. _____________________________________ Seminarian Marcin will also be returning by mid-August to the Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Orchard Lake, Michigan to continue his studies towards Priesthood. He is a great asset to us in helping to serve daily and Sunday Liturgy and provides the voice among our Polish population, which surprises me each day of how strong their presence is in Ridgewood. We pray, that under our own title of OLMM, and that of Our Lady of Czestowska, Queen of Poland the Mother of God (Makta Boska) will accompany him and protect him throughout the course of the academic year, until he returns to us.

Rev. Anthony J. Sansone

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A BETTER PROCESSION One of the significant parts of a liturgy is the great procession, which triggers the focus on the event of sacredness about to happen and gathers the people to rise and greet the celebrant. While in the past this may have started from the entrance of the church by simply walking down the side aisle to gather and assemble; it appears to be awkward and anticlimactic. As you may have noticed each Sunday: the servers, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, lectors and priests now gather in the sacristy and the procession actuality begins winding itself slowly and reverently on the side of the church and down the middle aisle. I am grateful to the comments of so many of you who tell me how much more attentive everyone has become to the great entrance of this procession and we will keep it this way as the great motivation as to what will happen in the sanctuary.

Rev. Anthony J. Sansone

A VATICAN II TEACHING FOR ALL OF US Ordinary and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers 1973 Instruction of the Vatican Congregation for the Discipline of the Sacraments (Immensae Caritatis), which lists the circumstance in which local bishops may permit lay persons to distribute Communion. The first of the circumstances is "whenever no priest, deacon or acolyte is available." The Vatican Congregation for the Discipline of the Sacraments further addressed this issue in 1980 - Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery (Inaestimabile Donum): The faithful, whether religious or lay, who are authorized as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, can distribute Communion only when there is no priest, deacon, or acolyte, when the priest is impeded by illness or age, or when the number of the faithful going to communion is so large as to make the celebration of the Mass excessively long. Accordingly, a reprehensible attitude is shown by those priests who, though present at the celebration, refrain from distributing communion and leave this task to the laity. (no. 10) As the two aforementioned Church documents indicate, it is also impermissible for a lay person to conduct a communion service when a priest or deacon is available, a subject the Church has addressed elsewhere: (Continued on Page 5)

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A Vatican II Teaching for all of us (continued) The local Ordinary (i.e., bishop) may give to other extraordinary ministers the faculty to give communion whenever it seems necessary for the pastoral benefit of the faithful, when priest, deacon, or acolyte is not available (On Holy Communion and the Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery Outside of Mass, 1973, no. 17). Our parishioners may have noticed at the Sunday liturgies, while extraordinary ministers are assigned for each of the Masses, and walk in procession, some may not be exercising their ministries. This is because of the availability of many priests (ordinary minister of the Eucharist) we have through the course of the summer months and are available to distribute Holy Communion. I am still grateful for all the extraordinary ministers, who present themselves according to the schedule they have received and process in with us for the sacred liturgy each weekend and should continue to do so.

Rev. Anthony J. Sansone

EXPENSES ­ WEEK OF 7/23/12 Staples Office Supply Con Edison (Church) Con Edison (Convent) Landscape/Gardening Food AT&T Electrical Supplies (Church) Total $ 80.00 3,310.00 640.77 665.00 200.00 72.75 125.00 $ 5,093.52

SUNDAY COLLECTION Week of 7/22/12 $4,934.


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