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National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Office of the Director (HNT1)

Office of Administrative Management (HNT12)

Office of Science Policy, Analysis and Communication (HNT14)

Office of Legislation and Public Policy (HNT16)

National Children's Study Program Office (HNT18)

Office of Global Health (HNT19)

Office of Health Equity (HNT1A)

Division of Intramural Research (HNT4)

Division of Epidemiology, Statistics, and Prevention Research (HNT7)

National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (HNT8)

Division of Extramural Research (HNTB)

· Conducts, fosters, and supports biomedical and behavioral research through research grants, research contracts, and research performed in its own laboratories on: child health, maternal health, problems of human development with special reference to mental retardation; and on family structure, the dynamics of human population, and the reproductive process. · Promotes the application of research findings to clinical practice; · Initiates and cooperates in government-wide efforts on unique problems that emerge affecting the health of children and their families; · Provides consultation to Federal agencies and non-Federal groups in the development of programs to improve the health of children and their families; · Coordinates and integrates research efforts with service-oriented health agencies and the Office of Child Development; and · Disseminates information related to research findings to practitioners and the general public for improving the health of children and their families.

Office of the Director

NICHD Advisory Council Office of the Director (HNT1) NICHD Board of Scientific Counselors

Office of Administrative Management (HNT12) Ethics Office (HNT12C) Financial Management Branch (HNT122) Administrative Services Branch (HNT126) Extramural Administrative Services Section (2) Management Analysis and Policy Section (3) Management Services Section (4) Information Resources Management Branch (HNT127) Office of Acquisitions (HNT129) NICHD Contracts Management Branch (2) Acquisition Services Branch (3) NIAAA Contracts Management Branch (4) NCS Contracts Management Branch (5)

Office of Science Policy, Analysis and Communication (HNT14) Referral and Program Analysis Branch (HNT142) Public Communications Branch (HNT144) Science Policy, Planning and Evaluation Branch (HNT145)

Office of Legislation and Public Policy (HNT16)

National Children's Study Program Office (HNT18)

Office of Global Health (HNT19)

Office of Health Equity (HNT1A)

Division of Intramural Research

Office of the Director (HNT4)

Section on Physical Biochemistry (-4)

Section on Nervous System Development and Plasticity (-9) Laboratory of Mammalian Genes and Development (HNT45) Section on Mammalian Molecular Genetics (2) Section on Cellular and Developmental Biology (3) Section on Genome Imprinting (4) Heritable Disorders Branch (HNT46) Section on Genetic Disorders of Drug Metabolism (2) Section on Cellular Differentiation (8) Section on Developmental Genetics (9) Section on Molecular Dysmorphology (A) Section on Neuroendocrinology (B) Developmental Endocrinology Branch (HNT48) Section on Women's Health Research (3) Section on Endocrine Physiology (7) Section on Growth and Metabolism (8) Section on Endocrinology and Genetics (9) Section on Growth and Development (A) Laboratory of Molecular Growth and Regulation (HNT49) Section on Human Cell Genetics (2) Section on Molecular Genetics of Immunity (3) Section on Eukaryotic DNA Replication (4) Section on Molecular and Cellular Biology (6)

Administrative Management Branch (HNT4A) Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (HNT4B) Section on Viral Gene Regulation (2) Section on the Formation of RNA (3) Section on Microbial Genetics (5) Section on Molecular Regulation (6) Section on Vertebrate Development (7) Section on Developmental Biology (8) Section on Drosphilia Gene Regulation (9) Section on Gene Expression (A) Section on Neural Developmental Dynamics (B) Section on Vertebrate Organogenesis (C)

Laboratory of Developmental and Molecular Immunity (HNT4C) Section on Bacterial Disease, Pathogenesis and Immunology (2) Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biophysics (HNT4E) Section on Macromolecular Analysis (3) Section on Mass Spectrometry and Metabolism (4) Section on Membrane and Cellular Biophysics (5) Section on Membrane Biology (6) Section on Intercellular Interactions (7) Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology (HNT4G) Section on Neurophysiology and Biophysics (2)

Laboratory of Comparative Ethology (HNT4H) Section on Child and Family Research (3) Section on Comparative Behavioral Genetics (4) Section on Social and Emotional Development (5) Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch (HNT4J) Section on Human Iron Metabolism (3) Section on Intracellular Protein Trafficking (5) Section on Environmental Gene Regulation (6) Section on Organelle Biology (7) Perinatology Research Branch (HNT4K) Research Animal Management Branch (HNT4L)

Laboratory of Integrative and Medical Biophysics (HNT4P) Section on Cell Biophysics (2) Section on Tissue Biophysics and Biomimetics (3) Section on Medical Biophysics (4) Section on Biomedical Stochastic Physics (5) Laboratory of Physical and Structural Biology (HNT4Q) Section on Molecular Biophysics (2) Section on Molecular Transport (3) Section on Macromolecular Recognition and Assembly (4) Reproductive Biology and Medicine Branch (HNT4R) Section on Pediatric Endocrinology (2) Section on Reproductive Endocrinology (3) Section on Medical Neuroendocrinology (4) Section on Implantation and Oocyte Physiology (5)

Laboratory of Clinical Genomics HNT4S) Section on Developmental Genetics (2) Section on Clinical Genomics (3) Laboratory of Cellular and Synaptic Neurophysiology (HNT4T) Section on Cellular and Synaptic Physiology (2) Section on Neural Development and Plasticity (5) Section on Cellular Neurobiology (7) Section on Molecular Neurobiology (8) Section on Cell Biology and Signal Transduction (9) Section on Molecular and Signal Transduction (A) Section on Metabolic Regulation (B) Section on Cellular Signaling (C)

Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Development (HNT4U) Section on Nutrient Control of Gene Expression (2) Section on Eukaryotic Transposable Elements (3) Section on Cell Cycle Regulation (4) Section on Protein Biosynthesis (5) Section on Molecular Morphogenesis (6) Laboratory of Genomic Integrity (HNT4V) Section on DNA Replication, Repair and Mutagenesis (2) Bone and Extracellular Matrix Branch (HNT4W) Section on Heritable Bone Disorders (2) Endocrinology and Reproduction Research Branch (HNT43) Section on Hormonal Regulation (4) Section on Molecular Endocrinology (6) Section on Steroid Regulation (8)

Division of Epidemiology, Statistics, and Prevention Research

Office of the Director (HNT7)

Collaborative Studies Unit (HNT7-2)

Computer Science Section (HNT7-3)

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Branch (HNT72)

Epidemiology Branch (HNT73)

Prevention Research Branch (HNT75)

Division of Extramural Research

Office of the Director (HNTB)

Child Development and Behavior Branch (HNTB2)

Contraceptive Discovery and Development Branch (HNTB3)

Population Dynamics Branch (HNTB4)

Developmental Biology and Structural Variation Branch (HNTB5)

Pediatric Growth and Nutrition Branch (HNTB6)

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Branch (HNTB7)

Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics Branch (HNTB8)

Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch (HNTB9)

Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch (HNTBA)

Fertility and Infertility Branch (HNTBB)

Gynecologic Health and Disease Branch (HNTBC)

Pediatric Trauma and Critical Illness Branch (HNTBD)

Grants Management Branch (HNTBE)

Scientific Review Branch (HNTBF)

Office of Committee Management (HNTBG)

Office of Extramural Policy (HNTBH)


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