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About OCI

In a journey spanning over two decades, Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) has always strived towards excellence and quality in all its activities. The various awards won by OCI bear testimony to this, be it being the five-time winner of His Majesty's trophies for the best industry or the various Flame of Excellence and Exporter of the Year awards. OCI exports its products across the globe to Europe, UK, Far East, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Having started with just 10 employees and sales of 0.2 million USD in 1984, today OCI is proud of the fact that it employs 52% Omani nationals amongst its 600 employees, and has a sales turnover of 800 million USD.

Product Range

OCI designs, manufacturs and markets a wide range of cables and conductors for diverse applications. OCI has extensive capability to offer its customers solutions for their entire needs in these products The company's product range includes Medium Voltage Power Cables, Low Voltage Power Cables, Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables and Overhead Line Conductors. The products are manufactured to meet the requirements of international standards like BS, IEC, DIN, ASTM, etc and suit customer specifications. OCI can also supply a range of alternative designs to meet more specialized customer needs including enhanced fire performance and added environmental protection. Cables can be supplied to individual customer specifications with alternative sheathing material and colours and to meet special application requirement like reduced flame propagation, low smoke zero halogen characteristics, antitermite treatment, U.V. resistant, etc. This brochure gives brief details of our present manufacturing range. For more details please contact our local marketing office in your region.

Medium Voltage Power Cables

OCI has state of the art technology and equipment to manufacture high quality Medium Voltage Cables such as: · Single Core Unarmoured · Single Core Aluminum Wire Armoured · Three Core Unarmoured · Three Core Steel Wire Armoured · Three Core Steel Tape Armoured Range: 1C x 25 mm2 to 1C x 1000 mm2 3C x 25 mm2 to 3C x 400 mm2 Voltage Grade: 3kV to 66 kV Specification: IEC 60502 part 2, BS 6622, BS 7835 or any other international specification/ Customer specification covering above voltage grade. We can also produce cables with alternative sheathing material and for special applications such as reduced flame propagation, low-smoke, zerohalogen characteristics, anti-termite treatment and UV resistance. Special features like water sealing of conductors & screens as well as different colour of outer sheath can be provided on request.

Low Voltage Power Cables

A) XLPE Insulated Power Cables 600/1000V grade, plain annealed Copper conductor. XLPE insulated, multicore cables laid up and inner sheathed with PVC, round galvanized steel wire armoured for multicores and aluminium wire armoured for single cores and outer jacket with PVC. Range : From 1C x 10 mm2 to 1C x 1000 mm2 From 2C x 1.5 mm2 to 4C x 400 mm2 Specification : BS-5467, IEC 60502, part-1; BS-6724 and other international standards, as well as customer specification. We also manufacture the cables for special applications whcih require enhanced fire performances as per IEC-60332-3, Low Smoke Zero Halogen characteristics as per BS6724, anti-termite treatment, UV resistant & Water blocking feature, tinned copper wires in the armour for higher armour conductivity etc. Specifications: BS-6346, IEC-60502 Part-1, and other international standards as well as customer specifications. We also manufacture the cables for special applications which require enhance fire performance as per IEC-60332-1 & IEC-60332-3, antitermite treatment, UV resistant, water blocking feature, tinned copper wires in the armour for higher armour conductivity etc. B) PVC Insulated Power Cables 600/1000V Grade Plain annealed Copper conductor, PVC insualted, multicore cables laid up and innersheathed with PVC, round galvanized steel wire armoured for multicores and aluminium wire armoured for single core and outer jacket with PVC. Range : From 1C x 10 mm2 to 1C x 1000 mm2 From 2C x 1.5 mm2 to 4C x 400 mm2

Overhead Line Conductors

OCI has capability to produce complete range of overhead line conductors in Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and Copper. The standard range includes sizes up to 1000mm2 as per BS, IEC, DIN, ASTM, or any other international standard and customer's specifications for all voltage applications. We can also provide conductors with XLPE or PVC covering. The standard types of conductors in our present manufacturing range are as follows:AAC AAAC ACSR ­ All Aluminium Conductor ­ All Aluminium Alloy conductor ­ Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced HDBC ­ Hard Drawn Bare Copper Conductor SDBC ­ Soft Drawn Bare Copper Conductor AAC + XLPE ­ All Aluminium Conductors with XLPE insulation AAC + PVC All Aluminium Conductors with PVC insulation. ABC ­ Aerial Bunched Cable

Instrumentation Cables

OCI have a variety of multicore and multipair instrumentation cables with PE, PVC or XLPE insulation and with various forms of mechanical protection. The variety of instrumentation cables is vast with very few countries having National standards covering this product, with UK being an exception where British Standard BS EN 50288 covers the requirement for multicore and multipair instrumentation cables. Even with the existence of a National standard, experience shows that customers still require variants, from the use of different core identification schemes to intermediate pair configurations to materials with enhanced characteristics for a particular application. OCI can provide customers with various options for insulation and sheathing compounds, individual screening, overall screening, mechanical protection and enhanced fire performance characteristics. The standard range includes multicore and multipair copper conductor instrumentation cables conforming to BS EN 50288.

Control Cables

OCI has complete range of XLPE or PVC insulated armoured or unarmoured control cables, with or without Copper screen, conforming to BS-5467, BS6346 & IEC 60502 and other international standards. We also manufacture the full range of control cables for special applications which require enhanced fire performance as per IEC-60332-1 & IC-60332-3, Low Smoke Zero Halogen characteristics as per BS6724, anti termite treatment, UV resistant, etc. Range : From 2 C x 1.5mm2 to 61 C x 4 mm2 (conductor sizes 1.5, 2.5 & 4 mm2)

XLPE insulated Fire Resistant LV Power Cabels (OCI Brand Name "OCIFLAM-FSA")

600/1000V grade , plan annealed (copper conductor, glass mica tapped, XLPE insulated, multi-core cables laid up and inner sheathed with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH), round galvanized steel wire armoured and outer jacket with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH). Range : From 2C x 16mm2 to 4C x 400mm2 From 5C x 16mm2 to 5C x 70 mm2 Specifications: BS7846 (Category F2) and BS 6387 (Category, C, W & Z). These Cables are meant for maintaining circuit integrity under fire condition for 3 hours (tested for 3 hours at 950 Dec. C temperature).

Building Wires

OCI produces the full range of house wiring cables from 0.5 mm2 to 630 mm2 with wide range of core colours. The conductor is plain annealed solid or stranded Copper conductors insulated with PVC or Heat Resistant PVC as per BS-6004. OCI also manufactures twin flat wires up to 6mm2 with or without Earth continuity conductor. The complete range of Wiring cables can be manufactured using Low Smoke Zero Halogen thermosetting insulation compounds conforming to BS-7211 or with compounds to suit customer's specific requirements.

Customer Service

At OCI, we have established in-house norms and standards to meet each customer's specific needs quickly, efficiently and with assurance of Product Quality. Every process in the company has been designed with the customer as focus to ensure `Complete Customer Satisfaction' . In order to improve the response time to specific customer needs and to provide technical and logistics support, a separate department ­ `Customer Support & Services' (CSS) ­ manned by skilled engineers, has been formed. CSS ensures timely and reliable response to customer's queries Furthermore, OCI has also opened regional offices in Sharjah (UAE), Doha (Qatar), Jordan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to give marketing & technical support to its local distributors and customers in the region. OCI also has a full-fledged distributor network in most of the Middle East countries who keep sufficient stock of all popular sizes of products in respective regions, so as to provide the best possible service. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT IS OUR MISSION, COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFCATION IS OUR VISION


OCI prides itself on its ability to offer totally integrated product solutions suiting each customer's specific needs and for a diverse variety of applications. OCI has taken up in-house projects to improve upon the process technologies to get enhanced performance features unrivaled by any other manufacturer in the region. The R&D team boasts of developing expertise in-house in process technology for Alloy Conductors and Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Cables. OCI, in partnership with its suppliers of insulating compounds, has been successful in developing compounds for Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables and Wires having superior performance characteristics than any other brand available in the region today. The company has invested heavily in the research and development activities to ensure its products superiority in terms of performance, safety and reliability.


OCI exports more than 60% of its goods to various GCC countries, other Middle East countries, Europe and Far East. The company has full-fledged Export Marketing Department which caters to the GCC countries, and International Marketing Department which caters to other Middle East Countries, Europe, Far East and African Countries. With a focused approach and superior product quality, OCI commands a substantial market share in the GCC region and has supplied cables to international turnkey contracting companies like Snamprogetti-Italy, Toyo Engineering CorporationJapan, Chiyoda-Foster Wheeler U.K., CEGELEC-France, Siemens-Germany, Clemessy-France, Chiyoda Corporation-Japan, JGC-Japan, Samsung-Korea, GS-Korea etc. for their prestigious projects. OCI is now participating through international turnkey contracting companies for projects across the world.

OCI Offices

FACTORY & HEAD OFFICE P.O. Box 25, Rusayl Postal Code 124 Sultanate of Oman Tel.: +968-24446464 Fax: +968-24446096 Email: [email protected] UAE OFFICE P.O. Box 25864 Sharjah (U.A.E.) Tel.: +971-6-5743558 Fax: +971-6-5731039 Email: [email protected] QATAR OFFICE P.O. Box 24410, Salwa Road Doha (Qatar) Tel.: +974-4688384 Fax: +974-4687663 E-mail: [email protected] JORDAN OFFICE Office 3, 2nd Floor Jordan Insurance Building (B) Jebel Al Amman Amman, Jordan Tel.: +962 646 446 83 Fax: +962 646 446 87 Email : [email protected] SAUDI ARABIA OFFICE P.O. Box 69806 Riyadh 11557 Office # 305 (Sada-1) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia GSM: +966 559722500 Direct : +966 1 4163351 Tel.: +966 1 462 8000 Ext 305 Fax: +966 1 462 9000 (Office # 305) E-mail: [email protected]


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