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UMO Price Bulletin Bulletin 09-002 September 15, 2009

Effective 12:01 AM on the above listed date, Omega Refining LLC (Buyer) will pay, unless otherwise contracted, the following calculated price for used motor oil (UMO) delivered to its Marrero, Louisiana refinery:


discount factor multiplied by Platt's Gulf Coast Waterborne No. 6, 3%S low price posting and averaged for a consecutive three-day period during which the postings are published and consisting of Platt's prices posted the day before, the day of and the day after receipt of UMO by barge, rail or truck at Buyer's Marrero facility.

Receipt of UMO means once Buyer has tested the UMO to ensure that the quality meets or exceeds the minimum standards acceptable to Buyer (viz., which are published below in Exhibit A) and once the UMO passes the off-loading flange connection to the barge, railcar or truck at Buyer's facility in Marrero, Louisiana.

Although the above discount factor is subject to change at any time, once the parties agree to a discount factor for specified shipments, the discount factor shall not change for those shipments.

For payment calculations, Buyer shall correct for volume and gravity to 60°F

Price may be further subject to either a premium or an additional discount depending upon quality, including water, sediment and glycol impurities. Posted price assumes total water, sediment and glycol content not to exceed 3% by volume which, if exceeded, will result in a reduction in price of $0.50/bbl for each 1% increment, or part thereof, of water, sediment and glycol in excess of 3%

Shipments may be made only after the supplier has received a release authorization or purchase order number from Buyer. Shipments delivered to, or received at, Buyer's Marrero facility without a release authorization or purchase order number are subject to rejection and return to shipper at shipper's cost.

For more information regarding this price bulletin, call (504) 349-7240.

Exhibit A

Parameter API Gravity, 60° F Density, 15° F Kinematic Visc., 40° C Kinematic Visc., 100° C Viscosity after caustic, 50° C Sulfur (SRF) % Ash Content, % wt Flash Point, ° F Arsenic, ppm Chromium, ppm Chromium, ppm Lead, ppm Sodium, ppm PCB, ppm Total Chlorides, ppm (XRF) Water by Distillation Content, % Sediment by Spin, % Pour Point, ° F Asphaltenes, % wt Glycol, % wt Acid Number Distillation Curve

Test Method D-287 D-287 D-445 D-445 Customer Specific D-2622 D-482 D-93 D-5185 D-5185 D-5185 D-5185 D-5185 D-6160 D-2622 D-95 D-1796 D-97

Omega's Required Specification 27 - 33 0.8923 - 0.8597 32 - 120 16 150 0.5 1.4 140 5 2 10 100 150 2 600 6 1 30 2 0.5 3.5 6% 50% 90% EP

D-664 D-2887

< < < < > < < < < < < < < < < < < <

> 600° F > 750° F > 925° F > 1050° F

General Terms and Conditions

INSPECTION AND MEASUREMENTS Final quality determination shall be governed by Omega Refining ("Buyer"). If the quality is determined by Buyer to be acceptable, as per the attached standards, the railcar/barge/truck will be allowed to unload. If the quality is deemed to be deficient to the same standards, then Buyer has the option to reject the volume. Any incremental cost incurred by Buyer related to an off-spec load shall be for the account of the Seller. All sampling shall be obtained by a representative of the Buyer at point of receipt. VOLUME DETERMINATION Buyer's off-loading meters, tank gauges or scales shall be used to make a final and conclusive determination of the quantity received by Buyer. All quantities shall be corrected to 60° F for volume and gravity utilizing currently applicable volume correction tables. The Buyer's determinations as to volume and quality shall be conclusive and binding upon both Parties, save manifest error. RELEASE PROCEDURE Seller shall notify Buyer when a railcar/truck/barge is ready for release and shipment to Buyer who will issue a purchase order or release authorization number prior to shipment. PAYMENT Net thirty days from date of invoice. CONTINGENCIES Neither Party shall be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing to the extent that performance in the customary manner is prevented, hindered or delayed by shortage of or interruption in contemplated sources of material or of transportation, by compliance with any act or request of any person perpetrating to act for any governmental authority, or by any labor difficulty, whether or not with that Party's employees and regardless of whether difficulty could have been settled by acceding to the demands of the labor group, or by any other causes beyond that Party's reasonable control. Failure to render payment according to price and terms shall not be excused for conditions arising under this clause. CLAIMS All claims must be made within ninety (90) days of the unloading date.


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