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SILICOUL 13.8 Product identification: SILICABLE CSVRI KV

Company identification:

OMERIN division principale OMERIN SAS Zone industrielle Zone industrielle 63600 AMBERT 63600 AMBERT Tel : +33 (0)4 Tel : +33 (0)4 73 82 50 00 7382 5000 Fax : +33 (0)4 Fax82 50 10 7382 5010 73 : +33 (0)4 E-mail : [email protected] Email : [email protected]

II - COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Product description = Insulated electric cable. Identification of components:

Copper 1- Conductive parts: metal_ref des_met Silicone rubber + reinforcing braid 2- Dominant insulation: sol_ref des_isol

Components contributing to the hazard : No hazardous components. III - HAZARD IDENTIFICATION As is, the product poses no known hazard to human health or the environment. Refer to paragraph V for hazards in case of fire. IV - FIRST-AID In case of contact with the skin: In case of reaction in sensitive individuals, wash with water for several minutes. In case of contact with eyes: In case of reaction in sensitive individuals, wash with water for several minutes. If swallowed: Seek medical advice. If inhaled: Not specifically concerned.

V - FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES Extinguishing media: Powder / Carbon dioxide (CO2) / Foam / Water fog. Extinguishing media not to be used for safety reasons: None to our knowledge. Auto-flammability of components: > 400 °C or not applicable. Special risk resulting from the exposure to combustion gases: Certain materials that make up this product are non-combustible. The combustible parts of this product are especially designed to minimize toxicity and corrosivity of smokes and gases evolved during combustion. Notably, they do not release halogens in the event of fire. Nevertheless, exposure to these combustion gases or fumes may pose health risks. It is recommended to prevent long exposure time to these smokes and fumes. Special protective equipment for fire-fighting personnel: Wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

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VI - MESURES A PRENDRE EN CAS DE DISPERSION ACCIDENTELLE Individual protective equipment: No special measures required. Environmental precautions: No special measures required. Clean-up / absorption method: No special measures required.

Ver 1.01

VII - HANDLING AND STORAGE Handling: No special measures required. Storage: Preferably store away from fire and inclement weather.

VIII - EXPOSURE CONTROL / PERSONAL PROTECTION Exposure limit for humans: None, in normal working conditions. Special measures for reducing exposure: None, in normal working conditions. Personal protection: Do not eat, drink or smoke while working. Wash hands prior to break periods and after handling the product. Keep away from foodstuffs and beverages. Avoid contact with eyes. IX - PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Form: Solid. Colour: Miscellaneous. Odour: Weak. pH value: Not concerned. Initial boiling point: Not applicable. Flash point: Not applicable. Explosivity hazard: This product is not explosive. Explosivity limits: Not applicable. Vapour pressure: Not applicable. Density: Not applicable. Solubility: Not applicable. X - STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Conditions to avoid: No decomposition if used as prescribed. Materials to avoid: No known during normal conditions of use. Hazardous decomposition products: None during normal conditions of use. XI - TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Acute toxicity: Not concerned. Local effects: In certain sensitive individuals, may cause slight and brief irritation of the skin and ocular mucous membranes.

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Sensitisation: Not concerned.

Ver 1.01

XII - ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Biodegradability : Non-biodegradable. Toxicity in water: Not available. Action on the ozone layer: Not available.

XIII - DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Partially recyclable. Product disposal information: Comply with local regulations. Packaging disposal information: Comply with local regulations.

XIV - TRANSPORT INFORMATION Transport is not restricted.

XV - REGULATORY INFORMATION Classification and labelling in accordance with the decrees of October 10, 1983 and February 21, 1990 in application of EEC Directives NO 67-548 and 88-379: NOT APPLICABLE.

XVI - OTHER INFORMATION The product must be used and/or installed by qualified and trained personnel.

This MSDS completes the technical data sheets but does not supersede them. The information given herein is based on the extent of our knowledge of the product on the publishing date. The information given herein is offered in good faith as accurate. Moreover, users should be aware of the possible hazards incurred when a product is used for any purpose other than its intended use. In no way does it relieve the user from knowing and applying all texts governing his/her activity. It is the user's sole responsibility to take the necessary precautions associated with the use of the product. All of the regulatory provisions mentioned are provided to assist the end-user in fulfilling his/her obligations when using a danger product. This list must not be considered as exhaustive. It does not stop the user from making sure that he/she complies with the written obligations other than those previously cited and which rule the fact of keeping and using the product for which he/she is the sole responsible person.

Date d'émission = 22/01/2005

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