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Exceptionally comfortable and versatile, strong and malleable like the SAM® SPLINT, the Soft Shell® Splint is designed for quickand-easy application when a patient needs to wear a forearm splint for more than a few hours or even several weeks. The soft aluminum core allows it to be molded to fit the patient's hand, wrist, and forearm. With the proper combination of curves, the Soft Shell® Splint can be molded in seconds into any of four basic shapes (plus whatever variations an innovative health care provider might desire): · Volar splint · Thumb spica splint · Ulnar gutter splint · Clamshell splint Additional versatility is provided by the fact that the aluminum core of the Soft Shell® Splint is thicker on one end than on the other, making it the only splint that allows two levels of rigidity. For normal uses, the thinner, less-rigid end (labeled "firm") is placed under the wrist. When greater resistance to wrist motion is needed, the orientation can be reversed, with the "extra firm" end placed beneath the wrist instead. Add in the comfort of an open-cell foam interior covered in terry cloth and you have the most versatile forearm splint available today--an easy, economical replacement for old-fashioned plaster, fiberglass, and thermoplastic splints. Better yet, it's washable (air dry, do not put in heated dryer). It comes in three sizes (9", 12", 15") and five colors (red, neon orange, light blue, royal blue and purple). A Multitude of Uses The Soft Shell® Splint is perfect for emergency rooms, doctor's offices, occupational health clinics, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine clinics, and home care. Uses include: · Immobilization of non- or minimally displaced wrist fractures, contusions, and sprains · Temporary immobilization of fractures after cast removal · Rehabilitation of ligament and tendon injuries · Carpal tunnel, repetitive-stress, or cumulative trauma disorders · Post-operative support after removal of internal/external fixation devices · Gameskeeper's thumb · DeQuervain's syndrome · Ulnar and radial nerve palsies · IV board Features and Benefits · Comfortably soft · Economical

· Quickly applied · Easily moldable and re-moldable · No resins or plasters that can cure on the shelf, leading to product wastage · No need for water gloves or cleanup. Just mold it to shape, wrap or strap it into place, and you're done. · Transparent to X-rays · Firm and extra-firm ends allow different levels of resistance to motion, according to needs. · Allows exercise without splint removal. · Washable · Three sizes, five colors · Made in USA Technical details The Soft Shell Splint® is a flat rectangle of "O" temper aluminum encased in soft foam. The foam on the skin-contact side is open-cell for permeability of vapor and moisture. The thickness of the aluminum distinguishes the "firm" from the "extra-firm" end of the splint. The skin-contact surface is covered with an absorbent brushed terrycloth. The outer surface is overlaid with VelcroTM-friendly material. For price information please visit our "order online" section, contact your official SAM® Medical Products distributor or contact us at 800.818.4726.

Volar: Roll over the end of the splint to provide a rest for the fingers. Generally contour the splint to your own wrist molding a deep curve for the base of the thumb. Make fine adjustments on patient.

Clamshell: For greater wrist support and protection a clam shell configuration is created using a volar and dorsal splint. These splints are held in position with elastic wrap or Velcro type straps.

Thumb Spica: First, shape the splint to your thumb and wrist and then apply it to the patient. Use it to support sprains, suspected scaphoid fractures, or DeQuervain's tendonitis.

Ulnar Gutter: To create an ulnar gutter splint, first shape the splint to your own hand, then apply and make fine adjustments on patient. It is quite useful for fifth metacarpal injuries.

Product Numbers 062470: Multi-size 6-Pack ­ Orange 121802A: 15" Soft Shell® Splint (20pk) 121802: 15" Soft Shell® Splint (5pk) 122069A: 12" Soft Shell® Splint (20pk) 122069: 12" Soft Shell® Splint (5pk) 042668A: 9" Soft Shell® Splint (20pk) 042668: 9" Soft Shell® Splint (5pk)



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