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Defect Life Cycle

Defect Life Cycle

QA New QA AD Not a Defect


Open AD Development AD AD Fixed QA QA Closed QA


1. New - First reported defect by QA to AD team. 2. Open ­ Defect which is reproducible & accepted by AD team and assigned to concern developers by AD Manager. 3. Not Clear ­ If the defect description is unclear, the Project Manager has the option of assigning it to "Not Clear" state and sending it back to whomever raised the defect for clarification. Once clarified and accepted by the AD Manager, the defect moves into `Open' status. 4. Not A Defect - If a reported defect is out of scope or future enhancements, then the defect will be assigned as `Not a Defect' by AD Manager. 5. Development (Work in Progress) ­ When a developer started to work on the assigned defects. 6. Fixed ­ Defects once worked on by AD team and sent to QA for re-testing. 7. Reject ­ Unsatisfactory test results during retest will result in QA rejecting the defect and sending them back to AD team. 8. Closed ­ Satisfactory test results during retest (i.e. actual results map to expected results as per the test case) will result the defect to "Closed" by QA. 9. Reopened ­ Previously closed defect found during regression testing has the option of assigning the defect to "Reopened" rather than creating as "New" defect.

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Defect Life Cycle

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