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Oneness Bhakti Yoga Oneness Bhakti Yoga is a powerful journey for Oneness Blessing Givers that consists of various tools, teachings, meditations, and devotional experiences. It is designed to quickly take participants into higher states of consciousness. The process is offered in one or two day formats. Bhakti Yoga is one of the ancient paths toward merging with the divine. Bhakti Yoga is often referred to as the Path of Love. It is not the only path but simply one of many paths, and one with extraordinary results! Oneness Bhakti Yoga involves ancient Indian rituals and techniques that utilize our devotion to seek our inner truth and our personal desire for Awakening. The Bhakti Yoga will take participants through specifically designed contemplations to prepare everybody to receive an extremely powerful Deeksha. Contact: Janet and Bob Thomas certified Oneness Trainers 0422645756


Microsoft Word - bhakti yoga information sheet.docx

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