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CSEA Contract Changes 2008-2012

NOTE: ALL CHANGES EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2009 EXCEPT AS INDICATED Old Article 12 ­ Overtime Compensation Premium E. Call In Pay-four hours straight time cash. E. Call In Pay-four hours straight time cash or four hours straight compensatory time; Employer request subject to Department approval. Cash overtime or compensatory time off for actual hours worked per contract New

Article 13 - Holiday and Holiday Premium Election Day as paid day off Election Day becomes a regular workday; day after Thanksgiving Day becomes a paid day off. E-911 changed to eight holidays worked; overtime worked on holiday does not apply as additional holiday worked E-911 - 15 day advance notice of this work schedule change


seven holiday worked rule applies to all departments; overtime worked on holiday applies as additional holiday worked.



Article 15 - Shift Differential 2007 rate-75 cents per hour no change for 2008 2009- $.90 2010- $.95 2011- $1.00

Article 17 - Chronic Care Institutional Differential Premium $20 per month payable to Nurse Aide, Nurse Aide II and Health Services Worker rate change: 2009- $25 per month 2010- $30 per month 2011- $35 per month

Old Article 18 - Mileage and Parking Reimbursement None reimbursement rate formula includes CENTRO North Copper Kettle Lot #17 MONY Garage North Garage PSB Lot A/B -


Labor/Management review of bulk parking arrangements for field staff eligible for reimbursement revised formula now includes: CENTRO North Kemper Lot #2 On Center Garage Hotel Syracuse Garage Murbro Lot #11 PSB Lot A/B

Article 20 - Child Protective Unit Compensation rates per schedule increase rates by same amount as wage schedule 2009 - 3% 2010 - 3% 2011 - 3.25% 2012 - 3.50% Article 27 - Grievance and Arbitration Procedure preliminary step mandatory no provision for content of grievances preliminary step optional; Step One response time limits revised accordingly to provide time to investigate. content of grievance must contain specific information to allow investigation

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Old Article 28 - Employee Leave Benefits


Bereavement Leave- one day for death of Bereavement Leave - 2 days for death of a grandchild grandchild. Vacation Leave- absent a specific department policy Vacation leave- no provision for priority for priority preference, requests must be between one preference for requests. and 10 consecutive days per request. Personal Leave- approval based upon written Personal Leave- written request may be submitted request submitted to department head. after absence based upon emergency/nature of circumstances Article (New) - Civil Service Exam Fee none fee for promotional civil service exams capped @ $10- limit to two exams per year

Article (New) Probation Clothing Allowance none $100 per year paid to armed Probation Officers and Probation Supervisors

Article 38 - Term of Agreement three years- 2005 through 2007 five years - 2008 through 2012

Appendix A ­ Salaries per schedule 2008 2.5% 2009 3% 2010 3% 2011 3.25% 2012 3.5% Date of Ratification - September 16, 2008; must be on the payroll as of that date for retro; applies to base pay, overtime and holiday pay only. Rate changes effective with first full pay period of each year. LPN title and salary schedule included; increases applied accordingly.



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