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Non-binding Expression of Interest For Migration of Front-end Application Package into RDBMS and Centralization of Branch Operations under FEAP

Part `A': Introduction LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA (hereinafter referred to as LIC), the largest life insurer in India, is a major Public Sector Enterprise, having its Central Office at Mumbai. LIC has been a pioneer in using Information Technology to enhance the service experience of its customers. LIC has the following structure: · · · · · Central Office at Mumbai 8 Zonal offices at Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Patna. 106 Divisional offices under the 8 Zonal Offices. More than 2,100 Branch Offices and Satellites Offices - spread throughout the length & breadth of India. More than 22 crores of Policies which are currently being serviced.

PART `B': Existing scenario LIC has 2048 branches, some of which have attached satellite offices, 106 Divisional offices and 8 Zonal offices where its Core Insurance Solution, called the Front-End Application Package or FEAP, is running on two or more servers in each location. The FEAP was developed and is being maintained in-house, in Cobol. Currently, the Operating System is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 upgrade 4 and the programming language is Micro Focus COBOL Server Express version 4.000.

All the FEAP centres use the same OS, COBOL and FEAP versions uniformly.

Each Branch Office (BO) Server stores a Cobol flat file database pertaining only to the Policies being serviced by that BO. The users in that BO connect to their Server on the BO LAN using Telnet. The clients are all PCs or Thin Clients both of which are used as dumb terminals. In addition to the Policy processing centres at BOs and Divisional Offices (DOs), there are over 91 MAN (Metro Area Network) centres situated at the DO headquarters. These MAN centres also store abridged versions of the Policy data bases pertaining to the branches under their jurisdiction. All the FEAP systems at BOs, DOs and MAN centres are connected to a Wide Area Network using leased telephone lines of bandwidth varying from 64kbps to 8mbps, depending upon the requirements of the current applications,.

An abridged version of Policy Data base is being maintained in a centralized system named the ODS, using ORACLE RDBMS, at our Central Office in Mumbai. Our Customer Portal hosted on our website, is fed by the ODS. A Corporate Active Data Warehouse (CADW) is also in place, on Teradata. The CADW draws information in real time from the FEAP for all transactions that are handled at our Branch Offices. The middleware using which the FEAP, the ODS and the CADW communicate with each other is TIBCO RV version 7.x along with Business Works. In order to provide location transparency to our customers, inter branch data access and procedure calls are also enabled using TIBCO. The FEAP is currently in the process of being integrated with our Enterprise Document Management System(EDMS), based on OmniDocs. The EDMS is aimed at converting the paper documents relating to Policies in to electronic images. These images will then be used for all customer service functions, with a view to providing our customers with "Anytime-Anywhere" Service.


Objective of EOI

LIC is inviting a non-binding `Expressions of Interest' to assist its Software Development Team in all stages of the proposed migration i.e., 1) To centralize the existing branch IT operations at a higher level (Divisional or Zonal) 2) To transform the COBOL based system into a new system with a WEB enabled user interface, COBOL powered business logic and an RDBMS based database. 3) To leverage the existing Front-End Application Package(FEAP).


Minimum Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria of respondents regarding technical and financial capability to provide the required services are as follows: The respondent should: 1. Be a corporate in India, registered under Companies Act,1956, or a Government Organisation and should have been operating in India for the last 5 years. 2. Be a company which has already undertaken similar activities, preferably in the financial/insurance domain and necessarily having expertise in COBOL (preferably Micro Focus), Linux (preferably Redhat), Web Technologies and RDBMS. Minimum of 3 References need to be quoted . 3. Be a company which is at least at CMM level 3. 4. Be a company having at least 50 core developers specializing in Cobol, Linux & open source databases, operating systems and software. Details should be provided as to the exact expertise of developers available with the company. 5. Have made profits in at least 2 of the previous 3 years and should have generated sizeable revenues from the line of business referred to in item 2 above. 6. Not currently be on the Blacklist of LIC or any other public Sector Organisation. 7. Submit a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to participate in this EOI. The NDA, as per the format given in Annexure I, should be executed on a Rs 200. Stamp Paper and duly notarized. 8. Submit the company legal counsel's certificate detailing the litigations present and for the past(3years) . Note : A response to EOI which does not satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned above, will be treated as disqualified. Please attach documentary evidence for each of the Minimum Eligibility Conditions mentioned above, along with the Response to the EOI. Part E Required Features of proposed Solution The proposed solution should address the following requirements in general · Responses should not include any proposal for an alternative to the existing FEAP, either in part or in full. LIC's FEAP should be the at the core of the proposed solution. A sound architecture with user interface, communications, business processing and data access layers which are all well defined.



Adherence to structured programming guidelines to improve maintainability and provide core business functions as callable modules A Service Oriented Architecture with business processes exposed as Web services Ensure COBOL code is highly tuned to offer optimum performance Store customer data in contemporary relational databases with sophisticated reporting and ad-hoc query capabilities available for business users Provide good Graphical user interfaces and contemporary browser based web interfaces for users, customers and partners access over the internet/intranet. Automate batch processes using contemporary job schedulers with built in self healing and paging facilities in the event of an issue occurring that would impact the business Changes to be made in the existing programs should be as minimum as possible. Changes can be manual and/or tool based. If tool based, the details of tools should be specified. The entire architecture and design should conform to Open Systems standards. Solutions should use open source components to the maximum extent possible keeping proprietary solutions to the bare minimum. Though the database is centralized, the Branches should be able to enjoyall the existing functionalities, and draw statements and reports based on their transactions, as are available under the existing system. The system should have necessary authentication features for user access. Access to the Policy Data Base should be available across the centers subject to access policy. Features like online backup, DRS etc. should be available & demonstrated, if called for. The metadata design should permit representation of all relevant data as a single logical database that can be deployed at one (CO) and or more places(ZO/DO/BO) without any changes. The new system will have to seamlessly integrate with the existing LIC applications.

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Part `F': Terms and Conditions of EOI 1. Evaluation of EOI LIC will evaluate all expressions of interest and may shortlist respondents who demonstrate their capability of meeting the requirements set out in this document. The Evaluation of EOI respondents will be at the sole discretion of LIC and the decision of LIC in this matter will be final and binding on all respondents to this EOI. LIC will not entertain any communication from any of the respondents in this matter. 2. Proof of Concept (POC): The vendors short-listed after the Evaluation of EOI will be asked to provide a solution, within a given period of time, for a representative Problem Definition, in order to prove his understanding of the Project and the availability of expertise and other resources required for its performance. A further shortlist may be made of vendors whose POC is successful as per LIC's assessment. LIC's decision in this matter will be final and binding on all respondents to this EOI and no communication will be entertained in this respect from any of the respondents. 3. Selection of vendor: LIC may, at its sole discretion, issue a Request For Proposal(RFP) which may be extended only to those vendors shortlisted through the EOI Evaluation and/or Proof of Concept processes. However, for the purpose of any such subsequent RFP, LIC reserves the right to float an open RFP and to amend the proposed requirements, the description of services required or any other aspect of this EOI document. LIC may also conclude the process without tendering or awarding any contract. 4.No Contract and EOI Costs. This EOI is not a contract. LIC is not bound contractually or in any other way to any respondents to this EOI. Participation in this EOI will mean that the respondent has accepted all clauses of this EOI and subsequent modification(s) to this EOI, if any. LIC will not pay any costs or compensation in relation to the consideration of this EOI or any response by the respondents to this EOI whether or not LIC terminates, varies or suspends the EOI process or takes any other action required subsequently in this respect. All costs incurred by the participants in connection with the EOI are the sole responsibilities of the respondent, relating to(but not limited to) : o o o o o Preparation of the EOI ; Any communication or negotiation with LIC ; Any presentation, meetings or interview with LIC ; and Any site inspections ; Conduct of Prototype development and deployment ( Proof of Concept )

5.Acceptance and processing of Expression of Interest Responses. Without limiting its rights in law or otherwise, LIC reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, at all times, in relation to: Accepting or rejecting any EOI response; Seeking written clarification from any or all of the respondents in relation to their responses, during the evaluation and POC processes; Varying or discontinuing the EOI and related procurement processes; Accepting an EOI response for a different requirement than is set out in this EOI. Such action will require respondents to submit a complying proposal as well. Providing additional information to any or all respondents. Entering into a contract outside this EOI process for the same requirements; Cancelling, adding to or amending the information, requirements, terms, procedures or processes set out in this EOI. In which case LIC will publish these on its web site; Identifying opportunities for collaborative responses to be offered for the delivery of specified services ; Issuing an open tender or RFP ; Limiting or extending the list of potential respondents beyond those who respond to this invitation Waiving any irregularities or informalities in this EOI process without assigning any reasons therefore; Dealing separately with any of the divisible elements of any proposal, received through this EOI process. LIC shall not be bound to give reasons for any decision made under this clause and its decision will be final and binding on all respondents to this EOI, the subsequent POC and RFP, if any. 6. Respondent's Documentation Confidentiality All documents submitted in response to the EOI become the property of LIC on submission. LIC can use the EOI for all purposes relating to the evaluation of responses and any further stages of this process, including the RFP. LIC requires that the EOI response submitted in response to this EOI remain valid for acceptance for a period of not less than six (6) months after the EOI closing date. Respondents should state within their EOI response, any longer period for which their EOI response remains valid. Respondents are hereby informed that there are circumstances under which LIC may have to divulge respondents' information where required by law, or any Governmental agency.

7. Evaluation Criteria EOI responses will be evaluated as per the criteria specified in paras 1, 2 and 3 of Part F. Assessment of the organization's profile will include the relative capability of the Respondent to deliver the required services. Also under consideration will be the overall quality of the proposal and any presentations/meetings and referee/reference site reports etc. Respondents may be required to conduct a presentation on the EOI prior to an evaluation taking place . 8. Amendment to the EOI Document At any time prior to the expiry of the deadline for submission of responses, LIC may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a request by a prospective respondent, modify any part of the EOI document, including the deadlines set for submission of Responses. Any such extension of time limits or amendment as stated above will be published at LIC 's web site

9.Procedure for submission of EOI: Please note that this request closes at 2.00 pm on 28/12/2007. The EOI response should be placed in an envelop superscribed "EOI for Migration of FEAP", addressed to Executive Director(IT/BPR) and must be delivered to the tender box at the address given below: Executive Director(IT/BPR) LIC of India , Central Office IT Department, 2nd Floor, Jeevan Seva Annexe Building, S.V. Road , Santacruz(West), Mumbai-400054. Last date for submission: Before 2.00 pm on Friday, the 28th December 2007.

10. Contact details: If you have any questions regarding this Request for `Expressions of Interest', you may contact the following officials, preferably by e-mail: 1. Sri M. U. K. Pisharoty, Deputy Secretary (IT) LIC of India , Central Office IT Department, 2nd Floor, Jeevan Seva Annexe, SV Road , Santacruz(West), Mumbai-400054.

2. Ms. Rosaline Kurian Deputy Secretary (IT) LIC of India , Central Office IT Department, 2nd Floor, Jeevan Seva Annexe, SV Road , Santacruz(West), Mumbai-400054. Telephone : 022- 26128673 Telefax : 022- 26161683 Email :

Executive Director(IT/BPR) Date : 13th December 2007 Place : Mumbai.

Annexure ­I Non Disclosure Agreement NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT for LIC EOI (to be executed on a Rs. 200 Stamp paper and duly notarized ) ------------------------------ (hereinafter called "xxxx"), with its Registered Office at -----------------------------------------------and Principal Office at ________________________________ and its employees shall not, unless the Life Insurance Corporation of India (hereinafter called "LIC") gives permission in writing, make any disclosure of the Expression of Interest (EOI), or any technical information, trade secrets, designs, drawings, specifications, photographs, prototypes, samples, business information, electronic documents, statements, test results, market information specifications, plans, pattern, sample or information (hereinafter called "LIC's Information") furnished by LIC (including the users), in connection therewith to any person other than a person employed by xxxx in the performance of the EOI. Disclosure to any such employed person shall be made in confidence and shall extend only as far as may be necessary for purposes of such performance of the EOI. The employees or any third party engaged by xxxx will maintain strict confidentiality and shall protect and preserve LIC's Information at least to the same level in which xxxx protects its own data and information of similar kind. No right or license, express or implied, is granted to xxxx in connection with the LIC's Information. All LIC's Information remains property of the LIC and any information shared by LIC with xxxx will only be used for the purposes of fulfilling the obligations under the EOI. In case of breach LIC shall take such legal action as it may be advised.

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