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Reading Comprehension Questions Unit 1 ­ Story 1 "Class President"

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Directions: Answer all questions using complete and detailed sentences. Be sure to check for correct capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 1. Why was Julio the first to speak to Mr. Herbertson? What does this tell us about his personality?

2. What caused Julio to be less afraid of Mr. Herbertson?

3. Who took the credit for getting soccer back? Why do you think this person took the credit?

4. Why did Cricket want to buy more paperback books for the classroom library? What did Julio want to buy and why?

5. In the class election, why do you think someone has to "second" a nomination?

6. What argument does Cricket give as to why Julio can't run for class president? Is this a valid argument (makes good sense)?


Microsoft Word - Class Pres Compreh Quest.doc

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