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Two different tyre sizes are available for the Elho wrappers. 26x12.00-12 as standard and 360/55-12. All the Elho tow-model wrappers, also older models, can be equipped with a hydraulic draw-bar cylinder kit. This helps when loading, it gives the possibility to drive the wrapper out of the tractors tracks during transport on the fields which is useful when transporting two heavy bales to the storage.

As optional equipment a.m.o. counter weights, hydraulic- or electric-hydraulic draw-bar cylinder kits can be delivered.

ELHO also produce the ELHO 1820 Inliner for connecting straight to the round baler. ELHO 1820 Inliner is hooked straight to brackets on the axle of the baler. Therefor it is really quick to connect and disconnect the combination. The central pivoting point of the ELHO Inliner is offset to the rear, and therefore the wrapper follows the Baler without cutting corners, even in sharp left or right turns. Harvesting small fields is easily done by one man and one tractor. The ELHO Inliner has already proven its reliability among contractors in many countries both inside and outside Europe.

As the front part of the wrapper is supported straight on the ground when the tailgate opens, there is practically no additional stress transmitted to the baler. As the bale is continuously supported by the wrapper the contamination from dirt is at a minimum and the fodder stays clean. Mounting kits are available to the most common round balers in the market. (See special leaflet.) For transportation of round bales the ELHO bale fork is practical. Its arms adapt themselves without hydraulics to the size of the bale (ELHO patent) and reduces stress on the film. The ELHO Sideliner program has already achieved great appreciation among the customers. The Sideliner program contains both cable controlled and automatic wrappers with one or two prestretchers. Ask for the Sideliner brochure.


Hydraulic start and cut/tic ensures the possibility to always work from the tractor´s cabin.

Technical spec.: Silomatic Transport width Weight approx. For bales size Ø Bale size F2-models Load arm capacity (150 bar) Wheel size, standard Optional wheel size


1,25 m 620 kg 1,2-1,5 m

420F2ACI 620 1,35 m 2,2 m 750 kg 720 kg 1,2-1,5 m 1,2-1,5 m Lenght: max. 1,60 m 1000 kg 1000 kg



2,35 m 2,35 m 1150 kg 1230 kg 1,2-1,5 m 1,2-1,5 m Sides: 0,7 x 0,8 ­ 0,9 x 1,0 m 1250 kg 1250 kg 26x12.00-12 26x12.00-12 360/55-12 360/55-12

1410F2ACI 2,35 m 1230 kg 1,2-1,5 m

1250 kg 26x12.00-12 360/55-12


Cable Control std Auto Command control, incl monitor ­ Infra Red Remote Control ­ Monitor op Cut and Tie System op 750mm Pre-stretcher std 500 mm adapter op Bale Turn Ramp op/mek. Tandem wheels ­ Counter weights ­ Hydraulic draw bar cylinder ­ std = standard; op = optional equipment

420ACI ­ std std ­ std std op op/mek. ­ ­ ­

420F2 ­ std ­ ­ std std op op/mek. ­ ­ ­ ACI

620 std ­ ­ op std std op op/mek. ­ ­ ­

620ACI ­ std std ­ std std op op/mek. ­ ­ ­

1420 std ­ ­ std std std op std/hydr. op op op

1420ACI 1410F2 ­ ­ std std std ­ ­ ­ std std std std op op std/hydr. Bale Ramp std op op op op op op ACI

The ELHO Round Bale Grabber has floating arms, which center the bale. The specially designed arms grasp the bale firmly without damaging the plastic wrapping. Suitable for bales Ø 1,2 ­ 1,4m. Delivered with welded Euro brackets as standard. For other brackets, please ask for an offer. The feeding of silage bales is made easy with the ELHO silage slicer. This slicer is equipped with two parallel cylinders and opens the bale in the direction of travel. This makes manual feeding easy, even in narrow passages.

ELHO-082 Forsberg 10.2003

Technical spec.: TUBE 2020 ACI

Length: - transport 6,0 m - wrapping 6,8 m Height 3,0 m Weigth approx. 2000 kg Wheel size 14.0/65-16 Recomended bale size Ø 1,2 - 1,6 m Recomended square bale size: height max. 1,6 m width max. 1,4 m Pre-stretchers 750 mm 2 pcs Pre-stretching 70% Adjustable number of layers 2-8 layers Front axle control hydraulic Front axle brake std Control automatic, infra red remote control


The right choice

· for efficiency and economy · for high capacity and flexibility · for top quality silage

For chopping of silage and straw bales, ELHO offers the Rotor Cutter self loading bale shredder. Available with Ø1,5 or 1,8m drum. The chopped material can be fed either right or left to a trough. Equipped with hydraulic gear drive of the drum. (See product leaflet.)

Two stretchers, with three rollers, ensure an even pre-streching of the plastic film. The film sensor (optional equipment) stops the wrapping if the pre-stretcher is out of plastic film.

Power supply: Combustion motor 11 hp/ Diesel engine 14 hp Capacity: 70 - 120 bales/h

We reserve the right to after specification details, dimensions etc without notice or liability.

FIN-68910 BENNÄS, FINLAND Tel. +358 6 729 0040 Fax +358 6 729 0488 E-mail: [email protected]

team wrapping

ELHO SILO-MATIC Tractor Mounted 420 and 620

These are three point linkage mounted bale wrappers for the contractor and farmer looking for reliable and efficient wrapping. Chain drive, with two large, anti-slip polymer coated, rollers eliminates the need for potentially troublesome linking belts. The freewheel in the drive line ensures smooth offloading and so prevents film damage. The wrapping table tips backwards for a soft discharge of the wrapped bale. The 420 standard model is simply operated via levers to a hydraulic valve block mounted on the machine. The base machine can then be equipped with hydraulic cut and tie and cable control which enables the wrapper to be controlled from the tractor seat, there are further options giving the ability to monitor the wrapping operation. The 620 model has a loading arm which increases throughput, avoids the cost of a separate loader tractor and improves bale alignment on the wrapping table. All the wrapper functions including loading, wrapping, cutting, off-loading and stacking are controlled from the tractor cab either automatically or via cable control. A hydraulically operated foot minimises the twisting forces on the wrapper and tractor during loading and counterbalances the bale weight. Elho Silo-Matic 620 is ideal for wrapping either in the field or back at the storage site.

ELHO Tube wrapper for optimal wrapping of round- and square bales.


The electronic controller of the fully automatic Elho bale wrapper works with sensors and electro-hydraulics to control the whole wrapping process. Even the loading and unloading of bales can be programmed for maximum convenience. Trailed Models 1410 Standard or Automatic The rigid frame and strong lift arm are designed for heavy use and enable the operator to transport a bale whilst wrapping another. The powerful hydraulic lift cylinder can handle heavy bales of wet silage and the offset position of the wrapping table ensures excellent stability and a low overall weight. The wrapper is controlled from the cab, either by cable controls with 'hands free' function or with fully automatic electronic control. An Infa-Red option is available for remote control when wrapping at the storage site. The in-cab cable control levers have a lock position to allow hands free operation of the wrapping and cut and tie functions to improve ease of use. The electronic monitor makes wrapping more accurate and easier. The monitor indicates when the pre-set number of wraps is reached and also counts the bales per field and in total. The monitor is battery powered and so independent from the tractor.

The Elho bale rotator turns the wrapped bale into the upright position during the final phase of the smooth off-loading operation. This results in the bale standing on its end where the wrap is thickest and so affording the best protection against damage from the stubble or from birds. This equipment is available as a Combiversion with horizontal or vertical off-loading. A tandem axle is available for even greater field stability and smooth road transport. The hydraulically operated film cut and tie makes it possible to control the wrapper from the tractor cab. A minimum of working parts are employed for reliability bale after bale.

Principle of operation The bales are loaded on the table, where they are centred by strong guide arms. A big, durable gate push them together to eliminate the air between the bales. As soon as the preassure between the bales is high enough to move the Tubewrapper, the wrapping ring equipped with two 750 mm pre-stretchers start to rotate. The bales are now pushed through the wrapping ring with an even speed to obtain an even overlap of the film layers. In this way an air tight silo of unlimited length is produced around the bales. The automatic operation cycle of the wrapper can also be programmed to make one (or more) additional safety layer on the joint between the bales.

ELHO Tube wrapper is:

SAFE: The hydraulic synchronisation between the pusher and the wrapping ring will form a silo with: ­ an even overlap between the film layers and the possibility to add additional film on the bale junctions ­ an even pre-stretch to ensure the best fodder quality ECONOMICAL: ­ Reduce the film usage by about 50% compared to single bale wrapping ­ In normal conditions it is possible to wrap about 130 normal round bales (Ø1,2m) in six layers with two 750mm film rolls (1800m each) FAST: ­ Capacity up to 120 bales per hour if the supply of bales is not limited

With the spring assisted brake it is possible to increase the pressure between the bales when necessary.

All functions can be controlled either manually with a joy stick or via switches. The wrapping table has two sensors, one for the loading position and one for the offloading position. Therefore, the controller can continuously monitor the table position and prevent damage from an interrupted wrapping cycle or incorrect manual operation. The large two row display is in English and the program is easily fine tuned if desired. The controller has a self diagnosis program.

The Infra-Red transmitter and receiver. Models equipped with an Infra-Red remote control have warning beacons to make bystanders aware of their operation.

The film pre-stretch unit consists of a unique three roller head which incorporates two prestretching rollers and also a third braked roller which prevents the film roll from overrunning and therefore maintains a consistent stretch percentage. Furthermore, the stretcher uses metal gears and sealed bearings to guarantee reliability. The wrapper will simultaneusly be pushed one bale length forward.

ELHO bale wrappers are also available for wrapping square bales. The models 420F2 and 1410F2 are designed mainly for bales with a square section of 0.7 x 0.8 to 0.9 x 1.0 m and with a maximum length of 1.65 m. The wrapping table is equipped with 6 rollers and a double belt system to ensure a positive and accurate rotation of the bale. These models are highly versatile as with only a few minor adjustments they can be successfully used to wrap round bales.



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