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Edition 2/2008 Information from the Arntz Optibelt Group

Energy saving thanks to Optibelt RED POWER II

Robert Golub from the Optibelt Corporation was recently able to provide the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) with a special service. The library at Eastern Michigan University has a range of aeration and ventilation systems incorporating fans of different sizes and belt arrangements. The existing drive arrangement caused problems on start-up where belts would slip and squeal loudly. They were regularly damaged and in need of replacement. Consequently the fans remained switched on permanently and ran 24 hours per day, wasting a vast amount of energy. The university was made aware of Optibelt products and got into contact with Robert Golub in order to find out whether Optibelt could be of assistance in this situation. After visiting the location, Golub ­ together with the specialists from Optibelt as well as our partner, Mr Rodney Coyle from BDI ­ was able to get an idea of the drive optimisation process that was awaiting them. The existing pulleys were exchanged and the standard V-belts were replaced with the maintenance free Optibelt RED POWER II kraftbands. Thanks to the new drive design, the fans could now be turned off at night. As a result of this move, energy costs amounting to approximately $ 30,000 could be saved annually. A first drive check that took place a few months later showed that the belts were functioning perfectly. Further maintenance intervals were not required. The current measurement ­ that took place after switching to Optibelt RED POWER II ­ showed that the four fans that had been converted

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) highly satisfied

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Drive optimisation

Energy cost savings at no extra cost . . Page 2/3


Successful improvements made to the Bruks hacker thanks to Optibelt . . Page 4

Optibelt PKR belts

Maintenance intervals increased ten-fold . . Page 4

Excellent properties highly appreciated

LMF focusing on RED POWER

Seminar in Casablanca

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Main focus on timing belts

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Many "fathers" of success

10 years of Optibelt Polska

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Optibelt RED POWER II: Power costs amounting to X thousands of dollars per year saved were consuming approximately 10 kW less power than the fans with the old belts. At an annual operation level of approximately 6,600 hours, this resulted in an additional reduction of the power consumption and therefore resulted in further savings amounting to approximately $ 900. Due to this substantial saving, all drives at EMU were equipped with new pulleys and Optibelt RED POWER II belts. The remaining eleven fans now run without any problems whatsoever and EMU is anticipating further annual savings. This is convincing proof of the quality of Optibelt products. Dear customers, suppliers and friends, "2009 will be a year full of bad news" according to recent comments made by Mrs Dr. Merkel in the German Bundestag. Therefore we want to work ­ together with you ­ with a high level of dedication to ensure that there will continue to be positive messages from the Arntz Optibelt Group in the forthcoming year. Products that have a convincing priceperformance ratio will continue to be or will be even increasingly preferred in economically bad times. Based upon this belief, we will further intensify existing customer relations and, in markets in which it makes sense, we will expand thanks to the gaining of additional Optibelt distribution partners. Alongside the members of staff and the suppliers, our distribution partners and direct OEM customers have, in particular, played a decisive role in the fact that the Arntz Optibelt Group is in a relatively comfortable situation today. At this point, we would like to pass on our thanks with regards to this matter. We are well aware that we should appreciate the trust that has been placed in us and we assure you that in the forthcoming year, we will continue to try to fulfil your requirements with regards to trusting and successful cooperation in every sense of the phrase. Together, we will cope with the challenges that await us and as a consequence, we will lay further foundations for long-term and sustainable successful business development. We would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy festive period as well as the best of luck and success for the forthcoming year. Your management board

Special solution with Ecobelt ALPHAflex

The "Maschinenbau Steffen Munzert" Company located in Wurzbach (Thuringia) offers their customers complete solutions in the special machinery construction sector. A long time ago, the main focus was placed upon order-based supply, but now the demands of the customers are becoming more and more complex. Here, complete solutions including production documentation as well as assembly instructions for on-site usage are being demanded. These complete solutions could only be offered together with strong partners. Therefore, a special polyurethane timing belt for use in a laser coding system was developed together with Ecobelt. The Munzert Company approached Ecobelt with a specific task that meant that Ecobelt had to find a special solution. The task for Munzert was to develop a safe and aligned supply of rotationally symmetrical parts into the beam of a CO2 laser for permanent labelling purposes. It was quickly recognised that a speed-defined transport of the products to be labelled by means of a special timing belt was the only solution. During the selection of the basic belt and the toothed section, the drive power that is to be transferred, positioning accuracy and the minimisation of the polygon effect during the entry of the tooth into the timing pulley are all factors that play a decisive role. The objective was achieved with an ALPHAflex special belt, 5M section (100 mm wide). Amongst other characteristics, the ALPHAflex special belt is characterised by the processing found on the tooth side. Here, the tooth side is milled out with modern machine technology in such a manner that a 25 mm wide tooth area remained in the centre of the belt. This was done in order to reduce the polygon effect. In order to precisely position the rotationally symmetrical parts, a cleat was used from the Ecobelt standard range. This solution offers the advantage that the cleats are inexpensive to manufacture. The 35 cleats manufactured from glass fibre-reinforced polyurethane are attached with an injected and twist-resistant insert complete with metric threads and serve to fasten the tool carriers. Quick exchange of the tool carriers The prismatic design of the tool carriers ensures a central position of the products and therefore achieves the defined supply into the laser labelling area. A further advantage of the cleats is the quick exchange of the tool carriers. In order to enable a quiet running of the ALPHAflex special timing belt that runs upon a support rail, left/right aligned polyamide fabric strips are attached on to the belt top surface. Thanks to the fabric that reduces friction, the belt can be fed into a rail on its back. This reduces the chance of a belt tipping. After only a short period of time, the ALPHAflex Spezial 4680-5M-100-St has already convinced those responsible at Munzert during the trials and, as a consequence, was able to prove itself to the end customer during daily usage.

Customer demands becoming evermore complex

Drive optimisation

in practice

Optibelt RED POWER II high power wedge belts and kraftbands have been specially developed for applications in the machinery construction sector. The following advantages speak in favour of the RED POWER II: · Products are maintenance-free over the course of the operational life · Reduced pulley wear thanks to the usage of special cover fabric · Environmentally friendly thanks to the use of natural raw materials and avoidance of production waste · Powerful due to an efficiency level of approx. 97 % · Set-constant thanks to the established S=C PLUS process The Optibelt RED POWER II is available in all popular sections and lengths ranging from 1202 mm up to 12,000 mm. A premium technological product

Optibelt RED POWER II ­ Gain a headstart through advance in technology

Avoid service intervals ­ reduce maintenance costs Eliminate production downtimes ­ optimise production processes Prevent losses due to stoppages ­ extend machine running times Additional costs: =


d ave s

Energy cost savings

97 % efficiency

Standard V-belts achieve a maximum efficiency level of 94 %. The Optibelt RED POWER II achieves much more ­ up to 97 %. As a consequence, you will save time, money and power. Higher level of power thanks to a higher level of efficiency


This name speaks for itself: Optibelt S=C PLUS stands for set-constant V-belts ­ and not only within the tolerance range of national and international standards. The narrowest of tolerances ­ and always at the specified size

Maintenance freedom

For example, when dealing with standard belts, it is the case that re-tensioning work has to be carried out up to 10 times when the belt has a calculated theoretical operational life of 25,000 hours. However, when using RED POWER II V-belts and kraftbands, this work is not required. This means that additional expenditure and costs do not apply. Installed once: Never have to re-tension

onth f the em saving n Tip o · Emardgeyeasy ion t timisa st ve op OWER II · Dri RED P from1an. with of J


optib www. at:



no extra cost!

Successful improvements made to the Bruks hacker thanks to Optibelt

Thanks to the usage of one of the new technologies from Optibelt, it has been possible to substantially improve the belt drive of the BRUKS hacker that is located at the Aserradero Arauco Chólguan plant. This solution has been created together with the maintenance staff at the plant and has been co-ordinated by the head of the maintenance department, Armando Erices, who relied upon the technical support that was provided by engineers from Ducasse Comercial Ltda. A few months ago, the customer advised of a problem with a hacker that, due to the age of the machine, was equipped with a non-standard belt drive. The belt pulleys had a special section that was not easy to find on the market. This also applied to the associated belts. It was not only difficult to make such belts because of them being extremely rare, it was also the case that the price of the belts were disproportionately high compared to a similar belt for a different system. In addition to this, the installation and de-installation of the pulleys on the motor shaft via a clamping disc was extremely complicated. Subsequently, it was decided that another belt must be found that was able to transfer the high level of power of the system and to adapt to the complicated physical configuration. After considering various alternatives, the decision was made to re-use some of the belt pulleys that were previously bought for the hacker and were available within the plant. These products were not being used due to the fact that they could


Main focus on timing belts

In 2008, the Moroccan city of Casablanca was the meeting point of 54 seminar participants who all wanted to learn about the advantages and innovations of Optibelt products. At the Le Palace d'Anfa Hotel, Gilles Guiliani greeted all participants on behalf of Optibelt and presented the Arntz Optibelt Group to them. In co-operation with Mr Assidon from the Moroccan company of the same name, the most important topic areas were presented. The participants came from a variety of sectors: From textile, sugar and ceramic factories through to representatives from quarries and cement factories right up to employees of mines, mills and drinks companies, 54 company representatives were invited to learn about the versatile Optibelt products. Together, Claude Zumkeller and Gilles Guiliani took the seminar that, due to up-to-date information, once again totally exceeded the expectations of the participants. An important topic of their seminar contributions was the topic of "polyurethane and rubber timing belts". Furthermore, the Optibelt representatives gave a lecture regarding the characteristics of the S=C PLUS and provided the Moroccan company representatives with the most current and up-to-date information regarding Optibelt RED POWER II as well as Optibelt Super X-POWER. In addition to this, further topics such as "maintenance and installation" as well as the CAP calculation program were also on the agenda. Information concerning useful devices such as the laser pointer, the TT 3 and the TT mini rounded off the seminar, which, according to the unanimous opinion of the participants, represented a comprehensive illustration of the discussed Optibelt products.

Seminar in Casablanca

10 years of Optibelt Polska

many, who also made an important contribution. Today it can be declared with pride that Optibelt Polska, as the first distribution company located in Eastern Europe, achieves an excellent position amongst the 23 currently active distribution companies within the Optibelt Group. This applies to the continual sales trend, a stable economic situation, the proximity to customers as well as the growing technical expertise of the distribution company. Our path in Poland to date has not always been easy, particularly when you look back to the complicated ­ and partially ­ "wild" 1990's. Back then, the Optibelt products were unknown to many people ­ and there were numerous problems associated with the logistics of initially tiny deliveries, pricing and customs as well as many other issues. These were issues that back then demanded all of the power and patience of those participating in the product. However, today we can correctly and proudly say that the founding of Optibelt Polska, our Polish subsidiary was the correct step for all concerned. Now the only thing that we hope for with regards to the Polish Optibelt Company is that they continue to experience much success that will be characterised by continued trusting co-operation with our partners.

Many "fathers" of success

Maintenance intervals increased ten-fold

Vitromex, founded in 1967 in the Mexican region of Saltillo Coahuila, is a company within the Saltillo Coahuila Group. Today, Vitromex is a leading company for the manufacture and marketing of ceramic floor and wall tiles as well as sanitary accessories. Amongst other machines, the company uses packaging machines for their tiles that are transported by belts. After some time, it emerged that the belts that have been used on this machine to date were worn or faulty after only three days of use. For this reason, Vitromex turned to Representaciones Intercontinentales, an Optibelt trader, who was able to create a remedy for this problem. The staff advised the Mexican Company to deploy and sample Optibelt PKR belts. This took place with great success due to the fact that the belts belonging to the tile packaging machines now only have to undergo normal maintenance work at monthly intervals. Recently, a milestone birthday of the Polish Optibelt Branch took place: It is now 10 years since the foundations for a success story were laid. This success of today only became possible thanks to the support of all those who participated in the project, irrespective of whether these people were important distribution partners located in Poland or as employees of Optibelt Polska. Many "fathers" have participated in this success process in an exemplary manner as well as colleagues from HQ in Ger-

Optibelt PKR belts

LMF focusing on RED POWER

The Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik (LMF) Company is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high pressure piston compressors for air, natural gas as well as technical and industrial gases (process gases) for the performance range between 20 and 6,200 kW and pressure levels up to 600 bar. With over 50 years of experience in the compressor construction sector, LMF offers their customers developments, constructions, creations, system testing under full loads, installation and service work all from one source. The product range comprises of air/ water-cooled high pressure piston compressors in lubricated or oil-free designs, in vertical, boxer or V design, right through to special systems constructed to customer specification. In order to safely transfer the drive power of a CAT diesel engine to the compressor, as is the case here, LMF predominantly counts on maintenance-free RED POWER belts

Excellent properties highly appreciated

Optibelt project support program

On the 17th/18th May of 2008, it was time once again. The Swiss Championship for Autonomous Robots, SWISS Eurobot 2008 ­ Mission to Mars took place. Within the framework of a bachelor degree course, groups of students developed, constructed and built robots that then went on to line up against one another in a final competition. Within the framework of a support program for Swiss students, Optibelt Schweiz AG also took part in the project by providing material support. As a consequence the HSR Ecube Msq Team (Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil) installed various Optibelt timing belts and timing pulleys and went on to achieve

Eurobot 2008 ­ Mission to Mars

from the Optibelt Company. The excellent properties of these belts are highly appreciated in both mobile and stationary systems. The applications of these technical solutions can be found in crude

oil conveying equipment, during the compression of natural gas (CNG), during the manufacturing process of PET bottles as well in general industrial applications.

6th place from a total of 20 teams ­ a great performance! Optibelt would like to wish the team members all the best for the completion of their studies as well as a great start in their professional lives.

IMPRINT · Publisher: Optibelt GmbH, Corveyer Allee 15, 37671 Höxter, Germany, Tel. +49 (0) 52 71 - 6 21, Fax 97 62 00, [email protected], · Production: Huxaria Druckerei GmbH

not be used with conventional belts. The belts for these pulleys stretched when they were exposed to excessive loads, which meant there was a risk that these belts would slip and subsequently tear ­ something that happened about three

times per month. Therefore, Ducasse recommended the usage of a new belt technology and suggested re-using some belt pulleys in order to facilitate an effective solution with low maintenance and investment costs. It was for this reason that Ducasse Comercial chose the RED POWER II belts. The drive with the RED POWER II belts exceeded the expectations of the maintenance staff due to the fact that it has now been running for 3,000 operating hours. Thanks to changing the drive, substantial savings could be made due to the fact that, in this case, a system that is extremely important due to its position in the production chain within the plant has been modernised.


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