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hese students are the OPS Class of 2011 early Palmetto Fellows Scholars. The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is the state of South Carolina's highest academic scholarship. A student who ranks in the top 6% of his/her class at the end of the sophomore, junior, or senior year, has a minimum SAT of 1200 or a minimum ACT of 27, and earns a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 will qualify for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. A student may be exempt from ranking in the top 6% and still qualify if he/she reaches a minimum SAT of 1400 or an ACT of 32 and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.0 upon graduation. Students who have accomplished the above will receive between $6700--$10,000 per year for college, depending on the student's major, and assuming the student maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA each academic year while in college. Pictured left to right: (top row) Kaitlyn Holbrook, Vicki Oberholtzer; (second row) left to right: Hunter Lake and Will Womack.

Pictured left to right above (front row): Mac Boland and David Jones; (middle row): Shivani Patel, Hunter Shafer, and Claire Williamson; (back row): Matthew Mobley, Lexi Crider, Shriyam Patel, and Sofia Andre.

The following students will be representing OPS at the SCISA Regional Spelling Bee on January 13, 2011 at Calhoun Academy: Pictured left to right front row: Lindsey Fairey, Dana Fogle, Nadia Ansari, and Irene Chiang; back row: Darla Altman, Pearson Lewallen, Nick Rich, and Shiane Ruple.

January 2011

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Congratulations to Nikki and George Leedecke (Nikki is employed at our Child Development Center) on the birth of a daughter, Abbigayle Nicole Leedecke. She was born October 25, 2010, and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. Abbigayle was 20 inches long. Congratulations to Tripp and Ashley (Sonenberg) Judy on the birth of a daughter, Harriet Grace Judy. Grace was born November 8, 2010, and weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces. She was 19 inches long. Ashley was employed with our preschool department.

Two OPS Middle School Teachers have earned their SCISA Master Teacher recognition. Pictured above left to right are Karen Davis, Larry Watt (SCISA Executive Director), and Jill Hinds. To learn more about their accomplishments, visit Athletic Director Todd Layton (pictured left) was totally surprised by a "Happy Birthday" medley performance from Elvis at the JV Pep Rally on Thursday, October 21st. Coach Layton actually turned 39 on October 29th! He is definitely happy about it!

January 15, 2010.............. Graduation accessories ordered February 2, 2010...............Final payment due for Senior Class trip February 4, 2010...............Senior class trip meeting for parents Colleges and universities where some of the Class of 2011 will attend are Coastal Carolina, Winthrop, Lander, USC Aiken, USC Beaufort, USC Upstate, Francis Marion, Newberry, Citadel, Charleston Southern, and Clemson University!

Office Closings

* Please note: The Upper & Lower Campus offices will be closed December 18th through January 2nd for the Christmas holidays. Remember, tuition is considered late after the 20th; after this date, a late fee is assessed. Please use the Upper Campus office drop box during the holidays to leave payments/messages.

The 2009-2010 Annual Report of Giving was mailed out to families and alumni in November. This is our Annual Fund mailing for 20102011. These donations help ensure that we can continue to offer the highest quality education and environment for all of our students. The benefits of this campaign are realized on a daily basis by teachers and students. Please consider OPS in your charitable giving. The 2010-2011 Annual Fund Campaign runs until May 31, 2011.

Donation Summary:

Any gift, large or small, gets us closer to our goal and is tax-deductible. If you would like to make an online donation, please click here:

January 2011

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Our character trait for the month of November is COURAGE. When we think of courage, we think of the words bravery, fortitude, fearless, nerve, and heart. During November, the eighth grade was responsible for promoting the Character Trait "courage" throughout the Upper Campus. They have selected Logan Miller and Mrs. Margaret Terry to join our Wall of Character in the canteen to represent the character trait "courage." Congratulations, Logan and Mrs. Terry!

By Logan Miller: "Courage is the strength of mind to carry on in spite of danger and difficulty. It means having courage and bravery to me. Although I do not think I have courage, I can pull it up when I need to. I get scared but I face my fears. When I first had to go to the top of a stunt in cheerleading, I was very shaky. Later on when my friends encouraged me, I felt better. Now it feels like no big deal. I have never really had to face anything as difficult as Mrs. Terry. She is fighting with all her courage to get rid of her cancer. I know that if I were in her shoes I would be scared. When I am very scared, I pray. If I am having trouble going to sleep because I am worried about a test, I just pray until I fall asleep. If my parents make me do something that I am afraid of, I pray also. I have to get five teeth pulled, and I have to go to Columbia and take a medicine and get a shot. Anybody who was with me when I got my flu shot knows I am very afraid of shots. I will have to use courage to face the dentist. I know that if I pray, it will all work out. Although I am flattered that people think I have courage, I think the children in Haiti that are suffering right now, the sick people in the world fighting for their health, and the soldiers fighting for our country are the real heroes with true bravery!"

Riley Frierson (pictured left), sixth grade, won the "Article Award" for the sixth grade newspaper's second issue. The title of her article below was "Help Haiti: They Need Your Donations": Haiti was hit with a bad earthquake on January 13, 2010. Twelve of my church members went to Haiti to build shelters and bring fresh water. Haiti needs your donation to get food for them to eat, doctors to heal them, and medicine to cure them from cholera and make them feel better. While they were there, they saw city blocks with tents, trash piled high, and people looking for food or things to sell. People live in extreme poverty and naked small children were in the streets, so they need money for clothes. We can make a difference for Haiti in the future so they can be happy and thankful. In the future, they can live peacefully in their new homes with clean, safe water.

On November 3rd, the NJHS inducted twenty-one new members. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and character. Pictured left are (front row): Riley Bair, Michael Davis, J.J. Union, Hunter Pickens, Mark Hinds, Dakota Mitchell-Senn, and Kaitlin Lake. Second row: Aisha Patel, Kelsey Racie, Angelica Iglesias, Derek Andrews, Pearson Lewallen, Ben Ridgeway, Logan Miler, and Rebecca Strickland. Third row: Shiane Ruple, Clay Price, Chase Stoudenmire, Bryan Hare, Colby Bruner, and Beaty Hughes. The National Junior Honor Society sponsor is Mrs. Barbara Askins.

January 2011

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Our character trait for the month of December is FAIRNESS. When we think of fairness, we think of the words truth, sincerity, courtesy, justice, and goodness. . The ninth grade selected Yogi Mehta and Coach Rip Ripley to join our Wall of Character in the canteen to represent the character trait "fairness." During the month, the ninth grade students promoted FAIRNESS throughout the Upper Campus. Congratulations, Yogi and Coach Rip! Yogi writes: "Sometimes life is not fair means that people have to make an effort to make things come out fair. When everybody knows that you are a fair person, they will trust you, support you, and like you. Fairness means that things are equal and honest." Coach Ripley writes: "As a teacher, it is always an honor to be recognized by the students in a positive way. Fairness is incredibly important to me. Everyone who walks through our doors deserves to be treated equally, and it is important for our faculty and students to see that."

Pictured above are Mrs Bozard's first grade "little pilgrim" class following their Thanksgiving feast.

rs. Sandifer's tenth grade Unites States history class celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast on Tuesday, November 23rd, before the Thanksgiving holidays began. Each student brought a covered dish to share. The students, teachers, and staff were all invited to join in the feast!


Each year the third grade classes read the novel "Charlotte's Webb." The culminating activity is a Farm Day celebration with the entire third grade. Grade level chairman is Mrs. Connie Porth, pictured above with her "little farmers."

January 2011

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The Class of 2012 will be ordering rings. Balfour will be in the library at the Upper Campus on Friday, January 7, 2011, at 12:00 p.m. to take ring orders. Juniors currently enrolled at OPS who are passing at least eighteen units, fifteen of which must be academic including, three units of English at the completion of the first semester, will be allowed to order the school ring.


n Wednesday, October 27, 2010, the South Carolina Independent School Association held the 2010 Middle School Math Meet at the First Baptist Family Life Center in Orangeburg. Approximately twenty-one schools participated in the Meet. Orangeburg Prep attended with two Middle School Teams. Students took a written test and participated in a speed round of Math questions. Team 1 consisted of the following 7th graders: Gabby Mullins, Graham McDonald, Willy Li, Jenny Ni, and Nick Rich. 7th Grader Kendra Adams was our alternate this year. Team 2 was composed of 8th graders including Pearson Lewallen, Angelica Iglesias, Shiane Ruple, Logan Miller, and JJ Union. The OPS teams did quite well, though we did not place in the top three. Top scorer for OPS Team 1 was Willy Li, and the top scorer for OPS team 2 was Angelica Iglesias. The Middle School Math Team is coached by Mrs. Karen Ford and Mrs. Cindy Crisp. Congratulations to the Middle School Math Team for a job well done ! Pictured above left to right are (front row): Shiane Ruple, Angelica Iglesias, Logan Miller, Jenny Ni, Graham McDonald, and Kendra Adams; (back row): Nick Rich, J.J. Union, Gabby Mullins, Pearson Lewallen, and Willy Li.

Congratulations to Simeon Radev, who won the first place in the individual elementary division of the SCISA Chess Tournament. Simeon is a fifth grader in Mrs. Davis' class and enjoys playing soccer, the violin, and piano. Simeon also speaks English and Bulgarian.

On December 10th, 11th, and 12th, students from the Upper and Lower Campuses will perform in Orangeburg Civic Ballet's presentation of The Nutcracker. These dancers rehearsed diligently for several weeks at Tamalyn's Dance Centre. Orangeburg Prep is very proud of their hard work and wonderful performance. Pictured at left are: Front row: Lily-Katherine Felkel, William Rich, Kotaro Matsuda, and Aniyah Greene. Back row: Megan Andrews, Courtney Rich, Morgan Clark, Joanna Hinds, and Braxie Hill.

January 2011

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Jackson Faulling was one of three area students selected to represent the state of South Carolina at the 2010 HOBY World Leadership Congress held at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. He was chosen from 130 students from high schools all over the state who attended the SC HOBY conference held at Erskine College. More than 400 high school sophomores from the US and at least 15 foreign countries attended the WLC. His week-long experience included educational sessions, interactive workshops and training exercises, and a service day where attendees assisted with various not-for-profit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Heal the Bay, and Tree People. HOBY seminars offer an opportunity for today's youth to strengthen their leadership skills and open doors to ideas and possibilities while providing direct access to community, government, and business leaders. Congratulations, Jackson!

Pearson Lewallen, currently an OPS student in 8th grade, has been recognized as a Junior Scholar this year. This is quite an accomplishment! An eighth grade student must have been identified and recognized at either the State Recognition or Grand Recognition event by Duke University's Talent Identification Program (TIP) during their seventh-grade year, which in turn is based on scores rendered on the Stanford Test during that school year. This qualification allowed Pearson to gain early experience when he took the PSAT in October with our sophomores and juniors. Congratulations, Pearson!

Front row left to right: Leah Ott, Caroline Ford, Rachel Kitchings, Alex Pickens, Anna Nash. Second row left to right: Brittney Hoffman, Shiloh Burgreen, Tiffany Ferguson, Brandi Miller, Abby Lee, Elizabeth Glenn, Erica Williams. Third row left to right: Omar Ansari, Katie Sutcliffe, Emily Shirer, Lee Thompson, Jieke Zhou. Fourth row left to right: Taylor Young, Jackson Faulling, Will Irick, Laura Andrews. The National Honor Society Advisor is Mrs. Lynn Garrick.

January 2011

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Veteran's Day at OPS

Mrs. Barbara Askins (Upper School history teacher and junior advisor), Ms. Kim Miller (Upper School Government and Economics teacher), and Mrs. Sherri Sullivan (music teacher) presented a Veteran's Day program in the Upper Campus Gym. Students singing an Armed Forces medley were (pictured left to right): (First row): Lindsay Fairey, Kayla Ray, Erin Scott, Jessica Suttlemyre (Second row): Elizabeth Glenn, Sanye Yip, and Shiane Ruple (Third row): Mrs. Askins, Mrs. Sullivan, Katie Sutcliffe, Grayson Webb, and Victoria Diltz

Basket Winner

Congratulations to Karlynn Wannamaker who won the Classic Cookie Dough Basket. She is a fifth grader at Orangeburg Prep. The Preschool and Kindergarten classes would like to thank everyone who supported our fundraiser.

OPS Chess Team News

On October 20th, the OPS Chess Team participated in the SCISA Chess Tournament at the Family Life Center. Students on the team (right) are Front row left to right: Simeon Radev, Mr. Rojas(Sponsor), Second row left to right: Hunter Lake, Sloan Gwaltney, and Will Curtis. The team placed fifth out of fifteen teams. OPS is proud of you!

Exciting News from the Lower Campus

· Thanks from Donna Helms to everyone for their help with the ice cream sales and for participating in the dress-down day for cancer awareness. With your help the Lower Campus raised $529. We were very proud to turn this in to the Avon Breast Cancer Walk Committee. Lisa Watford, coupled with OPS and others, raised $3500 for this wonderful cause. I am very proud to say we were part of a huge event that raised more than $2.3 million dollars. Lisa walked the 39.3 miles on October 23rd as we proudly displayed names of breast cancer survivors from Orangeburg on our t-shirts. Congratulations to fifth grader, Simeon Radev, on a superior performance and for winning a blue ribbon in piano at the University of South Carolina's School of Music Christmas Classic Festival. He played "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" and "Rondo in D Major." Also, congratulations to third grader, JoJo Wolfe, for being crowned Queen of the Carolinas in gymnastics for having the highest gymnastics score of all the participants in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Way to go Simeon and JoJo!



January 2011

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Mrs. Sulejman's art classes are having fun this semester. Art students have been drawing, painting, and working with clay. In October, high school Art Classes had a field trip to the Crawford Conservatory to learn about art restoration and conservation. Mr. Craig Crawford, father of seventh grader Cole Crawford, graciously invited Mrs. Sulejman's high school art classes to visit his studio near Swansea, S.C. After Mr. and Mrs. CrawArt by Matthew Crisp ford's lecture, the field trip proceeded to the South Carolina State Fair, where the students got to see the State Fair Student and Professional Art Exhibit. Sixth grade art rotation classes visited the Columbia Art Museum on November 18th. They had a docent-led guide to the museum's "Language of Art" tour. This tour focused on the visual language of art along with concepts and terms of portraits, landscape, still life, and sculpture. Students learned about the materials used by artists throughout the ages from the extensive museum collection. The Upper Campus Art Club meets on Thursdays, where serious art students are invited to develop their talent. Here students are working on pieces for the SC Scholastic Art Contest, the South Carolina Junior Duck Stamp, and the South Carolina Wildlife Reel entries. Several school bulletin boards have had Art displays, showcasing our OP talent. The following were selected for the SCISA Art show competition: John Cuttino, Lainee Craft, Hayden Hagwood, Jared Fanning, Kacie Spurlin, Ashley McNeil, and Sanyee Yip.

Art by Megan Goodwin

On Wednesday, November 10, OPS hosted the SCISA Regional Academic Quiz Bowl competition. Augusta Christian School, Holly Hill Academy, and South Aiken Baptist Christian School joined OPS in the tournament. Augusta Christian was the overall winner (after winning all their rounds), and OPS placed second, winning two rounds but losing the third. Along with a day of competing against the knowledge of others in literature, science, math, and current events, all the teams enjoyed pizza, soft drinks, and conversation between rounds. The OPS Quiz Bowl Team is grateful to Mrs. Reed and Ms. Mims for all their support and assistance. We look forward to hosting again next year and perhaps heading to the State finals. Pictured left to right (front row): Vicki Oberholtzer, Kaitlyn Holbrook, and Maggie Cope. Back left to right (front row): Ashley McNeill, Will Womack, and Avigeet Gupta.

January 2011

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On November 18, 2010, Orangeburg Prep senior, Ford Blanchard, signed a Letter of Intent to confirm his verbal commitment to play golf with the "Flying Fleet" of Erskine College. Pictured above are Ford's family, Mrs. Lynn Blanchard (mother), Ford Blanchard, Fielding Blanchard (brother), and Mr. Leonard Blanchard (father). Years of practice, tournament play, qualifiers, and dedication clinched his scholarship! Congratulations, Ford! OPS is proud of your accomplishment.

Making the Shrine Bowl is a well-deserved honor for Thacker Staley. As team captain of OP's defense, he finished the year with 203 tackles and 4 interceptions. He played the game with great passion and always represented the school in a first class manner. Not only was Thacker a great football player, he was a better teammate. He always looked to better the people around him. Thacker's work ethic was second to none. He is definitely going to be missed. Thacker is a 1/25, meaning you only coach a kid like him once every 25 years.

Trey Kizer earned his Shrine Bowl position with outstanding performances all year. He played with tremendous heart and toughness. Trey finished the year with 88 tackles and 2 interceptions. Trey was always given many tough tasks each game, and he always lived up to the challenge that was in front of him. He worked extremely hard over the past three years, not only on the practice field, but in the weight room as well. Trey was a team captain who led us in so many different ways. He was a tremendous competitor for us.

January 2011

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The JV Cheerleaders won the 2010 SCISA State Cheer Competition Class AAA held on October 16, 2010 at Ben Lippen High School. Thanks to all the parents and students who cheered the girls on at the competition. Pictured left to right are (front row): Logan Miller, Hartley Jennings, Clare Wannamaker, Ashton Holley, Catherine Ann Earley, and Molly Metts; (back row): Riley Bair, Emily Cook, Lauren Coleman, Brooke Hiatt, Celena Berry, Morgan Zeigler, Dana Fogle, Harley Huffstetler, and Nicole Spears.

Pictured right are OPS Senior athletes who have earned the "Four-year Fall Sports Award."

(left to right) Front row: Kate Edwards, Jordyn Tourville, Sara Margaret Boles, Carol Lyn Dempsey, and Casey McCurry. Back row: Trent Barrack, Michael Schriver, Thacker Staley, Trey Kyzer, Winston Parker, and Jordan Huffstetler. (Not pictured: Haley Bozard)


For a complete listing of fall sports awards recipients, please visit

January 2011

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Tara Tatum Chapman, Class of 1989, is currently living in Charleston, South Carolina, and selling real estate with William

Means Real Estate in Mount Pleasant. If you or any friends or family are looking to buy or sell in the Charleston area, please contact Tara. Her contact information is: 843-813-5771 or [email protected]

photos courtesy of


December 14 First Period exams (8-9:30 a.m.) Second Period exams (10-11:30 a.m.) Third Period exams (8-9:30 a.m.) Fourth period exams (10-11:30 a.m.) Fifth period exams (8-9:30 a.m.) Sixth period exams (10-11:30 a.m.) Seventh period exams (8-9:30 a.m.) Make-up exams (10-11:30 a.m.) 11:30 dismissal for ALL students 12/17

Grades 3rd, 4th, 5th Lower Campus Gym Thursday, December 9th 8:30 a.m.

December 15

December 16

December 17

Orangeburg Preparatory Schools, Inc.

Upper Campus (Grades 6-12) 2651 North Road, Orangeburg, S.C. 29118 Phone: 803/534-7970 Fax: 803/535-2190 Email:[email protected] Lower Campus (Four year old Preschool--Grade 5) 168 Prep Street, Orangeburg, S.C. 29118 Phone: 803/536-3000 Fax: 803/535-2328 Email:[email protected] Child Development Center (One-year old--three-years old) 168 Prep Street, Orangeburg, S.C. 29118

Kelley B. Mims, Headmaster Celeste Y. Robertson, Lower Campus Administrator Rosemary McGee, Upper School Director Mary Snow Thornton, Middle School Director Jennifer Stark, Child Development Director Sandy Reed, Tribal Talk Editor This newsletter serves to inform parents, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of Orangeburg Prep. Suggestions for articles, stories, etc. may be submitted by contacting Sandy Reed at 803.534.7970 or [email protected]



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