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The 6 simple steps to successful decorating

The clever checklist

Listed below is all you'll need to get started. And if you don't feel like baking yourself, why not just pick up a ready-made cake from your local bakery or supermarket? · Your choice of Orchard Almond, White, Chocolate, Ivory, Bridal White, White Chocolate, Red or Green Icings Clean flat work space Sifted pure icing sugar (or vegetable shortening for coloured icing) Cake or slice to decorate Rolling pin Spatula Knife Sugar syrup (page 32) Pastry brush Edible food colouring Baseboard or cake platter Cake decorating accessories (ribbons, flowers, etc)

There's inspiration in every pack of Orchard Icing

Welcome to the inspiring world of Orchard Icing. A world where, with a little imagination, you can easily make your cakes and slices not only look spectacular but taste even better. Orchard Icing is easy to use. The information in this book is designed to help you and your imagination make the most out of using Orchard Icing every time you bake. Read on and you'll find some very useful tricks and tips for decorating with Orchard Icing, along with a host of mouth-watering recipes that your friends and family will simply love. Orchard Icing is specially formulated to make it easy for beginners and quicker for professionals to use. It doesn't need mixing or cooking, just a little kneading before rolling out and laying over cakes and slices. And Orchard Icing can be coloured and easily shaped to create so many different extra decorating touches.

1. Trim cake

For a smooth flat surface, trim off the top of your cake, turn over on to greaseproof paper, fill any holes with Orchard Icing and smooth with spatula.

2. Knead

Dust a flat surface with sifted pure icing sugar for White and Almond Icing or lightly grease with vegetable shortening when working with Chocolate Icing or coloured icing. Knead the icing with the heel of your hand until smooth.

· ·

3. Coat with sugar syrup

Brush surface to be iced with sugar syrup (page 32).

· · · · · · · · ·

4. Roll

Roll out icing to 1cm thick on the lightly dusted surface, turn over and re-roll to approx. half a centimetre thick and large enough to cover your cake top and sides or top of slice. Allow enough overhang to trim off for a neat, even finish.

5. Lift and drape

Using a rolling pin, lift the icing and drape over cake or slice.

6. Smooth

Dust hands with pure icing sugar and, using the heel of your hand, smooth the icing over the top and down the sides of the cake. Pierce air bubbles with a pin and smooth with fingers. Trim excess icing from the edges with a sharp knife. To give your cakes that super-smooth, truly professional finish, add a second icing layer. Orchard Almond Icing for the first layer followed by Orchard Chocolate or White Icing for the second repeating steps 2 to 6. Now you can let your imagination go and start decorating your cake! Experiment with patterns, pictures and other ideas to give your cake or slice a truly individual feel. Use some of the recipes and designs in this book, or get really creative, design your very own! We'd love to see how your designs turn out. Visit for details on how to send your cake images for inclusion on our website.



Traditional cakes the modern way

Here are some classic recipes that are perfect for use with Orchard Icing. Follow these tested, easy-to-make traditional recipes (or buy a ready-made cake if you wish) and try giving them a modern feel with the help of Orchard Icing.

lie it uit cake, You won't beuit ve kes! fr fr ca

200g butter 200g sugar 3 eggs it 250g mixed fru plain flour 100g flour 100g self raising 1 eg / 2 tsp nutm 1 / 4 cup milk 1 la essence or / 2 tsp vanil d grated orange rin d line a 180C. Grease an r Preheat oven to butter and suga ke tin. Beat 20cm round ca in beat eamy. Gradually until light and cr en Add the fruit, th gs. well whisked eg in milk and d nutmeg. Stir sifted flours an ke for 1 hour. orange rind. Ba essence or

g self raisin g flour 2 tbsp corn flour 330g caster sugar 4 eggs 250g soften ed unsalted bu tter 1 / 2 cup m ilk 1 / 4 cup o range juice Grated rind of 1 orange

Super Fast Orang e Cake 250

Chocolate Lover's Choc olate Cake

2 eggs 1 cup margarin e 2 / 3 cup coco a 190g plain flour 190g of self raisi ng flour 1 cup sour crea m 2 tsp bicarbon ate of soda 2 tsp vanilla es sence 1 cup hot wate r 450g of caster sugar

This recipe couldn't be simpler, or yummier! Pr eheat oven to 180C. G 2 x 20cm ro rease und cake ti ns. Mix all ingr edients toge ther and be well for 5 m at ins. Pour in to tins and for 45 min bake s. Towards end of coo insert skew king time er. If skewer comes out the cake is clean, ready.

Preheat oven to 180C. Grease an d line 2 x 20cm round ca ke tins. Mix all ingredients together until smooth, pour in to greased tins and bake fo r 40 mins. Cool and ice with Orchard Ch ocolate Icing. Helpful Hint: La ce icing with Co intreau when kneading for an orange fla vour that will zest up your cake.

Cream Cake

125g butter 220g sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla esse nce 1 1 / 4 cups sour cr eam 250g plain flour 1 1 / 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp bicarbona te of soda pinch of salt Preheat oven to 180C. Grease an d line 20cm round or ring tin. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time and beat well. Flavour wi th vanilla essence and blen d in sour cream . Sift in dry ingre dients and mix well. Spoon mixture into greased tin and bake for approximat ely 40 mins. Helpful Hint: Fo r a variation, ad d 60g of finely chopped glace cherries.

Orchard Madeira Cake

er to the perfect partn r Madeira Cake is simple recipe fo llow this Orchard Icing. Fo ery time. great results ev flour 300g self raising r 125g butte 150g sugar pinch of salt 3 eggs 6 tbsp milk nce 1 tsp lemon esse d line 20cm 160C. Grease an Preheat oven to r and sugar until Beat butte eggs round cake tin. on essence, then d fluffy. Add lem light an r each addition. ating well afte one at a time, be alternating with dry ingredients, Fold in sifted d bake for prepared tin an milk. Pour into 1 hour. approximately




Celebrate with Orchard

No matter what the occasion there is a decorating idea and an Orchard Icing to suit. Everything from multi-tiered cakes to classic anniversary cakes and anything in between. And you will find them all so easy using Orchard Icing.

Anniversary cake

Use a 25cm x 20cm oval cake. Cover first with 1.25kg Orchard Almond Icing followed by 1.25kg Orchard White Icing. Decorate with icing flowers and numbers on florist's wire. For edge trimmings and the letters pipe with royal icing (page 32). Helpful Hint: Remember to `wet' florist's wire before inserting into icing flowers to ensure they do not fall off. For best results, allow to dry overnight before covering with White Icing. For helpful hints on drying times see page 33.

Two layers: Orchard White Icing is layed on top of Orchard Almond Icing.

8 9


Celebrate with Orchard

Congratulations on your new baby!

You will need a level 20cm hexagonal cake. Apply 1kg Orchard Almond Icing followed by 1kg Orchard White Icing coloured lemon. In addition cover board with 250g lemoncoloured icing. Use 125g of Orchard Green Icing, roll and cut out strips to make grass. Attach using water around entire cake base. Strips should fall like grass. Decorate top of cake with Orchard Icing ducks, icing ribbon and ready-made flower cake decorations. The rocks are made from Chocolate Icing and the water is piping gel available from cake decorating suppliers. Trim cake board with ribbon.

Stars in their eyes

Try our quick and easy light fruit cake recipe and make a 30cm star cake using a starshaped cake tin. Cover cake with 2kg Orchard Almond Icing and leave to dry. Cover cake with 2kg Orchard White Icing and leave to dry. Cut out several stars of varying sizes using Orchard White Icing. Place on sheet of non-stick paper. Paint the stars silver and blue.

Line bottom edge of cake with cord. Attach stars randomly over cake using sugar syrup. Pipe message using royal icing. To make owl, use Orchard White Icing for the body to make basic shape. Use small quantity Orchard Chocolate Icing for feathers and liquorice strips for glasses, mortar board etc.




Birthdays to remember

Birthdays are a special celebration. Which is why they deserve extra special cakes. You can theme your cake to suit any birthday with a little help from Orchard Icing. And when you create your birthday masterpiece, sit back, relax and watch how quickly it disappears!

Parcel 21st cake

Using our Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Cake recipe, make a 30cm square cake and a 20cm square cake. You will need 3kg Orchard Chocolate Icing to completely cover the tops and sides of both cakes. Place large iced cake on board covered with foil. Place small iced cake on 20cm square board in one corner of larger cake using wooden dowels for support (page 33). Pipe around both cake bases with chocolate royal icing. Make up ribbon and bows using Orchard Almond Icing. Add White Icing gift tag and piped message.

Chocolate collar birthday cake

Use our Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Cake recipe again for this and make a 20cm round cake. Roll out 500g Orchard Chocolate Icing into a wide, flat strip for the collar. Roll out Orchard White Icing quite thinly. Cut out dots and place on collar using sugar syrup. Ensure collar rises above cake top. Dust with cocoa powder. Decorate centre as you please.

Turning eight is great!

Cut a small slice off the side of two 20cm Madeira ring cakes so they sit flat against each other. Arrange cakes on board so they make a figure eight. Knead 2kg Orchard Almond Icing, roll out and cover entire cake. Knead 2kg Orchard Green Icing and roll out. Cover the entire figure eight. Trim edges and sides until they are neat and tidy. Use liquorice strips to make a racetrack. Decorate with toy cars and lollipops. Pipe green coloured royal icing around edge of base.




Love is in the air

Get in the mood this Valentine's Day with one of our romantic cakes. Seduce your loved one with a special chocoholic's delight Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Cake.

Saint Valentine's Day

Cut a 20cm chocolate cake into a heart shape or use a heart-shaped tin. Using 1kg Orchard Almond Icing, cover entire cake. Take 1050g Orchard White Icing and reserve 50g for heart decoration. Take 150g Orchard Red Icing again setting aside 50g to make heart decorations. Knead the remaining 1kg White Icing with about 100g of Red Icing until you achieve a soft pink colour of your choice. Reserve a small portion of the pink icing for heart decorations. Roll out the pink icing and cover cake. Trim off excess and set aside for more heart decorations. Cut out heart shapes using heart-shaped cutters. Repeat using reserved White and Red Icing. Attach hearts with sugar syrup.

Have my heart cake

Use a 28cm heart-shaped cake. Knead 1.8kg Orchard Chocolate Icing. Brush cake with sugar syrup then roll out and cover with Chocolate Icing. Trim and smooth. Line the bottom with ribbon and hold in place with double-sided tape. Lay a fresh rose on top of the cake (page 33). Helpful hints: decorate your cake with additional cake shards, rose petals and chocolate dusting.

In the mood for love cake

Cover a heart-shaped cake with Orchard Almond Icing, allow to dry then cover with Orchard White Icing. Take time smoothing corners for a clean finish. Using suitable ribbon, affix with sugar syrup. Knead 200g 1 Orchard Red Icing. Roll out to / 2 cm thick. Cut out hearts using heart-shaped cutter. Affix to florist's wire. Push a posy pick into the cake then insert wires into posy pick.

14 15


Christmas is a time for sharing

Christmas stocking cake

Use a 30cm x 23cm rich fruit cake. Cut out cake to resemble stocking. Round edges using a sharp knife. Cover cake with 1.75kg Orchard Almond Icing. Trim and smooth. Make exaggerated fold marks and indentations with your fingers. Leave to dry. Roll out 1.75kg Orchard Red Icing to size. Roll a fresh tea towel over icing to create a fabric texture. Place icing on cake and shape with your hands. Roll out Orchard White Icing for top of stocking. With a knife cut zigzag shape. To make bells, roll small pieces of Orchard White Icing and mark using a knife. Attach with sugar syrup. Use coloured Orchard Icing to make toys and holly. Decorate with mints and candy sticks.

250g butter, ch opped 250g brown su gar 5 eggs 250g plain flour 50g self raising flour 1kg mixed dried fruit 1 / 2 cup sher ry or brandy 50g slivered alm onds 1 tsp vanilla esse nce Soak prepared fruit and nuts in sherry or brandy overnight , along with vanil la essence. Line base and sid es of 20cm cake pan with 3 layers of baking paper, br inging paper 5cm abov e edge of pan. Cream butter an d sugar. Add eggs one at a time, beat un til creamy. Sift flours, add to mixture, then stir through fruit an d nuts. Spoon into prep ared pan, bake at approx. 150C for 2 hour s or until skew er inserted into centre of cake comes ou t cleanly. Allow to cool in pan before tu rning out.

Rich Fruit Cake




Christmas is a time for sharing

Christmas isn't quite Christmas without a traditional Christmas fruit cake. Choose from one of our specially selected light or rich fruit cake recipes or use one of your own favourites.

Winter wonderland

Stack two 23cm round fruit cakes on top of one another. Brush surface to be iced with sugar syrup. Knead 2kg Orchard Almond Icing and roll out. Lift and drape over the cake. Knead 2kg Orchard White Icing coloured light blue. Roll out, lift and drape over cake. Trim and smooth. Set aside and allow to dry. To decorate, make stars and snowflakes using royal icing. Adhere with sugar syrup and pipe on stipple using royal icing. Position on a board covered with foil and Orchard White Icing. Dust with icing sugar. Helpful hint: Make snowmen or Christmas trees out of Orchard White Icing to decorate your wonderful winter wonderland.

Traditional white Christmas cake

Use 1kg Orchard Almond Icing and 1kg Orchard White Icing. Cover cake with Almond Icing then White Icing. Trim and smooth. Use sugar syrup to stick ribbon and bow around sides. Use holly and berries to decorate. Pine cones and other decorations for the top of the cake can be easily made using Orchard Icing.




Happily ever after

The most beautiful cake you will ever decorate is a wedding cake. And because of Orchard ready made Icing, you'll quickly discover how easy making and decorating a wedding cake can be. And how rewarding. Here are some beautiful examples and wonderful tips and ideas that are easy to follow for simply spectacular results.

Hibiscus beach wedding cake

You will need a 25cm round and a smaller 15cm round cake. You will find our Madeira or chocolate cake recipes ideal for this celebratory cake. First cover the 25cm cake with 1.5kg Orchard Almond Icing then top with 1.5kg Orchard White Icing. Push 4 dowels into large cake ensuring they barely reach the top of the icing layer (for stacked cakes refer page 33). Repeat the icing process with the smaller 15cm cake using 500g Almond Icing and 500g White Icing. Place bigger cake on baseboard covered with 250g White Icing and secure using sugar syrup or royal icing as a glue. Place smaller cake on a 15cm baseboard and position on dowels in large cake. Trim base of each cake with ribbon. Secure with double-sided tape. Secure leaves and flowers with sugar syrup. The sand is simply raw sugar. To make flowers use flower modelling paste (page 33) rolled out thinly. To make frangipanis, cut out 10 petals with petal cutter, enough for 2 flowers. Working one petal at a time, gently press finger into rounded end of petal. Dab water at end of each petal point. Roll 5 petals together. Pinch ends to join. Place these in a muffin tray and using your fingers, ease petals open to form a flower. Repeat this process until you have made enough flowers to decorate cake. Use Orchard Green Icing for leaves. Cut leaves using leaf cutter. Mark with a knife and twist slightly.


Use Orchard Chocolate Icing kneaded with White Icing for marbled effect and press into chocolate moulds for decorative sea shells.

Tiers of happiness

Use fruit or chocolate cake. Cover baseboard with Orchard White Icing. You will need 3 round cakes; 25cm, 15cm and 10cm. Cover each cake with Orchard Almond Icing and finish each with a layer of Orchard White Icing. Trim edges with fake pearls. Decorate with fresh or sugar flowers, silk and/or other fabric. Use royal icing or melted Orchard Icing to secure. For stacked cakes and fresh flowers refer page 33.

The happy couple

Purchase colonnades, ribbon, baseboards and flowers from cake decorating shop. Use two traditional fruit cakes. Cover with Orchard Almond Icing followed by Orchard White Icing. Decorate with piped royal icing, ribbon and bows as shown before assembling. To finish, carefully position 3 colonnades using dowels or skewers for support. Coat top of colonnades with sugar syrup and sit the second tier in position.

Helpful hint: Assemble on the day for better results. 21


Contemporary cakes

Bon voyage

The bottom tier is made using a 28cm x 22cm rectangular cake covered with 1.5kg Orchard Almond Icing and 1.5kg Orchard White Icing mixed with a small quantity of Orchard Chocolate Icing to make the light brown colour. The top tier is a 12cm x 18cm rectangle cake covered in 500g Orchard Almond Icing and 500g Orchard White Icing coloured light blue. The straps and buckles can be cut out of remaining icing and detailed using a toothpick. The labels can be decorated and painted using food colouring and a pencil brush on trimmed White Icing. Buckles are White Icing coloured with silver or bronze coloured food dye. Decorate with a sugar flower of your choice.

Gluten Free Fruit Cake

Makes 1 x 23cm cake

Soak 750g dried fruit in 400ml gin ger ale or warm water overnight. Add 3 beaten eg gs, 350g gluten free Cake or Baking Mix, 4 tsp gluten free baking powder and 1 tsp mixed spice. M ix well. Transfer to a pa per-lined 23cm round tin, 1 bake 1 / 2 hours at 160-170C or until skewer inserted into centre of ca ke comes out cleanly.




Contemporary cakes

Patterned parcel cake

For this parcel cake you will need 25cm square cake (bottom), 20cm square cake (middle) and 15cm square cake (top). Cover the bottom cake in 1.5kg of assorted amounts of Orchard White Icing that has been mixed with Orchard Chocolate Icing to create different shades from dark chocolate to light brown. Cut into strips and different widths to create a superb and stylish contrast. Now place the large cake on a 30cm baseboard covered with 250g Chocolate Icing. For the middle cake cover in 1kg Orchard White Icing coloured pink, using piped royal icing to decorate. Cover the top cake in 500g Orchard Chocolate Icing. Use left over light coloured icing to decorate with bows and trim with icing flowers again made from left over pieces. For more details on stacked cakes please refer to page 33.

Rich Vegan Chocolate Ca ke Ma

kes 1 x 20cm cake

Preheat oven 18 0C. Sift 300g se lf raising flour and 50g co coa powder. Mix in large bo wl with 300g br own sugar 1 and / 2 tsp salt. Make a well in the centre. Add 480ml wa ter, 60ml vegeta ble oil, 2 tbsp vinegar and 2 tsp vanilla extract. Mix well with wo oden spoon un til smooth. Transfer mixtur e to a 20cm/8 inch cake tin. Bake for ap prox. 45 minutes or until skewer inserted into centre of cake comes out cleanly. Co ol on wire rack . All Orchard Icing s are suitable fo r vegetarians except Chocolat e Icing.




Contemporary cakes

Marble lattice cake

This cake certainly looks absolutely spectacular but it's oh-so-easy to make. For the bottom tier use a 25cm round cake and for the top, a 15cm round cake. First cover with 1.75kg Orchard Almond Icing. Partially mix 1kg Orchard White Icing and 1kg Orchard Chocolate Icing until you create a marble effect. Cover both cakes and trim off excess icing. Use leftover icing to make twisted marble icing strips and decorate around the base of the cake and use to completely cover the 25cm baseboard for the bottom cake. Roll out 250g Orchard White Icing into one long rectangle shape. Cut to create lattice effect and drape over cake. Finish with either fresh or makeyour-own icing flowers (for stacked cakes and fresh flowers refer page 33). Sensational! Helpful Hint: You'll find a lattice pastry cutter very handy for this one. They're available from most kitchenware stores.

Eggless Sponge Cake

Makes 1 x 20cm cake

Line two sponge tins with baking paper. Sift 225g self raising wholemeal flour and 2 tsp baking powder into large mixing bowl. Stir in remaining br an from sieve. Stir in 175g caste r sugar. Add 6 tbsp sunf lower oil, 240m l water and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Mix well until m ixture is smooth . Divide mixture equally betwee n two prepared tins. Bake at 180C fo r 25-30 minutes. Centre of sponge springs back when cook ed.




Sensational slices thanks to Orchard

Oh so simple and satisfying. Here are some great slices perfect for afternoon tea and again, so easy to make thanks to Orchard Icing.

Peppermint and chocolate slice

Preheat oven at 180C. Grease 20 x 30cm baking tin. Line with baking paper, leaving some hanging over long sides. Sift together 1 3/ 4 cups of plain flour and 1 tsp baking powder. 1 Add / 2 cup of soft brown sugar. Stir in 180g unsalted melted butter. Press into tin. Bake for 20 mins. Cool. Prepare 500g Orchard White Icing. Add 1 tsp peppermint essence during kneading. Place icing on top of pastry to set. Roll out Orchard Chocolate Icing or you could also use cooking chocolate. If so, chop 300g dark cooking chocolate and 70g unsalted extra butter in heatproof bowl. Melt over boiling water. Don't let the bowl touch the water! Cool slightly and spread and smooth over icing. Chill. Cut into pieces.

Cherry slice

For base: Lightly grease 20cm x 30cm lamington pan. Combine 1 cup sifted self-raising flour, 1 cup desiccated coconut and 1 cup brown sugar in bowl. Add 120g melted unsalted butter, stir until combined. Press mix into pan. Bake in oven for 10 minutes until browned. For filling: combine 3 4 cup coconut, / 1 / 3 cup caster sugar, 200g chopped glace cherries and an egg white in bowl. Mix well. Spread over base and return to oven for 15 minutes. Allow to cool. Roll on Orchard Chocolate Icing.

Amazing almond chocolate slice

1 Toast / 2 cup almond meal on oven tray until lightly browned. Cool. 1 Toast / 3 cup almond kernels in same way. Melt 125g unsalted butter and 60g dark chocolate over hot water. 1 Stir in 3 4 cup caster sugar, / 2 cup water, / 1 1 egg and / 4 cup sour cream. 1 1 Add / 2 cup sifted self raising flour, / 2 cup sifted plain flour and toasted almond meal. Spread onto lamington tray. Bake 180C for 30-35 mins. Cool. Prepare Orchard Chocolate Icing and cover slice. Decorate with toasted almond kernels. Slice and serve with coffee.

Really great rocky road

Place marshmallows pieces (cut into 2.5cm squares) into lightly oiled lamington tray. 1 1 Sprinkle / 3 cup chopped nuts and / 3 cup glace cherries over. 1 Melt / 2 cup milk chocolate buttons plus 3 tbsp oil in basin over simmering water. Stir to combine. Cool slightly. Pour mix into tray. While warm, roll out Orchard Chocolate Icing and cover. Allow to set in refrigerator.




Sweet treats by Orchard

Orchard is not only suitable for cakes, but you can make smaller treats as well. Try our mouth-watering chocolates and scrumptious sweets. Easy, tasty and a whole lot of fun to do at home yourself!

Crazy for chocolates

Roll out Orchard White Icing or Chocolate Icing thickly. Add flavour to White Icing, or liqueur to Chocolate Icing for different flavours. Cut out shapes with small cookie cutters. Dip in melted white or diary milk chocolate. Decorate using melted dark chocolate piped through small nozzle.

Kahlua chocolate balls

Knead 300g of Orchard Chocolate Icing laced with 30ml Kahlua. Break off small pieces the size of walnuts. Roll into balls. Dust with powdered chocolate.

Super sweets

For delicious sweets, press Orchard Almond Icing into sweet or chocolate moulds. Ensure Almond Icing is well coated with sifted pure icing sugar to stop sweets from sticking. Decorate by painting with food colouring.

Cut-off cupcakes

Don't waste any left over icing. Use the cut offs to make cupcakes more interesting. Simply slice the top off cupcake and, using a cookie cutter, top with your favourite decorative shapes. The kids will love them!




You will find 500g Orchard Icing packs in your local supermarket.

Orchard's top tips

When working with chocolate and coloured icing, use sifted pure icing sugar sparingly. Overuse can discolour. Good quality vegetable shortening lightly greased over work surfaces and hands is better. You can successfully conceal joins when the icing is freshly rolled before it starts to harden and form a crust provided there is no icing sugar in the join.

10. Chocolate and coloured icing

11. Joins

1. Clean and well dusted 2. Knead thoroughly

Clean bench, utensils and hands between batches of icing. Keep them dry and well dusted with pure sifted icing sugar while working.

Using a knob of Orchard Icing dusted with sifted pure icing sugar, rub over the iced cake for a smooth dry finish. Practise using a toothpick first. Once you're happy, simply go over with a food dye pen or fine paintbrush using food colouring mixed with clear spirit and a little water. Always use a fine brush. Always mix food colouring with clear spirit such as vodka (3 parts) and a little water (1 part) to avoid `runs'. You will find an eye dropper ideal to add the spirit and water mix.

12. Buffing or polishing 13. Writing on icing

If icing is too firm, remove from the bag, place in oven for 2-3 mins or microwave for 10-15 secs (mind your fingers when you get it out). If too soft, gradually knead in sifted pure icing sugar.

3. Baseboard

For a baseboard, wrap paper-backed foil around board and tape underneath. Alternatively, purchase one from a cake decorating store. Cover baseboard or platter with Orchard Icing.

14. Painting on colours

Allow fresh sponge cakes to cool overnight or wrap in plastic and pop in the freezer for a couple of hours.

4. Fresh sponge 5. Sugar syrup

15. Handling Orchard Icings 16. Drying times

Do not leave kneaded icing exposed as it may become dry and unworkable. When setting aside always wrap tightly with plastic wrap.

Stir 2 parts sugar into 1 part cold water until it dissolves. Bring to the boil. Use while syrup is still warm. Can be used as glue for icing layers and decorations. Cut by pressing cook's knife on icing. Do not pull it along or icing

For best results when using Orchard Icing as underlays, allow to stand for 24-48 hours before applying next layer.

6. Cut by pressing

will buckle.

17. Stacked cakes

7. Royal icing

In a glass bowl, fold in sifted pure icing sugar using a spatula to the white of one egg until peaks form (soft meringue consistency). Add 2­3 drops of lemon juice or acetic acid for a smooth, white icing mixture.

Use wooden dowels to support top tier. Push dowel into bottom cake and mark flush with the top of the cake and cut dowel. Use 3 dowels for round and 4 for square cakes. Repeat process for each tier. You must use a board under each tier, the same size as the cake base to prevent cakes sinking into each other. NOTE Remember to remove dowels BEFORE cutting cake.

Knead required icing quantity until smooth. Dot food colouring into icing using a toothpick. Knead to blend through. For best results, cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 2 hours before rolling out and applying. When colouring gold use only food grade gold powder. Remember, a little colouring goes an awfully long way. Use sparingly. Jams can be used as fillings between cake layers, or as glue for sticking icing to the cake instead of sugar syrup. Always boil jam before use. Do not spread chocolate or cream to edge as they can `leech' and discolour icing.


8. Colouring icing

9. Fillings

Flower modelling paste is a great way to achieve very professional results. You may like to refer to a sugar flowers QUANTITY GUIDE FOR 1 LAYER book for detailed instructions on how to Cake Size Icing Qty Cake Size Icing Qty make flowers. You can also use fresh 6" 15cm 500g 10" 25cm 1500g flowers for decoration but remember to 7" 17.5cm 750g 11" 27.5cm 1750g apply same day and ensure flowers haven't 8" 20cm 1000g 12" 30cm 2000g been treated or sprayed with chemicals. 9" 22.5cm 1250g Amounts are for square cakes For our modelling paste recipe see page 37.


18. Flowers

Frequently asked questions

Should I wait for my cake to cool completely before applying icing? Yes. How long should the icing be left before applying the next layer? 24 to 48 hours. But what if I want to put a second icing layer on straight away? You can but you must be very careful handling the cake as the first icing layer will be quite soft. Can I put my cake in the fridge? Yes. The cool temperature of the refrigerator will help the icing set however you may need to `buff' or `polish' the icing (refer page 33) before presenting the cake or finishing decorating to remove any moisture that may have formed. How do I store the cake once it is finished? Simply store your Orchard iced cake in a cool, dark, dry place covered loosely with a fresh tea towel or breathable cake cover. We do not recommend storing any type of iced cake in sealed containers as moisture levels can rise and adversely affect the cake and icing. In an extremely humid climate, store your finished cake in the oven leaving the oven light turned ON to keep the air dry. How long will Orchard Icing last once it is on the cake? As a rule, the icing will easily outlast your cake. It will keep for up to 12 months once applied to fruit cakes. Other cakes such as Madeira, orange, chocolate and sponge cakes etc should be eaten within a few days. Can I freeze Orchard Icing? Yes, however ensure the cake is tightly wrapped before freezing. Can I freeze my cake once it is iced? Yes, but again wrap in plastic first. Do I always have to use Almond Icing as an underlay? No, however if you are looking for the best finish for your cake, we recommend using Almond Icing before applying a second layer. The Almond Icing is designed to provide the perfect surface in readiness for the final icing layer. Are Orchard Icings suitable for vegetarians? All our Icings except Chocolate are suitable for vegetarians.

What type of colours can I use safely? Food grade liquid colours (readily available from supermarkets) and food grade paste colours (from cake decorating stores) are suitable. Refer to page 32 for tips. How do I get black icing? Mix Orchard Green Icing with black food colouring or mix Orchard Green Icing with Orchard Red Icing (60:40 ratio). How long should I knead icing? From 30 sec to 1 min. Just enough to achieve a pliable state. Don't over knead. Which Orchard Icings are gluten free? All our icings are gluten free. Where can I buy Orchard Icing? 500g packs of Orchard Almond, White and Chocolate Icing are readily available from supermarkets almost everywhere. Other Orchard Icings including Red, Green, Bridal White, Ivory and White Chocolate are usually available from better cake decorating suppliers. If you have any difficulty finding our products, simply call our head office or email us for the name and address of your nearest stockist. Do you have larger size cake decorating packs available? Yes, Orchard Icings are also available in 1kg and 3kg Catering Packs. Orchard also supply Vegetable Shortening and Gum Tragacanth in a variety of sizes. Contact Orchard direct for more information. Can I use Orchard Icing for modelling? Yes. Knead sifted pure icing sugar or gum tragacanth into icing. To test whether it's ready for modelling, roll into a small ball and apply light pressure with your finger tip. If there is no imprint, icing is ready. I live in New Zealand. What do I use? Orchard Icing is not available so we recommend Royalty Icing.




ke Light (Madeira) Fruit Ca

opped 185g butter, ch n sugar ly packed brow 130g firm 4 eggs 225g plain flour flour 75g self raising 1 ilk / 3 cup m ied fruit 500g mixed dr el 125g mixed pe ries, halved 125g glace cher onds 70g slivered alm 20cm round d sides of deep Line base an r, of baking pape 3 layers cake pan with of pan. 5cm above edge bringing paper urs and r, sugar, eggs, flo Combine butte electric mixer, bowl of milk in medium ingredients are low speed until beat on combined. mixture is m speed until Beat on mediu colour. anged in smooth and ch and cherries, fruit, peel, nuts Stir in a slow ed pan. Bake in ar spoon into prep 1 Cover hot 2 /4 hours. oven for about ol in pan. ly with foil, co cake tight

4 eggs 50g plain flour 1 / 2 tsp bakin g powder 175g icing suga r, sifted 4 tbsp cold wa ter 50g cornflour pinch of salt Grease and line one deep 20cm round cake pan, or tw o shallow 20cm cake pans. Preheat oven to 190C. Separate the eg gs, putting the whites in a bowl. Add the water and salt to the whites and wh isk until very sti ff. Add the sugar and mix until fu lly blended. Add the egg yo lks and blend in. Sift the flour, co rnflour and bakin g powder together onto greaseproof pa per. Sift half the mixt ure over the ba tter and fold in. Sift and fold in remaining mixture. Turn the batter gently into prep ared pan(s) and bake for 40 mins or until sp ringy. Bake Swiss roll sponges at 220C for about 8 mins.

Basic Recipe for Sponge Cakes

e Orchard Alm ond Icing as a foundation to Orchard White Icing to enhance the ric h flavour of th is mouth watering Choc olate Mud Cake . 250g unsalted butter 150g dark choc olate, grated 2 cups brown su gar 1 cup hot wate r 1 (or 1 / 3 cups if not using whisk 3 y) / 4 cup wh isky 1 tbsp instant co ffee powder 1 1 / 2 cups plain flour, sifted 1 / 4 cup self raising flour, sif ted 1 / 4 cup co coa 2 eggs, lightly be aten Grease and light ly flour a 24cm round cake pan. Prehea t oven to 180C . Combine choc olate, butter, su gar, water, whisky and coffe e in a double sa ucepan and cook gently, stirring until sm ooth. Cool to luke wa rm. Fold in flour s, cocoa and eggs. Bake for 1 hour. Allow to cool overnight and then roll out Orchard Icing.

Any Occasion Chocolat e Mud Cake Us

Flower Modelling Paste

r 5 tsp cold wate 2 tsp gelatine ning getable shorte 1 tbsp white ve sugar, sifted icing 400g pure white add too much) ke care not to (ta gacanth 3 tsp gum tra , strained and 1 large egg white thy beaten until fro se tsp liquid gluco 1 cold water and e over Sprinkle gelatin r 5 mins. ow to stand fo all e of the bowl with som Grease large the sifted icing half of shortening, add rm gacanth and wa and the gum tra sugar r approx. of hot water fo over a saucepan the bowl 't overheat or let 10 mins (don r). touch the wate to lf the shortening glucose and ha Add ve over ine and dissol the soaked gelat d gelatine d egg white an hot water. Ad at sugar and beat icing mixture to warm til s un r approx. 5 min a high speed fo maining white. Place re mixture is very over bowl and warm icing sugar in a ter. iling wa saucepan of bo ing all the time. to mixture, beat Add knead last electric mixer, If not using an ixture. gar into m half of icing su ol, d knead until co e from beater an Remov hands. aining grease on rubbing the rem in tight container Store in an air night. refrigerator over pieces of paste y break off small Next da elastic. should be very and knead, paste d ount to use an Keep small am small pieces ainder, wrapping freeze rem individually. ead it is paste is to kn The secret of th it. ter making well 24 hours af ts. erheat ingredien Do not ov the juice added to lemon A teaspoon of ste. es a whiter pa ingredients mak

We would like to thank the following people for their generous assistance in preparing recipes and decorated cakes for this edition of our Orchard Icing Ideas booklet. Robyn Hamilton ­ Special thanks for your assistance with this book Shirley Vass, Landy Kober and June Elliott ­ Special thanks for assistance with our previous editions Alison Johnson WA Billanook College Vic Doncaster Secondary College Vic Finley High School SA Iced Affair NSW Jeevi Buvanenthiran Laura Dempsey Vic Lynne Goodwin Vic Mackillop Catholic Regional College Vic Maggie Davis Maria Thompson Marianne Tonuse Seymour College SA




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