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World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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First, number your chapters to 1-17 on p. ix

Reading #1 for Friday 10/30/09 = Forward/Prologue/Ch 1-3 (55 pg) Reading #2 for Monday 11/2/09 = Chapters 4-6 (48 pages) Reading #3 for Tuesday 11/3/09 = Chapters 7-8 (39 pages) Reading #4 for Wednesday 11/4/09 = Chapters 9 -12 (66 pages) Reading #5 for Thursday 11/5/09 = Chapters 13-14 (23 pages) Reading #6 for Friday 11/6/09 = Chapters 15-end (43 pages)

This study Guide will be turned in on Tuesday 11/10/09 ­ Worth 30 points We will have a 20th century test that day. Included will be all info on Mao, 20th Century China & Red Scarf Girl. Foreword (prompts): Uncle picture shows...

1966 Mao`s legacy: why good? Why bad?


Who is the lost generation?

3 impossible choices:

Prologue Ji-li`s name

Happiness 6th grade

Symbolism of Red Scarf

Major Themes/Conflicts Keep this in mind and annotate for it throughout your reading. Be ready to explain the key turning points and reference specific pages and passages: 1. Loved ones (Nuclear and extended family) vs. Cultural Revolution (CR) 2. How do Ji-li's (JL) feelings change toward her friends, classmates, and teachers.

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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How to use this study guide: For each chapter you should: 1. Highlight or Underline (HorU) to answer the big theme questions and 2. HorU to answer the specific chapter questions. (page numbers can guide you) 3. Annotate in the margin. 4. Then, write on the study guide a brief answer to the questions; sometimes that will simply involve finishing a quote or giving its meaning; other times you need to analyze. I recommend you answer the Qs as you read. For some questions, you will need to read 3 or more pages before answering the question. You do not need complete sentences. 5. For the vocabulary, circle the word/phrase, define it on the study guide or look it up in the glossary (starts on p. 273), a dictionary, or ask your parents. The words are in order, top to bottom 6. For each term, note its importance in context; that is, in terms of relationship with JL and/or CR!

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

Chapter 1: The Liberation Army Dancer Vocabulary: Exemplary

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Young Pioneers

Principal Long

An Yi






Song po-po

Fourth Aunt

Uncle Zhu

Chapter 1 Questions 3: Does the slogan motivate you? 4: What is the People`s Liberation Army? 6: The hero helped Chairman Mao... 9-10: Why might the political background investigations worry JL`s parents? What parent decision has upset you in the past few years? 13: What had been JL`s view of her family and her Dad? Why is a landlord vicious? 15-16: Why might the size of one`s home be significant? What is a private bathroom?

16: What is a dowry trunk? 17-18: Hopes and dreams: Have you had any dreams drift away? Explain.

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 2: Destroy The Four Olds! What is most outrageous? (Aloud: 28, 35-6) Chiang American aggressors

Western bourgeoisie

Yang fan

Du Hai



Bourgeois ideology

21: What adjective is used to describe Chairman Mao? What are the 4 olds? Why should they be abolished? 24-5: Why is it bad to make money? Is this still true in post-Mao China? 25: What is a lack of class awareness? Why is grandma less proud than JL?

26-7: Do you have some superstitions? On heaven and ancestors: 27: Iron to steel (recall video?) Source of truth: who said so? 28-9: Why is JL`s generation attracted by the CR? Do you or your friends ever feel you missed out of the 60s generation?

29-30: What is a student inspector? 32-3: How does the strategy of humiliation work? Is it effective? How do you feel about it? 33: Remold your ideology: 35-6: On respect for teachers and teacher dignity (Did you say hello to your teacher today?!) 36: Why do poorly on the math test? Why are JL and An Yi accused of being capitalist or non-revolutionary?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 3: Writing Da-zi-bao (Aloud: 41) Da-zi-bao Yin Lan-len

Reactionary (281)

38: What if you were told that your entire educational system was wrong? 40-1: On one-upmanship/trying to outdo or exaggerate:

41: Four ways teachers are bad: 42: Give an example of how the Teacher can`t win: (have you completed this HW on time?!)

44-5: Why might less popular students have liked the CR?

47-9: Why is JL hesitant? What would you do in her shoes?

49-50: Playing favorites in school?

51: Who have you cried with recently: friend, parent, at a funeral?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 4: The Red Successors Central Committee Red Guards

Red successors

Great Proletarian

Landlord (58)


Remold (66)

Class Struggle

56-7: What makes a good nominee/candidate?

58-64: What doubts/concerns/questions does she have?

What if your ancestors owned slaves? What if your great grandparents were Nazis? Would you be ashamed?

61: How privileged was JL`s father`s upbringing?

Have you ever stood up to someone who wanted to change you or who didn`t accept you the way you were?

69: What did JL wish about her birth?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 5: Graduation 72: Update on the entrance exam and final exams. (Recall Confucian influence) Who gets into the elite school? (similar to college acceptance in U.S.)

74: Will you talk to your teacher after class or in the hallway?

77-9: Why is school closing?

Chapter 6: The Sound of Drums and Gongs Hoarded possessions ill-gotten gains (82)





82-3: What were the trucks doing and why? 84: Not made in China but... 86: Everyone felt v______ and no one wanted to _______________________ 87: How and why was summer vacation different? 89: How does JL try to get rid of her remaining b_________ habits? 90: A 7th grade cook: 94-5: Why did Dad paint? On traveling 1000 miles: On ancestors and ties:

**Overall, what steps has the family taken to fit into the CR? What steps has JL taken? What might future steps include?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 7: The Propaganda Wall Propaganda Wall Red Book

Aunt Xi-wen


Black Category Families

Nationalists Old Q`ian

Tiananmen Square (106)

Bound Feet

100: What was on the old wall? Why?

101: How did JL feel about Mao? How did JL feel about Mao`s message? 101-2: Why might an innocent person confess their guilt?

105: What is good for revolutionaries?

107: What is the key to happiness?

108-111: Why does JL scold herself? 113: On An Yi`s grandmother and government view of her actions:

115-7: How would the JL of Chapter 1 have reacted to these events? Have you ever called someone grandma or aunt who wasn`t really related to you?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 8: A Search in Passing (Aloud: 126) Tai-chi Pomegranate

Deng Xiao-ping (126)


Bad class status

121: On grandma and stereotypes:

122: On grandma and foot binding: inches and beauty

**123-4: Was painting the trunks going too far? Making valuable neckties into rags? Family photos? What options does the family have? Would you take a stand at this point?

126: On power stronger than love for grandparents:

130: Why was Taiwan so bad? 133: Leniency for __________, severity for ___________! What does this lead to for the defendant/accused?

136: Might JL ever consider turning in her family? 139: The danger of why ask why mentality:

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 9: Fate Fate (146) 140: Why were teachers out of Shanghai? Besides bored, how was JL feeling at this point? 140-1: On public humiliation: Is it a useful tactic? 141: How is her dear aunt doing? At what point will JL speak out or act out against the CR?

143: On family vs. CR, has JL changed? 146-9: To what extent did JL stand up for her little sister? 150-1: A birthday, sign, and death: 154: A turning point on family: Can you find the indirect reference to oracle bones? 155: Is JL Muslim?

Chapter 10: Junior High School at Last Chang Hong Bai Shan

156: Factions fighting for what? 160: Curriculum included: 160-1: Down with ____________, ____________, ____________ and long live ____________, ____________, ____________ Do these chants make sense? 162-3: Why were teachers unprepared? 165: Crimes of Uncle and Aunt= 166: What was the purpose of her father`s class? 170-1: How are the best students looked upon by classmates? Is this true in your classes at New Trier?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

Chapter 11: Locked Up Uncle Fan Another Birthday for Ji Li... # ___ New Year

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176: Why do you think JL was crying? 178: What is the Catch-22 of confessions? 182: When did Japan invade China? 185: What does JL wish for? Could the family just move? Could the family just get different jobs? 189: What is the party line on JL`s father? That is, why is he in prison?

189-90: What choices does JL have? Which choice would you make in this situation? Which choice do you hope JL will make?

Chapter 12: An Educable Child (Aloud=195) 195: Class Education Exhibit 194-5: Key points of Chairman Jin`s speech: 196-8: Teacher Zhang`s challenge To what extent is JL convinced? 198: Note Chapter Title: 200: On role of media/movies: 200-1: Besides tired, how is JL now feeling? 202: How do we know if our 14 year old protagonist is interested in boys? 204-5: Revolutionary duties vs. _____________; which wins? 195: Class enemy`s evil

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 13: Half-City Jiangs (Aloud=211, 215) Half-City Jiangs Class struggle

206: Dad accused of: 207: Comfort in religion 208-9: Have you seen your parents cry? Was it tears of joy or sorrow? How did it make you feel? 210-11: Another turning point: the accusations; hatred

211: Have you ever not talked to a parent for two days? Why is it hard to apologize? Should JL apologize? To what extent does the CR conflict with Confucianism?

213-15: Quote from Officer Ma on class/family/future:

215: Why is JL confused? 217: Do you agree that JL had been s__________ and inconsiderate?

Chapter 14: The Class Education Exhibition Enemy of the people

218: Workers Revolt article simile: 218-9: JL`s views of honor 222-27: How will JL`s father be made an example of? How will JL choose? Is there a third way?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 15: The Rice Harvest Summer labor disgraced Bai Shan (from Ch. 10)

231-34: Another turning point; choices= 232: Why was JL replaced at the exhibit? 233-4: Why did JL agree to leave her family?

234-5: Grueling farm work: which parts would be hardest for you? 237-8: Why is JL so stubborn? 240-1: Chairman Mao`s quote: 242-3: What news does Chang-Hang bring?

Chapter 16: The Incriminating Letter Little White luxurious lifestyle obstinate

244-46: What did the letter describe, specifically? What if the authorities found it?

247: What 3 questions does she have about her father?

248-9: How would this ransacking make you feel? Would you react violently or just give up or...?

251: Another hunter metaphor: 259: What was taken from the house? How was JL feeling at the end? Would she continue to fight?

World History - Hjelmgren Red Scarf Girl ­ Study Guide

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Chapter 16: Sweeping


261: What were some of JL`s worries? Were the family troubles her fault? 262-3: Describe JL`s promise:

263: On goals vs. responsibility: How do you feel about JL`s decision/promise?



Reeducation 265-6: Why didn`t JL hate Chairman Mao? Why is a free press important? 265-6: An Yi`s mother on sacrifice for good of all: Why is a fair and just legal system important?

267-8: Update on Dad, Mom, grandma, and others:

270-1: What 3 freedoms were so important to JL? 271: How does JL feel about her county now? How might her job help her life goals?

Glossary--The most important terms/words Chiang and Nationalist Party

Cultural Revolution and Liu

Communism and Socialism


World History

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