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President's report by Karen Sable CPS, Rim Rock Chapter In a few months Rim Rock Chapter members will be asked what committees they would like to serve on and if you will serve as a chair or cochair. The nuts and bolts work of our chapter is done in committees. Rim Rock Chapter has eight committees: Administrative Professionals Week/Day (APD), CPS/CAP Service, Community Service & Retirement Trust, Rules & Bylaws, Education and Programs, Historical/Newsletter, Membership and Ways & Means. In additional, special committees may be formed around certain issues or events such as a chapter hosting a division meeting. The structure of a committee varies. Membership and APD usually require a larger team while the others may require fewer members. Committees should meet at least twice during the year or have a structure for maintaining communication. Committee activity will vary by the nature of the committee's work. The APD committee may meet once every week or two while the event is being planned. Other committees may meet once at the start of the year and then operate by phone or email. A committee may carry out the entire program itself or ask for volunteers from the chapter. Being part of a committee is an excellent way to meet others in the chapter and increase your skills, leadership and confidence. To sharpen your skills and experience in: Fund raising Public relations Publicity/media releases Community/social institutions and issues Public speaking Presentation skills Writing skills, graphic publishing Organization/meeting planning skills Leadership Robert's Rules of Order Training/educational development Consider the following committee Ways and Means; APD (interviews with TV stations, newspapers); Membership


"There are only 2 ways to live your life: one as if nothing is a miracle, the other as if everything is a miracle."

Albert Einstein

Be a miracle in someone's life today.

Community Service/Retirement Trust APD; Education and Programs; volunteer to speak at a monthly event held by a club or organization; hold an office in the chapter arts/desktop Historical/Newsletter Education and Programs; APD; Membership Chair a committee or hold an office Standing Rules and Bylaws CPS/CAP Service; Education and Programs

Volume 4, Issue 4 ­ March 17, 2004 Rim Rock Chapter IAAP ­ Billings, Montana

Commandments For An Enthusiastic Team Help each other be right, not wrong. Look for ways to make new ideas work ­ not for reasons they won't work. If in doubt, check it out. Don't make negative assumptions about each other. Help each other win and take pride in each other's victories. Speak positively about each other and your organization. Maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances. Act with initiative and courage as if it depends on you. Do everything with enthusiasm ­ it's contagious. Whatever you want, give it away. Don't lose faith ­ never give up. Have Fun!!

Recap of our January's Rim Rock Chapter Meeting Speaker: Diana Geiger, A.S.F.S., owner of Diana Geiger Designs, Inc

406-861-5548 or send an email to [email protected]

Rim Rock Chapter Officers 2003/04

Karen Sable, CPS President RETEC 2048 Overland Ave #101 Billings, MT 59102-7428 (h) 652-1791 (b) 652-7481 [email protected] Darlene Chamberlain, CAP Vice President Wyo-Ben, Inc. 550 S. 24th St. W. Suite 201 Billings, MT 59102 (h) 259-4772 (b) 652-6351 [email protected] Yvonne Ray, Treasurer KOA, Inc. PO Box 30558 Billings, MT 59114-0558 (h) 259-0563 (b) 248-7444 [email protected] Deanna Anthony, Secretary CAP City of Billings Police Dept. 220 N. 27th St. Billings, MT 59101 (h) 656-4142 (b) 657-8457 [email protected] Ginnie Burgess, Director City of Billings Solid Waste Div. PO Box 1178 Billings, MT 59103 (h) 651-8150 (b) 657-8285 [email protected] Melody Jurkovich, Director Public Works Administration 510 N Broadway ­ 4th Floor Billings, MT 59101 (h) 245-4125 (b) 657-8238 [email protected] Tam Rodier CAP, Past President Billings Public Works Dept. 510 N Broadway ­ 4th Floor Billings, MT 59101 (h) 628-1200 (b) 657-8230 [email protected] CWMM Division #321000 Nicole Geiger 2003/04 President

Feng Shui is a Chinese word meaning Wind and Water. There is a life-giving energy or Ch'i that flows through our bodies and surrounds us. We've heard it explained many ways here in the West. It was the great magnetic "Force" in Star Wars. We see it in radio sound waves and static electricity. People from all walks of life contemplate the wonders of this powerful, hidden and mysterious force. At the heart of Feng Shui is the desire to acknowledge the power of the natural world, to live in harmony with it and to be aware of its constant changes, such that you can adjust to improve the quality of your life. The balancing principles of Feng Shui are found in the directions of the wind and life's nine natural cycles of time and the elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. A Feng Shui consultant, using a Lo-Pan (compass), will find the directional facing of a building. This information will determine its natural element reading and identify its color and number attributes. With knowledge of the year the building is constructed and ability to read the calculations of the number attributes, a consultant can determine the energy characteristics of a building and its resultant effects on the occupants. These calculations are done according to the basic principles of Feng Shui. Remedies are then prescribed where necessary to balance the energy for positive effect. Advice is given on the placement of furniture, lighting, colors and other elements. For a new homebuilder, a Feng Shui consultant can offer advice to indicate the best location and the best direction for their home to face. Recommendations can also be given on which directions are best for sleeping, working & optimizing energy and creativity. And businesses can promote prosperity with advice learned from a Feng Shui consultant. Diana has over 20 years experience in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture and Construction and is a graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute in Monterey Park, California. In addition to her professional Feng Shui Consultant services, she also specializes in:

· · · Interior Design Consultation ­ residential, commercial, and retirement villas Show-casing homes and offices for clients who want to sell their property for top value Providing Interior Finishing Services and creating Model Homes for contractors and developers Professional Organizing Services for homes and offices


"Working with Diana during our home and office Feng Shui reading has been an enriching experience. Her professional manner and expert knowledge resulted in a very workable plan to enhance the energy flow and peaceful environment of both our home and office. An in-depth plan provided by Diana, both verbally and in writing, included diagrams and easy to implement remedies and positive suggestions which will serve as a helpful guide map for years to come as our home changes and evolves." Barbara Olson, Billings New York Times "San Francisco--With a budget deficit of about 14 billion, California could use a major infusion of positive energy. State assemblyman, Leland Y. Yee, has introduced a resolution that urges the California Building Standards Commission to adopt standards that would use feng shui promoting health, harmony and prosperity through the environment. The resolution, which has yet to pass a committee vote before going to the full assembly, is meant to encourage planning agencies, building departments, and design review boards to provide for the use of feng shui principles, which often touch on the placement of doors and staircases, the position of buildings and the alignment of objects in rooms. The structure of a building can affect a person's mood, which can influence a person's behavior, which can determine the success of a person's personal and professional relationships. Mr. Yee said: "We need to allow the expression of one's culture. That's why people come to California. Feng shui is a very major

Northwest District ­ Region II Judy McCoy CPS/CAP

2003/04 Director

Member Profile: Peggy Armstrong Member since: July 2003 Current position: Expeditor at KOA, Inc. soon to be Kamper Services Representative. What she likes best about her job: Interaction with franchisees (campground owners) and planning for KOA-U (education for new owners). Least favorite job tasks: Filing insurance documents. What offices have you held in this Chapter? None - yet. Does your employer support you in your membership to IAAP? Yes. Why do you enjoy coming to Chapter meeting? Meeting members from other companies and the speakers are interesting for both professional and personal development. What advice do you have for other IAAP members? Be more vocal to sell the idea of IAAP to others. Talk about it more whether at work, church, anywhere. Family life: 2 daughters - JoJo lives in Denver & CJ lives here with her daughter, Jordyn age 4. Parents also live here in Billings. Hobbies, crafts, collectables, and other interests: community theater at the Billings Studio Theater; Peggy has been involved in many ways whether singing/acting, directing, or costuming. Also helps out with non-profit organizations especially the American Cancer Society. How did you meet your husband? Met first husband in high school. Second husband, still waiting. How do you spend a typical evening after work? Take shoes off, slip into purple silk caftan, have dinner then watch TV or a movie while reading a book and playing with Jordyn. Do you still play music? "Oh gosh yes!" Everything from Motown to Broadway Musicals to Classical. Hates Rap because "It is not music, just bad poetry." Favorite movie? Casablanca, Some Where in Time, Wizard of Oz Favorite artist? Live artists: John Potter (for his art and his good looks, and great thighs), Mike Casper, especially his watercolors. Dead Artists: Picasso and Renoir. What types of books do you enjoy? The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Harry Potter, and books by Dr. Bernie Siegel, especially, Love, Medicine and Miracles, which talks about Cancer patients and their lives. Favorite quotes: "Smile. It makes people wonder what you are up to." "Looking for Mr. Right but will settle for Mr. OK."

February's Rim Rock Chapter Meeting Speaker Anne-Marie Wade Financial Consultant at RBC Dain Rauscher The theme of my presentation and the focus of my business are on reducing financial risk. I like to start with the basic, boring and often overlooked aspects of a person's financial picture. Make sure your financial and legal papers are in order. Review your will to make sure it's current. If you don't have a will, find an estate attorney and get help drafting one. Make sure that your retirement plans have the proper beneficiaries listed on them. If you're married, make sure your spouse's beneficiaries are listed correct. Review the beneficiaries on your life insurance policies. If you don't have life insurance, consider how you, your spouse or your children would manage if the primary breadwinner in your family unexpectedly died. If you are married, have your attorney draft durable powers of attorney between you and your spouse. If you are single, you should still consider having someone you trust named to transact business on your behalf if you were incapacitated. You should visit with an estate attorney about your options. Make sure all of the information about your financial life is organized so that someone else can step in when necessary. The financial checklist should make it easier. Everyone should be putting something away for retirement. Find out if your employer has a plan and if they will match your contributions. If they do, make sure you are signed up and make sure you contribute enough to get the full employer match. If you don't have a retirement plan through work, set one up on your own and contribute monthly. You should determine the goals of your various accounts, the risks you are willing to take, and the returns you expect. If you are younger, you should be willing to take more risk. If you are closer to retirement, you should be taking less risk. Create an asset allocation plan of bonds and equities, either through mutual funds or individual stocks, which will help you to reach those goals. Don't allow the short-term fluctuations of the market blind you to the longterm trend. Be disciplined and follow your plan. If you want to own stocks, think about why you would want to own a company and what would make you sell it. Consider the price at which you'd want to own it, and the price at which you'd sell it to cut your losses. This becomes your downside risk. Consider the price at which you'd want to take your profit. Are you happy with the risk you would take for the reward you are striving for? Write these things down so that the final decision to buy or sell isn't based on just emotion.

Please see attachment for the "Financial Information Checklist" furnished courtesy of RBC Dain Rauscher. Approval to reproduce "Financial Information Checklist" given by Anne-Marie Wade.



Ways & Means Committee: Chair Brenda Olheiser

CPS/CAP Committee Service: Chair Karen Sable CPS In February, Karen Sable CPS met with Amy Beatty, Fast Track Program Manager MSU-B College of Technology. The Fast Track Program is an accelerated curriculum to accommodate the needs of adults who lead busy lives, but are seriously committed to continuing their education. Some of the courses offered, (i.e. Business Law, Office Procedures, Human Resources) are areas that an individual is required to know when taking the CPS/CAP exams. Many of the students entering the Fast Track Program are interested in taking the CPS/CAP exam. However, some of the subjects for the CPS/CAP exam are classified, by IAAP, as lower division credit. For an MSU-B student to continue for a four-year degree it would not be beneficial for them to take the exam unless the subjects were to be classified as upper division credits. Through conversations with Tam Rodier, Karen found out that MSU-B gave her upper division credit for some of the areas on the exam. This information was forwarded to Amy. Hopefully this will spark some interest. Note ­ the revised Certification Application Packet should be available to download from the IAAP Web site around March 15 Submitted by Karen Sable CPS

March 15, 2004 We currently have two active fund raising projects. Our Chapter is selling Dutch bulbs for spring planting and raffle tickets for chances on a framed, matted print by Mike Capser. We will collect the bulb orders and money at the Chapter meeting on Wednesday March 17, with orders to arrive the middle of April. Our Chapter gets to keep half of all we sell, so get a head start on those beautiful flowers with bulbs that can be planted early, and some are even perennials! The numbered Mike Capser print called "Learning to Grow" will be raffled off during our APD activities. Tickets for this beautifully framed and matted print will be available at the March Chapter meeting and the money needs to be turned in to Yvonne Ray by Friday April 19, our APD luncheon date. Just think of the fun of finding a special place in your home to display this lovely print. Submitted by Brenda Olheiser

Historical/Newsletter Committee: Chair Lorraine Lewis

This is the third newsletter for this year. One more in May and then we will be electing new committee members and chair person. I have so enjoyed working with the various women that have volunteered for this committee. It has been a chance to get to know new people, be creative, and learn new things. I find myself reading more about new technology and innovations and looking for different articles that would be suitable for our newsletter and motivating. Please feel free to submit anything you feel our chapter membership would enjoy. We need your help to make this a successful year. Submitted by Lorraine Lewis

Salmon Pie 1 lb salmon 2 eggs ¼ C. onions (chopped) ½ C Milk 1 T. Butter 1 t.sp. Parsley 1 tsp. basil Combine all ingredients Pour in pie shell and Bake 350, 35-45 min. Or until salmon is done Not soupy in middle

Cucumber Sauce ¼ C Mayo ½ C sour cream 1 T grated onion 2 tsp. vinegar 1 cucumber grated Combine all ingredients.

APD Week Committee: Chair Darlene Chamberlain CAP

Rules & Bylaws Committee: Chair Lorraine Lewis

It has been suggested that we delete Article V section B from our Rules & Bylaws. It reads: The Budget Committee shall be comprised of the Board of Directors and shall investigate anticipated expenses of the Standing Committees and chapter delegates and prepare an annual budget to be submitted We feel we do not need a budget committee for our chapter. We will discuss at monthly chapter meeting on March 17th, 2004.

Community Service Committee: Chair Deanna Anthony

Our committee put together a program for April 19, which we hope will be very exciting, fun, educational, and profitable. We chose the 19th in hopes that it won't interfere with many of the other local events. The program is "All About You", which is the theme for Administrative Professionals Week this year. We are starting with a lunch, which will include a style show by Weekenders, followed by a seminar on ergonomics. It will be held at the Holiday Inn, Poolside Room, beginning at noon. To advertise our event we have a couple of members that will be on TV. On Tuesday, April 13, Karen Sable will be appearing on KTVQ-2 with Alex Tyson at 6:15 AM and on Wednesday, April 14, Tam Rodier will by appearing on KULR-8 at noon. Be sure to watch them if you can. We have also had a couple of members interview with Western Business Journal. We hope to get something in the Billings Gazette as well. Our brochures are in the process of being developed and we're just waiting on some last minute information and final review by the committee. Weekenders is a brand of very fashionable clothing, cotton/polyester blend, which means it's wash & wear and needs very little pressing. They have sizes to fit everyone. Clothing is sold by fashion coordinators. Shannon Bratsky and Linda Fink will be coordinating the style show and will be using 4-5 RimRock chapter members as models. We will not have time for individuals to try on clothes at the style show, but we thought we could have them at our April meeting if anyone expressed an interest. Our chapter will earn a percentage from any sales as a result of the style show. We have a number of excellent door prizes that will be given out (i.e. ergonomic chair, briefcase laptop holder,

small home office shredder, massage gift certificates, and much more). To win you must be present.

We will be collecting supplies for the injured servicemen who are at Walter Reed Hospital (popcorn, cards, games, puzzle books, Pizza Hut Gift Certificates, etc.). We also will be purchasing a paver for the Retirement Center and we are collecting for Dress for Success "Save One Suit" Program. See article below. Submitted by Deanna Anthony

Dress For Success "Save One Suit" The Community Service Committee is requesting assistance from Rim Rock Chapter IAAP members in collecting items for "Dress for Success". We would like to collect the items at the March 17th meeting. It is their S.O.S. Drive ­ Send One Suit. If you are unable to attend the meeting, but would like to donate items, you may contact Melody Jurkovich at 657-8238 or 245-4125. She will make arrangements to pick them up. Dress for Success is requesting the following type items: · Professional clothing that would be appropriate for a first time interview. Suits Slacks or Khaki Pants Winter Coats or Sweaters Shoes · Handbags · Accessories (hosiery, scarves, etc.) · Gift Certificates for Catherine's, Dahles or Payless Shoes Dress for Success requests that all garments are cleaned, pressed, and brought on hangers. ***March is "Send One Suit" month***

The Ways & Means Committee is also sponsoring a raffle for this event. You will not have to be present to win the raffled items. See Ways & Means Report for details.

So mark your calendars and plan to attend our Administrative, Professionals Day event and invite your friends and associates to come join us.


Tam Rodier CAP is excited about becoming an Aunt again. Her brother, Val, and his wife Carrie welcomed Josiah John King to their family on January 24, 2004. He weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces and was 21 inches long. On March 1st, Andrea Kenney became the Office Manager of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch in addition to being the Grant Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to both the CEO and President. Andrea's son, Kristopher (age 21), will be graduating from boot camp in S. Carolina on April 1, 2004. He will then head to Georgia for 27 weeks of specialized training. Our deepest sympathy are with Mark and Darlene Chamberlain and their family on the loss of their mother, Mrs. Laura LaVerne Chamberlain. She passed away Sunday night after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 93. LaVerne was an excellent seamstress and took in sewing over the years. She was an active member of Evangelical United Methodist Church here in Billings. She sang in the church choir for 70 years and was church treasurer for many years also. Rakell has joined the Dr. Phil Weigh-loss Challenge and to this date has lost 10 lbs. She is reading his book entitled, "Weight-loss Challenge" which is absolutely full of good ideas for eating correctly, having a good mind set to make life worthwhile. She has a goal weight of 135 - 140 lbs. and should reach that goal sometime in the middle of September. Rakell is also attending her 3rd semester at the College of Technology to receive her AAS degree in Administrative Assistants. Classes are going well, but she can't wait to get into the working world and use the knowledge she is gaining.


March 8 ­ Deanna Anthony March 21 ­ Carole Blakeman March 27 ­ Karen Sable

Lorraine Lewis' son Randall Meier has reported to the US Coast Guard in Virginia. He will be gone for at least 3 years. Randy's oldest brother Steve Meier and family, his little sister Christy Banks and family, along with Lorraine were in Billings Saturday, March 13th, to bid him farewell. He will be missed very much by his family.

Linda Frank's New Job! As most of you know my former employer, Westmoreland Mining LLC, closed their Billings office and after 14 years ­ actually after 30+ years ­ I was looking for work! Fortunately, the Development Director that I had worked with for a number of years had gone to work for Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), a subsidiary of Montana Dakota Utilities, and he needed an Administrative Coordinator. So the timing worked out perfectly and I am now working for RMP. RMP was formed to build an electrical power plant in Hardin. When I started here I was half the company, but within the last two weeks we hired a third employee. Currently I'm located in Billings, working at Unifield Engineering, which is the company doing most of the design work. Some of my current duties are preparing weekly and monthly reports on the status of the project. This includes updating the costs, reporting on the status of our permits, progress on our third party contracts, and reporting the status of engineering documents and who needs to approve them. Of course, we also have a number of meetings where I gather this information and also report it. I'm also working on procurements for some of the equipment and arranging trucking from most of the vendors. I will also be developing a purchase order system. In between all of that, I do tons of photocopying and filing. We currently have a small construction trailer at the job site. In May or June we plan to have our general contractor begin work and at that time we'll have a larger construction trailer so I'll be working in Hardin. So another duty is to find a trailer and make sure we'll have electricity, telephone, etc. when we're ready to occupy it. We may still have to use the outhouse which they are using now. Oh well, I guess we have to rough it sometimes! We'll probably be in it for 18 +/- months at which time the administrative office at the power plant will be completed.


· · · · · · · · · · ·

Meeting Location: MSU Billings Community Resources, Library Building #9, 3rd floor. Cost: Dinner will be $10 unless otherwise indicated in the monthly meeting notice. RSVP's: To Deanna Anthony by noon, Friday before our Wednesday meeting at 657-8457 (w) or via e-mail: [email protected]

Standing RSVP List: Karena Abel Yvonne Ray Nicole Geiger Darlene Chamberlain CAP Karen Sable CPS Linda Frank CAP Lorraine Lewis Margaret Hartl Deanna Anthony Peggy Armstrong

Approach situations like a problem solver, not a victim. Put matters in perspective; every problem isn't a crisis. Maintain self-confidence. Adopt a cooperative work style. Forgive yourself (and others) for making mistakes. Set priorities and tackle tasks in an organized way. Find a constructive way to express anger or concerns. Exercise - walk, join a health club, take up a sport Get enough rest. Laugh as often as possible. Get professional help if you are having trouble handling stress.


· · · · · · · · · · ·

React to every problem as if it's a crisis. Take work-related problems or situations personally. Be a "control-freak". Be afraid to make a mistake. Blow up at yourself and others. Try to assign blame. Expect the worst. Worry about the unknown future. Suffer in silence. Withdraw from potentially stressful situations or people. Use alcohol or drugs to reduce stress. Source: Business & Legal Reports Inc.

March 26-28, 04 April 18-24, 04 April 19, 04 May 7-8, 04 June 6-9, 04

Incoming Division Presidents Conference, Kansas City, MO Administrative Professionals Week Rim Rock Chapter APD Day Certification examinations (College of Technology) Certification Seminar, Tucson

CPS/CAP Seminar


June 6-9, 2004 Tucson, Arizona Certification Seminar

CWM Division Meeting

Date: Location: June 4-5, 2004 Greeley, Colorado

National Convention & Office Expo

Dates: Location: August 1-4. 2004 Washington, DC

"Investment Minute".

The Importance of Diversification

You don't rely on just one medication to treat every ailment. You don't live on just one type of food. Why allocate most of your portfolio to one investment type? Investing too much of your hard-earned dollars in one security can leave your portfolio subject to more risk than you realize. A better strategy is to maintain a diversified portfolio at all times. Diversification simply means spreading your assets among different securities. This strategy helps limit risk because, if it only represents a small portion of your portfolio, no one security can generally have a significant effect on your investment results. When you diversify, the over-performance of one security can help offset the underperformance of another. How to Diversify The most common way to diversify your portfolio is to spread your assets among different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds and money market securities. You can further diversify by spreading assets among different securities within each of these asset classes. For example, when investing in stocks, you might want to invest in large, well-established companies (commonly referred to as "blue chips") and stocks issued by smaller, so-called emerging growth companies. You may also want to invest in equities of U.S.-based corporations as well as equities of overseas companies. Creating a diversified portfolio is not a one-time event. Sometimes a strong run-up in the values of certain securities that you own may leave your portfolio invested too heavily in one investment type. For example, in 1999, technology stocks enjoyed a strong run-up in value. With the increase in the value of those stocks, those who were invested in technology may have had more money invested in that sector than was appropriate. That translated into significantly higher risk -- which may have been problematic in the subsequent bursting of the "tech bubble" and overall market decline. Similarly, having too many assets in so-called safe products, such as CDs and passbook savings accounts, can be hazardous to your financial health. That's because these products typically don't generate enough after-tax income to help your money keep pace with inflation. And inflation is the greatest threat to your financial health. For this reason, you should always evaluate your diversification strategy to make sure you are not over-exposed, or under-exposed, to any one particular investment type.

Submitted by: Chad Lippert, CFP® and Dennis Lusin D.A. Davidson & Co.

Glass Balls and Rubber Balls

The following quote and the article that follows it were snipped from the following website:

"Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them - work, family, health, friends and spirit - and you're keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls - family, health, friends and spirit - are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life."

­ Brian G. Dyson President and CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises during his speech at the Georgia Tech 172nd Commencement Address Sept. 6, 1996

Just a few years ago it would have been unthinkable for the CEO of a major corporation to suggest that employees had a life away from the job, let alone that they should try to balance life and work. What has happened that causes such a shift in our corporate priorities? There are many answers, but my favorite theory is the standard business rule of supply and demand. As the demand for anything exceeds the available supply, the price increases. That is true of all business resources, including people. As we move into a period of relative scarcity of adequately skilled people, companies have begun to compete for them as they always have competed for other resources. This trend toward people-friendly employers reflects the recognition that they have to do something different to compete for, and win, these increasingly scarce resources.

What do I need to compete? Hewitt Associates, a management consulting firm in Illinois, reports that the benefits most commonly offered include:

· · · · · · Flexible Scheduling Arrangements - 73% offer flextime Child Care Assistance - up to 85% Elder Care Programs - 33% Family and Medical Leave - 20% exceed federal mandated minimums Adoption Benefits - 26% Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) - 85%

What really matters? We all know that money is a satisfier not a motivator. So what are the motivators for today's workforce? Recognition and appreciation are tops and are not that expensive. What's the benchmark? To know how your company is doing, you need to compare against the best. Here, according to Business Week, is a list of the 30 most family-friendly business in the U.S. Bottom Line Treat your employees as individuals. Show them that their contributions matter. Treat them with the respect they deserve and you will be rewarded with a productive workforce and a lower turnover rate.

2003/04 Program Schedule

IAAP Rim Rock Chapter



Meeting Date

3/17/04 4/21/04 5/19/04 6/16/04


MSU-Billings Community Resources Travel Tips Annual Meeting Caring for Elderly Family Members


Margaret Tam All


Margaret Hartl Dinner at MSU-Billings Billie Ruff, owner Travel Café'

NOTE: Business Meeting Highlight ­2003/04 Officer Nominations Tam

NOTE: Business Meeting Highlight ­ New Officer Installation 7/21/04 Annual Social Event (Location to be determined) Program Committee will arrange details and coordinate event

Programs are considered tentative and are subject to change. Program length will be 30-45 minutes. Meal cost is $10 unless indicated otherwise in official meeting notice. PLEASE RSVP to Deanna at [email protected] or by calling 657-8457 by noon on Friday before the meeting.

Local Training Opportunities

Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines

Skillpath Seminars 1-800-873-7545 Homestead Quality Inn Sheraton Hotel March 24, 2004 $199 Getting It All Done

April 2, 2004


Career Track Seminars 1-800-556-3009

Business Writing Basics for Professionals

Skillpath Seminars 1-800-873-7545

Sheraton Hotel

April 15, 2004

$199 Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior

Billings Hotel & Convention Ctr

April 16, 2004


Skillpath Seminars 1-800-873-7545 Skillpath Seminars 1-800-873-7545 Understanding Network Fundamentals

Homestead Quality Inn Best Western Ponderosa

April 19, 2004

$995 Mistake Free Grammar and Proofreading

April 21, 2004


Career Track Seminars 1-800-556-3009 Time Management and Organizational Skills for Busy Professionals Padgett Thompson Seminars

Billings Hotel

May 3, 2004



Howard Johnson May 14, 2004 $149

Assertive Leadership Skills ­ One Day Seminar for Managers & Supervisors

Career Track Seminars 1-800-556-3009

Discovering the Secrets of Microsoft Access

Skillpath Seminars 1-800-873-7545 Skillpath Seminars

Quality Inn

May 20, 2004

$399 The Managers and Supervisors Conference

Billings Hotel & Convention Ctr

May 28, 2004



Rim Rock Chapter IAAP

PO Box 20261 Billings, MT 59104

Chapter Meeting Minutes February 18, 2004 Members present: Karen Sable CPS, Nicole Geiger, Darlene Chamberlain CAP, Lorraine Lewis, Peggy Armstrong, Melody Jurkovich, Ginnie Burgess, Margaret Hartl, Linda Frank CAP, Beth Paseka, Brenda Olheiser, Bette Wolff, Diane Mattingly, RaKell Petrini and Deanna Anthony CAP. Presentation · Anne-Marie Wade, Dain Rauscher presenting information on smart investing. Chapter Meeting Minutes · Minutes from the 01/18/04 meeting were approved as corrected. Treasurer's Report · Approved as presented. Committee News Ways & Means ­ The bulb information has been distributed. All the bulbs are guaranteed. There is no charge for S&H. Our profit is 50%. We will take orders up to 3/17 with delivery between 4/16 and 4/30. Please have all orders prepaid with check to Rim Rock Chapter. Budget ­ none Community Service ­ We will be collecting items for Dress for Success during March. CPS/CAP ­ Karen is working with the College of Technology on the Fast Track Program (2 yr degree). APD/APW ­ "All About You" will be held on 4/19/04 from about 11:30 ­ 1:30. They are working on a location. There will be a presentation on ergonomics, style show and lunch. There will be prizes and drawings ­ they are working on the raffle tickets. Education & Programs ­ We are at MSU-B in March. Membership ­ none Historical/Newsletter ­ Please submit information. Rules & Bylaws ­ none Unfinished Business · Karen submitted the application for the Avery Dennison Award. It is for the Chapter who best promotes IAAP. New Business · Karen is working with the MSU-Billings College of Technology on the Fast Track Program. Students can earn an Associated Degree in 18 months. The CAP Exam credits are considered to be lower division only at this time. There was discussion about the reclassification to upper and lower division course work. Karen and Tam will work with MSU-Billings and College of Technology. · The Nominating Committee will be Linda, Lorraine and Brenda. They will present the prospective slate of officers at the March meeting. Notes from International / District / Division The CWM Division Conference will be held in Greeley in June (6/4-5/04). It will be the 50th Annual Meeting. All applications for Division Offices are due by 3/1/04. Please see the newsletter for more details. Office Pro Express announced the Capital for Knowledge Program which is a partnership with the Wells Fargo and IAAP. Note Cards are for sale ­ 10 for $5 Raffle tickets for International are also for sale ­ you can win airfare and registration. Good of the Order · Ada Sundahl passed away in January. Upcoming meetings Board Meeting ~ 7:00 a.m. ~ Mar. 3, 2004 ~ RETEC 2048 Overland Avenue, #101 Chapter Meeting ~ 5:30 p.m. ~ Mar. 17, 2004 ~ MSU-Billings


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