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April 2012

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper. Its history goes as far back as the history of paper itself. While the art originated in China, the word comes from Japan: "ori" meaning to fold and "kami" meaning paper. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is something on this list for you. We have tried to help with some simple descriptions by scope and language. The skill level of each book is denoted by the following code: SIMPLE = (S) INTERMEDIATE = (I) LOW INTERMEDIATE = (LI) HIGH INTERMEDIATE = (HI) COMPLEX = (C)


OrigamiUSA Publications: Annual Collections contain approximately 100+ models by hundreds of creators worldwide, most previously unpublished, Spiral-bound PB (S-C) 2011 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 238 pp. 2010 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 260 pp. 2009 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 248 pp. 2008 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 258 pp. 2007 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 281 pp. 2006 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 270 pp. 2005 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 261 pp, 2004 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 263 pp. 2003 ORIGAMI COLLECTION ­ 313 pp. CONVENTION 2002 ANNUAL COLLECTION ­ 295 pp. CONVENTION 2000 ANNUAL COLLECTION ­ 321 pp. CONVENTION `99 ANNUAL COLLECTION ­ 330 pp. CONVENTION `94 ANNUAL COLLECTION ­ 353 pp. MODELS BY MEMBERS, VOLUME I ­ 140 pp. #B-1 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $25.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $15.00 $6.00 OrigamiUSA/PCOC Play: This book is all about origami that's fun to play with. Inside you will find instructions for 80 action models, puzzles and origami games from over 40 creators from around the world. 251 pp. PB. (S-C) #B-11 $35.00 Alvarez/ORIGAMI MENAGERIE: 21 Challenging Models. The subtitle says it all but the author breaks his chapters into five skill levels. 1 & 2 are simple, eg., Swan Swimming, Macaw, Dugong, Narwhal, Sea Lion; level 3 is intermediate, Black Widow, Harvestman, Stingray, Crocodile, Star; level 4 is complex, Swan, Walking Stick, Stick Insect, Leaf Mantis, Black Ant; level 5 is very complex, Crayfish, Pseudoscorpion, Stag Beetle, European Stag Beetle, Rhinoceros Beetle flying. 256 pp. PB. (SVery Complex) #B09-102 $19.95 Appel & Gray/ORIGAMI FLOWERS AND FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS: 11 flowers, leaves, containers, and construction ideas from a workshop of The Friends of the Origami Center of America. 17 pp. Booklet. (I) #B96101 $5.00 Arena/ORIGAMI ON THE EDGE: 16 advanced models - Sword, Hammerhead Shark, Vampire Bat, Tank, Crocodile, Rabbit, Ghost Bride, Chameleon, Hemp, Brahma Bull, Polar Bear, Komodo Dragon, Gila Monster, Demon, Dragon, and Motorcycle. Color photos of finished models. 119 pp. PB. (HI-C) #B10-101 $14.95 Asahi/ORIGAMI GREETING CARDS: 25 flat models used to create unique cards; color photos of finished projects will definitely get you started on your own creations; diagrams are colorful and clear. 32 pp. PB. (S) #B02-105 $5.95 Bascetta/ORIGAMI: In Italian. 51 of Paolo Bascetta's classic designs collected in one place: portfolio, card holder, picture frame, flying heart, heart bookmark, placeholders, stars, pocketbook with strap, sofa with cushions, 3D Christmas Tree, triangle box, Fleximasu, Tetramasu, arrow, Trio Canoro (Singing Trio), modulars including photo diagrams for the famous 30-piece Bascetta Star (Isosaedro Piramidato). Color photo index. 176 pp. PB. (I) #B10-110 $40.00 Beech/ORIGAMI YOU CAN USE: 27 Practical Projects. Useful origami for itself, for entertaining, for the office, and for the garden. Use environmentally friendly paper instead of plastic in many ways! Models include wallet, gift bag, vase, tissue box, butterfly napkin ring, bowl, business card holder, CD wallet, desk tidy, CD rack, file holder, seed packet, seed pot, visor, and beer shade. 94 pp. PB. (S-I) #B10-102 $9.95 Benjamin & Kricskovics/ORIGAMI FOR EVERYONE: A good introductory book of 21 simple delightful models; many colorful illustrations. 64 pp. HC. #B00-205 $15.00 Biddle/THE NEW ORIGAMI: Over 50 models with dozens of projects using the newest kinds of origami: modular, puzzle, storytelling, practical, symmetrical and layered; includes Nishikawa's Clown and Kawahata's Pteranodon. Wonderful diagrams in the Biddle tradition. 191 pp. PB. (SC) #B96-115 $21.95

OrigamiUSA/BEST OF ANNUAL COLLECTIONS 1981-1995: The title says it all! 290 pp, PB, spiral-bound. (S-C) #B-10 $20.00 OrigamiUSA/DECORATING AND ENHANCING PAPER FOR ORIGAMI: Describes techniques to use before folding. Topics include rubbing, stamping, dyeing, backcoating, wetfolding and tissuefoil, These methods will enable folders to prepare unique and more appealing papers for origami. 50 pp. PB, spiral-bound. #B-3 $9.95 OrigamiUSA/ORIGAMI BASICS: A folder-friendly book with clear, precise text and illustrations on how to follow origami diagrams, including paper terminology, bases, and geometric paper divisions. An excellent teaching tool; the perfect companion to any origami book. 50 pp. PB, spiral-bound. #B-2 $12.00 OrigamiUSA/ORIGAMI DRAGON CHALLENGE: A compilation of diagrams from the millennium challenge to celebrate the Year of the Dragon 2000. All models are previously unpublished. 92 pp. PB, spiralbound. #B-5 $17.50 OrigamiUSA/PCOC 2011 Collection:24 models by 17 creators. Includes a model by the modern master Eric Joisel; new paper folding methods (e.g., Denver Lawson's Diamotron 2); models by hard-to-find contributors (e.g., redpaper and whitepaper from South Korea); models by two 2011 OrigamiUSA award winners (Elizabeth Johnson, John Smiley); a 2011 New York OrigamiUSA Convention exhibition audience favorite (Janet Yelle's Spiral Butterfly); models by the 2011 Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Convention's special guests (redpaper, whitepaper, Peter Engel); models by contemporary artists (e.g., José Tomas Buitrago, Krystyna Burczyk, Nick Robinson, Sok Song, Carmen Sprung, Paula Versnick); and models by local Pacific Coast creators. 54 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11-129 $12.00

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Biernacki/POLISH YOUR ORIGAMI: In English and Polish. The 13 models in this book are all original designs of the author and are notable for the elegant folding sequences and clear diagrams that flow from page to page. Models included are a Christmas Tree (with ornaments), a Samurai Helmet with a crane on the front, Baby Elephant, Koala, Fiat 126P, Master Yoda, Murex shell, Common Loon, Rhino, Mamut, Giraffe, Merlion 2.1, and a Chameleon with realistic eyes and a cute curled tail. 128 pp. PB. (HI-C) #B12-101 $24.00 Brodek/ORIGAMI JEWELRY: Finally! Here's a book that shows you step-by-step how to transform your origami models into amazing jewelry. Learn some traditional models that work well in earrings, pins, necklaces, bracelets and hair ornaments, and also learn some basic jewelry-making techniques. Lots of tips on models, tools, techniques and embellishments, Clear, detailed instructions and color throughout, including photos of finished projects. 128 pp. HC. (I) #B07-115 $24.95 Burczyk/TWIRL KUSUDAMAS 1: In Polish and English. Fantastically colorful and intricate looking kusudamas (flower balls) made from standard twirl modules. Book describes how to create the easy-to-fold modules, join them into macro modules, and assemble the kusudama. Excellent diagrams and lots of photos, including color photos of finished models. 56 pp. SC. (I) #B10-113 $22.00 Burczyk & Burczyk/TWIRL KUSUDAMAS 2: In Polish and English. Fantastically colorful and intricate looking kusudamas (flower balls) made from modified twirl modules. Book describes how to create the easy-tofold modules, join them into macro modules, and assemble the kusudama. Excellent diagrams and lots of photos, including color photos of finished models. 56 pp. SC. (I) #B10-114 $22.00 Burczyk & Burczyk/TWIRL KUSUDAMAS 3: In Polish and English. Fantastically colorful and intricate looking kusudamas (flower balls) made from new variations of twirl modules. Book describes how to create the easy-to-fold modules, join them into macro modules, and assemble the kusudama. Excellent diagrams and lots of photos, including color photos of finished models. 56 pp. SC. (I) #B10-115 $22.00 Coleman/ORIGAMI BONSAI: Create beautiful arrangements by following the instructions for folding flowers and leaves and gluing them to natural or wired branches to create realistic bonsai. Clear folding instructions, and detailed descriptions of coloring the flowers and leaves, graduating sizes to create an illusion of depth, and choosing appropriate branches and stones. Many gorgeous, full-color photos of finished projects for inspiration. The included DVD has three bonus flowers not in book. 112 pp. HC + DVD. (I) #B10-106 $24.95 Diaz/ORIGAMI ESSENCE: In Spanish & English. 33 models described by Joseph Wu in his forward to the book as "a dance with the paper" due to the natural and flowing folding processes. A color picture index, crease patterns for all models, and paper and size recommendations make this an excellent choice for experienced folders or those looking to improve their skills. Models include Ring-Tailed Lemur, Mythological Eagle, Wild Boar, Hereford Steer, Kingfisher, Vixen, Unicorn, Cardinal, Donkey, Acrobatic Elephant, Geometric Hens, and more. Of special interest is a section showing the progression of designing several increasingly complex frog models with commentary, and designing 3D animals based on polyhedron shapes. 160 pp. HC. (I-C) #B10-109 $60.00 Diaz/ORIGAMI FOR INTERPRETERS: In Spanish & English. 21 model diagrams plus 4 crease patterns of additional models. Explore the creative world of Roman Diaz with this superb collection of real and mythical creatures. A detailed chapter discusses papers and techniques to give life to the models, which include exquisite versions of a horse, cat, crane, secretary bird, tiger head, unicorn and hippocampus. This is a beautiful book with color photos of each model. 160 pp. PB. (I-SuperComplex) #B07-101 $47.50 Engel/10-FOLD ORIGAMI: Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Steps!: 26 models divided into chapters: Traditional, Delectables, For the Romantic, Wild Kingdom, Just for Fun. All models are notated with skill level; Easy, Intermediate, Advanced. Wonderful color photos of finished projects and color throughout the book. Excellent book for adults just joining the world of origami. 96 pp. HC. (S-C) #B09-107 $19.95 Engel/ORIGAMI FROM ANGELFISH TO ZEN: 24 intricate models for accomplished folders, including the hummingbird, kangaroo, valentine

heart with arrow through it, and knight on horseback; extensive introductory section is a series of fascinating essays which relate origami to mathematics, art and philosophy; interesting to folder and non-folder alike. 336 pp. PB. (I-C) #B96-123 $16.95 Engel/ORIGAMI ODYSSEY: 24 original models that explore design challenges such as asymmetry and geometric perfection versus the alchemy of abstraction, all while seeking to express the underlying spirit of each model. There is tremendous personality in the sun and moon, fluid movement expressed in the stingray, sea turtle, and wave, simple beauty in the ginko and bodhi leaves, and playfulness in the forest troll, spinning top, and inflatable egg. The book starts with another of Engel's fabulous essays on his journey into the art of origami. Includes a DVD of the author teaching 3 of the models in the book. 144 pp. HC. (I-C) #B11121 $24.95 Esseltine/ORIGAMI UNUSUAL: 18 models, including strange airplanes, sailboats, a little bat, snow shovel, VW bug auto, cheeseburger & fries, a Formula-One race car, a dragon in flight and more. Clear diagrams and instructions. 80 pp. PB, spiral-bound. (S-C) #B05-106 $15.00 Fukumoto/HAWAIIAN STYLE ORIGAMI: Handsome hardcover, spiralbound book; models are all Hawaiian themed with many flowers, a hula dancer and volcano; lovely color photos. 181 pp. HC. (I-C) #B01-101 $11.99 Fuse/ENJOY POLYHEDRON ORIGAMI: In Japanese. Five chapters covering polyhedra made from edge units, exquisite star balls, crystals, strut and connector constructions, one-piece boxes of various shapes, and solid modular polyhedra. Large color photos of finished models serve as inspiration and also as guides to the assembly process. 98 pp. PB. (I) #B12-103 $24.95 Fuse/FLORAL ORIGAMI GLOBES: (English version of Floral Globe) 30+ models; ingenious Sonobe-like modulars (from 2x1 proportions, not squares) which allows for almost infinite color and accent variations; magnificent color photos. ISBN 978-4-88996-213-0, 98 pp. PB. (I-C) #B07-102 $20.95 Fuse/FUN BOXES WITH DIVIDERS: In Japanese. 47 models. Build a box and divide it every which way. Boxes of many shapes with ingenious and elegant internal inserts. Great color photos. ISBN 978-4-416-3070902. 94 pp. PB. (HI) #B08-105 $35.00 Fuse/NEW KUSUDAMA: In Japanese. The first 4 pages have a color photo index of the 42 models with page references to the models (there are 30 pages of photos of models). There are numerous modular origami kusudamas with inserts, frills and floral embellishments, all are gorgeous. Some models can be joined in many different combinations, 6, 12, 30 or more. Diagrams and assembly instructions are meticulously drawn. ISBN 4-416-30504-4. 94 pp. PB. (LI-HI) #B06-105 $28.95 Fuse/ORIGAMI RINGS & WREATHS: (English version of Origami Rings). A kaleidoscope of 28 decorative models which is a stylistic departure for this marvelous author. 48 pages of gorgeous color photos of the models and variations. 94 pp. PB. (I) #B08-101 $18.00 Fuse/ORIGAMI ROSETTES: In Japanese. Over 40 models of flowery models. Most are flat and made from a single sheet, but some are modular and some 3D. Folding sequences are pleasing, and models look great in many types of paper. Translucent or tissue paper enhances the effect of the layers. Beautiful color photos, clear diagrams. 94 pp. PB. (I) #B11-112 $40.00 Fuse/ORIGAMI STARS AND SNOWFLAKES: In Japanese. 40 models of single sheet and modular stars and snowflakes, with additional modules that can be used to embellish the points. Stars range from 4 point to 8 point varieties. Most are folded from squares but some use pentagons or hexagons. Lots of color photos showing models made from exquisite papers. Diagrams are clear and use standard folding notation so all can be folded without needing the Japanese text. 96 pp. PB. (I) #B12-106 $37.50 Fuse/ORIGAMI TABLE DECORATIONS: In Japanese. 52 models to decorate your table and gifts with origami. This collection includes boxes, box top inserts, and chopstick holders; wonderful color photos. ISBN 9784-416-30706-9. 94 pp. PB. (I) #B08-104 $27.95

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Fuse/ORIGAMI TATOS: In Japanese. 40+ models and variations; a wonderful collection of letterfold, envelope fold, tatos (flat enclosure for small objects), noshi (decorative folds for cards) and letter marks. Many of these can easily be used as invitations, ornaments and flourishes for gift wrapping. Gorgeously illustrated with 48 pages of color photos. ISBN 4-416-30501-X. 94 pp. PB. (S-I) #B06-101 $33.00 Fuse/UNIT ORIGAMI ESSENCE: In Japanese. Focus is solid (as opposed to open frame) geometric modulars. The first chapter presents square faces, the second chapter on triangular faces, the third on pentagonal faces, and the fourth on star-patterned faces. Color photos of finished models in wonderful color and paper combinations. ISBN 978-48170-8157-5, 160pp. PB. (S-HI) #B10-112 $42.00 Fuse/UNIT ORIGAMI FANTASY: In Japanese. The second book in Fuse's Unit Origami series. The first chapter contains modulars formed using the pinwheel base, then the second and third chapters build on those with models created by changing the paper ratio or angles of the modules. The last chapter has models with curled embellishments. Very clear diagrams and beautiful color photos of finished models. ISBN 9784-8170-8158-2, 160pp. PB. (S-HI) #B10-119 $42.00 Fuse/UNIT ORIGAMI WONDERLAND: In Japanese. The third book in Fuse's Unit Origami series. Chapter 1 contains modulars formed using edge units with different angles, chapter 2 teaches square, triangle, pentagon, and hexagon tiles (face units) and connectors, chapter 3 covers geometric shapes inside geometric frames or "nests", and chapter 4 teaches belted or banded modular shapes. Inspiring colorful photos of finished models. ISBN 978978-4-8170-8165-0, 160pp. PB. (S-HI) #B11108 $42.00 Fuse/UNIT POLYHEDRON ORIGAMI: (English version of Unit Origami Polyhedron). The title says it all: 60+ models of polyhedra in all shapes and forms. Fuse takes you through basic Euclidean solids to more complex modulars, with clear illustrations on construction. A useful chart summarizes the shapes and faces. Beautiful color throughout. 96 pp. PB. (S-HI) #B06-106 $20.95 Gakken/AKARI LED ORIGAMI: In Japanese. This unusual kit includes a red-green-blue LED lamp base with scored paper for making different origami lamp shades. The included book has descriptions of other types of lampshades that can be folded or made from paper, as well as articles on paper lanterns, electric lighting, LED lighting, and origami. The light color can be set by hand, but there is also information on how the lamp might be connected to a computer (for those who want to do some wiring on their own) to allow a program to control the lamp colors. The projects are a collaboration between MORIWAKI Hiroyuki and KAWAMURA Miyuki. 98 pp. PB. (I) #B11-111 $69.00 Gjerde/ORIGAMI TESSELLATIONS: Awe-inspiring Geometric Design: A must-have book. 25 folding projects with step-by-step instructions, crease patterns and how-to photos; fundamentals and history of origami tessellations; also includes a gallery of color photos of tessellations by the world's best origami artists. 121 pp. PB. (I-C) #B09101 $24.95 Gross/MINIGAMI: If you like adding origami to correspondence & cards, or tucking a fancifully folded note into a pocket to be happily discovered, you will have love this wonderful book. The beautiful color photos and exceptionally clear instructions for 44 models will inspire you to create your own unique greetings, stationery, thank-you notes, invitations & package decorations. Full of creative ideas & clever designs. 144 pp, PB, (S-I) #B05-110 $19.95 Gross/ORNAGAMI: A wonderful collection of 28 festive folds to use as ornaments, gifts or holiday greetings. Models include a cute Santa (with chimney), a beautiful angel, a colorful wreath and a multitude of stars. Excellent instructions, color photos, plus color photo index and colorcoordinated 8" square tear-out folding paper. 128 pp. PB, spiral-bound. (S-I) #B05-108 $9.98 Gross/ZOOGAMI: A collection of 26 clever and fun-to-fold creatures, including Enomoto's Excellent Elephant, Kawahata's Ingenious Giraffe, Fuse's Hanging Monkeys and a wonderful Brachiosaurus & T-Rex. A couple of the models serve double duty such as the Tropical Bird Bookmark and the Lion-velope, plus several "animated" animal action

models. Excellent instructions. 128 pp. PB, spiral-bound. (S-I) #B05-109 $9.98 Gross & Katz/NOSY ROSIE: A mischievous little girl can't resist getting a peek inside that bag her mom has put on the top shelf of the closet. This charming fold-along rhyming story teaches how to fold a fun shirt design and includes many creative ideas for using the model. 28 pp, booklet, (S) #B11-113 $6.00 Harbin/ORIGAMI STEP BY STEP: Re-issue of a classic book by the English master. 30 models, including full-rigged sailing ship (with stand) by Patricia Crawford, scorpion, squirrel on a log, unicorn, birds in a birdbath; color photos. 63 pp. PB. (S-C) #B98-102 $5.95 Harbin/SECRETS OF ORIGAMI: Reprint of the original classic with corrections. Over 100 models, including such famous and formerly out of print ones as Ligia Montoya's birds and Adolfo Cerceda's peacock. 252 pp. PB. (S-C) #B97-102 $16.95 Jackson/FOLDING TECHNIQUES FOR DESIGNERS FROM SHEET TO FORM: A must-have book of folding techniques: dividing the paper, symmetry, stretch and skew, pleating (accordion, knife, box, spiral, and twisted), spans and parabolas, box and bowl forms, no crease and one crease folding, crumpling and more. Includes a DVD containing all the crease pattern diagrams in the book. 224 pp. PB. (S-I) #B11-122 $35.00 Jackson/ORIGAMI TOYS THAT TUMBLE, FLY, AND SPIN: 29 of Paul Jackson's best action models, presented with large, clear diagrams and color photos of finished projects. Models include pecking, feeding, and flapping birds; two snapping crocodiles; nodding and barking dogs; a galloping horse and bobbing rider from a single sheet, hilarious moving lips; the "World's Best Dreidl," a set of noisemakers for a paper orchestra; and more. Comes with 60 sheets of kami stored in a heavyweight, reusable plastic folder. 125 pp. PB. (S-I) #B10-108 $19.99 Jackson & Golan/ORIGAMI ZOO: 25 cute, simple-to-intermediate animal models, including a koala, sleepy cow, chick, hedgehog, monkey, vulture, hamster, horse, and more. Large, clear drawings are very easy to follow. Comes with 60 sheets of kami stored in a heavyweight, reusable plastic pouch. 128 pp. PB. (S-I) #B11-118 $19.99 Joie-sha/CRANE ORIGAMI: Cranes, cranes, cranes. And then more cranes. 32 models including linked cranes from one sheet, table decorations, containers, lampshades and more. Gorgeous full color photos and easy-to-follow diagrams. 96 pp. PB. (I) #B08-102 $19.00 Kamiya/CHALLENGE TO SUPER COMPLEX ORIGAMI: In Japanese. The book starts with a gallery of amazing models with thumbnail crease patterns, then covers tools, paper choice, reading diagrams, cutting paper, folding difficult procedures, shaping, gluing, wire reinforcement, wet-folding, back-coating, and crease patterns. The second half is diagrams: mouse, American Cocker Spaniel, flying Crane, Hideo Komatsu's Violinist, Samurai Helmet Beetle. Bonus! ­ hidden inside the dust jacket are crease patterns for the amazing Ryujin 3.5 dragon (with text explanations in Part 3 of the book). Editor: Makoto Yamaguchi. 128 pp. PB. (Complex-Very Complex) #B10-127 $45.00 Kasahara/ORIGAMI CREATIONS IN THE FANTASY WORLD: In Japanese. Unicorn, pegasus, dragons, griffons, trolls, mermaid, four gods (Suzaku, Byakko, Take Gen, Blue Dragon), white fox, black cat, frog, catfish, squid, octopus, narwhal, and more. ISBN 978-4-8170-8170-4. 88 pp. PB, (I-C) #B11-109 $33.00 Kasahara/ORIGAMI FROM RECTANGLES: In Japanese. 31 models shown in a wonderful picture table of contents, includes a Witch with Broom, 2 Angels with different wing configurations, an Eastern Dragon & wonderful animals & sea creatures. ISBN 978-4-8170-8119-3. 98 pp. PB, (LI-HI) #B07-108 $24.95 Kasahara/ORIGAMI OMNIBUS: Kasahara's 384 page masterwork is a collection of 200+ wonderful models including puzzles, animals, geometrics, and Kasahara's personal thoughts on his designs. The beautiful photographs include an unfolding of his magnificent Panorama Cube. 384 pp. PB. (I-C) #B96-104 $24.00 Kasahara/ORIGAMI NEW DISCOVERY I: In Japanese. 52 models, continues from "Extreme Origami" with more examples of shape association and definitely for the wave (hyperbolic parabola) enthusiast;

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beautiful constructions. Simple animals to complex including cormorant to elegant woman on a wave. Wonderful color photos. ISBN 4-8170-8085-X. 117 pp. PB. (S-C) #B05-101 $29.95 Kasahara/ORIGAMI NEW DISCOVERY III: In Japanese. 72 models, including more traditional and simple models, beautiful arrangements of sembazuru (thousand cranes). This book should be on every paperfolder's bookshelf for its historical content. More detail than "Extreme Origami" with new constructions of Froebel's system of pattern folds. Lots of color photos. ISBN 4-8170-8087-8. 116 pp. PB. (S-C) #B05103 $29.95 Kasahara/ORIGAMI WORLD FROM COPY PAPER: In Japanese. A variety of 35+ models made from rectangles based on A4 paper, with instructions on how to cut A4 from a square. Models include angels, tiger, camel, geometrics and much more. ISBN 978-4-8170-8130-8. 79 pp. PB. (I-HI) #B08-106 $23.95 Kawahata/DINOSAURS 3: In Japanese. 16 models not just dinosaurs butalso includes prehistoric sealife and a spectacular multipiece T-Rex skull. ISBN 4-416-30304-1. 110 pp. PB. (I) #B07-109 $20.95 Kawahata & Nishikawa/ORIGAMI INSECTS: In Japanese. 17 marvelous models with English titles and color photos of finished projects; all of them are quite wonderful and realistic. 195 pp. PB. (C) #B00-104 $52.00 Kawasaki/DOCTOR'S ORIGAMI DREAM BOOK: In Japanese. Dr. Kawasaki's concept of an ideal "dream" origami book. A collection of 36 models from simple to high intermediate, includes modulars, animals, and insects, plants, boats and others too numerous to name. This is a comprehensive overview of traditional and modern classics; a book that belongs in every library. 279 pp. PB. (S-I) #B07-112 $25.95 Kawasaki/ORIGAMI DREAM WORLD: In Japanese. A collection of some of his best work with modulars; includes houses & train, twistfolded rose, kusudama, 3-D snowflake. 125 pp. PB. (I-C) #B02-101 $25.95 Kawasaki/ORIGAMI DREAM WORLD II: In Japanese. Approximately 25 models of original flowers and animals, including simple and complex twist roses, a terrific frog and lizards. ISBN 4-255-00238-X. 158 pp. PB. (I-C) #B04-102 $25.95 Kawasaki/ROSES, ORIGAMI & MATH (English version): Chapter 1 is Modulars & Houses, Chapter 2 is Roses, Chapter 3 is The Geometry of Origami. Beautiful color photos. ISBN 4-88996-184-4. 173 pp. HC. (I-C) #B99-101 $25.00 Kawasaki/THE GREATEST DREAM ORIGAMI: In Japanese. Chapter 1 focuses on flowers, from a one-minute rose to more detailed roses, crystallized (tessellated) roses, a bridal rose tessellation, marigold, cherry blossom ball, and marigold tower. Chapter 2 contains a "seeds of wind" modular, snow crystal, magical cube, finger eater pot, and a series of models using a spiral lock including a shell-like gift box, cubes, and stars. Additional models include a construction called "Labyrinth" and flexible modulars from strips. ISBN 978-4-255-00505-9. 136 pp. PB. (I-C) #B10-120 $33.00 Kenneway/COMPLETE ORIGAMI: A fascinating collection of instructions for over 100 projects, such as Jack-in-the-Box, Troublewit and modular castle. Clear diagrams, beautiful photos, plus an A-Z encyclopedia of folklore, history and terminology. 192 pp. PB. (S-I) #B96110 $22.95 Kirschenbaum/PAPER IN HARMONY: A collection of Origami instrumentalists: this wonderful book of 12 models that are complex and fun is the first on the subject. 150 pp. PB. (C) #B00-103 $24.95 Kodansha/DENSHO ORIGAMI: 35 traditional models presented with better-than-photo-quality, 3-D computer-generated steps. An excellent first book for beginners and a nicely presented compilation of traditional models that would be a great addition to anyone's library. Models include the crane, samurai helmet, ninja star, goldfish, balloon, star box, piano, butterfly, etc. 96 pp. PB. (S) #B10-125 $14.95 Koh/ORIGAMI GOLDFISH: 8 goldfish models, including Ryukin, Veiltain, Wakin, Oranda, Ranchu, Tancho Orando, Bubble Eye, Blackmoor;

excellent diagrams and explanations. 87 pp. PB, spiral-bound. (C) #B02103 $15.00 Kubo/KUSUDAMA FLOWER ORIGAMI 2: In Japanese. 60 origami projects including flower and leaf modules that can be used to make kusudama balls, as well as additional vases and flower holders that allow you to create bouquets, nosegays, corsages, and centerpieces. Beautiful color photos of finished projects. 96 pp. PB. (I) #B12-100 $20.00 LaFosse/ADVANCED ORIGAMI: 15 original and challenging models, including Praying Mantis, Goldfish, Squirrel, Vinton Pond Frog, Toco Toucan, Cattleya Orchid, as well as instructions for making origami paper by hand. This book is perfect to take your origami to the next level; make your origami into wonderful gifts and displays; wonderful color photos and diagrams. 137 pp. HC. (C) #B05-107 $24.95 LaFosse/ORIGAMI ACTIVITIES: Delightful book with 15 mostly original models complete with lots of interesting information about origami, paper and techniques; clear color enhanced diagrams and color photos of completed models. 64 pp. HC. (S-I) #B04-103 $12.95 LaFosse & Alexander/GEOMETRIC ORIGAMI: A selection of some of the best geometric models including Valerie Vann's Magic Rose Cube, LaFosse's Compass Star and Lightning Bolt Octahedron, the Alexander Modular Dish, Kenneth Kawamura's Butterfly Ball, The Borloz Ball, Mette Pederson's Picture Cube, Tung Ken Lam's WXYZ, Miyuki Kawamura's Radiolaria, The Sonobe Module, and more. Includes 72 six inch brightly patterned duo sheets and 120 three inch duo papers to ensure you can get folding right away. DVD with video instructions. 64 pp. booklet. (S-I) #B11-138 $16.95 LaFosse & Alexander/ORIGAMI ART: 15 models from an American Lobster, Monk Seal, West Indian Manatee, Birdwing Butterfly, Munich Orchid & Leaf to an American Alligator. Also chapters on designing origami art for display, paper selection, preparing origami for display. Wonderful color photos. 145 pp. HC. (I-C) #B08-110 $24.95 LaFosse & Alexander/ORIGAMI STATIONERY: Create 15 elegant origami notes and envelopes to make your personal messages truly special. Kit includes a 7-inch bone folder and 80 sheets of quality folding paper featuring 12 original patterns designed exclusively for this kit. Models include Pillow note, Noshi Awabi, Season's Note, Calling Card, Note, Twist Note, Sailboat Envelope, Flapping Bird Envelope, and more. 64 pp. Booklet. (S-I) #B11-105 $17.95 LaFosse & Alexander/STORY-GAMI: Boxed set containing 80 sheets of origami paper (8 colors), a booklet of 18 models with associated folding stories, and a DVD of the author demonstrating all the models and stories. The stories are keyed to the diagrams and help to teach and remember the models. Models include Tulip Plant with Blossom,Tabletop Racing Duck,Stacked Over Logan, Fortune Cookie Box, Owl Bookmark, Scary Skull, Freddie the Jumping Astrofrog, Kanji the Dog, and more. The author has used these origami stories with all ages, from Kindergarten and up. 80 pp. Booklet plus DVD. (S-LI) #B10-123 $16.95 LaFosse & Alexander/TRASH ORIGAMI: Use brochures, business cards, candy wrappers, magazines, fast food wraps, greeting cards, junk mail, and more to create 25 origami projects ­ games and game pieces, photo cube, snack dish, boxes, butterfly, flower, envelopes, planes, book, wreath, curler unit ball, heart, crumpled mushroom, wallet. Clear diagrams, color photos, and lots of ideas for materials and uses. Includes a DVD demonstrating the folding process. 96 pp. Hardcover plus DVD. (S-I) #B10-124 $19.95 LaFosse, Alexander & Mudari/ORIGAMI BUTTERFLIES: A budgetfriendly re-issue of Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies. The new version cuts out some of the commentary and text, but still includes the authors' butterfly design methodology as well as diagrams for 12 butterflies in two booklets. Includes 96 sheets of duo paper and 2 sheets of gold foil to create the perfect butterfly. 64 pp. Booklets. (I) #B11-103 $14.95 LaFosse, Alexander & Mudari/JAPANESE PAPER CRAFTING: Make your own traditional-style Japanese papers. 17 exquisite projects using your own handmade paper. Traditional models such as cranes with variations, boxes, envelopes, wallets & purses, tatos, vase cover desk

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organizer and a spectacular Tulip Bowl and others; gorgeous photos and color throughout. 128 pp. HC. (I) #B08-108 $24.95 Lang/THE COMPLETE BOOK OF ORIGAMI: Includes several of Lang's famous models, such as the challenging cuckoo clock and action musicians; many models use non-standard sized paper. 154 pp. PB. (I-C) #B96-108 $12.95 Lang/ORIGAMI DESIGN SECRETS SECOND EDITION: Tools, tips and techniques for designing origami models are presented in terms of simple, easily-visualized concepts (circle-packing, tiling, grafting). Techniques range from simple to advanced and are usable by everyone. 26 model diagrams and 12 color-coded crease patterns are presented as illustrations of techniques, including Lang's famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. The second edition adds detailed instructions for the scaled koi, new diagrams for the Organist, Silverfish, and Roosevelt Elk, 10 insect CPs, chapters on box pleating, hex pleating, and polygon packing. 758 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11-124 $59.95 Lang/ORIGAMI IN ACTION: Paper toys that fly, flap, gobble, and inflate. 39 action models, each animated and exquisite; includes strumming guitar player and Indian paddling a canoe. 157 pp. PB. (S-C) #B08-111 $18.95 Lang/ORIGAMI INSECTS II: In English and Japanese. 18 anatomically correct insects including an amazing Samurai Helmet Beetle, Centipede and Tarantula; color photos of models. 194 pp. PB. (C-Super Complex) #B03-104 $65.00 Lang/ORIGAMI INSECTS AND THEIR KIN: 20 lifelike and detailed models, each averaging 90+ steps. These models are for the advanced folder who is not afraid of a challenge of a scorpion, tick, praying mantis, scarab beetle, etc; there is also a butterfly and a treehopper. 160 pp. PB. (C-More Complex) #B96-118 $12.95 Lang & Weiss/ORIGAMI ZOO: A fantastic collection of folded animals, including a dog in a doghouse, spider, owl, skunk, squirrel, Pegasus and a roadrunner. 37 models. 166 pp. PB. (I-C) #B96-112 $21.99 Lawson/UNUSUAL MODULARS: 16 of the author's own unique models, such as Four Corners (looks like 4 interlocked squares), Diamotron (from 2 sheets at the same time), Black Hole, Fractal Octahedron, Artichoke, Fractal Spiral, Crystal Star, Two Intersecting Tetrahedra, and more. 44 pp. PB. (I-HI) #B11-120 $11.00 Maekawa/GENUINE ORIGAMI: In English. 43 Models. A much anticipated collection of Maekawa's models including his famous Demon, Peacock, Turkey, Eastern and Western Dragons, T-Rex, Simple Santa with Sack, Running Man, 3-D Penguin and 3-Headed Cranes. Excellent color photos and picture index. 158 pp. PB. (I-C) #B07-114 $24.95 Maekawa/GENUINE ORIGAMI ROOT 2: In Japanese. 72 models using rectangular paper (A and B ratios). Instructions show how to fold and cut any rectangle or square to the proper dimensions. Models include CD holder, money envelope, houses with various roof types, peacock, carp, dragonfly, crab, mantis, hummingbird, maple leaf, ginko leaf, deer with antlers (a standing version of the Seated Deer from Viva origami), giraffe, cubes and geometrics, rose on a stand, T-rex, Pegasus, and much more ­ a lot of models for your money. Models have clean lines and do not require artistic shaping to look amazing. Color photo index. 159 pp. PB. (I-C) #B10-111 $42.00 Miller/ORIGAMI FOR BUSY PEOPLE: 27 Original On-The-Go Projects. An exciting and diverse collection of 27 previously unpublished origami models that will intrigue beginners as well as experienced folders. This full-color book is uniquely designed to fit origami into the hectic schedules of busy people. The model assortment includes a duck that "swims," a modular ball that changes shape, an extraterrestrial, a jack-o'-lantern, a lovely vase, a useful box, as well as many other fun models. Easy-tofollow instructions with crystal-clear diagrams. Included are 48 sheets of tear-out folding paper. 192 pp. PB. (S-I) #B11-132 $16.95 Mills and Tubis/FUN WITH FOLDED FABRIC BOXES: Quick & easy no-sew techniques for making beautiful origami boxes in a variety of sizes. Fat quarter friendly. An elegant way to give a gift or decorate a desk. 64 pp. PB. (I) #B07-105 $20.95

Mitani/3D MAGIC ORIGAMI: 23 creations from Jun Mitani folded using twists, collapses, and some curved creasing. These unique and fun models include floral, box, bud, ring and pod shapes, and an interesting set of stacked twist boxes from a single sheet. The book includes general instructions and photographs demonstrating the folding of each form. The second part of the book consists of very colorful full-sized crease patterns on heavy paper that can be removed and used to fold the models, though you could also just copy or trace onto another sheet of paper. In Japanese. 80 pp. PB. (I) #B12-109 $36.50 Mitani/SPHERICAL ORIGAMI: 21 twisting creations from Jun Mitani. Models include box, bud, sphere, cylindrical, vase, hyperboloid, and propeller-like forms, some of which make use of curved creases. The book includes general instructions and photographs demonstrating the folding of each form. The second part of the book consists of full-sized crease patterns on heavy paper that can be removed and used to fold the models, though you could also just copy or trace onto another sheet of paper. In Japanese. 58 pp. PB. (I) #B12-107 $33.50 Montroll/A CONSTELLATION OF ORIGAMI POLYHEDRA: 30 projects clearly diagrammed, presented according to skill levels from the simple Triangular Diamond and the Tower, to the complex cuboctahedron and Stella Octangular. 120 pp. PB. (S-C) #B04-107 $14.95 Montroll/AFRICAN ANIMALS IN ORIGAMI: 24 clear computer generated diagrams of African wildlife (plus great grass!) such as a Sacred Ibis, Crocodile, Spotted Giraffe, etc. 159 pp. PB. (I-C) #B00-105 $12.95 Montroll/BIRDS IN ORIGAMI: The title says it all: 15 bird models by the "master" including duck, heron, pheasant and parrot. 48 pp. PB. (S-HI) #B96-117 $3.95 Montroll/BRINGING ORIGAMI TO LIFE: Another masterpiece by John Montroll; includes a great elephant and a wonderful dog. These latest works have closed backs for greater elegance and better wet-folding. 119 pp. PB. (I-C) #B99-107 $14.95 Montroll/CHRISTMAS ORIGAMI: 47 models, including Eight Maids-aMilking! ­ in addition to the traditional Christmas fare (stars, trees, reindeer and a manger scene); this comprehensive book even includes models for each of the 12 days of Christmas and Ten Great Lords-aLeaping! 120 pp. PB. (S-C) #B06-104 $15.95 Montroll/DINOSAUR ORIGAMI: 30 models of dinosaurs, 20 of which are published here for the first time. Models include triceratops, stegosaurus (with back plates and tail spikes!), tyrannosaurus, and pteranodon, dimetrodon, protoceratops, elasmosaurus and tanystropheus. 120 pp. PB. (S-Complex) #B10-122 $14.95 Montroll/EASY CHRISTMAS ORIGAMI: 30 easy models including a Bell, Christmas Tree, Stocking, Angel, Candy Cane, Santa, and several stars and geometric ornaments. There are also non-denominational holiday models such as Candle, Snowman, Penguin, boxes, House, Chef's Hat, Bow Tie, and Heart. Ideal as a gift, for decorating a tree, creating holiday cards, or as projects for youth groups. Any origami paper is appropriate, but foil papers would add a nice sparkle to your holiday decorations. Clear diagrams, picture index. 48 pp. PB. (S) #B10-104 $3.95 Montroll/EASY ORIGAMI: 31 simple models, mostly traditional. Easy to follow diagrams make this an excellent book for beginners. 47 pp. PB. (S) #B96-113 $3.95 Montroll/FAVORITE ANIMALS IN ORIGAMI: John Montroll, preeminent creator of origami animal models has put together a collection of 12 which are among his favorites. They include a special squirrel, a portly pig, and elegant elephant and a feral fox. 48 pp. PB. (I-HI) #B96-121 $3.95 Montroll/MYTHOLGICAL CREATURES AND THE CHINESE ZODIAC IN ORIGAMI: Here it is back in stock! Ten fabulous mythological creatures including a Sea Serpent, Unicorn, Dragons, plus the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, each accompanied by a description of their characteristics, all diagrammed in Montroll's clear style. 120 pp. PB. (I-C) #B96-120 $12.95

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Montroll/NORTH AMERICAN ANIMLALS IN ORIGAMI: The 25 models by Montroll and Kawahata are assorted into the 5 categories: the coast, desert, mountains, woodlands and northlands. Included are 2 cacti, birds (quail, roadrunner, bald eagle) and wonderful animals (armadillo, raccoon and a spectacular moose). 119 pp. PB. (S-C) #B96-116 $12.95 Montroll/ORIGAMI FOR THE ENTHUSIAST: Montroll's earliest creations; challenging works for the experienced folder; 25 original models including elephant, rabbit, Pegasus and vulture. 120 pp. PB. (C) #B96-102 $10.95 Montroll/ORIGAMI INSIDE-OUT: 26 models including creatures, geometrics, animals and birds, and a chess set complete with chess board. 119 pp. PB. (S-Very Complex) #B96-114 $9.95 This book was out of stock for several years and will be again when this supply runs out. Montroll/ORIGAMI POLYHEDRA DESIGN: This unique and wonderful book presents 72 origami polyhedra, each folded from a single uncut square, plus the design techniques and mathematical concepts behind the models; each with a skill level designated, in three chapters: I. Designing Origami Polyhedra, II. Platonic and Related Polyhedra, III. Dipyramids and Dimpled Dipyramids. This book is a MUST HAVE for fans of geometric origami and mathematics educators. 288 pp. PB. (S-Very Complex) #B09-110 $29.95 Montroll/SUPER SIMPLE ORIGAMI: 32 all-new models. Pictorial table of contents, color photos of all models, clear diagrams. This is a great book for teaching origami, for origami beginners, or for folders who enjoy the elegance of unique simple models that are fun to fold. Models include tent, house, heart, diamond, arrow, cruise ship, fish, ladybug, owl, frog, all the pieces for a complete chess set, and more. 48 pp. PB. (S-LI) #B11-131 $4.95 Montroll & Lang/ORIGAMI UNDER THE SEA: 26 models, many from the now out-of-print "Origami Sea Life" plus 5 NEW models ranging from mollusks to sea mammals. Models include Siamese fighting fish, frogs at various life stages, walrus, whales, conchs, swordfish, crab, lobster, angler fish, barracuda, angelfish, ray, and many others 120 pp. PB. (SC) #B10-121 $14.95 Montroll & Webb/ORIGAMI WORLDWIDE: 33 great models from designers around the world. Models include Nick Robinson's Frog, Mark Bolitho's Ocean Liner, Nicolas Terry's Eagle, Eric Joisel's Cat, Peter Budai's Mr. Moustache, Sipho Mabona's Koi, John Szinger's Hot Air Balloon, Robert J. Lang's Tropical Morpho Butterfly, Roman Diaz's Reef Fish, Steven Casey's Kangaroo, Fumiaki Kawahata's Fox, Kade Chan Pak Hei's Fiery Dragon, and many others. The book is a great introduction to the work of many top origami designers. Clear diagrams, pictorial Table of Contents. 120 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11-125 $14.95 Montroll & Lang/SEA CREATURES IN ORIGAMI: Sequel to "Origami Under the Sea". Contains 24 models, including the rest of the models from the out-of-print "Origami Sea Life" plus NEW models. Includes a narwhal, dolphin, 8-armed octopus from a single sheet, murex, nautilus, seahorse, triggerfish, sailfish, horseshoe crab, hermit crab, lobster, the very toothy Blackdevil Angler (once considered the ultimate in folding complexity) and more. 120 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11-115 $14.95 Montroll/PREHISTORIC ORIGAMI: 23 models of prehistoric creatures including Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactylus, and his famous Stegosaurus; computer generated diagrams are clear and easy to follow for the experienced folder. Includes descriptive text about each dinosaur and suggestions on wet folding. 144 pp. PB. (I-C) #B96-111 $12.95 Montroll/STORYTIME ORIGAMI: 42 models recreate the memorable characters and delightful scenes from "The Ugly Duckling", "Goldielocks and the Three Bears", "The Three Little Pigs", "Humpty Dumpty", "Cinderella". Stories are at the beginning of each section. A wonderful book to entertain very small young people. 120 pp. PB. (S-C) #B09-108 $14.95 Montroll/TEACH YOURSELF ORIGAMI: 44 models from simple to complex, traditional to original (another new elephant), well organized sequencing of practice folding techniques. A must for teachers, an excellent introduction to origami for all ages, as well as an informative

guide for those already acquainted with the art. 120 pp. PB. (S-I-C) #B98101 $14.95 Mukerji/EXQUISITE MODULAR ORIGAMI: 21 kusudama models by the author and guest contributors Dennis Walker, Maria Sinayskaya, and Ekaterina Lukasheva. Included models: Compound of Five Octahedra, Dimpled Model with Flowers, Pinwheel Dodecahedron, Star Flower, Corolla, Zinnia Star, Helica Kusadama, and more. All are designed to lock together without glue. Full color photos of models on the covers, greyscale diagrams in the book. 68 pp. PB. (LI-HI) #B11-134 $9.99 Mukerji/MARVELOUS MODULAR ORIGAMI: A wonderful collection of modulars starting with Sonobe variations and advancing to complicated dodecahedron. Wonderful color photos throughout. 75 pp. PB. (LI-HI) #B07-106 $19.95 Mukerji/ORIGAMI INSPIRATIONS: The book starts with a description of Platonic, Archimedean, and Kepler Poinsot Solids and color distributions. Models include cubic modulars and variations, the Butterfly Cube, variations of flower cubes, flower dodecahedrons, the oleander ball, whipped cream star, Waves, and more. The final chapter contains models by others ­ Daniel Kwan's Four Interlocked Triangular Prisms, Chrysanthemum Leroy by Carlos Cabrino, Lily of the Nile by Tanya Vysochina, and Adaptable Dodecahedron by Aldo Marcell to name a few. Glossy color photos and diagrams with some mathematical discussion for those interested. 120 pp. PB. (S-HI) #B10-118 $24.95 Mukerji/ORNAMENTAL ORIGAMI: 40+ models, including modulars, kusudamas, interesting planes; vivid color throughout book; gorgeous color photos of finished projects, and a chapter for mathematics teachers and enthusiasts. 145 pp. PB. (I) #B09-103 $24.95 Netto & Voyer/DRAGONS, WITCHES & OTHER FANTASY CREATURES IN ORIGAMI: This English version of Seres de Ficcion, the Dark Side of Paper Folding, has 24 devilishly delightful models including a troll, a high-flying witch on a broomstick complete with hair and fingernails, a sphinx, a Satyr, a 3-headed dragon and other mythological creatures you've never seen before. 173 pp. PB. (I-Very Complex) #B05111 $10.95 Niwa/ORIGAMI PLAYINGS 2: In Japanese. Easy-to-understand introduction with photos and diagrams for folding 90 models. Categories include traditional origami, useful origami, holiday origami, food, plants/flowers, people, animals, and playthings. Of note are some cute origami pendants to wear on a chain, tangram pieces with puzzles throughout the book, adorable 3D penguins, Santa with a sack, and Yamanashi's Small Gift Box ("Box in a Box"). 160 pp. PB. (S-I) #B12-108 $23.50 Overmars/FOLDING LETTERMARKS I: 12 ways to fold the corners of your stationary to create distinctive letters. 23 pp. Booklet. (S-I) #B96-105 $5.00 Overmars/FOLDING LETTERMARKS II: 16 more ways to fold the corners of your stationary to create distinctive letters. 31 pp. Booklet. (S-I) #B96-106 $5.00 Palacios/FASCINATING ORIGAMI: English version of Fascinante Papiroflexia. 101 models by Alfredo Cerceda, including his famous birds and animals; also a wonderful new (1996) forward to this book by Peter Engel, an introduction and chapter on the life of Cerceda and several other essays. 182 pp. PB. (I) #B97-101 $11.95 Palacios/ORIGAMI ANIMALS: English translation of Animales del Papel Papiroflexia. A zoo-ful of 20 animal models, mostly by Edwin Corrie and featuring his unique and graceful folding sequences. This economical paperback version includes all the models of the original version, including chicken, mouse, squirrel, hippopotamus, flying bird, bear, dragon, camel, elephant, frog, and more. 50 pp. PB. (I-HI) #B12-105 $9.95 Palacios/ORIGAMI FOR BEGINNERS: Reprint in English of Papiroflexia Facil. 57 models including ingenious boxes and containers by various remarkable international creators. Models begin at low intermediate level. 80 pp. PB. (LI) #B99-104 $5.95 Pederson/METTE UNITS: Create patterned modulars with these unique variations on Sonobe units; 15 unique variations and instructions on how

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to connect them; color photos. If you're getting bored constructing Sonobe unit modulars, try the better "Mette" way. 21 pp. PB. (I) #B96-122 $12.00 Pederson/MORE METTE UNITS: A continuation of Mette's explorations in modulars; a few models based on Sonobe units and other modules; clear color diagrams and illustrations. 31 pp. PB. (I) #B98-106 $12.00 Pederson/METTE UNITS 3: Twelve models, all modulars, several are quilts. Great full color plates including those of final assembly for each model. 38 pp. PB. (I) #B99-105 $12.00 Pederson/METTE UNITS 4 (RINGS): 12 models of exquisite rings including instructions for those made of post-it notes, A4 paper, 8 ½ x 11 paper, and business cards. 30 pp. PB. (I) #B99-106 $12.00 Pederson/METTE UNITS 5: A new array of Mette's designs; 12 models. 32 pp. PB. (LI-I) #B00-102 $12.00 Pederson/METTE UNITS 6 (BOXES): 16 models in Mette's wonderful style adapted to boxes. Many colored photos. 42 pp. PB. (I) #B02-102 $14.00 Pederson/METTE UNITS 7: 10 models & variations, including the spectacular Santiago Ball; very clear detailed instructions for assembly of the units. 32 pp. PB. (I) #B04-105 $12.00 Petty/ORIGAMI A-B-C: Starts with an excellent chapter on folds & basics, and then continues through simple & intermediate models to advanced projects. A fun and unusual collection of traditional and original models. Beautiful bright color throughout. 126 pp. HC. (S-C) #B07-104 $24.95 Project F/AJISAI ORI: FOLDING ORIGAMI HYDRANGEAS ­ THE WORLD OF SHUZO FUJIMOTO: Instructions for folding Fujimoto's Hydrangea and many gorgeous variations. Exceptionally clear diagrams prepared by "Project F" (Tomoko Fuse, Satoko Saito, and Taiko Niwa). A pictorial table of contents presents all the models folded from such beautiful papers that you will want to fold every item in the book. 29 models. In Japanese. 96 pp. PB. (I-C) #B11-130 $38.00 Randlett/THE FLAPPING BIRD: A spiral-bound collection of all 25 issues of The Flapping Bird, an origami periodical from 1969-76, plus an introduction to folding basics; the 87 models are a collection from various creators and styles, and include such classics as the Sullivan / Shen Omega Star and Rae Cooker's Strawberry. 155 pp. PB. (I) #B96-107 $19.95 Robinson/ORIGAMI KIT FOR DUMMIES: An origami book for everyone in the inimitable "Dummies" style. 75 models that start with basic and goes on to lots of unique ones; witty and informative commentary for each model; lots of tips and techniques. 280 pp. PB. Includes 25 sheets of 5" square paper. (S-I) #B09-104 $14.99 Robinson/PICTURE-PERFECT ORIGAMI: 31 models. The first chapter explains standard origami symbols and bases using step-by-step photographs. The second chapter teaches simple models using a mix of photographs and diagrams to show each folding stage in action. The last chapter features slightly more challenging contemporary models with clear diagrams and explanatory text. A perfect book to provide novice folders with an understanding of origami techniques. Models include penguin, sailboat, basketball hoop, banger, star box, butterfly, fortune teller, ninja star, Jaws 2, narrow box, mouse with cheese, pipe, wild goat, skunk, Wentworth bowl, Welsh corgi. 128 pp. PB. (S-LI) #B11-117 $21.95 Robinson/WORLD'S BEST ORIGAMI: Over 100 models! An extensive basics chapter covers diagram symbols and making shapes, divisions, and bases. Subsequent chapters are dedicated to bird, animal, flower, people, container, geometric, modular, practical, and fun models. Each chapter starts with simple models and builds in difficulty. Traditional models are included, along with models by the author and by origami creators from around the world (for example, Eric Joisel's "Fancy Swan", Chris Alexander's "Howling at the Moon", Gilad Aharoni's "Crying Baby", Florence Temko's "Classic Bowl", Thoki Yenn's "Umulius Rectangulum", Shuzo Fujimoto's "Apple"). 312 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11-126 $19.95 Sakoda/ORIGAMI FLOWERS: Reprint of Origami Flower Arrangement, a very popular book now out of print. Eleven chapters of instruction on

how to fold many flowers, vases, stems & leaves, and how to arrange them in the Japanese IKEBANA style; photos of completed models. 83 pp. PB. (I-C) #B99-102 $7.95 Shafer/ORIGAMI OOH LA LA: 137 original action models for performance and play. Most models previously available only in the Bay Area Rapid Folders newsletter. Models range from "super simple" to "insanely complex" and include notes on using the model as part of a performance. Excellent diagrams, a section on origami basics, graphical contents pages, and a whole chapter on origami flashers ­ pleated designs that collapse and expand like magic. 254 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11101 $19.99 Shall/PAPERCOPIA: 24 inventive and enjoyable models, simple to complex, in author's first book. Includes the Basket, Cross-shaped Dish, Rabbit, Lily, Soccer Ball, Candlestick, Flying Crane on a Stand Moneyfold, Claw Hammer, Daffodil and more. Excellent hand-drawn diagrams, chapters on symbols, techniques and diagramming methods, graphical Contents pages and color photos of all models. 128 pp. HC. (SC) #B07-107 $21.95 Skibinski/MODULAR ORIGAMI VERTIGO: Polish title: Origami Modulowy Zawrot Glowy. 30 modular creations from kusudamas to cubes to rings to stars (and a few letterfolds). A wonderful collection of modular types that is sure to please everyone. Color photos of models are shown on the front and back cover, diagrams are very clear and easy to follow. In Polish. 88 pp. PB. (I) #B12-102 $14.00 Song/CREASE + FOLD: 40 original origami models including a frog, bunny, gorilla, baby elephant, blue whale, koala, watercolor paper orchid, heart with wings, junk mail bracelet, subway map wallet, deer head trophy, sakura blossom lampshade, and much more. Beautiful color photos including one of the Origami Christmas Tree at the American Museum of Natural History. Detailed instructions for all common bases make this book accessible to all levels of folders 160 pp. PB. (I) #B11104 $19.99 Sprung/21 ORIGAMI STERNE: In German. 21 origami stars; 15 are modulars, 6 are from a single sheet. The book starts with photos of each model folded from different papers to show the various looks that are possible. Another photo section provides additional assembly hints for some of the models. Folding symbols are explained, as well as various methods to create hexagons, octagons, and rectangle paper. These stars are wonderful to fold and gorgeous to behold. 96 pp. PB. (LI-HI) #B12104 $40.00 Stern/ANIMATED ORIGAMI FACES: 6 models with mouths and eyes that open and shut, a Talking Bird, Mask Super Hero, Blowfish, Singer, Choir, African Mask; 6 models with Jaws that snap and ears that pop out, Elephant, Panda, Dog, Baboon, Wolf and Monkey. Have paper, have fun! A delightful book that will entertain children for hours and stimulate you to create your own masks and talking faces. 47 pp. PB. (S-I) #B07-111 $5.95 Stern/JEWISH HOLIDAY ORIGAMI: 24 models, each with an explanation of the significance of the holiday symbol; divided into 3 experience levels (S-I-C). Clearly detailed diagrams and captions explain steps for an entire year's worth of holiday projects from Chanukah Dreidels & a Menorah with Candles to Passover Pyramids and a model of the Red Sea Parting, as well as projects for weekly observances including Sabbath Candles and a Kiddush Cup. 64 pp. PB. (S-C) #B06103 $5.95 Stern/ORIGAMI GAMES: Part one consists of instructions for folding 21 origami game pieces. Part two has competitive and cooperative games to play with the origami. A final section describes how to use the games in the classroom and how to incorporate origami in curriculums. Also includes a template to create and document your own games. A great book for kids, but also for origami teachers, youth groups, office Olympics, or anywhere you want to entertain the young or young at heart. 96 pp. HC. (S-I) #B10-107 $15.95 Stern/OUTSIDE THE BOX ORIGAMI: Scott Wasserman Stern started writing this book when he was 14, and here he presents 20 original models from simple to expert. Models include traditional origami subjects with a twist ­ a Star of David as a color-changed motif in a ring, a crane with a crane as a head, a heart ring with the heart standing up vertically,

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a flower with stem, leaves, and surrounding grass from one sheet, a pig with wings, a nice ghost, and more. The model that gives its name to the book is a pair of hands rising out of a box to fold a sheet of paper! 112 pp. HC. (S-C) #B11-106 $19.95 Takahama/CREATIVE LIFE WITH ORIGAMI BOOK III: In Japanese with English titles. A gorgeous book with beautiful color photos illustrating most of the 100+ folds; section on Japanese zodiac, dolls, action toys, flowers & modulars. ISBN 4-8377-1290-8. 185 pp. PB. (S-C) #B96-203 $34.00 Takai/A GUIDE TO FOLD DINOSAURS: In Japanese. 8 dinos with lots of personality and satisfying folding sequences. These one-piece models include T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegasaurus and Futabasaurus. Color photos. ISBN 978-4-416-30803-5. 86 pp. PB. (I-HI) #B08-107 $22.95 Temko/A THOUSAND CRANES: Subtitle: Origami Projects for Peace and Happiness. The story of Sadako Sasaki, cranes in Japanese culture, and how to fold an origami crane. Includes ideas for projects with cranes, instructions on stringing cranes, and on sending cranes to Japan. Book includes 48 sheets of colorful, patterned duo-chiyogami paper to get you started. 24 pp. + 48 tear-out Chiyogami sheets. PB. (LI) #B11-128 $12.00 Terry/LICENSE TO FOLD: In English & French. 29 models by a who's who of new and familiar international luminaries, including biographies, interviews and commentary; also wonderful color pictures of completed models, as well as a picture index. 160 pp. HC. (I-C) #B09-105 $58.00 Trollip/ORIGAMI SEQUENCE: 21 original designs that range from the intermediate Scream! mask to the very complex Little Mermaid. Also includes Skull, Clown, King Tut, Crucifix, Teddy Bear, Hippocampus, Clydesdale horse, Three Wise Monkeys, Border Collie, Orangutan, Grizzly Bear, Grey Wolf, Bald Eagle, Springbok, African Elephant, White Rhino, and more. The diagrams each start with a couple of paragraphs about the model, a crease pattern, recommended paper type/size/color, folding difficulty, ratio of paper size to model size, and the estimated time to fold the model. Book text is English and French; step instructions are English only. 176 pp. HC. (I-Very Complex) #B10-126 $61.00 Tubis & Brown/DECORATIVE ORIGAMI BOXES FROM SINGLE SQUARES: Container fans will enjoy these original origami boxes. The clever folding patterns create flower-like geometric decorations. For each design choose between making it a one-piece self-closing box or a decorative lid for a standard Masu box. 20 pp. PB, spiral-bound. (I) #B04106 $14.00 Turner/GARDEN FOLDS: 19 wonderful models of things found in your garden, flowers, grasses, trees, mushrooms, vines and a picket fence together with the smiling sun and the Man in the Moon; many are boxpleated. Color photos. 176 pp. PB, spiral-bound. (I) #B96-119 $15.00 Versnick/ORIGAMI MADE IN HOLLAND: In English and Dutch. 30 models by several Dutch origami creators. Categories include letterfolds (such as Beach and Ice Cream), money folds (such as Stick Your Tongue Out), 3-Dimensional Folds (such as Dutch Wooden Shoe), 2-Dimensional Folds (such as Celebration numbers including 25, 30, 40, and 75), Tessellations, and 2-Fold Santa. 40 pp. PB, (S-HI) #B11-119 $11.00 Vietnam Origami Group/50 HOURS OF ORIGAMI: In English and French. 31 original models and 2 additional crease patterns from the Vietnam Origami Group presented in a high quality hardcover book by Nicolas Terry. Models include Miss Vietnam, Wizard, Rabbit, Monkey, Sumo Wrestler, Fighting Cock, Cat, Kittens, Horse, Buddha, Spectacled Bear, Dragon, Anthurium, Chef Rat (with toque blanche and spoon!), Water Buffalo, Werewolf, and more. Color photos of models, clear diagrams. 192 pp. HC, (C) #B11-136 $62.50 Wright/TOILET PAPER ORIGAMI: Wow your friends in the loo, astonish them in the WC and entertain them on the throne. 91 pp. PB. (S-I) #B09106 $14.95 Yamaguchi/CHOPSTICK RESTS WITH CHOPSTICK WRAPPERS: In Japanese. A fun book with unique models to fold from chopstick wrappers - chopstick rests (heart, snake, dog, pea pod, mouse, boot, duck, cat, swan, etc), amusements (flag, food grabber, clapping hands, pipe, balancer, propeller, diamond ring), and a few money folds (shirt, glider, butterfly, high heeled shoe). Color photo index. ISBN 9784569703633. 72 pp. PB. (S-I) #B10-128 $23.00

Yamaguchi/ERIC JOISEL ­ THE MAGICIAN OF ORIGAMI: In English and Japanese. The amazing origami art of the late Eric Joisel. Photos of his origami masterpieces with notes by Eric on the inspiration and creation of his models. There are small photos of his working notes and crease patterns, an interview with Eric, an article by Robert J. Lang and David Brill, several essays by Eric , and diagrams for his famous Rat and Dwarf. 144 pp. HC. (C) #B11-114 $95.00 Yamaguchi/WORKS OF SATOSHI KAMIYA: In English & Japanese. This eagerly awaited book by an amazing young creator, Satoshi Kamiya, contains 19 super-complex models of wonderful creatures, e.g. Carnotasaurus, Eagle Ray, Divine Dragon, The Divine Goar, Coelophysis, Mammuthus primigenius & more. 195 pp. PB. (C-Super C) #B04-108 $75.00 Yamaguchi/WORKS OF SEIJI NISHIKAWA: In Japanese & English. 32 models covering 22 years; clear diagrams, color photos. 194 pp. PB. (HIC) #B03-103 $65.00


Gurkewitz & Arnstein/BEGINNER'S BOOK OF MODULAR ORIGAMI POLYHEDRA: Models represent different ways to fold each of the five Platonic solids, providing a better understanding of their geometric properties. 16 models, including classics such as the Jackson and Sonobe Cubes, Neale's Octahedron, and Simon's Gyroscope. Clear diagrams and detailed descriptions for assembly. 60 pp. PB. (S-I) #B10103 $6.95 Gurkewitz & Arnstein/MULTIMODULAR ORIGAMI POLYHEDRA: Includes Archimedeans, Buckyballs and Duality. 80 pp. PB. (I-C) #B03102 $7.95 Hull/ORIGAMI 3: THIRD INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF ORIGAMI, SCIENCE, MATH & EDUCATION: 31 scholarly papers, many by renowned paperfolders, on origami math, uses of origami in science, and origami in education. 368 pp. PB. (S-I) #B02-104 $59.00 Hull/PROJECT ORIGAMI: Activities for Exploring Mathematics: Uses origami to learn about: Solving Cubic Equations, Buckyballs and PHiZZ units, Matrix models for kids, Gaussian Curvatures and much more. 245 pp. PB. (C) #B06-102 $39.00 Kallevig/NATURE FOLD-ALONG STORIES: Twelve educational stories about plants and animals illustrated with step-by-step instructions for twelve easy origami models. Topics include habitat, food chain, photosynthesis, metamorphosis, species characteristics, and prime numbers. Follow-up activities are suggested to combine with art, language, geography and science lessons. Quizzes included for several lessons. 78 pp. PB. (S) #B10-116 $11.95 Lang/ORIGAMI 4: FOURTH INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF ORIGAMI, SCIENCE, MATH & EDUCATION: The editor, Robert Lang, has compiled scholarly papers, many by renowned paperfolders, on origami math, uses of origami in science and origami in education. A wonderful resource for educators. 576 pp. PB. (S-C) #B09-109 $79.00 Simon, Arnstein & Gurkewitz/MODULAR ORIGAMI POLYHEDRA: This book is divided into 6 sections devoted to various modulars, preliminary instructions on how to adapt paper or money to starting shapes to create more than 35 modular polyhedra, including a stellated octahedron, a gyroscope, 14-sided cuboctrahedron, and much more. Many black & white photos of completed models. 59 pp. PB. (S-C) #B99103 $7.95 Tubis & Mills/UNFOLDING MATHEMATICS WITH ORIGAMI BOXES: Detailed folding & assembly instructions for 28 activities. Excellent for high school geometry & algebra teachers as well as middle school; has practical classroom tips that range from supplies needed, models & diagrams, philosophy of creators, discussions of various cultures where origami flourishes. Color photos. 189 pp. PB. (S-I) #B05-104 $18.95 Wang-Iverson & Lang & Yim/ORIGAMI 5: FIFTH INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF ORIGAMI, SCIENCE, MATH & EDUCATION: A compilation of papers exploring the connections between origami and art,

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education, science, math, and technology. 646 pp. PB. (S-C) #B11-123 $69.95

both sides, and a DVD with video instructions. Models include a large, elegant $3 Crane, a $3 4-pointed star, a heart locket that locks shut, a dolphin, and the Happy, Good Fortune Bat. 32 pp + DVD. Booklet. (I) #B11-137 $8.95 Montroll/DOLLAR BILL ANIMALS IN ORIGAMI: 33 models including fish, birds, animals and dinosaurs. Wonderful models for gifts and tips. 119 pp. PB. (I-C) #B00-101 $14.95 Montroll/DOLLAR BILL ORIGAMI: 37 models including dragons, dragonfly, geometrics, peacock, Star of David, toys, windmill and more; clear diagrams, index indicates skill level of model. 120 pp. PB. (S-C) #B04-104 $14.95 Montroll/EASY DOLLAR BILL ORIGAMI: 32 easy models excellent for leaving as tips or jazzing up a monetary gift. Diagrams use dark and light green to illustrate the two sides of a bill. Models include heart, sailboat, bowtie, fox, elephant, bat, tulip with stem, butterfly, cardinal, duck, swan owl, penguin, fish, woman, and a full-figure George Washington. Finished models shown in full color. 48 pp. PB. (S-LI) #B10-117 $4.95 OrigamiUSA/MAKING MORE WITH MONEY: This OrigamiUSA publication opens with a history of money folding and an origami basics section. 38 models by various creators, including Fred Rohm's Sniffing Bunny and Alice Gray's Snake. 96 pp. PB. Sprial-bound. (S-C) #B-4 $15.00 OrigamiUSA/MAKING EVEN MORE WITH MONEY: 35 money folds including a dress, birds, bowtie, tree, Washington Crossing the Delaware, Abe in A Stovepipe Hat, owl, rings, seahorse, blow up bunny, penny pocket, 21 diamond dollar, bear cub, a complex kangaroo and crab, and more. Great for making cash gifts or restaurant tips more memorable. 76 pp. PB, Spiral bound. (S-C) #B-6 $11.50 Park/DOLLAR ORIGAMI: 10 original models designed by master money folder Won Park and diagrammed by Marcio Noguchi. Models include Double Crane, Crab, Camera (SLR type), Butterfly, Frog, Penguin, Eagle, Shark, Scorpion, and a marvelous Koi Fish with scales and barbels. Models are designed to make great use of markings on a dollar bill ­ swirls appear as eyes on the penguin and koi, and markings enhance the butterfly wings. 100 sheets of practice money included.80 pp. PB, Spiral bound. (I-C) #B11-135 $19.95


LaFosse & Alexander/PLANES FOR BRAINS: 28 origami airplane models to fold without cuts, paste, or tape. The authors have developed a unique collection of darts, gliders, and hybrids that allow you to fly faster, farther, and longer. Text covers selecting and preparing paper, folding techniques, paper airplane design, and hosting a paper plane contest (even suggested opening and closing ceremony speeches!) While not going into great detail on the science of lift and drag, there is a section on terminology that explains these concepts. Large, clear diagrams. Includes a DVD demonstrating the folding of every model. 96 pp. HC. (S-I) #B11127 $18.95 Norvell/AIRIGAMIDO: Realistic Origami Aircraft: Here's the airplane book to have, make a hangarful of realistic airplanes including F-22, Concorde and F-16 Tomcat. 14 fantastic planes that really fly and 4 display models. The included CD allows you to print out patterns or "skins" for the aircraft. 114 pp. PB. (I-HI) #B08-109 $20.00 Weinstein/STATIONERY FLIGHT: Extraordinary Paper Airplanes: 30 sensational airplanes with description of each plane's aerodynamics, paper that works best. Includes a biplane that really flies and a jet bomber that launches missiles in flight. 144 pp. PB. (S-C) #B04-101 $15.95


Chen/GREEN ORIGAMI GIFTS: 35 money folds designed by Sy Chen, including Yuan Bao, Ancient Chinese Coin, Scottie dog, Goldfish, Pegasus, Pyramid in Pyramid, Gift Box, Shopping Cart, Mug, Eagle Star Badge, Mortarboard, Award Ribbon, Necktie, Dragon Boat, Rocking Horse, Monoplane, Windmill, and the playful Can Love be $qua$hed II. Includes instructions on getting dollar bill ratio paper from square, US letter, or A4 paper. 92 pp. SC. (S-I) #B11-107 $17.95 Fukumoto/GUIDE TO AMERICAN MONEY FOLDS: 25 money folds featuring an impressive Statue of Liberty with torch and crown folded from a single $ bill. Other models include a cat and bear where the swirls on the bills are perfectly placed for eyes, a gecko, alligator, Christmas tree with star on top, high heel shoe, heart, ring, crane, guitar, graduation cap, lucky frog, fortune cookie, peacock, dog, rose, plumeria, and more. Diagrams are photos of bills superimposed with fold lines, so the orientation of the bills and landmarks are clear and easy to follow. Beautiful color photos and a stay-open spiral binding. 134 pp. HC with internal spiral-binding. (I) #B05-105 $21.95 Fukumoto/GUIDE TO ISLAND-STYLE MONEY FOLDS: (Formerly called The Guide to Hawaiian-Style money Folds) Includes aloha shirt, slippers (aka flip-flops or thongs), ukelele, whimisical gecko, pineapple, plumerias & Maui roses for leis, a lucky frog (holds coin in mouth), seashell, coconut frond fish, flower envelope, frog envelope, care tips for $ folds; color throughout. 128 pp. Spiral-Bound HC. (I) #B03-101 $12.99 Kaplan/MONEY ROSE: A wonderful gift idea! Learn to construct a wonderful rose from 6 dollar bills and commonly available florist accessories. 8 pp. Booklet. (I) #B98-105 $6.95 LaFosse/MONEY ORIGAMI: Make the Most of Your Dollar. This boxed kit includes a book with diagrams, a DVD demonstrating the folding, and 60 fake dollar bills to practice your folds. 21 models include the X-wallet, "Eye" Ring, Haverhill High Top Shoe, Monkey Face Ring, Jumping Frog with Eyes, Chinese Dragon, Three-Dollar Step Pyramid, Wheel of Fortune, Butterfly, Airplane, Angel, Shirt, boxes, and more. Great for giving as gifts or leaving as tips. 64 pp + DVD. Booklet. (S-I) #B10-105 $16.95 LaFosse & Alexander/MINI MONEY ORIGAMI: An excellent value! Includes a booklet with 5 unique models, 40 fake dollar bills printed on


Oppenheimer & Epstein/DECORATIVE NAPKIN FOLDING FOR BEGINNERS: 22 ways to fold paper or cloth napkins into ingenious shapes; will add a touch of festivity to any dinner; clear and easy to follow diagrams; good gift book for your hostess. 43 pp. PB. (S) #B96-103 $4.95 Oppenheimer & Epstein/MORE DECORATIVE NAPKIN FOLDING: 22 more fun ways to turn a god meal into a gala occasion; clear and easy to follow diagrams; another good gift book for your hostess. 47 pp. PB. (S) #B96-104 $4.95 Playford/WRAPAGAMI: The Japanese art of furoshiki uses a few simple twists and ties to transform a square of fabric into reusable, eco-friendly gift wrap or package totes. Twenty-five wraps for every shape package are presented in easy-to-follow diagrams. Beautiful photos of the finished wraps and ideas for decorative embellishments for every occasion. Book includes a brief history of furoshiki. 128 pp. PB. (S-I) #B11-116 $19.99 Rutzky & Palmer/SHADOWFOLDS: Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Geometric Designs in Fabric. Detailed Instructions to create intricate tessellation patterns in fabric with strategically placed knots or a bit of stitching. Projects include Pentagonal Star Pillow, Octagram Book Cover, Peace Purse, Star-flower Pillbox Hat, Twist Necktie, Pinwheel Path Lamp, Zillij Tablecloth, and much more. Lots of color photos 128 pp. HC. (I-HI) #B11-102 $27.95

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KAMI: Standard origami paper, 20 assorted bright colors specified otherwise); colored on one side, white on the other. 1.5 " squares 500 sheets P01-1117 2" squares 245 sheets P02-1052 3" squares 500 sheets P03-1275 3" squares pastels 1005 sheets P03-1709 3" squares 50 colors 240 sheets P03-2015 6" squares 60 colors 500 sheets P06-1735 6" squares 100 sheets P06-1101 6" squares 402 sheets P06-1136 10" squares 100 sheets P10-1102 (unless $3.00 $3.00 $8.50 $12.00 $5.00 $20.75 $5.50 $17.50 $13.00

Also great for butterflies, flowers, kusudamas, and other models that feature both sides of the paper. 6" squares 100 sheets P10-1126 $10.50 DUO RED/GOLD: Red kami on one side and sparkly gold foil on the other. Somewhat heavyweight paper. This color combination is traditionally associated with wishes for good luck and prosperity. 6" squares 10 sheets P10-7506 $7.00 DUO RED/GREEN: Kami weight paper all red on one side with dark green on reverse; excellent for strawberries, toys modulars, and floral models that show both sides of the paper. 6" squares 100 sheets P50-8226 $6.50 DUO RED/YELLOW: Kami weight paper all sheets red on one side and yellow on the reverse. Could be an economical alternative to using red/gold. Great for butterflies, flowers, kusudamas, and other models that feature both sides of the paper. 6" squares 100 sheets P10-1016 $10.50 GLASSINE: Very thin, transparent paper great for models that are enhanced by allowing light to shine through, such as window stars, snowflakes, and tessellations. 10 colors, 50 sheets of each color. 6" squares 500 sheets P15-8256 $19.95 HANJI MONO: Very thin and strong mulberry paper. Folds crisply. 10 colors, 2 sheets of each. Monocolor (same color on both sides). 6" squares 20 sheets P10-K026 $4.00 LANTERN PAPER: Translucent paper that has been treated to be flame resistant. Paper can be used for making tealight holders, covers for strings of mini lights, or a pleated lamp cover. 2 monocolor sheets each of 6 colors. Large 12 inch squares can be cut to smaller sizes. 12" squares 12 sheets P15-LP12 $13.95 MINGEI UNRYU: Very thin Unryu paper with strands of kozo fibers that add strength to the paper. One side is smooth and one side has some texture from the fibers. Paper is softer than kami, but able to hold a crisp fold. Same color on both sides. 10 colors in package. 6" squares 10 sheets P10-7506M $4.50 MONOCOLOR: Assorted colors; kami weight paper, but with same color on both sides; vivid colors. 6" squares 48 sheets P10-5206 $4.50 PAPER SQUARES: Brightly colored, thin, and strong, this paper is ideal for complex models and models that would cause ordinary kami to tear. Colors in the package include scarlet, yellow, brown, black, emerald, orange, white, pink, aqua, and dark blue. Same color both sides, though one side has a slight shine. Recyclable. 9" squares 200 sheets P10-PCN9 $7.50 TANT PAPER: High quality paper thicker than kami; same color on both sides. Great for dry sculpting and perfect for wet-folding. 6" squares,12 shades/Red­48 sheets P09-6801 $7.00 6" squares,12 shades/Blue­48 sheets P09-6802 $7.00 6" squares,12 shades/Yellow­48 sheets P09-6803 $7.00 6" squares,12 shades/Green­48 sheets P09-6804 $7.00 12" squares, 12 shades Red-24 sheets P09-TR12 $15.00 12" squares, 12 shades Blue-24 sheets P09-TB12 $15.00 12" squares, 12 shades Yellow-24 sheets P09-TY12 $15.00 12" squares, 12 shades Green-24 sheets P09-TG12 $15.00

KAMI 3" ALL ONE COLOR: Standard origami paper, all one color in a package, colored on one side and white on reverse. Available in the following colors: red, green cobalt blue, pink, purple, yellow. Specify color please. 3" squares 200 sheets P10-3803 $4.00 KAMI 6" ALL ONE COLOR 100 Sheets: Standard origami paper, all one color in a package, colored on one side and white on reverse. Available in the following colors: black, baby blue, cobalt (previously called medium blue), dark brown, light brown, cranberry, fuchsia, dark green, lime green, pale green, grey, lavender, orange, baby pink, hot pink, purple. Specify color please. 6 " squares 100 sheets P10-7606 $5.50 KAMI 6" ALL ONE COLOR 50 Sheets: Standard origami paper, all one color in a package, colored on one side and white on reverse. Available in the following colors: baby blue, baby pink, medium blue (replaces cobalt), bright sky blue, fuschia, hot pink, light brown, light green (replaces pale green), lime green, navy blue, orange, pink, raspberry (replaces cranberry) red, yellow, white. Specify color please. 6 " squares 50 sheets P10-8606 $3.25 CELLOPHANE: A very foldable, thin, and transparent cellophane. Package includes 4 sheets red, and 2 sheets each of clear, yellow, green, and blue. 6" squares 12 sheets P99-7326 $2.50 COLOR MESH: "Paper" made of stiffened net in various bright colors (same on both sides); gives models and ethereal look but is challenging to fold. Finished models have a unique look. 6" squares 20 sheets P08-1006 $6.00 CONTRASTING DUO: Colors on both sides in assorted wildly contrasting colors in unexpected combinations; kami weight. 6" squares 44 sheets P50-3006 $5.00 CREPE DUO: Assorted bright colors with corresponding pastel on reverse of crepe-textured paper. 6" squares 10 sheets P09-5016 $4.50 DUO: Assorted colors; both sides colored; with some exceptions colors tend to be complimentary rather than contrasting; kami weight. 6" squares 20 sheets P50-8206 $3.50 10' squares 20 sheets P50-8210 $7.00 DUO BLUE/YELLOW: Kami weight paper all sheets blue on one side and yellow on the reverse. Great for butterflies, flowers, kusudamas, and other models that feature both sides of the paper. 6" squares 100 sheets P10-1036 $10.50 DUO GREEN/LIGHT GREEN: Kami weight paper all sheets dark green on one side and light green on the reverse. Great for making more realistic leaves and foliage, or to use for an ecological ("green") project. 6" squares 100 sheets P10-1046 $10.50 DUO GREEN/YELLOW: Kami weight paper all sheets green on one side and yellow on the reverse. Great for butterflies, flowers, kusudamas, and other models that feature both sides of the paper. 6" squares 100 sheets P10-1116 $10.50 DUO RED/BLACK: By popular demand! Kami weight paper all sheets red on one side and black on the reverse. Perfect for cardinal models.


BEETLE PAPER: Soft kami weight paper in various colors with a lovely gold iridescence; wonderful for beetles and other bugs. 6" squares 20 sheets P99-2006 $10.50 BUNCH OF FLOWERS DUO: 4 differently colored flower patterns on white background; kami weight. Reverse is matching solid color. 6" squares 20 sheets P50-K046 $2.00

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CONCENTRIC CORNERS: Assorted colors; corners are one color which fades into another color which fades into white in the center of the paper; good for flowers, animals and birds; kami weight. 2" squares 220 sheets P40-K142 $2.00 3" squares 200 sheets P08-7303 $5.00 6" squares 55 sheets P08-7306 $5.00 CONCENTRIC CORNERS DUO: Assorted colors; corners are one color which fades into another color which fades into white in the center of the paper; good for flowers, animals and birds; kami weight. Reverse is matching solid color. 3" squares 100 sheets P50-K133 $2.00 CORONA: 10 assorted color combinations with a bullseye center that fades into different colors; white reverse; kami weight. 2" squares 220 sheets P40-K152 $2.00 CORONA HARMONY: 5 assorted color combinations with a bullseye center that fades into different colors; white reverse; kami weight. 6" squares 25 sheets P10-1626 $3.00 DIAGONAL STRIPES: 10 assorted color combinations of diagonal stripes; white reverse; kami weight. 2" squares 220 sheets P40-K162 $2.00 DUO FLORAL: Assorted pastel colors; kami weight; solid color on one side, matching small floral pattern on reverse side. 3" squares 125 sheets P50-8066a $4.50 DUO POLKA DOTS: Solid color paper with a pattern of small white polka dots. Reverse side is a different color also with white polka dots. Both sides shiny and smooth. Package contains 8 color combinations. 6" squares 16 sheets P10-7516 $4.00 DUO SMALL CIRCLES: Overall pattern of small circles, 2 colors on a sheet with pale background and coordinating color on reverse; smooth, crisp kami weight, assorted colors. 6" squares 24 sheets P06-5896 $4.00 DUO STARS: Solid background with contrasting color stars, color on reverse side matches color of stars. 6 color combinations. Heavier than kami. 6" squares 36 sheets P10-7546 $7.50 DUO STRIPES: Colorful stripes on front, color on reverse matches main stripe color. 6 color combinations. Heavier than kami. 6" squares 36 sheets P10-7556 $7.50 EMBOSSED ROSE PATTERN DUO: A pattern of roses and leaves on a colored background. Paper has slight vertical embossing that provides a pleasing texture. Four colors with matching solid color on reverse. Heavier than kami. 6" squares 12 sheets P50-K056 $2.00 FLORAL AND CRAFT MEGA PACK 6": A combo package of 100 sheets of floral chiyogami, 5 patterns with white reverse (same patterns as 3" Floral Mega Pack); and 100 sheets of thin kraft paper printed with traditional designs, 4 patterns with 3 color schemes per pattern. The kraft paper has a light brown reverse. 6" squares 200 sheets P10-KFC6 $10.00 FLORAL MEGA PACK 3": 5 different floral designs in red, blue, purple, green, and yellow shades. Slightly thinner than kami, white reverse. The paper folds nicely and the colors would enhance many small models, but is particularly nice with modulars and stars. 3" squares 300 sheets P10-FLC3 $9.00 IRODORINO CHIYOGAMI: Cloudlike background colors with colorful overlay patterns (maple leaves, flowers, fans and butterflies); slightly heavier than kami weight. 6" squares 24 sheets P40-7206A $5.00 LACE CHIYOGAMI FLOWER: Thin paper printed with a design reminiscent of a lace doily. Shiny, smooth finish on the printed side, reverse is white with a matte finish. Paper is somewhat translucent and crisp, creases are sharp and reverse well. The lace pattern will provide a unique look to many models (the traditional crane looks great!), and particularly nice for modular stars, rings, and tea bag folding. 6 colors with 6 sheets of each color.

6" squares

36 sheets



LACE CHIYOGAMI RUFFLE: Thin paper printed with a flowery lace design. Shiny, smooth finish on the printed side, reverse is white with a matte finish. Paper is somewhat translucent and crisp, creases are sharp and reverse well. The lace pattern will provide a unique look to many models (the traditional crane looks great!), and particularly nice for modular stars, rings, and tea bag folding. 6 colors with 6 sheets of each color. 6" squares 36 sheets P10-7566 $7.50 MAGICAL MOVE: Paper with a curving checker board pattern. Colored squares alternate with white squares at the center and with darker squares at the edges of the paper which also provides a nice, shaded look to the pattern. 4 colors, white reverse, slightly thinner than kami. 6" squares 24 sheets P10-5936 $4.50 MARBLE PRINTS: Thin, crisp paper printed with 8 different marbled patterns. Color tones include red, green, yellow, and blue. White on the reverse side, smooth surface front and back. 6" squares 48 sheets P10-7256 $4.50 PEARLIZED: Assorted iridescent colors; kami weight with smooth shiny surface; reverse is non-iridescent white. Wonderful for jewelry and Christmas ornaments; folds very well. 6" squares 25 sheets P04-5396 $7.50 RAINBOWS: Kami weight paper, slick on both sides; rainbows of bright colors in 4 different rainbow patterns. This paper simply glows with joy! 6" squares 48 sheets P10-8666 $4.50

SENBAZURU HARMONY 3": A combination box of 4 different patterns ­ corona (bulls-eye pattern with a contrasting color center), shaded squares (lighter squares in center getting darker at the corners), shaded corners (one color gradually getting darker at the corners) and contrasting corners (light color center that darkens and changes to an analogous color at the corners). There are 8 colors of each pattern, for a total of 32 different papers. However, you get 32 sheets of each paper in this large box so you have enough for many modular possibilities. 1024 sheets also provides enough for a 1000 cranes project. 3" squares 1024 sheets P10-7583 $15.00 SHADED SQUARES: 10 assorted colors with a pattern of small squares graduating out from a lighter center to darker corners. White reverse; kami weight. 2" squares 220 sheets P40-K172 $2.00 6" squares 55 sheets P10-1636 $5.00 STRAWBERRY DUO: Red with black dots on one side, green on the other. Kami weight, perfect for folding strawberries! 3-1/2" squares 70 sheets P50-K123 $2.00 SUISAI SHIMA: Assorted colors, resembles watercolor wash of monochromatic stripes, one color on each sheet, reverse is white; kami weight. 6" squares 36 sheets P04-5556 $4.25 TEA LEAF CHIYOGAMI: This unique paper is made with green tea leaves and has a slight green tea scent. Folders have suggested that origami models folded from this paper can be left in a refrigerator, closet, or car to freshen the air. Paper is light tea colored with darker brown and green tea speckles; the front side is printed with a green leaf pattern. Slightly heavier than kami, smooth texture. Package comes with instructions for folding a tea leaf dish, pine tree, and slippers. Imported from Japan. 6" squares 20 sheets P10-7596 $5.50 TEA LEAF PAPER: This unique paper is made with green tea leaves and has a slight green tea scent. Folders have suggested that origami models folded from this paper can be left in a refrigerator, closet, or car to freshen the air. Paper is light tea colored with darker brown and green tea speckles. Slightly heavier than kami, smooth texture. Package comes with instructions for folding a bear-dish, crane, tulip, masu box, and swandish. Imported from Japan. 6" squares 30 sheets P10-7606X $5.50

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TEXTURED PEARLIZED: 6 sheets of a pebble textured pearlized paper and 6 sheets of a smooth matte pearlized paper, each a different color. Kami weight; good for jewelry, ornaments, stars, or any project that needs some sparkle. 6" squares 12 sheets P50-K066 $2.00 TEXTURED PEARLIZED WITH DUO: 6 sheets of a pebble textured pearlized paper, 5 sheets of a smooth matte pearlized paper, each a different color. The smooth paper is duo, with a contrasting pearliized matte color on the reverse. Kami weight. 6" squares 11 sheets P50-K076 $2.00 WHITE ON WHITE: Kami weight translucent white flowers (2 different) on slick white background; same color on reverse. 6" squares 45 sheets P02-5306 $8.50 WOOD INLAY: Kami weight paper with a print of intricate inlaid wood patterns; reverse of paper is white. Package includes instructions for a modular hexagonal box. 6" squares 12 sheets P10-7416 $4.25 YOSUMI BOKASHI: Various pastel colors flowing into each other interestingly, 2 colors & white on each sheet; smooth finish, kami weight, folds well. 6" squares 40 sheets P05-5606 $4.25 YUME IRODORI MAPLE: 4 colors of paper with a pattern of autumn maple leaves. Paper has a light linen texture with a white reverse. 6" squares 28 sheets P10-5686 $4.50 ZUKUSHI CHIYOGAMI: 48 unique (4 each) Japanese patterns in many colors, reverse is white, kami weight; in a soft plastic case. 3" squares 180 sheets P09-8453 $11.50 6" squares 192 sheets P04-Y701 $15.50

ORI-WASHI CHIYO: Kami weight, 30 chiyogami designs in various colors, reverse is white; packed in soft plastic box. 3" squares 360 sheets P40-5123 $10.00 6" squares 150 sheets P40-5136 $14.00 PEARL MOMI: Heavy washi with wrinkled texture and pearl sheen on assorted bright colors; reverse is white. 6" squares 14 sheets P05-5766 $6.00 RED MAPLE LEAF: Red lacquer-look maple leaves on black background; strikingly beautiful paper that folds well. 6" squares 10 sheets P06-7036 $7.50 SAIKOSHI: Assorted striking colors with fine silk threads embedded, giving paper a slight sheen; reverse is same as background color without fibers. 6" squares 24 sheets P05-5846 $7.50 SPECIAL FLORAL YUZEN: Assorted vibrant colors with lots of gold inks; various floral designs on traditional Japanese backgrounds; reverse is white. 6" squares 10 sheets P06-5966 $8.50 STARRY LACE: Delicate lace pattern in assorted colors (one color per sheet) on white background; reverse is white. 6" squares 12 sheets P06-7066 $5.50 VERY SPECIAL CHIYOGAMI: Different assortment in each package; hand printed exquisite traditional Japanese patterns; most incorporate metallic inks. 6" squares 20 sheets P40-8106S $9.50


CHIYOGAMI: Different assortment in each package; non-metallic multicolored patterns, including florals and geometrics; washi, heavier and softer than kami. 3" squares 144 sheets P40-8103 $4.25 6" squares 48 sheets P40-8106 $6.00 CRANE PAPER: Four colors of paper with a pattern of folded origami cranes and cherry blossoms. Slightly heavier than kami. 6" squares 36 sheets P10-5086 $5.00 EXTRA FANCY CHIYOGAMI: Different assortment in each package; several multicolored patterns, some with metallic flakes and most with silk threads embossed; all are slightly textured and soft on both sides; heavier and softer than kami. 6" squares 30 sheets P40-8006X $9.00 FLORAL SILVER: A field of different, decorative, delicate metallic silver flowers on assorted monocolor washi paper; especially beautiful design. 6" squares 10 sheets P06-5996 $8.00 FLOWER AND LEAF DUO: 6 shaded colors in the "bokashi" style with shiny fibers embedded, reverse is matching solid color. Slightly softer than kami. Looks great in flowers and leaves. 3" squares 60 sheets P50-K013 $2.00 INDIGO AND GOLD YUZEN: Special washi paper with rich indigo and blue colors accented with gold. 5 sheets each a different design. Would make striking models to accent greeting or Artist Trading Cards. Heavier than kami, reverse is white. 6" squares 5 sheets P40-7316 $6.00 MIZORE CHIYOGAMI: Papers in 5 deep jewel tones (red, blue, green, purple, black) with gold metallic marbling on top. Slightly heavier and softer than kami, reverse is white. 6" squares 10 sheets P10-5796 $7.00 AMERICAN FOIL: Durable foil in brilliant colors; great all-purpose folding paper; reverse side is white and holds color dyes well. Assorted Solid Colors: 6-1/4" squares 10" squares Assorted Mosaic Colors: 6-1/4" squares 40 sheets 50 sheets 100 sheets P20-9006 P20-9010 P20-9006A $3.50 $7.50 $8.00

AMERICAN FOIL MATTE: Durable foil with a non-shiny finish; assorted soft colors especially suitable for flowers and jewelry; reverse side is white and holds color dyes well. 6-1/4" squares 100 sheets P20-9106M $8.00 10" squares 50 sheets P20-9010M $7.75 AMERICAN FOIL ONE COLOR: (Specify color please) Medium blue, peacock blue (teal), copper, fuchsia, gold, dark green, pink, purple, silver, mosaic gold, mosaic red, mosaic silver, mosaic teal, matte gold, matte spring green, matte lilac, matte pink, matte opal, matte red, matte fuschia. 6-1/4" squares 100 sheets P20-9000 $7.50 DUO DOUBLE FOIL: Foil on both sides, heavier than American Foil. Good for models that show both sides of the paper and you want to be uniformly shiny. Note, however, that reversing valleys to mountains can be challenging with double foil. 10 sheets each: red/gold, blue/gold, green/gold, gold/gold, silver/silver. 6" squares 50 sheets P15-99556 $12.95 DUO FOIL: Assorted vibrant colors on one side and foil on the reverse; kami weight. 6" squares 18 sheets P08-6006 $4.50 EMBOSSED METALLIC ASSORTMENT: A selection of metallic papers in gold, silver, and copper with various embossed patterns. Beautiful paper custom cut for us by our supplier! Heavier than kami, excellent for models that need to be a bit more sturdy. Would make wonderful tops for origami gift boxes, holiday ornaments, and ideal for simple/intermediate models used for origami jewelry . Reverse is white. 6" squares 24 sheets P20-JP01 $14.50

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TEXTURED GOLD AND SILVER FANCY FOIL: Thin Japanese foil in gold and silver with various surface textures. Reverse is white on some and beige on others. 5.75" squares 16 sheets P20-5956 $10.00 JAPANESE BRILLIANT FOIL: Assorted bright colors; very thin foil; especially good for miniatures or other models with multiple layers. 3" squares 6" squares 10" squares 100 sheets 24 sheets 18 sheets P09-8093 P20-9506 P10-9510 P08-9503G P08-9503S P08-9503R $4.50 $4.00 $8.00 $3.25 $3.25 $3.25

BAMBOO CREASER: Flat tapered, pointed bamboo folding stick about 5-1/2" long and ½" wide. Excellent aid to make sharp creases and get into small corners. M-BAM $2.50 BONE FOLDER: Tapered bone stick, about 5-1/2" long and ½" wide, useful for achieving sharp creases. M-BON $5.00 ENVELOPENER: Excellent for cutting a sharp edge on folded paper. M-ENV $2.25 OrigamiUSA Lanyard: Purple color 5/8" wide with OrigamiUSA sailboat logo and website address. Metal ring on bottom for attaching keys, ID holder, or folding tools. M-LANP $1.00 OrigamiUSA Lanyard: Red color 3/8" wide with OrigamiUSA sailboat logo and website address. Metal ring on bottom for attaching keys, ID holder, or folding tools. M-LANR $1.00 PLAY MONEY BILLS: Set of 105 reproduction U.S. bills in assorted denominations from $1 to $100. Actual size of real bills. M-PMB Pkg $5.00 SWEAT SHIRT: Grey with white flying cranes diagonally across the front with ORIGAMI USA in white beneath the cranes. Sizes L-XL-XXLXXXL. M-SWS $20.00

JAPANESE BRILLIANT FOIL: One color only. 3" squares, Gold 100 sheets 3" squares, Silver 100 sheets 3" squares, Red 100 sheets

JAPANESE EMBOSSED FOIL: All over patterned foil in assorted brilliant colors; reverse is white. Excellent for folding jewelry because it is thin. 6" squares 20 sheets P08-2206 $4.00 JAPANESE MATTE FOIL: Assorted bright colors with matte finish; very thin foil, especially good for miniatures and multiple layered models. 6" squares 40 sheets P20-9306 $5.00


1000 CRANES KIT: 1020 sheets of 3 inch kami in a rainbow of colors, white string, beads, and instructions for folding and stringing a display of 1000 cranes. Legend states that anyone who folds 1000 cranes is granted a wish. This makes a great project for an origami group, a school, a scout troop, or for fundraising. Also makes an impressive display for a wedding or reception. Directions are in Japanese, but are clear and easy to follow. 3" squares 1020 sheets P10-7443 $17.50 BASCETTA STAR KITS: 32 sheets of 6 inch paper and instructions for folding a beautiful Bascetta Star. The paper in the duo kits is opaque and slightly heavier than kami. The paper in the transparent kits is similar to a stiff vellum, but very foldable. Duo Blue/Silver P15-3366 $8.50 Duo Red/Gold P15-3266 $8.50 Transparent Blue P15-8006 $8.50 Transparent White P15-8366 $8.50 BOX KIT: 5 different boxes with special paper for each; English instructions with diagrams included. 6" squares P09-5051 $6.50 DOLL KIT: One chiyogami paper doll finished as a model, and materials for two other dolls. P70-80DK $5.00 FLOWER KIT: Assorted colored paper suitable for flowers; Japanese instructions with diagrams for 10 flowers included. 6" squares P09-5012 $4.50 KUSUDAMA/DUO (decorative ball) KIT: Instructions (in Japanese) and enough sheets of assorted color 4-1/2" square duo paper to make traditional kusudama, plus nylon cord to make tassel; paper is slightly heavier than kami and folds well. P70-84DK $4.25 LARGE DOLL KIT: 3 chiyogami dressed dolls with materials and pattern for additional outfits. 4" and 6" squares 24 each size P70-0046 $6.00 SPINNING TOP KIT: Makes 6 different modular spinning tops; special paper for each; English instructions with diagrams included. 6" squares P09-7071 $4.50


LaFosse/AEROGAMI: 13 great original airplane designs that fly. These exceptional models are beautiful as well as great performers and very satisfying to fold. Apply these techniques to imp[rove other models you have already folded. (I-C) #DVD-08-4 $29.99 Palmer/POLYPOUCHES COLLECTION I: This CD-ROM contains printable PD crease patterns and instructional video clips and 100 beautiful decorative box designs, PolyPouches are spiral wrappings around polyhedra. PC and Mac compatible. #CD-08 $80.00


ORIGAMI KILLER T-SHIRT: Red shirt in 100% preshrunk cotton. Design shows white scissors about to attack a white folded origami crane. The words "Origami Killer" are below on a black background. Designed by Brian Chan. These were introduced at the OrigamiUSA 2010 convention and were very popular. NOTE: NY and NJ residents pay tax on books, paper, and shipping, but do not pay taxes on clothing items. If you are paying by check please adjust the tax accordingly. SPECIFY SIZE: Medium, 2XL, 3XL #T-RED $23.00 KATYDID T-SHIRT: Black shirt in 100% preshrunk cotton. Design shows leaf katydid on the front in bright green, and the crease pattern for the model on the back of the shirt also in green. Designed by Brian Chan. These were introduced at the OrigamiUSA 2010 convention and were very popular. NOTE: NY and NJ residents pay tax on books, paper, and shipping, but do not pay taxes on clothing items. If you are paying by check please adjust the tax accordingly. SPECIFY SIZE: Small, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL #T-KAT $25.00


OrigamiUSA is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit tax exempt educational arts organization dedicated to the sharing of origami. For membership information, th contact our Home Office: OrigamiUSA, 15 West 77 Street, New York, NY 10024-5192, (212) 769-5635. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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OrigamiUSA operates the Origami Source (mailorder only) as a service to its members and the general public. Members receive a 10% discount.

Send all orders to: Origami Source c/o Hamilton 40 Lake Park Drive Piscataway, NJ 08854 Fax: 732-325-9502 Email: [email protected] Website:

U.S. AND POSSESSIONS ONLY Shipping and Handling Charges: Up to $20.00 ............... $7.75 $60.01 to $80.00 ...... $12.75 $20.02 to $40.00 ....... $10.75 $80.01 to $100.00 .... $14.75 $40.01 to $60.00 ....... $11.75 $100.01 to $150.00 .. $16.75 Over $150.00 ............. $18.75

Covers order processing and delivery cost to one address. If order is to be shipped to more than one address, add 3.50 for each additional address.


INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTS: Payable by VISA or MasterCard. Orders shipped outside of the United States (and possessions) are based on total weight and destination, charged to customer, and will be shipped Air Parcel Post (insured); delivery time is approximately 2 weeks dependent upon destination.

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