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Annexure-I ORISSA CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION LTD. Organogram of Corporate Office


Managing Director

Director(Mech.) (Vacant)

General Manager (Civil Works) SM(C) Civil Designs Manager(C) Civil Designs


Company Secretary


Manager (Admn.)

General Manager (Mech. Works) H.O. SM(M) Mech. Designs

General Manager(M) Central Workshop

SM(C) Project Management Manager(M) SM(C) Tender

Manager(C) Closed Projects

Sr.Systems Mgr.(SBD)

Manager(C) Project Management Manager(C) Procurement

SM (M) Procurement



SM (M) Project Management



Annexure-II ORISSA CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION LTD. Organogram of Field Offices

Chairman Managing Director

GM (C), Head Office

GM(C), Nor. Zone, BBSR

GM(C), West.Zone, Khariar

GM(C), South. Zone, Berhampur

Chief Constn. Manager, OHSDP SM(C), CTC Zone


SM (C), HQ Group Of Projects

SM(C), Cuttack Group of Projects SM(C), Manjore Spillway Project

SM(C), Lower Indra Spillway, Khariar SM(C), Lower Indra Canal, Khariar SM(C), Titilagarh Spillway SM(C), Tel Syphon Project, Dharmgarh

SM(C), Telengir Irr. Project SM(C), Baghalati Irr. Project SM(C), Baghalati Earth Dam Project

GM(M), Central Workshop

GM(M), H.O.

SM(C), Bhadrak Gr.of Projects

SM(C), Puri Zone

SM(C), Rengali Right Canal Project SM(C), Rengali Right Canal Project

SM(C), DKL Gr. of Projects

SM(M), Regional Workshop, Jeypore

SM(C), Subarnarekha Canal Gr. of Projects, Baripada

SM(C), Ekalabya Model Tribal School Project

SM(M), Central Store & Mmachinery Project

SM(C), Potteru Canal Project,Balimela SM(C), Sagada Aqueduct Project, Junagarh SM(C), Nawarangpur Group of Projects

SM(C), Balasore Gr. of Projects SM(C), Samal Gr. of Projects SM(C), Kakudiamba MIP Proj., Keonjhar SM(C), Bramhani Left Canal Project



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