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Network Engineering Change Management and Maintenance

Product Modules:

Trouble Management Manages trouble event lifecycle through to resolution. Orchestrates collaboration between internal and external network operations personnel including equipment vendors and third party service providers. Work Order Management Controls the dispatch and monitoring of work activities including interaction with equipment vendors and third party service providers Site Management Manages site information and logistics including requests for access and adherence to site policies such as health and safety and security. Network Engineering Change Management and Maintenance Manages change requests and tasks with specific telecoms support for complex changes and method of procedure. TM Forum Information Framework (SID) Provides Telecoms SID compliance for BMC Atrium CMDB implementations OSS/J Compliant Integration Provides an OSS/J compliant integration capability for BMC Remedy® Action Request System® OS3 Reporting Provides telecoms specific reporting capability including conformance to industry standard operational metrics for key reports such as MTT Recovery and MTT Resolution.

The OS3 Network Change Management and Maintenance (NECMM) solution provides a comprehensive platform to coordinate and manage all maintenance activities and It

Drives Efficiency and Effectiveness

Network operations staff, engineering departments, customers and third parties can quickly and easily initiate, approve and update change tickets with one click simplicity. The browser based agent console provides access from anywhere and from any device. Changes can also be auto scheduled based on the `maintenance' attributes of Network CIs. Multiple change tasks and work orders can be linked to parent change tickets to

changes to the network infrastructure.

also provides the means for internal and external network operations personnel,

vendors and third party service providers to collaborate to review, approve and

implement these changes.

OS3 is built on the market leading BMC Remedy® Action Request System®, a powerful workflow tool that already supports numerous custom implementations of telecoms service management solutions around the world.

provide an end-to-end view of change activity related to a specific change request.

Comprehensive Approval Management

OS3 NECMM utilizes the BMC Remedy Approval Engine to implement ITIL compliant change management approval processes including CAB approval structures

Blends ITIL Best Practice with the Fundamentals of the Telecoms World

ITIL change management best practises and language

and change categorization. are blended with those of the telecoms world including key definitions and process areas such as RFC, CAB, CIs and for telecoms; Method of Procedure (MOP). Vendors and other third parties can be configured into In addition to supporting standard change management the system and also granted access either directly processes, OS3 NECMM also incorporates additional through security profiles or indirectly through integration functionality for network design, build and preventative into their systems. This enables third parties to initiate maintenance processes. change requests or be incorporated into change . management workflows such as `vendor dispatch'.

Multi-Vendor and Third Party Support

Network Engineering Change Management and Maintenance

Manage Risk through Holistic View and Tracking of all Network Changes

OS3 provides a centralized repository and a single window of all change activities. In addition to monitoring planned changes, any unauthorised changes automatically detected through OSS/J compliant integration with network monitoring tools can also be tracked and managed. This holistic view of all network changes allows accurate change conflict analysis and impact analysis to be undertaken across the entire network infrastructure.

OS3 SID also supports the concept of multi-functional equipment `roles' and distinguishes between physical and logical devices and resource and customer facing services. OS3 SID significantly extends the capability of the BMC Atrium CMDB to provide effective impact analysis and notification capability for a telecoms environment.

Key Features

One click simplicity Blends Best Practice ITIL and TM Forum Provides holistic view of all network changes

The OS3 SID class structure is also compliant with the TM Forum Information Framework (SID) model.

Network, Service and Customer impact analysis

Powerful Graphical Reporting and Service Level Management

Change conflict analysis Multi-vendor and third parties Telecoms sites, locations and markets Multi-site scenarios Notice boards Service level management Calendaring facilities

Effective Impact Analysis and Notification

A centralized repository of all network change activities OS3 NECMM leverages the BMC Atrium CMDB to establish federated Network CI and service relationships within a telecoms infrastructure. However, there is an additional level of complexity within telecoms operating environments as services are delivered across complex network architectures where some elements of the network may be owned and / or maintained by third parties. The OS3 SID class extensions for Atrium CMDB help address these issues by implementing telecoms specific n-Tier class structures that enable more comprehensive modelling of Network CIs including associated service instances, service specifications, customers and third parties. enables broad and effective management reporting to support business improvement goals. OS3 incorporates comprehensive graphical reporting and dashboard capability including support for a wide range of export options and comprehensive report distribution facilities. BMC Remedy Service Level Management (SLM) solution architecture provides the foundation for SLM functionality within the OS3 Suite. However, SLM templates have been configured for telecoms specific operating environments.

Graphical reporting and dashboards

Seamless integration with OS3 Trouble Management and other trouble ticketing tools


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