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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Tom Whalen, President and thirdgeneration Whalen to lead The Montague Company, discusses his company's new commercial food equipment products. FEN: What new products did you introduce at The NAFEM Show this year? TW: We presented our new Montague Single-Sided Excalibur

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Therma-Tek Range Corporation President Swaneel Kalsi talks about what makes the company's ranges so unique. FEN: What are some of your newest products? SK: Aside from our complete Restaurant Series line, we have introduced the TFCO--full-size gas

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Thunderbird offers a wide variety of mixers with many different capacities to fit your every restaurant and baking need. The company specializes in gear-driven planetary and spiral mixers with outstanding performance. Thunderbird's product line includes four different styles of meat

grinders, German-style bread slicers, dough dividers and rounders, dough

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Staying at the forefront of brewing technology is what has made the Wilbur Curtis company an internationally recognized manufacturing leader in the foodservice industry. At The NAFEM Show, Curtis introduced three exciting new products. The Curtis G3 TCC Iced Tea and Coffee Blending system lets


Jeff Cox, Vice President and Partner of Vesture Inc., which makes the CuisineCleanTM InSyncTM, spoke to Food Equipment News about the benefits of ozone for food purification.

you dispense fresh, sparkling iced tea and iced coffee with ease. The

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FEN: When did Vesture start thinking about making an ozone food purifier?

JC: We've been researching this arena for nearly four years. We're

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3 Food Equipment News Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thunderbird (Cont. from p. 1)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 News3 Food Equipment

and an extended warranty up to seven years. The company has 3,000 dealers and 350 service agent s across America and Canada, and warehouses in Texas, Washington, British Columbia and Ontario. You will not find any other company with more dedication to their products. Thunderbird stands by its name all the way, building the best value mixers for smart consumers. more about Learn Thunderbird products by calling 866-7-MIXERS, emailing the company at [email protected] or visiting that you serve delicious, refreshing iced cappuccinos, the moment they walk through your door. Since 1941, the Wilbur Curtis Company has been committed to the principles of quality workmanship, personal loyalty and family values. Through three generations of the Curtis family, and a rich, 66-year heritage, the company has strategically aligned quality and customer service with high-tech ingenuity to build a name the industry knows and trusts. To learn more about the entire line of Curtis products, visit

sheeters, food processors and a oneof-a-kind small, handheld mixer. All of Thunderbird's products are designed with German technology, using the best quality found any where. Thunderbird mixers are very efficient machines with high quality and reasonable prices. Thunderbird mixers feature easyto-use operation functions and are designed for heavy dough from 2.5 to 440 pounds. The company`s meat grinders are stainless steel and perform

Wilbur Curtis (Cont. from p. 1)

reliably under the most demanding conditions. They are designed for easy maintenance and have an attractive design suitable for open kitchens. The mixers come with a powerful, energy-saving motor with horsepower variations from 0.5 to 1.5. The grinders feature a compact size with no sharp corners or seams. New, powerful hand mixers come with 14", 18" and 22" shafts, and at an incredible deal that cannot be beat. All Thunderbird products are backed with a standard warranty the convenience of IntelliSense. Cool your costs, refresh your customers and ice the competition with the Curtis G3 Iced Cappuccino M a c h i n e . Equipped with a digitally advanced system, the allnew G3 Concept Series Primo Iced Cappuccino Machine conveniently provides your customers with cool, refreshing iced cappuccinos. Customers just fill their cup with ice and push one button that dispenses delicious cappuccino. The G3 technology minimizes maintenance costs with features such as an easy-access front open door and inside hinged panel. And yet, the system is simple and intuitive with its touch controls, scrollthrough precision programming, fixed-flow water system and on-board diagnostics. An attractive oversized backlit graphic and illuminated LCD digital display tells your customers

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TCC's inventive mixing system consistently and accurately mixes tea and coffee concentrate with fresh water to create the perfect blend of refreshing iced beverages. This dependable dispenser is constructed of durable stainless steel, and its slim, modern design works as good as it looks to promote iced tea and coffee sales all day long. Trends show that iced tea and coffee have never been hotter, and the Curtis TCC can deliver cool profits all day long. When your needs call for a high-volume thermal coffee server, the Curtis Milano Coffee Brewing System is right for you. And now with Curtis' Milano Servers with IntelliSenseTM, it's even easier to keep fresh, hot coffee available to your customers all day long. The Milano Servers with IntelliSense feature a state-of-the-art, front-facing sensor which measures coffee volume and even alerts the operator to the freshness of the remaining coffee. With this innovative addition, the Curtis Milano blends the art of coffee with the science of brewing and now,




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Therma-Tek (Cont. from p. 1)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

efficiency. Our single door configuration creates a better door seal, maximizing efficiency and allowing the unit to run at fewer BTUs, which saves fuel costs. We've also designed a complete Front-Manifold Heavy Duty Range line. Every unit is designed with rear-gas capability, so you can use any required top configuration-- from open burners to griddles, broilers, hot tops and French tops--in a battery or singular application. FEN: Tell our readers more about your company. SK: My father, Surjit Kalsi, formed Therma-Tek Range Corporation in 2005 after the previous company he founded [Dynamic Cooking Systems, JC: Ozone is created by adding an electrical charge to oxygen, splitting the O2 into two independent oxygen particles. These independent oxygen particles [O] temporarily bond with stabile oxygen molecules [O2], forming ozone gas [O3], a strong oxidizer. Ozone destroys the cells of bacteria by breaking through the cell membrane, causing the bacteria to die. Ozone is constantly trying to revert to a more stable state and, therefore, will quickly release its extra oxygen particle. The released particle will bond with two hydrogen molecules to produce pure water [H2O], allowing the remaining O 2 molecule to return to pure oxygen. FEN: How does the food Inc.--DCS] closed its commercial equipment manufacturing operations. He saw a need for a quality, innovative manufacturer that is also value conscious. We partnered with Mike Yencha and Mike Ambruch, two well-respected engineers who have designed and manufactured many product lines for DCS and other wellknown equipment manufacturers. Our goal is to develop high-quality cooking equipment that is affordable. FEN: What makes your company so unique? SK: Innovation. In order to be successful, a manufacturer must evolve with the industry. And to evolve, one must innovate. We're always looking for ways to improve our existing products. But, we're also purification, using the CuisineClean InSync, work? JC: Using our patented purification cycle, the CuisineClean washes the physical dirt off of the surface of the produce. Our electronic ozone system produces a powerful oxidizing solution to purify the product, degrade most residual pesticides and break down toxins. It's that simple. FEN: What is the kill rate and how long does it take? JC: Up to 99.9 percent. Bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, giardia and cryptosporidium are killed on contact, and most commonly used pesticides are removed as well. Most produce competition, the Montague cooking equipment line far exceeds the expectations of our customers. From design and engineering through final production, complete unit and temperature testing, to our unbeatable lifetime door guarantee, each piece of Montague equipment offers efficiency, heavy-duty performance and reliability in the kitchen. FEN: Explain to our readers a little about your company. TW: The Montague Company is a leading manufacturer of highquality, heavy-duty commercial cooking equipment. The company was founded in the Gold Rush-era, in 1857, by Wilfred Weed Montague. My grandfather purchased the business in 1932 and it has been a part of the Whalen family for the past 75 years. FEN: What makes The Montague


convection oven--line of products. We replaced the traditional double door and chain assembly on gas convection ovens with a single door and refrigerator latch. This set-up is similar to combi-steam ovens. We also took the motor and blower wheel and mounted it within the framework on the right side of the oven, making it more accessible. With a smaller overall exterior depth, our gas CO lines up perfectly with our range line. Plus you can place it under a standard commercial hood. We wanted to eliminate some of the customary problems that are seen with a 60/40-door configuration, such as heat loss and reduced

Vesture Corporation (Cont. from p. 1)

looking for cost-effective ways to develop new products that will be a benefit to the astute operator. We strive to build excellent products by developing relationships with vendors who offer the best materials and components possible. Our history of manufacturing and relationship building has given us the leverage to effectively do this. FEN: Who is your target market? SK: The foodservice operator seeking quality cooking equipment that is easy to operate and can withstand the test of time. We don't believe in developing a me too product. We combine innovation with simplicity. For more information, visit

can be purified in as little as two to three minutes. FEN: What do you believe the CuisineClean InSync will do for the food industry? JC: We believe our commercial CuisineClean InSync product line will become a critical piece of equipment in many national restaurant chains and throughout the foodservice industry, therefore, reliability of equipment will be a key factor to the assurance of what we refer to as Purity at the Plate. CuisineClean InSync is a product of Vesture Corporation. For more information, visit their Web site Company unique? TW: We are one of the few independently run cooking equipment companies left today, and our solid focus on quality, customization and responsiveness has led us to our well-respected position within the industry. The dedication and commitment of our employees has helped grow the company and reach our goals. I am proud to be surrounded by people who believe in our business and who go out of the way everyday to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. FEN: Tell our readers about your company's anniversary. TW: At this year's show, we celebrated Montague's 150th anniversary. Many representatives of the Montague family were in attendance to help us celebrate this monumental sesquicentennial event.

working on solutions to the world's food safety problems. FEN: What is the science behind using ozone to purify food? JC: It's a really simple concept. God created ozone to purify the atmosphere, and the FDA approved ozone as an effective antimicrobial agent [for food purification] on June 26, 2001. Ozone has been used to clean water for more than 100 years and has been experimented with for various applications since the 1840s. FEN: How does the ozone purification process work?

The Montague Company (Cont. from p. 1)

Island that will offer chefs the same versatile, award-winning cooking experience in a more compact, efficient size for smaller kitchens. It's unlike anything else in the industry, and we are proud to have introduced it at this year's show. Additionally, we showed our Steak-House Broiler and Induction Range with new and unique refrigerated base options. Our Steak-House Broiler was originally developed for our customer, Ruth's Chris Steak House, and we are now bringing the concept to the rest of the industry with the refrigerated/ freezer drawer using FlexiCold Technology. Montague's new Induction Range with refrigerated base and raised rail provides the utmost in cooking convenience. With its easy-to-clean, contemporary cook-top and handy cooler,

the unit also offers increased energy savings, labor efficiency and reduced HVAC requirements. FEN: What distinguishes your products from the competition? TW: Well, first and foremost, they are Montague-manufactured, which I am proud to say is the best in the industry. Our company is driven by three things: quality, durability and performance. It is this philosophy that has earned Montague the respect of chefs from all over the world. I think our history and longevity in the cooking equipment industry is also key. We know what chefs need, and we build equipment to perform for them. FEN: Compare the position of your products and technology to the current market. TW: Head-to-head against the



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