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Fund Fact Sheet

30 Sep 2009


The investment objective is to achieve returns on investment mainly in securities of corporations whose business is or is substantially in the mining or extraction of gold, silver or precious metals, bulk commodities, base metals of all kinds, and other commodities and it includes the mining or extraction of oil, gas, coal and alternative energy or other commodities or other minerals.

THE FUND IS SUITABLE FOR INVESTORS WHO wish to participate in the potential benefits from investment in companies involved in the mining and exploration of precious metals, energy or base metals wish to diversify their investment portfolio from traditional asset classes are willing to accept a higher risk in their investments to obtain potentially higher returns in the long term

SECTOR ALLOCATION (as at 30 Sep 2009)

Energy 5.97% Cash / Deposits 11.66%


Physical gold started September 2009 at US$951/oz and quickly moved to the US$990/oz level. It then paused for a week before breaking through the US$1,000/oz barrier and reaching a monthly high of US$1,017/oz on 16 September 2009. The gold price then consolidated, spending a total of 10 trading days above US$1,000/oz before closing the month at US$1,008/0z. This positive action represents the breakout from the "upward wedge" technical pattern formed by the physical gold price in recent months. The US$61/oz movement in the gold price during September was well above the US$28/oz trading range in August 2009, and the largest range movement in the gold price since May 2009. The main driver behind the upward movement in physical gold was pressure on the USDollar. During September 2009, the USDollar index fell from 78.2 to 76.7 (-2.0%). The timing of the intra-month low for the USDollar index of 76.2 on 17 September 2009 closely matched the intra-month high for the gold price. The key component in the USDollar index remains the Euro exchange rate which strengthened from EURUSD1.43 to EURUSD1.46 (+2.1%) during the month. While the USDollar typically weakens during the early stages of a global GDP recovery, we believe the gold price is also benefiting from concerns about the health of US government finances. A secondary factor boosting the gold price was bullish sentiment on the COMEX market, where net gold longs increased from 22.6m oz to 28.8m oz during the month. The only concern for gold bulls was that Gold ETF buying and jewellery buying remained relatively subdued. Aggregate Gold ETF holdings showed an increase in net purchases of 63 tonnes to 1,791 tonnes (+3.6%). Although this was above the 18 tonne increase achieved in the previous month, it was well below the average monthly increases of 158 tonnes achieved in the first quarter of 2009. While there were nascent signs of physical buying for the Indian jewellery market towards the end of September 2009, it remains the case that Indian buying remains well below 2008 levels. Gold market commentators are concerned that the gold price may weaken if physical demand remains soft. Gold equities were relatively volatile during September, strongly outperforming the underlying gold price during the early part of the month but then selling off with a generally weaker stock market as the gold price stabilized. Overall, the net positive leverage provided by gold equities meant the ratio between the physical gold price and HUI index of gold-producing companies decreased from 2.7x to 2.4x. We continue to note that the gold/gold equities ratio remains above its 5-year average of 2.0x, suggesting that gold equities will outperform the underlying gold price in any upward rally. The HSBC Global Mining Index increased by 7.46% in September 2009 as investors took encouragement from continuing improvement in global PMI data. While the past two months has seen softness in some Chinese commodity import data, share prices have maintained their value given: 1) expectations of a pick-up in OECD demand; and 2) expectations of stronger Chinese demand in 4Q09 once Chinese national celebrations have been completed. While the Fund continues to favour gold equities over base metal and bulk commodity producers, we note that the Baltic Dry Index is showing signs of stabilization in recent weeks. Crude oil prices started September 2009 at US$69.96/bbl and traded generally upwards before closing the month at US$70.61/bbl (+0.9%). With sector fundamentals remaining weak, the relatively modest gain was largely due to USDollar weakness. Henry Hub spot natural gas prices strengthened sharply from $2.40/mmbtu to $3.28/mmbtu (-36.7%) during the month, validating the Fund' decision to invest in unhedged US gas producers. While US natural gas price movements are likely to remain volatile, we expect a general upward trend given the typical strong 4Q seasonal pick-up in US gas demand. The Fund continues to be overweight gold equities relative to our benchmark, with a focus on gold producers with strong balance sheets and low production costs. Although global financial markets are leaning towards the prospect of renewed global growth, a resumption of global growth carries potentially inflationary risks. There remains an outside chance of deflation given the threat of falling asset prices to the US banking system and a US economic recovery. The Fund's preference for gold is based on our belief that gold-related assets can perform well in both an inflationary and deflationary environment.

Materials 82.37%

* as percentage of NAV

COUNTRY ALLOCATION (as at 30 Sep 2009)

United Kingdom 3.48% China 1.32% Cash 11.66% South Africa 3.03% Russia 0.76% Australia 13.69% United States 25.03%

Canada 41.03%

* as percentage of NAV


Unit NAV (30 Sep 2009) Fund Size (30 Sep 2009) Units in Circulation Fund Currency Fund Inception Domicile Management Fee Trustee Fee Dealing Sales Charge Redemption Charge RM0.5552 RM 44.29 million 79.78 million Ringgit Malaysia 21 July 2009 Malaysia 1.8% of NAV per annum* 0.08% of NAV per annum, minimum RM18,000** Monday - Friday Up to 5.50% of investment amount 1.00% of redemption amount within the 6 months period commencing from the last day of the Initial Offer Period RM25 per switch Not applicable as newly launched 10 days OSK-UOB Unit Trust Management Bhd

Switching Fee MER Redemption payment period Investment Manager


For the purpose of computing the annual management fee and annual trustee fee, the NAV of the Fund is inclusive of the management fee and trustee fee for the relevant day.

5 LARGEST HOLDINGS* (as at 30 Sep 2009)

Barrick Gold Corporation Goldcorp Inc Newmont Mining Corp Newcrest Mining IAmGold Corporation

* as percentage of NAV

9.03% 7.67% 7.39% 5.20% 4.17%

Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Prospectus dated 21 July 2009, which have been registered with the Securities Commission who takes no responsibility for its contents, before investing. Amongst others, investors should consider the fees and charges involved. Investors should also note that the price of units and distributions payable, if any, may go down as well as up. Any issue of units to which the Prospectus relates will only be made on receipt of a form of application referred to in the Prospectus. A copy of the Prospectus can be obtained from any of our offices listed below.

This factsheet is prepared for information purposes only. It does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any specific person who may receive it. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Returns may vary from year to year.

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