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Ocular Surgery NewS | may 10, 2009 |

Spotlight on Glaucoma Surgery

Guide to Glaucoma Lasers and Implants

Abbott Medical Optics Inc. c 1700 East St. Andrew Place c Santa Ana, CA 92705 c 714-247-8200 c

Baerveldt The design of Baerveldt glaucoma implants provides maximal surface areas for aqueous filtration and pressure relief. Baerveldt glaucoma implants are available in three models. Features include large surface area plates, single-quadrant insertion, patented bleb control mechanism, decreased bleb height, low edge height, smooth, tumble-polished, and pliable silicone material, four fenestrations to promote fibrous adhesion, open drainage tube, fixation suture holes.

Carl Zeiss Meditec c 5160 Hacienda Drive c Dublin, CA 94568 c 800-342-9821 c Fax: 925-557-4589 c

Visulas Trion multicolor photocoagulator Visulas Trion multicolor laser, the most advanced photocoagulation system to date. Delivering superior power and stability at yellow, green, and red wavelengths for reliable performance for even the busiest clinics. Featuring intuitive touch navigation and dual fiber ports for efficient workflow. For unparalleled treatment precision, the renowned Zeiss Laser Slit Lamp offers the joystick mounted micromanipulator and optional Accento eyepiece. The VisulasYAG III Combi is a fully integrated laser system with all the premium features associated with Zeiss. It includes an electronic micro-manipulator at the joystick for simultaneous guidance of laser and illumination, cornea protective optics and the high-visibility touch screen. It combines the finest optic and laser technologies, including the Zeiss Super-Gaussian YAG beam for minimized energy exposure.

Visulas YAG III Combi

Ellex c 7138 Shady Oak Road c Minneapolis, MN 55344 c 800-824-7444 c Fax: 952-941-5511 c

Ellex Eye Cubed The Eye Cubed is the first high-resolution ultrasound to deliver a complete view of the anterior segment. Featuring real-time imaging, advanced movie mode using the fastest sampling rate available, and internal memory for storing measurements, The Eye Cubed advances the diagnostic process. Customized configuration of A-Scan and B-Scan modes make the device ideal for both retinal specialists and anterior segment surgeons. The Ellex Integre is the first solid-state green photocoagulator that incorporates the laser cavity and slit lamp in an efficient, self-contained design. Because the laser cavity and optical assembles are a fully integrated component of the system, the beam has a shorter distance to travel, delivering more stable energy. The Integre can perform laser trabeculoplasty and laser iridotomy in managing elevated IOP. The Integre Duo is the first solid-state photocoagulator to deliver clinically proven red and green wavelengths. This advanced laser system makes it possible to instantly select either a red or green wavelength during treatment, which maximizes treatment options and ensures effective patient results. The Integre Duo can perform laser trabeculoplasty and laser iridotomy in green and suturelysis in red in managing elevated IOP. The Ellex Solitaire is a full-featured, solid-state green laser system that is portable and versatile for use in both operating rooms and clinics. Compact and efficient, it is designed for use with a wide variety of industry-standard delivery systems and accessories, and it can be used to perform laser trabeculoplasty and laser iridotomy in managing elevated IOP associated with glaucoma. The Ellex Super Q YAG laser provides precise and reliable treatments for anterior eye disease. The Super Q is designed for easy transport between multiple sites and combines comprehensive safety features with a firing rate of up to 2 Hz. It provides an effective treatment option for closed-angle glaucoma patients. The Ellex Ultra Q is the ophthalmic industry's premier capsulotomy and iridotomy YAG laser. With a firing rate of up to 3 Hz, it is the industry's fastest photodisruptor. The Ultra Q features a custom-designed laser cavity, as well as a fine, two-point focusing system to provide a high level of precision when treating closed-angle glaucoma patients with iridotomy.

Ellex Integre

Ellex Integre Duo

Ellex Solitaire

Ellex Super Q

Ellex Ultra Q

Endo Optiks c 39 Sycamore Ave. c Little Silver, NJ 07739 c 732-530-6762 c Fax: 732-530-5344 c www.

E2 Laser and Endoscopy System The E2 laser and endoscopy system combines video imaging, illumination and laser delivery through a patented, triple function, autoclavable, 20 gauge laser microendoscope. Endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation is an elegant technique allowing the ciliary process to be easily viewed and titrated for long-term IOP reduction in the treatment of medically controlled glaucoma.

IOP Inc. c 3184-B Airway Ave. c Costa Mesa, CA 92626 c 714-549-1185 c Fax: 714-549-0557 c

Molteno3 The new Molteno3 is the latest tube shunt option based on several decades of experience with drainage device technology utilized earlier in the therapeutic path. The low profile single quadrant design simplifies insertion. The unique design feature includes a pressure ridge designed to stage bleb development producing double plate performance with single quadrant simplicity.

Iridex c 1212 Terra Bella Ave. c Mountain View, CA 94043 c 800-388-4747 c Fax: 650-962-0486 c

IQ 810 The IQ 810 laser system is a multi-functional laser for glaucoma, retina and general ophthalmic use. Unique MicroPulse settings allow fine control of laser exposure, limiting thermal transfer to exposed tissue. Using MicroPulse for laser trabeculoplasty (MLT) allows treatment without scarring and burning associated with ALT. Adding the G-Probe for transscleral CPC, the IQ 810 is truly a comprehensive laser system.

Lumenis c 5302 Betsy Ross Drive c Santa Clara, CA 95054 c 877-586-3647 c Fax: 408-764-3500 c

Aura PT Selecta II The Aura PT is the essential laser for performing disruption of the capsule or posterior capsulotomy. An intuitive laser with comprehensive set of features and compact design. Highlights include ±500 µm offset, a 2.5 Hz rep rate and 53 optics. Proven to reduce IOP without adverse effects; a lightweight, portable Q-Switched frequency-doubled solid-state 532 nm laser with 3 nanosecond pulse duration confines thermal damage to selectively targeted pigmented cells, without creating collateral damage to surrounding tissue. Selecta II - LaserLink adapts to a convergent optics slit lamp with tonometer post. The Lumenis Selecta Duet represents the industry's most advanced anterior-segment laser, combining the advantages of YAG photodisruption capabilities along with the innovative selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) technology, which was developed and brought to market by Lumenis. An integrated design combines superior optics with an advanced laser cavity make the Duet one of the best performing laser products in this segment. The Lumenis Selecta Trio represents the next generation of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform. The Selecta Trio has all of the advantages of the Selecta Duet in SLT and YAG modes -- along with proprietary advantages in photocoagulation mode -- offering maximum flexibility with minimum footprint.

Selecta Duet

Selecta Trio

New World Medical Inc. c 10763 Edison Court c Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 c 909-466-4304 c Fax: 909-466-4305 c

Ahmed Glaucoma Valve New World Medical Inc., an innovative biomedical company, manufactures and distributes the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve: the most effective and precise glaucoma drainage device. The Ahmed Glaucoma Valve, as well as accessory products, enables New World Medical Inc. to lead the way in advanced glaucoma drainage technology. Visit us at or call customer service at 800-832-5327.

Nidek c 47651 Westinghouse Drive c Fremont, CA 94539 c 800-223-9044 c Fax: 510-226-5750 c

Nidek Combination YAG/Green system The Nidek combination YAG/Green system is the best-selling combination system on the market. It offers the benefits of saving space and cost with the versatile combined unit. Nidek combination lasers feature all the benefits of individual lasers and more. The split prism illumination reduces laser lens reflection, and the YAG can be fired directly with no need to adjust the illumination.

Ocular Surgery NewS presents this guide to glaucoma lasers and implants as a service to our readers. All manufacturers were asked to supply information for this guide. Those who provided information are listed. All claims are those of the manufacturers and appear here as received from the manufacturers. A listing in this guide does not constitute an endorsement by the publisher or editors of Ocular Surgery NewS. We regret any omissions.


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