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Reflections of Success

Success cannot be measured merely by acquired lifestyle and fulfilled opportunity. It is calculated by the courage shown in seizing the future. The successes of the people portrayed here are available to anyone, from any background, who is willing to make the decision and do the work.

Financial rewards in the Amway Global business are based on effort, time and talent. Individual success varies and AMWAY GLOBAL wants you to know the average earnings. For additional information see the back cover and visit

Dexter & Birdie, Doyle, Jeff, Steve Yager Founders


"Birdie and I definitely started at the bottom," says Dexter. "We had four children, and we were living in a house in an alley. But I'd always dreamed of having my own business. That's why I had to take advantage of this opportunity. The dreams we've realized are unreal. Our lives today revolve around a family of seven children, our grandchildren, our homes, extensive traveling with friends, our many businesses and making a positive impact with people. Don't let anyone steal your dreams!" Dexter and Birdie Yager have used their abundance to support their favorite charities, including Baptist Children's Homes, Gospel Communications, Ebenezer Orphanage in Africa, Easter Seals and several others. "We had friends in Africa who had adopted 14 children into their home to keep them off the streets and out of crime," says Dexter. "We built a dorm for these children and other orphans, included a nice kitchen, then a

library. We bought a van for the orphanage. Some friends joined us in purchasing a helicopter to help a missions group get into the jungle. Helping others through this business has helped us help even more people and that has always been very important to us."

Helicopter donated by the Yagers and the Yager Group Diamonds to Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (SARS)

The average monthly gross for "active" IBOs was US $115 or CA $181


Eusebio & Estela Alfaro

Eusebio and Estela started in this business because they were tired of working for other people. "After twenty years we had not been able to achieve what we wanted, and my wife got very excited," recalls Eusebio. After seven and a half years in the business, the Alfaro's became Diamond. The biggest reward that they have obtained from this business is having more time with their family. Being able to share special time together has strengthened their marriage. The Alfaro's agree, "What has really helped us is having at our disposal the information and knowledge of so many people that have succeeded in this business."


Andy & Nadia Argyris

Andy and Nadia Argyris never wanted anything to do with the security and predictability of a 9-to-5 routine. They were entrepreneurs at heart, always seeking business opportunities. Andy says, "I've personally owned business after business after business, and as a lifelong entrepreneur I can honestly say that this one is the best business I've ever seen." After going Diamond in less than 6 years, Andy and Nadia admit that building this business wasn't easy, but it's certainly been worth it. "We've faced challenges," says Nadia, "but they didn't compare with the challenges we faced in our previous businesses. We feel as if we are just getting started. "


David & Linda Bedard

It's hard to live life for yourself when you're putting in hours upon hours at your job. That's exactly what David Bedard was doing. Then the Bedard's got started and were eventually able to retire from their careers. "Success, to us, is not having to constantly ask the two haunting questions: Do we have time? and Can we afford it?" says David. By this definition, the Bedard's have succeeded many times over. This business has allowed them to plan their lives on their timetable, not around their jobs. "We both like to travel and experience other cultures' people, foods, and music," says Linda. "Because of this business, our family has been able to travel to over 30 countries and islands on 5 continents."




Sherri, Dean & Brenda Bryan Founders

This is truly a Family Business for Sherri, Dean and Brenda Bryan who have teamed up to continue to grow the business that Sherri and her husband built to Diamond in their first 11 years. Dean and Brenda built their own successful business and now work side by side with Sherri. "We are especially proud that our business can only be built by helping others succeed." As Founders Diamonds, the Bryans enjoy a special lifestyle including their summer lake home, luxury cars and the ability to travel to beautiful places. "It's so much more than just a business, it's a way of life." Sherri adds, "There is security in knowing our children and grandchildren love to be a part of the business and look forward to continuing the legacy."

George & Marian Bryniawsky

"We were looking for a business," explains Dr. George Bryniawsky, "And as a family counselor, I knew what to look for. I was sure that we needed a business that Marian, our three children, and I could build together as a family." And they went Diamond in 13 years. "I look at where we are now," says Marian, "and marvel that my objectives were so simple when we started. To pay our bills, to support George, and possibly have our children work with us. We did all those things, and in a big way. Now our three children are all Business Owners themselves, and have an opportunity to be associated with many people of integrity."


Jerry & Peggy Boggus

"We were loners. We never did go out looking for friendship. Through this business we began changing, reaching out to others, and realizing some personal goals," Peggy explains. The Boggus's reached Diamond in 6 years, and today, they live on prime acreage on a lake. Some people have to see the business plan several times, but when it "clicks", it really "clicks"!


The average monthly gross for "active" IBOs was US $115 or CA $181


Inho & Eun Soon Cho Founders

It was the possibility of freedom that persuaded Inho and Eun Soon to build this business. After an 8 year journey to reach Diamond, the Cho's continue to show others how to be successful. They have earned the freedom, both financially and time wise, to do what they dreamed of, including traveling around the globe with their family, friends, and mentors, or just spending time together on their impressive estate. "This business gives people the opportunity to be great leaders and do anything they want to do," says Inho to anyone considering a future in this business.


Daniel & Chantale Courcey



Daniel and Chantale love that they don't have a boss. According to Daniel, "We enjoy waking up each morning being able to decide on our own what we want to do." The Courcy's initially got started to help pay off their home mortgage early. But when they recognized the potential of the business, they began focusing on bigger dreams and became Diamond after 16 years in the business. While the Courcy's are enjoying their freedoms, they also point out other benefits that they have gained. Daniel explains, "Even though we have a lot of fun enjoying our lifestyle, we have also learned to work and communicate better with people, we have become better people all because of this business and the support we have."

Ed & Charlotte Courtney Executive

Ed and Charlotte were in the dairy business. They owned an 800-acre dairy farm in Kansas when they were introduced to the business opportunity, and saw a way to create another stream of income so they could farm as a hobby. "We wanted to travel with our two girls; in fact, that has been one of the richest rewards," says Charlotte. "Seeing Charlotte change from coveralls to diamonds and gowns shows the change of lifestyle anyone can have if they're willing to pursue their dream," says Ed. After reaching Diamond in 11 years, they now enjoy time on their private golf course.



John & Julie Donovan

After spending a lot of time and money learning how to be organic farmers, John and Julie Donovan were disappointed in the financial results they had envisioned in graduate school. They were looking for financial possibilities, but all of the options they looked at required significant capital and significant risk. That was until Julie's sister shared information about her "new business" with them. The Donovan's began their business and after 13 years reached Diamond. Now they live on a barrier island off the coast of Florida. John shares, "We've been able to take control of our time, precious time with our family to do the things we could never do when we were tied to the farm and the limited income farming gave us."


Bert & Jackie Gulick Executive

Bert was a slave to his job and when he first saw the plan he immediately recognized a way to escape the 75 hour per week grind as a restaurant manager. "Many people use time as an excuse for not getting involved," says Bert, "I saw time as a reason for getting involved." And 4 short years later, he reached Diamond. Now, Bert and his wife Jackie enjoy the rewards from a business that has expanded to multiple countries on several continents. They enjoy traveling around the globe helping people build a business of their own--and sightseeing!


Ron & Toby Hale Executive

For 11 1/2 years the Hale's qualified for government assistance, but their pride wouldn't let them accept it. Toby remembers when she would drive a rusted-out station wagon to church, wearing her homemade dress and tennis shoes with no stockings. Even though the Hale's were shy, they chose this business as their opportunity to succeed in a big way and became Diamonds after 8 years. They built their business with hard work, determination, and a strong belief in a loving God. They now enjoy the freedom to travel worldwide and spend quality time with their family among their five homes.


The average monthly gross for "active" IBOs was US $115 or CA $181


Roland & Molly Hughes Founders

Roland spent 25 years in education, earning his doctorate and tenure as a professor at a major state university. "I'd been reared to believe that the road to success was through a good education and a steady job," Roland says. But when he looked at the opportunity offered, he couldn't pass it by. "Within 18 months, I matched my university income," he says, "and within 5 years we went Diamond." Molly grins and adds, "We're able now to enjoy a lifestyle that would have been impossible through traditional efforts."


Bill & Janice Kerr

At the point in their lives when they saw the business plan, Bill and Janice Kerr were looking for a change. Janice shares, "Our third child, Jenna, was born with several serious medical problems and the doctors told us that she required 24-hour care-- maybe for several years. I needed to be a stay-at-home mom." Bill adds, "When I saw the business, my support team said that you could tell where you're going to be financially in the next five years by looking at what you've accomplished in the last five years. I knew we needed to create an additional income stream to make more money." The Kerr's reached Diamond 3 years after starting their business and now enjoy helping others become successful as well as spending time with their family on their very own farm.


Michael, Anna, & Jay Kim Founders

For Seung Ho and his wife HyunJa, the decision to leave their native Korea was a difficult one. "We left for New York City, where more opportunities would be available for us as a family." But when Seung Ho became very ill and HyunJa found it difficult to find a job, things didn't work out quite as planned. They were shown this business by a friend, and it seemed to be a way out of a desperate situation. Four years later, they went Diamond. "This business helps you grow from the inside," Seung Ho says. "We've included our son in our dreams and goals, and that's the best reward."



Arturo & Concepción Machuca

With too many debts, the Machuca's found themselves in a difficult and stressful situation, which was having a negative affect on their marriage. Arturo states, "When we saw this opportunity, we saw a way out and decided to get into the business that same day. We forced ourselves and eventually reached our goals." After reaching Diamond in 7 years, they have obtained the freedom. Says Concepción, "We are no longer dependent on our previous jobs."


Frank & Joan Mazzeo

Frank remembers, "I was always looking--this was just another avenue to look at. I was a dentist for twenty years and was looking for something more. We had bought, been involved in and were disappointed in many business ventures during that time. This business offered us many benefits including minimal upfront costs, part-time obligation and the fact I could maintain my dental practice." Joan was reluctant at first. The business became her self-improvement course and she began to love it. After 11 years, the Mazzeo's reached Diamond. Joan explains, "Today, we have greater control of our lives and our destiny than dentistry could have ever provided. I don't know a better way to make dreams come true."


Jerry & Cherry Meadows

"When we were introduced to this business concept, I was excited," Cherry recalls, "but Jerry wasn't." It took a little while for Jerry to get the picture, but once they both had it--they quickly proved what could be done. After 5 1/2 years, the Meadows' reached Diamond and now are retired from textiles and teaching. Their family enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Jerry sums it up, "Owning your own business is the fastest, smartest way to freedom, security and unlimited income."


The average monthly gross for "active" IBOs was US $115 or CA $181


Scott & MJ Michael

Scott, after having several jobs pulled out from under him in the corporate world, loves the security of owning his own business. After going Diamond within 13 years, Scott and MJ travel from the beaches of Acapulco to the ski slopes of Aspen and Lake Tahoe. "But the greatest thing about financial flexibility and free time," Scott says, "is that our family has more time together."


Tom Payne

"I was earning a very good living as a dentist and I wasn't interested in a new business," says Tom. "I saw some retirement security in it so I signed on for that reason only. I was always surrounded by winners," Tom recalls. "I began to realize how great this business really was." Tom blazed forward with a new commitment, and went Diamond in just 3 years. He retired from dentistry shortly afterward. He now has plenty of free time to enjoy boating, skiing, and traveling with his family.


Zbigniew & Sophia Rek Executive

As accomplished Physicists, Zbigniew and Sophia Rek understand the importance of making informed decisions. And when a friend showed Zbigniew the business plan in 1982, he studied it thoroughly and got very excited about its potential. Sophia, however, had no interest in it. Sophia shares, "Zbigniew worked the business alone until I attended a big function. That changed everything. The people were genuine and were excited about their dreams." Almost 13 years after starting the business, the Rek's became Diamond and continue to grow their business throughout North America and Europe. "Our mission," Zbigniew testifies, "is to share our freedom--what a wonderful blessing that we can help bring precious freedom to those who want it!"



Rick & Sue-Lynn Setzer

Rick and Sue-Lynn were living in a trailer when they were first presented with this business opportunity. After just 3 years, the Setzer's reached Diamond and now they live in a prestigious area of their city. They have been featured in national magazines, and enjoy cross-country travel in a motor coach bigger than the trailer they originally lived in. "I hate to think about where we'd be right now if my friend had not called me and shown me this business," says Rick. "I was number 13 on his list, and the first 12 people he called refused to let him show them the business. It's lucky for us that he didn't give up before making that 13th call." Nothing can compare to being financially free and having the time to live how we want to live."


Serge & Michelle Vallée

Serge and Michelle noticed right away that the business could provide them a future that a job could not. They started their business and within a few years, were able to retire from their careers. Serge explains, "It is important for people who start in this business to define their dreams carefully. Something amazing happens when you dare to dream and set specific dates to reach those dreams. You alone have the ability to accomplish them and this business is a great way to make your dreams come true."


Merritt & Beth Wiese Founders

Merritt and Beth appeared successful, but in reality they were being strangled by debt. Bankers warned them that bankruptcy was the only way out, but the Wiese's decided that it was up to them to get out of their financial mess, not their bankers. They invested time and energy into the business and trusted in the knowledge found in the Support System, and went Diamond in just 5 years. "At first, a few hundred dollars a month was my dream," says Merritt. "Then it became owning our farm instead of renting, becoming debt free, driving normal-looking cars, our dreams grew from small to medium to large. Now they're in the XXL size!"


The average monthly gross for "active" IBOs was US $115 or CA $181


What Drives You?


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What would you change in your life if you had more time and money?

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The starting point for all achievement is desire.

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IBO success depicted in articles and photos illustrate exceptional results and may also reflect earnings from additional sources, including other activities or businesses. The Average Monthly Gross Income for "Active" IBOs was US $115 and CA $181. Approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be "active." Based on an independent survey during 2001, "Active" IBOs were those that attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000. "Gross Income" means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation. Before registering as a Amway Global Independent Business Owner (IBO), you should read and understand the Amway Global Business Opportunity brochure. You may also want to visit the opportunity section of the web site.

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