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The Refugee in International Law

Third Edition


The Law of Human Rights

Second Edition


Asylum and Human Rights Appeals Handbook

Anna Kotzeva, Barrister, 1 Temple Gardens, and Robin Tom, Barrister, 1 Temple Gardens, and Lucy Murray, Barrister, 33 Park Place, Cardiff

Consultant Editor: Ian Burnett QC, Barrister, 1 Temple Gardens

Universal Minority Rights

A Commentary on the Jurisprudence of International New Courts and Treaty Bodies

Marc Weller, Director of the European Centre for

Minority Issues and an Assistant Director of Studies at the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, Fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law and of Hughes Hall, Cambridge.

The development of international standards for the protection of minorities has been slow and fragmented. In the absence of a comprehensive and universal binding set of rules, the development of minority protection has been left to regional agreements and judicial interpretation of wider human rights agreements. Universal Minority Rights brings together, for the first time, the full set of all regional and international jurisprudence from courts and treaty bodies concerned with issues of minority rights.Through an exhaustive, comparative analysis of principles and substantive rules, the commentary provides an invaluable reference point for the development of minority protection.


Preface 1 2 a. b. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Introduction: Development of Minority Rights in International Standards Concept and Definition of Minorities Minority Issues (individual rights) Group Identity (collective dimension) Non-Discrimination and Full and Effective Equality Expression, Assembly, Association Religious Rights Family, Private Life and Cultural Rights Linguistic Identity Education Physical Integrity, Due Process and the Administration of Justice

Guy Goodwin-Gill, Professor of International Refugee Law University of Oxford, and Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, University of Oxford, and Jane McAdam, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney REVIEW OF PREVIOUS EDITION

Richard Clayton QC, Barrister, 39 Essex Street, and Hugh Tomlinson QC, Barrister, Matrix Chambers


`a thoughtful and comprehensive treatise [that] illustrates profound and careful scholarship.'

-- Immigration & Nationality Law & Practice

`Stunningly good, both in ambition and execution.This is a remarkable work...this is, to my knowledge, the only post-Act work that tackles the field in so comprehensively systematic a way.'

-- A.T. H. Smith, Professor and Dean of Law, Cambridge, Criminal Law Review

Up-to-date, comprehensive, and affordable guide to preparing and presenting asylum and immigration-related human rights appeals Structured chronologically so as to provide expert guidance to every step of the appeals process and the related areas of certification, removal, and detention Covers all relevant practice, procedure, and substantive asylum and human rights law in a user-friendly format, designed to enable best practice within the strict and short time limits of the new regime

The Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants etc) Act 2004 has substantially revised the immigration appeal system, with the previous two-tier system being fused into the new Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.Where a party wishes to challenge a decision of the Tribunal, they must show it has made an `error of law' in order to access a new review procedure. Subsequent appeal rights to the Court of Appeal are dependent on the exhaustion of these new remedies.The complexity of the legislation, and the strict new time limits, can present practitioners with real practical challenges. Written by two experienced practitioners, Asylum and Human Rights Appeals Handbook is an up-to-date and comprehensive reference tool for all lawyers and advisers who prepare appeal cases and appear before the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Paperback / 0-19-928942-5 / 978-0-19-928942-4 / $99.00 June 2007 / 600 pp

`the most authoritative text available on international refugee law.'

-- Refugee Reports

Millions of people are today forced to flee their homes as a result of conflict, systematic discrimination, or other forms of persecution.The core instruments on which they must rely to secure international protection are the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol.This book, the leading text in the field, examines key challenges to the Convention such as the status of refugees, applications for asylum, and the international and domestic standards of protection. The situation of refugees is one of the most pressing and urgent problems facing the international community and refugee law has grown in recent years to a subject of global importance. In this long-awaited third edition each chapter has been thoroughly revised and updated and every issue, old and new, has received fresh analysis. Features include: analysis of internally displaced persons; so-called preventive protection; access to refugees; safety of refugees and relief personnel; the situation of refugee women and children; a detailed examination of the role of the UNHCR and the Palestinian situation; and an assessment of the protection possibilities (or lack of them) in the European Convention on Human Rights.


Table of Treaties and Other International Instruments;Table of Cases; Selected Abbreviations; Part I Refugees; Definition and Description; Determination of Refugee Status: Analysis and Application; Loss and Denial of Refugee Status and its Benefits; Part II Asylum; Non-Refoulment;The Concept of Asylum; Part III Protection; International Protection;Treaty Standards; Protection in Municipal Law;The Refugee in International Law.

`The definitive work at the dawn of the new human rights case law era, itself at the beginning of the twenty-first century.'

-- Phillip Taylor,The Barrister

A thoroughly revised and updated new edition of the leading practitioner text on the law of human rights, cited in several noteworthy House of Lords judgments; An invaluable reference for human rights practitioners and academics alike Fully updated since the first edition to cover the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on domestic law.

Since it was first published in 2000, The Law of Human Rights has become the leading practitioner text in this rapidly developing area of law.Written by two leading practitioners, it provides comprehensive and systematic treatment of human rights law and practice in the UK, including an examination of the wider impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 upon the civil and criminal law.The second edition has been fully updated to provide detailed coverage of developments as the human rights legislation continues to be tested out in the courts.The authors have tracked the growing body of case law and the book includes comprehensive case references for the UK and other jurisdictions.

10 Effective Political Participation 11 Equal Access to Social and Economic Opportunities a. Economic Rights Right to health, housing and employment Legal Nature of Minority Rights as Part of Human Rights, Limitations, Derogations, Reservations and Interpretative Statements

Hardback / 0-19-928130-0 / 978-0-19-928130-5 / $130.00 Paperback / 0-19-920763-1 / 978-0-19-920763-3 / $65.00 May 2007 / 600 pp

Freedom of Religion, Minorities and the Law

Samantha Knights, Barrister, Matrix Chambers


b. c.

The Law of Human Rights is divided into two volumes.The first volume

includes a detailed analysis of the rights granted by the Human Rights Act 1998. Each chapter in this section focuses upon particular rights and offers a thorough examination of European and domestic case law.This impact is considered in relation to a number of subject areas, including business and commerce, criminal law and justice, education, employment, immigration, media, mental health, police and prisoners.

Poverty and Fundamental Rights

The Justification and Enforcement of Socio-economic Rights


David Bilchitz, Part-time Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand; Full-time Employee of Ross Kriel Attorneys, specialising in the law relating to the public sector

This book addresses the pressing issue of severe poverty and inequality, and asks why violations of socio-economic rights are treated with less urgency than violations of civil and political rights, such as the right to freedom of speech or voting. It provides a sustained argument for placing renewed focus on socio-economic rights as a method of ensuring that governments address extreme poverty. It combines both theoretical and practical perspectives, political philosophy, and constitutional law and policy.

Hardback / 0-19-920491-8 / 978-0-19-920491-5 / $90.00 April 2007 / 320pp

The Law of Human Rights will be kept up to date by way of regular paperback

supplements which provide full updates of relevant case law and legislation.


VOLUME ONE; PART I:The Background to the Human Rights Act;The Constitutional Protection of Human Rights; The Impact of Unincorporated Human Rights Treaties; PART II: General Principles under the Human Rights Act;The Human Rights Act: Interpretation and Synopsis;The Human Rights Act and Statute Law; Human Rights and Public Authorities; PART III: The Convention Rights; General Principles under the Convention;The Right to Life and the Abolition of the Death Penalty; Right not to be Subject to Torture or Inhuman or Degrading Treatment; Freedom from Slavery, Servitude, and Forced Labour;The Right to Liberty; Fair Trial Rights;The Right to Respect for Privacy and the Home;The Right to Marry and to Family Life; Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion; Freedom of Expression; Freedom of Assembly and Association; Freedom from Discrimination in Relation to Convention Rights; Right to Enjoyment of Possessions;The Right to Education; Electoral Rights; PART IV: Remedies and Procedures; Remedies under the Human Rights Act; Human Rights Act Procedure; Court of Human Rights Procedure; VOLUME TWO; United Kingdom Materials; European Materials; United Nations Materials; Domestic Bills of Rights.

Provides a concise legal overview of a complex and topical subject Examines the legal context of principles underlying religious freedom and minority rights, looking at the Human Rights Act 1998, the EC Equality Directives, and the Equality Act 2006, which will establish a new Commission for Equality and Human Rights Includes extensive treatment of recent topical and high-profile cases, such as Begum on the wearing of Muslim dress in schools Combines detailed analysis with a clear assessment of the practical and procedural issues Includes comparative coverage of key case law from a number of jurisdictions

Freedom of Religion, Minorities and the Law answers fundamental questions about individual and group rights by combining an exposition of the law with a broader, qualitative assessment of how the legal system should deal with issues of diversity. It offers clear, analytical coverage of relevant sources of law including the Human Rights Act 1998, the Equality Act 2006, and relevant European Directives, and provides insightful commentary on recent key judicial decisions such as Begum v Denbigh High School.

Hardback / 0-19-929062-8 / 978-0-19-929062-8/ $85.00 April 2007

13 Conclusion: Impact and Evaluation of the Evolution of the Jurisprudence on Minority Rights

Hardback / 0-19-920851-4 / 978-0-19-920851-7 / $99.00 July 2007 / 504 pp

The Rights of Minorities

A Commentary on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities NE

Edited by Marc Weller, Director of the European Centre for Minority Issues and an Assistant Director of Studies at the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, Fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law and of Hughes Hall, Cambridge.

This volume provides the first expert commentary on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, the principal international document establishing minority rights in a legally binding way. Many minority rights such as those to political participation, non-assimilation, and the use of native languages are not incorporated in other major Human Rights agreements.The Convention is therefore often taken to be the leading standard in this area of regulation.This commentary offers a detailed article-by-article analysis of the Convention, drawing upon its negotiating history and implementation practice, in addition to examining the pronouncements of the Advisory Committee, which is the implementation body attached to the treaty.

Oxford Commentaries on International Law Hardback / 0-19-927858-X / 978-0-19-927858-9 / $199.00 2005 Paperback / 0-19-920762-3 / 978-0-19920762-6 / $55.00 October 2006 / 752 pp

NE Fifth Edition Margaret Phelan, Barrister, Renaissance Chambers, and James Gillespie, Barrister, Renaissance Chambers

Paperback / 0-19-920917-0 / 978-019-920917-0 / $90.00 February 2007 / 1,220 pp

Immigration Law Handbook

Law of Human Rights Series Hardback / 0-19-926357-4 / 978-0-19-926357-8 / $365.00

July 2007 / 2,752 pp

Equality Law

Karon Monaghan, Barrister, Matrix Chambers

Hardback / 0-19-927795-8 / 978-0-19-927795-7 / $175.00 March 2007 / 480pp




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Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors

Andrew Clapham, Professor of Public International Law, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva The threats to human rights posed by non-state actors are of increasing concern. Multinational corporations and the activities of international organizations, such as the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union, are increasingly examined with recourse to a human rights lens. This book presents an approach to human rights that goes beyond the traditional focus on states and argues that non-state actors have human rights obligations. It also addresses some of the ways in which non-state actors can be held accountable for their actions. The book discusses how developments in the fields of international responsibility and international criminal law have implications for building a framework for the human rights obligations of non-state actors in international law. These international developments have drawn on the changing ways in which human rights are implemented in national law. A selection of jurisdictions, including the United States, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, are examined with regard to their application of human rights law to non-state actors. The book challenges some fundamental assumptions about human rights law. It suggests that the time has come for a radical rethink regarding who has responsibilities and for what.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Hardback / 0-19-829815-3 / 978-0-19-829815-1 / $110.00 Paperback / 0-19-928846-1 / 978-0-19-928846-5 / $49.95 2006 / 648 pp

Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Action


Edited by Mashood A. Baderin, Reader in International Human Rights Law, University of the West of England, and Robert McCorquodale, Professor of International Law and Human Rights, University of Nottingham, and

On December 16, 1966 the United Nations adopted the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.This was the first global treaty that established legal obligations on states to protect a range of important economic, social and cultural rights. 40 years later the vast majority of States have ratified this treaty. Despite this history, there remains considerable debate, both within the literature and within the international community generally, about the concept and application of economic, social and cultural rights.This collection gives a coherent analysis of many of the key issues, both in concept and in application, relevant to economic, social and cultural rights. The authors of the chapters, many of whom are leading scholars in their fields with significant experience in practice, examine how the obligations to protect these rights have been applied today, including their application to the Security Council and to non-state actors, as well as in the context of development and dispossession. They provide important universal and regional comparative perspectives on the development and implementation of these rights, and consider some of the contemporary issues relating to these rights, such as trade, health and social security.

Hardback / 0-19-921790-4 / 978-0-19-921790-8 / $99.00 June 2007 / 350 pp

Minority Rights in Asia

A Comparative Legal Analysis



A Collection



Joshua Castellino, Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway, and Elvira Domínguez Redondo, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Irish Research Council for Humanities & Social Sciences, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway

The absence of a regional system of human rights protection for Asia, and the ambivalence of some Asian states towards existing human rights regimes often results in a lack of awareness of the plight of minorities in these states. The existing human rights literature on Asia tends to focus on the debate of cultural relativism. On the other hand, minority rights literature largely ignores Asia. This book tackles this lacuna by undertaking an analysis of the minority rights legal regimes in India, China, Malaysia and Singapore, while also locating this discussion in the context of a wider debate on human rights in Asia. India and China, the world's most populous states, face similar problems vis-àvis minorities, yet tackle these using starkly different techniques. Malaysia and Singapore, vocal in their articulation of `Asian Values', have taken opposing stances over minority rights. Malaysia has sought to establish Malay hegemony using minority rights tools in favor of the majority, while Singapore deliberately adopted a doctrine of meritocracy, nonetheless emphasizing ethnic fault-lines within its population. Together the four states reflect not only the complex layers of culture and identity within Asian states, but also the vastly different political systems and contrasting conceptions of the role of law in the continent. Through its examination of minority rights theory and its application in specific cases, this book provides a useful comparative model for the assessment of other states within Asia, thereby taking an important first step towards understanding the situation of minorities within the entire continent.

Hardback / 0-19-929605-7 / 978-0-19-929605-7 / $105.00 2006 / 310 pp

Edited by Sanford Levinson, St. John Garwood Chair in Law, University of Texas School of Law

`Few of this book's contributors want to engage in polemics, and few--to their credit--ever seem completely comfortable with their own conclusions.'

-- The New York Times Book Review

`This superior collection of essays by 17 leading scholars provides a timely, penetrating investigation into this morally challenging but important topic.... It is a pleasure to read an edited book in which the chapters speak to each other. This is a well-crafted study in political ethics.'


Torture is perhaps the most unequivocally banned practice in the world today. Yet recent photographs from Abu Ghraib substantiated claims that the United States and some of its allies are using methods of questioning relating to the war on terrorism that could be described as torture or, at the very least, as inhuman and degrading. In terror's wake, the use of such methods, at least under some conditions, has gained some prominent defenders, notably from within the White House. In this revised edition, Torture: A Collection brings together leading lawyers, political theorists, social scientists, and public intellectuals to debate the advisability of maintaining the absolute ban and to reflect on what it says about our societies if we do-- or do not-- adhere to it in all circumstances. New to this edition are essays by Charles Krauthammer and Andrew Sullivan on the adoption in 2005 of the McCain Amendment, which explicitly bars the use of torture and other cruel methods of interrogation. The noted contributors include Ariel Dorfman, Elaine Scarry, Alan Dershowitz, Judge Richard Posner, Michael Walzer, Jean Bethke Elshtain, and other lawyers from both the United States and abroad.

OUP USA Paperback / 0-19-530646-5 / 978-0-19-530646-0 / $19.95 September 2006 Hardback / 0-19-517289-2 / 978-0-19-517289-8 / $29.95 2004 / 326 pp

A Theory of Interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights

George Letsas, Lecturer in Law, University College London


This study of the European Convention on Human Rights aims at propounding an evaluative theory of interpretation for the Convention, and seeks to locate interpretive values within the history of the ECHR by surveying and analyzing relevant judgements of the European Court of Human Rights.

Hardback / 0-19-920343-1 / 978-0-19-920343-7 / $110.00 July 2007 / 300pp

Media Law and Human Rights

NE Second Edition


Fourth Edition John Wadham, Solicitor and Deputy Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Helen Mountfield, Barrister, Matrix Chambers, Anna Edmundson, Deputy Director of the British Institute of Human Rights, Caoilfhionn Gallagher, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Paperback / 0-19-929957-9 / 978-0-19-929957-7 / £34.95 / $65.00 February 2007 / 400 pp

Blackstone's Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998

Andrew Nicol QC, Doughty Street Chambers, Gavin Millar QC, Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers, and Andrew Sharland, Barrister, 4-5 Gray's Inn Square Written in a clear and accessible style, the new edition of Media Law and Human Rights provides completely up to date coverage and practical guidance on the human rights issues encountered by media lawyers Fully revised to provide extensive treatment of all the important English case law and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights as they affect the media since the publication of the first edition Offers practical coverage of the impact of human rights principles in media law Examines how the courts have responded to the Human Rights Act 1998 Includes discussion of major developments outside the UK and Europe, including key decisions of the US and Canadian supreme courts, and the South African Constitutional Court Contains the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights as helpful appendices

Media Law and Human Rights provides a comprehensive guide to the case law of the European Court of Human Rights as it affects the media and examines how the UK courts have grappled with the concepts developed by Strasbourg. It presents clear analysis of the special provisions in the Human Rights Act for the media, looking at the most recent cases involving freedom of expression and privacy which have led to precedent-altering decisions following the coming into force of the Act.

Hardback / 1-84-174134-5 / 978-184-174134-5 / $120.00 September 2007 / 300 pp

Employment Law and Human Rights

Defamation and Freedom of Speech

Dario Milo, Partner, Media Law Department,Webber Wentzel Bowens Attorneys; Part-time lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Second Edition Robin Allen QC, Barrister, Cloisters, Anna Beale, Barrister, Cloisters, and Rachel Crasnow, Barrister, Cloisters

Paperback / 0-19-929963-3 / 978-0-19-929963-8 / $95.00 March 2007 / 550 pp


Blackstone's Guide to the Asylum and Immigration Act 2004

Peter Morris; Mark Henderson; Simon Cox; Shahram Taghavi;Tublu Krishendu Mukherjee; Laura Dubinsky; Phil Haywood, all at Doughty Street Chambers With a Foreword by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Paperback / 0-19-927774-5 / 978-0-19-927774-2 / $65.00 2004 / 250pp

The book examines the law of defamation, and argues that it must be reformed in a number of ways in order to balance two important constitutional rights, the right to reputation and the right to freedom of expression.The book analyzes how far the media and others should be entitled to go in reporting on important matters of public interest in society, such as corruption and misconduct in public office. It also examines where the line should be drawn between a public figure's public and private life.

Hardback / 0-19-920492-6 / 978-019-920492-2 / $95.00 September 2007 / 270pp

international law in domestic courts

A new Online Subscription Service from Oxford University Press. ILDC brings you the most important international law issues being decided in domestic courts around the world today. See page 122 for details



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Americans in Waiting


Labour Rights as Human Rights

Edited by Philip Alston, Professor of Law at New York University Law School

Are efforts to protect workers' rights compatible with the forces of globalization? How can minimum standards designed to protect labor rights be implemented in a world in which national labor law is more and more at the mercy of international forces beyond its control? The contributors to this volume argue that international agreements and institutions are of central importance if labor rights are to be protected in a globalized economy, exploring some of the options that are open to governments, civil society, and the labor movement in the years ahead.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Hardback / 0-19-928105-X / 978-0-19-928105-3 / $115.00 Paperback / 0-19-928106-8 / 978-0-19-928106-0 / $49.95 2005 / 262 pp

Principles of Human Rights Adjudication

Conor Gearty, Rausing Director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, and Professor of Human Rights Law, London School of Economics and Political Science

The Human Rights Act 1998 was one of the first pieces of legislation passed by New Labour. Some ministers believe that it is the greatest thing that they have done, whereas others view it as a dangerous mistake.This volume explains what the Act is about, where it fits into Britain's constitutional tradition, and explores whether or not it has achieved its goals.

Paperback / 0-19-928722-8 / 978-0-19-928722-2 / $40.00 2005 / 230 pp Hardback / 0-19-927068-6 / 978-0-19-927068-2 / $90.00 2004

The Lost Story of Immigration and Citizenship in the United States

Hiroshi Motomura, University of North Carolina Law School

Freedom of Speech

Second Edition


Eric Barendt, Goodman Professor of Media Law, University College London

`Hiroshi Motomura's portrait of immigration history in the United States is as poignant as it is precise. Americans in Waiting emphasizes the need to treat lawful immigrants more inclusively, and welcome them as future citizens who will help revitalize the American Dream for future generations, as they have done throughout history.'

-- U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy

In Americans in Waiting, Motomura discovers in our national past a simple yet powerful approach to immigration and citizenship. Rewriting the conventional story, Motomura uncovers how for over 150 years, many immigrants were immediately put on track to U.S. citizenship. They were entitled to overseas diplomatic protection and eligible to homestead land on the western frontier. Citizens-to-be were even allowed to vote. In sum, immigration was assumed to be a transition to citizenship, and immigrants were future citizens, Americans in waiting. Once central to law and policy, this view has all but vanished. Beginning in the early twentieth century, the United States began to treat its immigrants in one of two ways: as signatories to a contract that sets the terms of their stay in this country, or as affiliates, who can earn rights only as they become, over time, enmeshed in the nations life. Immigration is now seen too often as a problem to be solved, rather than a pillar of our nation's strength. A panoramic history of the past 200 years of immigration and citizenship in the United States, Americans in Waiting offers a clear lesson: only by recovering this lost of history of immigration can we ensure that both current and future citizens share in the sense of belonging that is crucial to full participation in American life.

OUP USA Hardcover / 0-19-516345-1 / 978-0-19-516345-2 / $29.95 September 2006 / 304 pp

`It is one of the many virtues of this work that the various aspects of freedom of speech are kept constantly in play...This book should be on the reading list of any student of the ideologies and manners of western liberal democracies.'

-- David Bentley (Associate Fellow in International Law at Chatham House) The World Today

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Cases, Materials, and Commentary Second Edition

Sarah Joseph, Senior Lecturer, Monash University; Associate Director, Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Jenny Schultz, Barrister and Solicitor of the

Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia, Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Faculty of Law, and Melissa Castan, Barrister and Solicitor of the

Non-State Actors and Human Rights

Edited by Philip Alston, Professor of Law at New York University Law School

Can transnational corporations ignore human rights as long as governments don't hold them accountable? If the UN is put in charge of a territory, is it bound by human rights law? Under traditional approaches to human rights, non-State actors cannot be parties to the relevant treaties and so they are only bound to the extent that obligations accepted by States can be applied to them by governments.This situation threatens to make a mockery of much of the international system of accountability for human rights violations.The contributors to this volume examine the different approaches that might be taken in order to ensure some degree of accountability. Making space in the legal regime to take account of the role of non-State actors is one of the biggest and most critical challenges facing international law today.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Hardback / 0-19-927281-6 / 978-0-19-927281-5 / $120.00 Paperback / 0-19-927282-4 / 978-0-19-927282-2 / $55.00 2005 / 400 pp

Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia, Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Faculty of Law

This is a fully revised and updated new edition of the classic work first published in 1985.There have been many important developments since the first edition including the impact of the European Human Rights Convention. Social and cultural changes mean that free speech claims are being made in novel contexts. Barendt considers the meaning and scope of freedom of speech and examines the varied approaches of different legal systems and constitutional traditions to balancing free speech and freedom of the press against rights to reputation and privacy, and to copyright.

Paperback / 0-19-922581-8 / 978-0-19-922581-1 / $55.00 April 2007 Hardback / 0-19-924451-0 / 978-0-19-924451-5 / $155.00 2005 / 552 pp

`A seminal work which will be of enormous interest to the human rights community'

-- Commonwealth Lawyer

`An excellent source of reference. No other work has encompassed as much material and case law so far...It fulfils its aim of bestowing the legal community with an excellent source of information on international human rights law and will certainly aid in the advancement of human rights protection.'

-- Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht (Heidelberg Journal of International Law)

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is the most important human rights treaty in the world. Now fully updated and in its second edition, this book provides a comprehensive collation and analysis of the jurisprudence of the Human Rights Committee, the monitoring body established under the ICCPR.

Paperback / 0-19-928541-1 / 978-0-19-928541-9 / $90.00 2005 / 1,048 pp

Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights

Nicholas Blake QC, Barrister, Matrix Chambers, and Raza Husain, Barrister, Matrix Chambers

Human rights law has always been of particular importance to immigrants and asylum seekers. Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights reviews the Strasbourg case law relating to the rights of aliens and their families, and examines the workings of the Human Rights Act in the domestic immigration context. A number of core problems for immigration practitioners are considered: how far are human rights under the Act extra-territorial? When is a deportation order a proportionate interference with the right to respect for family life? What is the jurisdiction of the courts to review executive policy relating to immigration? What is the impact of the anti-terrorism legislation enacted in response to the September 11 attacks?

Blackstone's Human Rights Series Paperback / 1-84-174140-X / 978-1-84-174140-6 / $99.00 2003 / 480 pp

Human Rights and Development:

Towards Mutual Reinforcement

Edited by Philip Alston, Professor of Law at New York University Law School, and Faculty Director of its Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, and Mary Robinson, Formerly President of the Republic of Ireland (1990-97) and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002)

Only in the past 15 years or so, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the realization that freedom and economic well-being are empirically linked, have the professional communities dealing with development and human rights issues begun to communicate effectively. However, too much of the dialogue has been confined to an abstract or theoretical level.The eminent contributors to this volume address highly specific yet crucial aspects of the human rights and development interface, including the economics of social rights; land rights and women's empowerment; child labor and access to education; reform of legal and judicial systems; the human rights role of the private sector; and building human rights into development planning, especially the Poverty Reduction Strategy process.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Hardback / 0-19-928461-X / 978-0-19-928461-0 / $155.00 Paperback / 0-19-928462-8 / 978-0-19-928462-7 / $79.95 2005 / 576 pp

Winner of Best Book Award, First International Book Festival on the Best Book on Human Rights and Islam 2004

International Human Rights and Islamic Law

Mashood A. Baderin, Reader in Law at the School of Law, University of the West of England, Bristol

Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights

Second Edition

Philip Leach, Senior Lecturer in Law, London Metropolitan University and Director, European Human Rights Advocacy Centre

This book offers accessible coverage of the practice and procedure of the European Court of Human Rights. It provides in-depth guidance on the Court procedure and includes a concise up-to-date analysis of the substantive law of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Blackstone's Human Rights Series Paperback / 0-19-927528-9 / 978-0-19-927528-1 / $165.00 2005 / 854 pp

`The author has achieved in this slim volume what other scholars might not have accomplished in a much larger one...Sensitive, highly informed and eminently readable, it offers a unique perspective.'

-- Hameed Agberemi, Human Rights Law Review

This volume is a comprehensive and authoritative comparative analysis which asks whether Muslim States can comply with international human rights law while adhering to Islamic law.The traditional arguments on this subject are examined and responded to from both international human rights and Islamic legal perspectives. Through this analysis, it offers a clear vision of the realisation of international human rights within the application of Islamic law.

Oxford Monographs in International Law Paperback / 0-19-928540-3 / 978-0-19-928540-2 / $59.95 2005 / 302 pp Hardback / 0-19-926659-X / 978-0-19-926659-3 / $145.00 2003



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Remedies in International Human Rights Law

Second Edition

National Minority Rights in Europe

Tove H. Malloy, Senior Research Associate and Head of EU Department, ECMI and Head of EU Department, permanent member of the Danish Foreign Service

Separatism is a highly topical and controversial legal and political issue.The conflicts in the Balkans of the 1990s have revived the unresolved issue of national minority self-determination in international law and also, in European politics, the issues of how to deal with sub-state nationalisms and group recognition, and how to enable the political inclusion of national minorities.This book reviews the impact of the discourse of national minority rights on the European inter-governmental approach to national minority accommodation after 1989, and proposes an alternative framework for national minority accommodation based upon multiple loyalties, critical citizenship, and discursive justice.

Hardback / 0-19-927443-6 / 978-0-19-927443-7 / $125.00 2005 / 400 pp

EU Human Rights Policies

A Study in Irony

Andrew Williams, Lecturer in Law, University of Warwick

American Bioethics

Crossing Human Rights and Health Law Boundaries

George J. Annas, Edward R. Utley Professor and Chair, Health Law Department, Boston University School of Public Health, USA

This book crosses artificial borders between bioethics and health law, and between American bioethics and international human rights. American isolationism is not tenable in the wake of scientific triumphs like decoding the human genome and civilizational tragedies like international terrorism. Using our imaginations and bringing two universal codes together, the human genome and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, American bioethics can be reborn and help make the world a better, healthier, place to live.

OUP USA Hardback / 0-19-516949-2 / 978-0-19-516949-2 / $35.00 2004 / 240 pp


Dinah Shelton, Patricia Roberts Harris Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School,Washington D.C.

`The book is an important - and very accessible contribution to a discussion that should be given much wider attention, both in and outside academia.'

-- Antoine Buyse, Leiden. Common Market Law Review

`the book will undoubtedly change the international discourse on the problem of providing remedies for human rights violations.'

-- The American Journal of International Law

This book is a fully revised and updated new edition of the only work to review the jurisprudence of all International Tribunals on remedies for human rights violations.This edition also incorporates a new chapter on historical injustices.The book provides both a theoretical approach and a practical guide to claiming remedies when rights have been violated, covering all of the regional and international human rights bodies.

Paperback / 0-19-920753-4 /978-0-19920753-4 / $55.00 2006 / 560 pp Hardback / 0-19-927008-2 / 978-0-19-927008-8 / $230.0 2004

`This book represents a powerful, engaging and critical account of EU human rights policies... an extremely well-written, persuasive and informative case for change, which would certainly be of interest to both academics and practitioners in the field of EU law, governance and human rights.'

-- Alessandra Buonfino, University of Cambridge

Indigenous Peoples, Postcolonialism, and International Law

The ILO Regime (1919-1989)

Luis Rodríguez-Piñero, Senior Research Fellow, Indigenous Law and Policy Program,The University of Arizona

The debate surrounding the rights of indigenous peoples is one of the most dynamic and controversial fields in contemporary politics.This book analyzes the work of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as a driving force in developing the status of indigenous peoples in international law. Focusing on the creation and implementation of the two legally binding international instruments in the area, Conventions No. 107 (1957) and 169 (1989), Rodríguez-Piñero traces the historical and political processes at work in the struggle of indigenous peoples for legal recognition.

Hardback / 0-19-928464-4 / 978-0-19-928464-1 / $110.00 2006 / 432 pp

`This is a stimulating book which should give practitioners and policy makers, as well as those engaged in study of European institutions and policy-making, considerable pause for thought.'

-- Emily Reid, University of Sussex

Oxford Studies in European Law

Paperback / 0-19-929149-7 / 978-0-19-929149-6 / $49.95 2005 Hardback / 0-19-926896-7 / 978-0-19-926896-2 / $89.00 2004 / 240 pp

Against Equality of Opportunity

Matt Cavanagh, formerly Lecturer, St Catherine's College, Oxford

`The book fully lives up to its provocative title. In the horse-trading of meritocracy versus equality, few have had the nerve and imagination to throw out both these ideals at once.'

-- Nicholas Fearn, Spectator

Clarendon Press Paperback / 0-19-926548-8 / 978-0-19-926548-0 / $36.00 2003 / 232 pp

Winner 2006 ASIL Certificate of Merit

Religious Freedom in the Liberal State

Rex Ahdar, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Otago, and Ian Leigh, Professor of Law, University of Durham

To what extent should states accommodate religious liberty claims? Can the pluralist state be neutral between religions and secularism? This book explores contemporary legal controversies regarding the protection of religious liberty from a theoretical and comparative perspective, looking at issues such as family and parenting, medical treatment, education, employment, religious group autonomy, and freedom of expression.

Hardback / 0-19-925362-5 / 978-0-19-925362-3 / $125.00 2005 / 448 pp

Human Rights in Criminal Proceedings

Stefan Trechsel, Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure at the University of Zurich, and a former President of the European Commission of Human Rights With the assistance of Sarah Summers


Reproductive Health and Human Rights

Integrating Medicine, Ethics, and Law


The State of the World's Refugees 2006

Human Displacement in the New Millennium

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Rebecca J. Cook, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Bernard M. Dickens, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, and Mahmoud F. Fathalla, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Assiut University, Egypt

This is an authoritative and much-needed introduction to and defence of the concept of reproductive health, which though internationally endorsed, is still contested.

Issues in Biomedical Ethics Clarendon Press Paperback / 0-19-924133-3 / 978-0-19-924133-0 / $39.95 Hardback / 0-19-924132-5 / 978-0-19-924132-3 / $165.00 2003 / 582 pp


`a very significant enrichment of the literature on criminal procedural law'

-- Karsten Gaede, HRRS

`an indispensable first step toward helping the writing and thinking to catch up to the new realities of refugee policy'

-- International Journal of Refugee Law

What is a Just Peace?

Edited by Pierre Allan, Dean of Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and Professor of International Relations, University of Geneva, and Alexis Keller, University of Geneva

Including contributions from some of the world's leading scholars, this groundbreaking book provides a carefully considered analysis of what constitutes a just peace. A cross-section of conflicting viewpoints from political, historical, and legal perspectives are brought together in this book to demonstrate how just peace has to be a mediated peace.

Hardback / 0-19-927535-1 / 978-0-19-927535-9 / $74.00 2005 / 256 pp

`Trechsel's work will soon be at the forefront of books to be consulted in questions concerning the ECHR.'

-- Nicolas Schmid, Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Strafecht (The Swiss Journal for -- Criminal Law)

This book examines the rights of accused persons in criminal proceedings.The case-law of the international bodies dealing with this issue is presented and critically examined by an author who has contributed to its creation for almost a quarter of a century. He places particular emphasis on the European Court and Commission of Human Rights but also gives considerable coverage to the application of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Paperback / 0-19-927120-8 / 978-0-19-927120-7 / $65.00 2006 / 736 pp Hardback / 0-19-829936-2 / 978-0-19-829936-3 / $175.00 2005

`An impressive and insightful work revealing how the international community's attempts at dealing with displacement crises have evolved during the last fifty years.'

-- Millennium

An up-to-date and highly accessible overview of key recent developments related to internal and cross-border displacement of people throughout the world.

Hardback / 0-19-929094-6 / 978-0-19-929094-9 / $95.00 Paperback / 0-19-929095-4 / 978-0-19-929095-6 / $29.95 2006 / 340 pp

Gender and Justice in Multicultural Liberal States

Monique Deveaux, Associate Professor of Political Science, Williams College, Massachusetts

This book offers a persuasive new argument for reconciling the tensions that arise when liberal democratic states try to protect two important kinds of equality: sexual equality and cultural equality.

Hardback / 0-19-928979-4 / 978-0-19-928979-0 / $74.00 October 2006 / 256 pp

Indigenous Peoples in International Law

Second Edition

S. James Anaya, Samuel M. Fegtly Professor of Law, University of Arizona College of Law

Local Authorities and Human Rights

Richard Drabble QC, James Maurici, and Tim Buley, all Barristers, Landmark Chambers

Local Authorities and Human Rights provides an introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998, an overview of the principle articles of the European Convention, and a detailed analysis of the remedies and their importance in the local government context.

Hardback / 1-84174-135-3 / 978-1-84-174135-2 / $110.00 May 2004 /480pp

The Essentials of Human Rights

Edited by Rhona K. M. Smith, Northumbria University, and Christien van den Anker, University of Birmingham

The Essentials of Human Rights is an easy-to-use, accessible introduction to the human rights debate. It covers the history of human rights, the arguments over their justification and uses examples of specific rights and freedoms to assess the current situation, including international legal systems and organisations like the UN, and prospects for the future. More than 100 entries are arranged in an A-Z structure for easy reference and cover general categories of rights (including civil, political, cultural, women's, children's and migrants' rights) as well as specific issues, such as slavery, genocide, free speech, capital punishment and asylum.The contributors are drawn from a wide range of international and disciplinary backgrounds, making this book an outstanding resource for anyone interested in human rights.This vital reference has a Foreword by Mary Robinson.

The Essentials of ... Series Paperback / 0-340-81574-4 / 978-0-340-81574-8 / $19.95 2006 / 416 pp OUP USA rights only

`This book is particularly important for the readers who want a deeper understanding of how and why indigenous peoples are in their current condition "relative to others in humanity.'

-- Human Rights & Human Welfare

OUP USA Paperback / 0-19-517350-3 / 978-0-19-517350-5 / $26.95 2004 / 408 pp



T 1-866-445-8685

F 1-919-677-1303





Human Rights and International Trade

Edited by Thomas Cottier, Managing Director, World Trade Institute, Bern; Professor of European and International Economic Law, University of Bern, Switzerland, Joost Pauwelyn, Associate Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law, and Elisabeth Bürgi, attorney at law, researcher,World Trade Institute, Bern and Institute of European and International Economic Law, University of Bern, Switzerland

Economic globalization and respect for human rights are both highly topical issues. In theory, more trade should increase economic welfare and protection of human rights should ensure individual dignity. Recently, however, tension has arisen between these two areas. Does the World Trade Organization prevent countries from providing essential medicines to their people? Is it fair to accord the benefits of trade subject to a clean human rights record? This book examines the theoretical framework of the interaction between the disciplines of international trade law and human rights.The interaction is the explored through seven case studies, ranging from freedom of expression and anti-trust rules, to the fight against trade in conflict diamonds and the UN's new convention on tobacco control.

International Economic Law Series Hardback / 0-19-928583-9 / 978-0-19-928582-2 / $165.00 Paperback / 0-19-928583-7 / 978-0-19-928583-9 / $79.95 2005 / 544 pp

The Oxford Handbook of Political Theory

John S Dryzek, Professor of Social and Political Theory, Australian National University, Bonnie Honig, Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University, and Anne Philips, Professor of Gender Theory, London School of Economics

Oxford Handbooks of Political Science are the essential guide to the state of political science today.With engaging contributions from 51 major international scholars, The Oxford Handbook of Political Theory provides the key point of reference for anyone working in political theory and beyond.

Oxford Handbooks of Political Science Hardback / 0-19-927003-1 / 978-0-19-927003-3 / $150.00 October 2006 / 920 pp

Child Marriage in India

Socio-Legal and Human Rights Dimensions

Jaya Sagade, Professor of Law, ILS Law College, Pune

A scholarly and insightful documentation of the problem of child marriage in India. It views the phenomenon from the socio-legal as well as the human rights perspectives.

OUP India Hardback / 0-19-566890-1 / 978-0-19-566890-2 / $35.00 2005 / 304 pp

China Modernizes

Threat to the West or Model for the Rest?

Randall Peerenboom, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law


Provides a controversial, first-hand account of modern China and its complexities Challenges readers to re-assess their view of China by presenting original evidence across the political, economic, and legal spectrum Sheds new light on China's record on civil, political, and human rights by evaluating China's actions within a comparative context Addresses contemporary policy debates from within China, as well as from a global perspective

Two sharply contrasting views of China exist today. On the one hand a rising superpower predicted to have the largest economy in the world by mid century, on the other hand a brutal, anachronistic and authoritarian regime, a threat to geo-stability and to the economies of the industrial world. So which China is the real China? Randall Peerenboom addresses this question by exploring China's economy, political and legal system, and most controversially, its record on civil, political and personal rights in the context of the developing world. Avoiding polemic and relying on empirical evidence, he compares China's performance not with first world countries such as the US and UK but with other middle income countries and highlights the often hypocritical stance of an international community which demands standards from others that it does not match at home. He also critically evaluates the benefits of globalization and democratization and the normative values of the West set against Beijing's determination to retain its cultural and political integrity. This book seeks to bridge the gap in understanding about China and to create a firmer foundation for mutual trust, while recognizing that there are inevitable risks in a shift in global power of this magnitude that will require hard headed pragmatism at times where interests collide.


Introduction:Two Opposing Views of China; Déjà vu- China and the East Asian Model;Taking rights seriously? Official policy and actual practice; Social and economic rights, law and order, women's rights and cultural rights; Of rights and wrongs:Why China is subject to a double standard on rights; Institutional reform: rule of law and good governance; Debating democracy; What if China democratizes? What if it doesn't?; Conclusion: modernity with modesty- the strength and limits of the EAM.

Migration, Citizenship, and the European Welfare State

A European Dilemma

Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Professor of Sociology of Work, National Institute for Working Life and Department of Ethnic Studies, Linköping University, Sweden, Peo Hansen, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, Linköping University, Sweden and The National Institute for Working Life, and Stephen Castles, Professor of Migration and Refugee Studies, University of Oxford

Detailed case-studies demonstrate the growing significance of the EU's role in formulating policy on migration, integration, discrimination, asylum, and racism.

European Societies Hardback / 0-19-828052-1 / 978-0-19-828052-1 / $95.00 Paperback / 0-19-928402-4 / 978-0-19-928402-3 / $35.00 2006 / 344 pp

The Human Rights of Companies

Exploring the Structure of ECHR Protection

Marius Emberland, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

This book studies the response of the European Court of Human Rights to complaints submitted to it by companies and their shareholders. It presents the first in-depth analysis of the protection of business interests under the European Convention on Human Rights, and a path-breaking study of the value-system on which the ECHR builds.

Hardback / 0-19-928983-2 / 978-0-19-928983-7 / $90.00 2006 / 272 pp

Making Sense of Suicide Missions

Edited by Diego Gambetta, Professor of Sociology and Official Fellow of Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Complementary Protection New in International Refugee Law

Jane McAdam, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney

This book is the first comprehensive study of the `complementary protection' afforded by States to those who fall outside the legal definition of a refugee in the 1951 Refugee Convention.The book traces the historical development of complementary protection from its origins before the 1951 Convention, through to its contemporary application.

Oxford Monographs in International Law Hardback / 0-19-920306-7 / 978-0-19-920306-2 / $110.00 May 2007 / 304 pp


Divided Cities

The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2003

Edited by Richard Scholar, University Lecturer in French and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford


Suicide attacks have become the defining act of political violence of our age. Based on a wealth of original research, and containing contributions from internationally distinguished scholars, Making Sense of Suicide Missions furthers our understanding of this chilling feature of the contemporary world in radically new and unexpected ways.

Paperback / 0-19-929797-5 /978-0-19-929797-9 / $25.00 November 2006 / 392 pp

Based on the influential Oxford Amnesty Lectures, this volume examines the forces shaping urbanization today and the divisions that threaten the world's cities.

Oxford Amnesty Lectures Paperback / 0-19-280708-0 / 978-0-19-280708-3 / $24.95 2006 / 240 pp

International Human Rights Lexicon

Susan Marks, University Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge, and Andrew Clapham, Professor of Public International Law, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva.

This book presents a wide-ranging survey of the scope and significance of international human rights law. Arranged thematically in alphabetical format, it side-steps the traditional categories of human rights law, to investigate rights in the specific contexts in which they are invoked, debated, and considered.This book is an informative and accessible guide to key issues confronting international human rights law today.

Hardback / 0-19-876414-6 / 978-0-19-876414-4 / $135.00 Paperback / 0-19-876413-8 / 978-0-19-876413-7 / $44.95 2004 / 470 pp

Environmental Justice

Creating Equality, Reclaiming Democracy

Kristin Shrader-Frechette, O'Neill Professor of Philosophy and Concurrent Professor of Biological Science, University of Notre Dame

Observing that environmental activists often value environmental concerns over basic human rights, Shrader-Frechette points out the importance of recognizing that minority groups and the poor in general are frequently the biggest victims of environmental degradation, a phenomenon with serious social and political implications that the environmental movement has failed to adequately address.

Environmental Ethics and Science Policy Series OUP USA Paperback / 0-19-518357-6 / 978-0-19-518357-3 / $27.95 2005 / 288 pp

Judges,Transition, and Human Rights


Edited by John Morison, Professor of Jurisprudence, Head of School, Queens University Belfast, Kieran McEvoy, Professor of Law and Transitional Justice, Director of Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Law, Queens University Belfast, and Gordon Anthony, Senior Lecturer in Law, Queens University Belfast

This book brings together leading scholars from a range of disciplines to examine some of the most pressing questions asked of the role of human rights in international relations.The contributions focus on the intersection between the role of judges, the language of human rights, and the politics of societies in transition.The international range of the contributions covers experiences as diverse as South Africa, the USA, Great Britain, the Balkans, and Northern Ireland.

Hardback / 0-19-920493-4 / 978-0-19-920493-9 / $140.00 Paperback / 0-19-920494-2 /978-0-19-920494-6 / $55.00 May 2007 / 450 pp

Hardback / 0-19-920834-4 / 978-0-19-920834-0 / $35.00 January 2007 / 320 pp

Political Rights Under Stress in 21st Century Europe


Edited by Wojciech Sadurski, Head of the Department of Law, European University Institute, Florence

This edited collection examines the growing uncertainty about the role and scope of traditional political rights in the 21st Century's increased threat of terrorism. It reflects on the appropriate scope and strength of protection of political rights in a wider global context, and covers issues such as the rise of `militant democracies' and the effectiveness of the Council of Europe's monitoring mechanisms.

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Hardback / 0-19-929602-2 /978-0-19-929602-6/ $115.00 Paperback / 0-19-929603-0 /978-0-19-929603-3 / $39.95 December 2006 / 256 pp

Negotiating Nationalism

Nation-Building, Federalism, and Secession in the Multinational State

Wayne Norman, McConnell Professor of Business Ethics, University of Montréal

This book provides one of the most extensive discussions to date on the ethics of nation-building and the nature and justification of federal systems.

Hardback / 0-19-829335-6 / 978-0-19-829335-4 / $85.00 July 2006 / 272 pp



T 1-866-445-8685

F 1-919-677-1303





The Animal Question

Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights Paola Cavalieri Translated by Catherine Woollard

OUP USA Paperback / 0-19-517365-1 / 978-0-19-517365-9 / $21.95 2004 / 192 pp

Poverty and Human Rights

Sen's `Capability Perspective' Explored

Polly Vizard, Research Associate at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE

This book provides a major new cross-disciplinary framework for thinking about poverty and human rights. Drawing on the fields of ethics, economics, and international law,Vizard demonstrates how the work of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has expanded and deepened human rights discourse across traditional disciplinary divides.

Hardback / 0-19-927387-1 / 978-0-19-927387-4 / $74.00 2005 / 288 pp


Jacobs and White:The European Convention on Human Rights NE

Q&A: Human Rights and Civil Liberties 2006-2007





Steve Foster, Principal Lecturer, Coventry Law School, Coventry University

Q&A Paperback / 0-19-928656-6 / 978-0-19-928656-0 / $25.00 January 2006 / 322 pp

Women and the Law in India Omnibus

Sudhir Chandra, Monmayee Basu, and Flavia Agnes

OUP India Hardback / 0-19-566767-0 / 978-0-19-566767-7 / $60.00 2004 / 1,026 pp

Fourth Edition Clare Ovey, Legal Officer, European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, Robin White, Professor of Law, University of Leicester

Paperback / 0-19-928810-0 / 978-0-19-928810-6 / $55.00 February 2006 / 591 pp

Civil Liberties Law:The Human Rights Act Era

Noel Whitty, The Law School, University of Strathclyde, Thérèse Murphy, School of Law, University of Nottingham, and the late Stephen Livingstone

Humanitarian Intervention and International Relations

Basic Documents on Human Rights




CCTV and Policing

Public Area Surveillance and Police Practices in Britain Benjamin J. Goold

Clarendon Studies in Criminology Hardback / 0-19-926514-3 / 978-0-19-926514-5 / $99.00 2003 / 260 pp

Edited by Jennifer M.Welsh, University Lecturer in International Relations and Fellow of Somerville College Oxford

Should states use military force for humanitarian purposes? Leading scholars and practitioners provide practical and theoretical answers to this burning question, demonstrating why humanitarian intervention continues to be a controversial issue, not only for the UN, but also for Western states and humanitarian organizations.

Paperback / 0-19-929162-4 / 978-0-19-929162-5 / $35.00 May 2006 / 256 pp

Fifth Edition Ian Brownlie CBE QC, Barrister at Blackstone Chambers, London, Chichele Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford (Emeritus), Member of the International Law Commission, Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford, and Barrister at Blackstone Chambers, London

Paperback / 0-19-927983-7 / 978-0-19-927983-8 / $55.00 May 2006 / 992 pp


Paperback / 0-40-655511-7 / 978-0-40-655511-3 / $77.00 2001 / 531 pp

International Human Rights Documents

Fifth Edition P. R. Ghandhi, Professor of Law at Reading University




Blackstone's Statutes Paperback / 0-19-928827-5 / 978-0-19-928827-4 / $35.00 August 2006 / 536 pp

The Human Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Different but Equal Edited by Stanley S. Herr, Lawrence O. Gostin, and Harold Hongju Koh

Paperback / 0-19-926451-1 / 978-0-19-926451-3 / $79.95 Hardback / 0-19-826779-7 / 978-0-19-826779-9 / $276.00 2003 / 572 pp

Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law

Second Edition Gina Clayton, Formerly Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Huddersfield

Paperback / 0-19-928973-5 / 978-0-19-928973-8 / $49.95 July 2006 / 574 pp




human rights law review

volume 6, 2006, 3 issues

International Human Rights in Context

Law, Politics, Morals Third Edition




Multiculturalism in Asia

Edited by Will Kymlicka

Hardback / 0-19-927762-1 / 978-0-19-927762-9 / $99.00 Paperback / 0-19-927763-X / 978-0-19-927763-6 / $35.00 2005 / 376 pp

Textbook on Civil Liberties and Human Rights




Editor-in-Chief: David Harris, Human Rights Law Centre, School Of Law, University of Nottingham

Human Rights Law Review seeks to promote awareness, knowledge and discussion on matters of human rights law and policy. While academic in focus, the Review also aims to be of interest to the wider human rights community, including those in governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental spheres, concerned with law, policy and fieldwork. The Review publishes critical articles that consider human rights in their various contexts, from global to national levels, book reviews, and a section dedicated to analysis of recent jurisprudence and practice of the UN and regional human rights systems.

ISSN: 1461-7781

Henry J. Steiner, Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law and Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Philip Alston, New York University Law School, and Ryan Goodman, Harvard Law School, Harvard University

This widely-acclaimed course book provides an analytical and thought-provoking approach to international human rights law from renowned authorities in the field. An excellent selection of cases and materials from a broad range of sources are accompanied by notes and questions in the text encouraging students to think critically about the law. It provides a lucid analysis of international human rights law in its sociopolitical context, charting the development of the concept of human rights up to the present day, making this the essential companion for students of international human rights. This third edition is accompanied by a new Online Resource Center which houses the Annex of Documents, allowing them to be updated between editions.

Paperback / 0-19-927942-X / 978-0-19-927942-5 / $65.00 June 2007 / 1,560 pp

Sixth Edition Richard Stone, Professor of Law and Head of Department, Lincoln Law School, University of Lincoln

Paperback / 0-19-928700-7 / 978-0-19-928700-0 / $49.95 August 2006 / 525 pp

Hinduism and Human Rights

A Conceptual Approach Arvind Sharma

OUP India Hardback / 0-19-566585-6 / 978-0-19-566585-7 / $39.95 2004 / 224 pp

Textbook on International Human Rights

Second Edition Rhona K. M. Smith, Reader, University of Northumbria

Paperback / 0-19-927416-9 / 978-0-19-927416-1 / $45.00 2004 / 404 pp


Human Rights and the End of Empire

Britain and the Genesis of the European Convention A. W Brian Simpson

Paperback / 0-19-926789-8 / 978-0-19-926789-7 / $90.00 2004 / 1,184 pp

Bailey, Harris and Jones: Civil Liberties

Human Rights

Between Idealism and Realism Christian Tomuschat

Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law Hardback / 0-19-926861-4 / 978-0-19-926861-0 / $125.00 Paperback / 0-19-926862-2 / 978-0-19-926862-7 / $65.00 2003 / 378 pp

Cases and Materials Fifth Edition S.H. Bailey, Professor of Public Law and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Nottingham, D.J. Harris, Professor of Public International Law, University of Nottingham, D.C. Ormerod, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Leeds

Paperback / 0-40-690326-3 / 978-0-40-690326-6 / $77.00 2001 / 1,269 pp

i international journal of refugee law

volume 18, 2006, 4 issues

Child Rights in India

Law, Policy, and Practice

Editor-in-Chief: Geoffrey Gilbert, University of Essex

The International Journal of Refugee Law has gained an international reputation as the foremost publication in the field of refugee law. The journal aims to stimulate research and thinking on refugee law and its development, taking account of the broadest range of state and international organization practice. In addition, it serves as an essential tool for all engaged in the protection of refugees and finding solutions to their problems.

ISSN: 0953-8186

Dr Asha Bajpai

OUP India Hardback / 0-19-564908-7 / 978-0-19-564908-6 / $49.95 2003 Paperback / 0-19-567082-5 / 978-0-19-567082-0 / $25.00 2004 / 496 pp

Cases and Materials on the European Convention on Human Rights

Alastair Mowbray, Professor of Law, University of Nottingham

Paperback / 0-40-690328-X / 978-0-40-690328-0 / $70.00 2001 / 881 pp


Human Rights in International Criminal Proceedings

Salvatore Zappalà

Oxford Monographs in International Law Hardback / 0-19-925891-0 / 978-0-19-925891-8 / $140.00 2003 Paperback / 0-19-928093-2 / 978-0-19-928093-3 / $50.00 2005 / 308 pp

Civil Liberties and Human Rights in England and Wales


Peace Agreements and Human Rights

Christine Bell

Paperback / 0-19-927096-1 / 978-0-19-927096-5 / $57.50 2003 / 426 pp

Second Edition David Feldman, Professor of Law, University of Birmingham

Paperback / 0-19-876503-7 / 978-0-19-876503-5 / $86.50 Hardback / 0-19-876559-2 / 978-0-19-876559-2 / $228.00 2002 / 1,184 pp

Protecting Human Rights

Instruments and Institutions Edited by Tom Campbell, Jeffrey Goldsworthy, and Adrienne Stone

Hardback / 0-19-926406-6 / 978-0-19-926406-3 / $145.00 2003 / 366 pp

European Human Rights Law

Text and Materials Second Edition Mark W. Janis, William F. Starr Professor of Law, University of Connecticut, Richard Kay, George and Helen England Professor of Law, University of Connecticut, Anthony Bradley, Barrister of the Inner Temple, and Emeritus Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Edinburgh

Paperback / 0-19-876569-X / 978-0-19-876569-1 / $70.00 2000 / 600 pp




T 1-866-445-8685

F 1-919-677-1303




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