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Oral Presentation Rubric : Shakespeare Scene Performance

CATEGORY Preparedness 4 3 2 1 Group is completely prepared and Group seems pretty prepared but The group is somewhat prepared, Group does not seem at all has obviously rehearsed. might have needed a couple more but it is clear that rehearsal was prepared to present. rehearsals. lacking. Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, and mispronounces no words. Student stands up straight, looks relaxed and confident. Student establishes eye contact with each other as they act out the scene Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, but mispronounces one word. Student stands up straight, look relaxed and confident. For the most part student holds eye contact with other characters Speaks clearly and distinctly most Often mumbles or can not be ( 94-85%) of the time. understood OR mispronounces Mispronounces no more than one more than one word. word. Some of the group members stand up straight and establish eye contact. Facial expressions and body language sometimes show enthusiasm and interest Each group member slouches and/or does not look at people during the presentation. Very little use of facial expressions or body language. Did not generate much interest in topic being presented.

Speaks Clearly

Posture and Eye Contact


Facial expressions and body Facial expressions and body language generates a strong language sometimes generate a interest and enthusiasm about the strong interest and enthusiasm scene. about the topic in others. Shows a full understanding of the Shows a good understanding of scene and does an excellent job of the scene and communicates the communicating the appropriate appropriate emotions. emotions. Student was respectful of others, remained quiet during performance, and behaved maturely. Student was sometimes not attentive and missed stage cues or distracted others.


Shows a good understanding of Does not seem to understand the parts of the scene and sometimes scene very well. Does not convey conveys appropriate emotions. emotions or conveys emotions that do not fit the scene. Student behaved in a manner that Student frequently caused others was distracting to others. Often to miss lines because of talking, talked laughed, or played during laughing, or playing. practices.


Extra Credit 4 points added to final grade Props and Costumes Memorization Students use several props or costumes that show considerable work/creativity and which make the presentation better. 3 points added to final grade 2 points added to final grade

Students use a few props that show Students use props which makes the considerable work/creativity and which make presentation better. the presentation better. Student's lines were memorized but student made major mistakes here and there.

Student's lines were memorized and student Student's lines were memorized and student spoke with ease. Words pronounced correctly spoke with some ease. Few major mistakes. and clearly. No major mistakes.


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