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Beyond Realism

Bryan Ryder

DVD BRBRD 119 minutes $49.95 Companion book also available $45.00 Develop your art beyond representational to bolder semi-abstract or even abstract styles of work.

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Alwyn Crawshaw

DVD ACACD 53 minutes $49.95


Painting Watercolours that Sparkle with Life

Cindy Agan

CAPRWD 79 minutes $49.95 Cindy expertly explores the methods used to create skin tone and examines the way light falls onto the body.

Learn To Paint Oils For The Beginner

Alwyn Crawshaw

DVD ACAOID 143 minutes $49.95

Improve Your Trees in Watercolour

Terry Harrison

THITD 50 minutes $49.95 This highly informative instructional DVD from Terry Harrison demonstrates the techniques and methods used to paint different trees, whatever the season.

Follow easy instructions about colour mixing, composition and perspective, as Alwyn creates two paintings step-by-step.

In this easy to follow DVD, Alwyn introduces you to oil colours, brushes, surfaces and palettes. Great for the beginner.

Acrylics The Easy Way

Terry Harrison

DVD THAEWD 87 minutes $49.95

Learn to Paint Watercolour

Alwyn Crawshaw

DVD ACAWAD 50 minutes $49.95

Taking Risks With Watercolour

Shirley Trevena

DVD STTRW1D 60 minutes $49.95

The Art of Oil Painting

Charles Evans

CEAOPD 67 minutes $49.95

Improve Your Skies in Watercolour

Geoff Kersey

GKISD 45 minutes $49.95 If you have been painting for a while but have struggles to perfect the skies in your landscape paintings, then this is the DVD for you.

Improve Your Sunsets in Watercolour

Patrick Howe

PHIS 45 minutes $49.95 It's quite often a challenge to do justice to some of the beautiful sunsets that our skies present us with and this DVD is certain to set you on the right tracks.

Get the most out of acrylics from demonstrations in watercolour techniques, oil and thick impasto and the use of a household sponge and masking fluid.

This is a definitive guide to starting out in watercolour. Learn about colour mixing brush strokes, washes, trees, skies and landscapes.

Wonderful, bright and vibrant. Shirley encourages you to take risks with watercolour, to lay down layers of paint to obtain wonderful luminous effects.

This is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to learn how to paint landscapes in oils in a fun, jargon free and very user friendly way.

Improve your Watercolour with Chinese Techniques

Lian Quan Zhen

DVD TALZIWCD 45 minutes $49.95 Using Chinese techniques in your watercolour paintings will help you create beautiful and spontaneous pictures.

Learn To Paint Flowers In Pastel

Jackie Simmonds

DVD JSPLFD 60 minutes $49.95

Painting Mood & Atmosphere in Oils

Carolyn Lewis

DVD TACLMAOD, 65 minutes $49.95 In this DVD you will see the whole painting process demonstrated right from priming your canvas to completing the final details.

Learn to Paint Gardens in Pastel

Jackie Simmonds

DVD TAJSPAD, 52 minutes $49.95 Jackie Simmonds shows you how you can simplify the drawing and painting of your favourite garden.

Improve Your Flowers in Watercolour

Sheila Southwell

SSIFW 50 minutes $49.95 Sheila's fresh and vibrant approach to flower painting provides an essential guide for all flower painters. 2 PART DVD

Drawing Problems and Solutions

Trudy Friend

TFDPSD 147 minutes $69.95

Jackie Simmonds shows you how to simplify the drawing of different flowers. Basic flower shapes and full demonstration, including composition.

Botanical Illustration

Siriol Sherlock

DVD SSBFD 92 minutes $49.95

Painting with Acrylics

Arnold Lowrey

DVD TAALPWAD 60 minutes $49.95

Charles Reid's Watercolour Secrets

Charles Reid

DVD TACRWSD 115 minutes $49.95 This DVD covers colour mixing to create flesh tones, drawing from the live model as well as a landscape.

Chinese Watercolour Techniques: Painting Animals

Lian Quan Zhen

DVD TALZCWTD, 79 minutes $49.95 This DVD teaches you how to combine Chinese painting and watercolour techniques to paint your favourite animals.

Capturing the Seasons in Oil

Tim Deibler

DVD TATDCSOD 82 minutes $49.95

Watercolour Problems and Solutions

Trudy Friend

TFWPSD 130 minutes $49.95 2 PART DVD - By the end of this Dvd you will have learnt all the techniques required to create the perfect picture.

Suits experienced painters, or those who are wishing to improve upon their technique. Learn to paint pretty camellias and dainty lilies.

Lowrey introduces you to the many ways this versatile medium can be used - washes, modelling pastes, glazes, knives, blades and even fingers!

In this DVD you will learn how to use the four key elements of painting - shapes, values, colour and edges.

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