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875 Franklin RD SE APT #332, Marietta, GA 30067 US Visa Status: H-1B

+1 678 662 2528 paavanv [.AT.]


· · · · · MS, Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA B Tech, Computer Science & Engineering, G B Pant University, India GPA: 3.4/4 GPA: 7.7/10 (First Division) Aug 2007 ­ May 2009 Aug 2003 ­ Jun 2007


Languages: Java , C, C++, C#, Node.js, Groovy on Grails, SQL, PHP, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, XML & Web Services Packages: Visual Studio .NET 2010, XML-RPC, XAJAX, JSON, Crystal Reports, OpenGL, FFMpeg, FFMpeg-PHP, Processing, MatLab Platforms: Linux, WinCE, MySQL, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, Apache, IIS

WORK EXPERIENCE Software Development Engineer June 2011 ­ Present Dell Inc., Atlanta · Designing architecture, creating software and scalable REST services for high performance, high availability network security appliances in Java and C · Part of three product teams responsible for core services, internal fat-client application and customer-facing portal · Owner of multiple feature stacks from backend services to frontend · Worked on migrating web services, models and proprietary platforms in a major division-wide architectural shift · Created ETL scripts for data migration between multiple databases and data centers for billions of rows · Designed and implemented database failover and concurrency mechanisms for a critical high traffic broker service · Worked on maintaining and implementing features on proprietary legacy C/Gtk application and libraries · Mentored new hires and improved engineer's getting-started documentation · Part of new team designing and implementing company's new flagstaff SIEM product · Technologies Used: Java, Hibernate, C, Groovy on Grails, CGIs, XSLT, Ext JS, jQuery Application Developer Engineer Dec 2010 ­ June 2011 News Distribution Network Inc., Atlanta · Redesigned and implemented video player APIs as RESTful web services (scale: 25 million calls/day) using SQL Server stored procedures thereby increasing performance, reducing application & database server CPU load by 66% and network throughput by 80% thereby reducing long term operating costs · Implemented content exclusion and embargo restrictions in business logic to manage copyright and digital-right sensitive news media assets across hundreds of content producers and millions of consumers · Designed and developed JavaScript API for crawling based contextual video embedding on news sites using prototype and value objects · Created widget landing page generator in Python to process hundreds of business requests daily · Designed & implemented JavaScript based news video player integration with Auditude, AdBrite & Quantcast · Implemented business logic in MVC based web framework · Hands on involvement with architecture decisions and deployment on Amazon cloud · Technologies Used: C#, ASP .NET, Visual Studio 2010, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, MVC, AJAX, JSON, XML, Web Services, SQL, IIS, SQL Server 2008 Software Engineer May 2009 ­ Dec 2010 Kit Digital Inc., Atlanta · Created architecture for scalable and RESTful edge cached XML and AMF web services · Internationalization of flagship application including modifying database to handle UTF-8 allowing operation in any language on webpages and flash players · Created JavaScript plugin to handle UTF-8 strings · Implemented Localization plugin to allow for localized date/time formatting · Design, development & optimization of core features for managing and deploying media for proprietary PHP Framework, Web Services, APIs and SQL for Web Application back-end

· · · · · ·

Developed native C extension for FFMpeg-PHP to recognize H.264 video formats Developed new JavaScript architectures like JS Player API, localized calendar, Popover, Colorpicker, Drag-drop etc. and customized existing ones like Flexigrid, Tree view etc. Developed HTML5 iPhone, iPad & Android media players, ActionScript players for on-demand and live media Customized XAJAX-PHP library to enable direct operations with jQuery Front-end development with JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax components Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, C, Java, XAJAX, XML, Web Services, SQL, ActionScript 3, Apache, MySQL

Graduate Research Assistant Jan 2008 ­ May 2009 Con IT Lab & Geographical Information Center, Georgia Tech, Atlanta · Created an "all purpose" interface for multiple camera synchronization using Managed C++, XML-RPC & Direct3D · Applied Videogrammetric computer vision algorithms using OpenCV · Published paper on hypothesis and preliminary results · Designed & developed a location aware PDA app & a web-based pavement modeling tool · Technologies Used: Managed Visual C++, OpenCV, XML-RPC, DirectX, C#, Java, JavaEE Web Technologies, SQL, Oracle, ActiveSync, ESRI MapObjects, Windows CE, Crystal Reports, AJAX Project Manager Sep 2004 ­ Dec 2006 Software Development Center, G B Pant University, India · Developed tools for university automation, financial accounting, administration, fee management, digital library, timetable generation, examination & result analysis · Technologies Used: C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic .NET, ASP .NET, SQL, Oracle, Crystal Reports Internships Jan 2006 ­ Aug 2006 · TATA Motors, India: Developed moving object tracking software for IR road image processing system · IIIT Allahabad: Developed segmentation & recognition modules for an Optical Character Recognition engine in Java and C++ as part of multi-nation effort by Carnegie Mellon University


· Advanced Operating Systems: Implemented schedulers based on priority, processor affinity and co-scheduler. Implemented shared memory sync and async communication with Quality of Service. Added MultiRPC to existing XMLRPC mechanism. Implemented recoverable virtual memory system. (C on Unix environment; Aug-Dec, 2008) Database System Implementation: Designed and developed object oriented database system from scratch. Implemented Storage & Buffer Management, Query Engine and Optimizer and Transaction Management. (Java, NIO; Jan-May, 2008) Enterprise Computing: Automated optimal deployment and testing of benchmarks for large application systems. (Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Opentaps, JMeter, Ubuntu, Unix; Aug-Dec, 2008) Computer Graphics: 3D triangle mesh editor that allows operations like subdivision, smoothing, weathering effects (rust, patina), compute number of shells, genus, volume and center of mass, shading and perspective viewing. (Processing, Java, OpenGL; 2007)


· ·


· · "Progressive Site Modeling with Videogrammetry", NSF CMMI Research and Innovation Conference-2009, Hawaii "Advances in Morphological Image Processing and Analysis", ICIST-2006, University of Extremadura, Spain


· · Volunteer service with Hands On Atlanta (1 year), Kompal Social Welfare Trust (3 months) and National Social Service (4 years) Corporal, 84-UP Battalion of National Cadet Corps (Indian Army Wing) for 2 years


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