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This Agreement entered into on the date written below is between Pacific Galleries, LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company ("Referee") and, the undersigned ("Referrer"). 1. Referral Fee. For every referral, Pacific Galleries agrees to pay the referrer five percent (5%) of the selling price for items consigned for auction: · · 2. 3. 5% of selling price for accumulated sales total up to $50,000; 2% of selling price for accumulated sales above $50,000, except any single item sold for $10,000 or above, for which the referral fee will be 2%.

Term. The above referral fee applies to all consignments received and sold by Pacific Galleries within six (6) months of the written date on the consignor signed Property Receipt. Forewarning. Referrer must register the consignor with Pacific Galleries prior to the first consignment being received by Pacific Galleries. Referrer should also contact Pacific Galleries to provide referred consignor's name and contact information, which we will keep on file for up to six (6) months or until the referred party makes their first consignment. These steps will ensure the referrer is paid the referral fee for all qualified consignments sold.

Dated __________________________________________ Referrer ________________________________________ Referee __________________________________________


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Revised: 05-09-2009



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