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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Office of the Presiding Bishop

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Spring 2005 Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed throughout the world. -- Romans 1:8 In 1995, former Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson wrote A Good Time to Be the Church. In 2005, ten years later, it may be an even better time to be the church. In 1995, who would have predicted that millions--believers and non-believers alike--would flock to theaters to watch The Passion of the Christ? Who would have dreamed that a network television show would feature a high-school girl who talks to God? Who would have believed that both Time and Newsweek would feature Jesus' birth and the Christian faith as their cover stories--in the same week? We live and serve in a time when people are more than curious about Jesus. They wonder, just as believers do, about what the future holds, and, like believers, they long to live meaningful lives, lives that matter. People of faith wonder, "What does it mean to be Christian in a multi-faith world?" Other people ask, "Where is God in the midst of our suffering?" The ELCA can make a difference in the lives of these curious and longing, wondering and worrying people because, when the Holy Spirit moves among us and acts through us, we are a church that matters. As we gather in synod assemblies to worship, to deepen relationships, and to make decisions about the future of this church that matters, we gather during a time of renewed attention to faith and in the midst of our longing, wondering, and worrying. Deep and thoughtful conversations have preceded your gathering and will continue as we prepare together for the 2005 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, in Orlando, Florida. That assembly will make decisions about recommendations related to the ELCA Studies on Sexuality and Renewing Worship, and decisions about two ethnic ministry strategies. It will consider interim Eucharistic sharing with the United Methodist Church and the proposals for governance and restructuring of the churchwide organization. The extensive and prayerful processes of discernment, lively conversation, and thoughtful involvement leading up to these decisions make it clear that we want to be a church that matters.

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What Matters for the ELCA? ­ FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST MATTERS in our lives and in the lives of others. ­ THE WORD OF GOD MATTERS as it is incarnate in Jesus Christ, recorded in Scripture, and proclaimed in the gospel. ­ WORSHIP MATTERS. There the Holy Spirit is at work through the means of grace. ­ CONGREGATIONS MATTER. Congregational ministries are central to the life and future of this church. ­ BEING LUTHERAN MATTERS. We embrace and are defined by the great themes of the ongoing Lutheran reformation, even as we grow in global and ecumenical relationships. ­ COMMITMENTS MATTER. We will grow in evangelical outreach, become a more multicultural church, work for justice, partner with educational and social ministry organizations, and bring forth faithful, wise, and courageous leaders. ­ INTERDEPENDENCE MATTERS as we seek to function as a people of God through congregations, synods, institutions, agencies, and the churchwide organization.

We are a church that matters because God is making a difference through us: o o o o o o o Whenever nearly 11,000 congregations gather for worship; Whenever young people encounter Christ at a Lutheran outdoor ministry site; Whenever a Lutheran military chaplain is present for our sons and daughters in combat zones; Whenever aging loved ones receive skilled and loving care in a Lutheran assisted living center; Whenever vocational discernment and faith development encourage sons and daughters at Lutheran colleges and campus ministry sites; Whenever you are present through Lutheran Disaster Response; and, Whenever global mission means not only what happens in a distant land, but also what gifts are shared through a lively relationship with a companion synod.

Thank you for the many and varied ways you show that the Holy Spirit is at work in and through you. Thank you for making the ELCA a church that matters. Thank God for the difference we make together. Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered, and sent for the sake of the world.1 Living in God's amazing grace,

Mark S. Hanson Presiding Bishop


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Report of the Bishop

Eighteenth Annual Assembly of the Pacifica Synod ­ ELCA

May 5-7, 2005

Marked with the Cross of the Christ Forever

Jesus himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that, free from sins, we might live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. I Peter 2:24 Dear people of Pacifica--marked with the cross of Christ forever,

Part One ­ A Cross-Marked People

Because Jesus bore the marks of the cross for us, we are a people clearly and boldly marked, and the indelible marks upon us all are signs of God's persistence, presence and promise. On a daily basis, I am surrounded by people marked with the cross of Christ forever. Living each day in the midst of the joys and diversity and challenges of this synod called Pacifica and in this church we know as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I give thanks for you, the people marked with the cross of Christ and marked with the Spirit's wisdom and gifts of faith, hope and love. The Pacifica Synod and ELCA staff members who are called to serve God in and through this synod and region of our church are those colleagues and partners with whom I work most closely. They and their position titles are listed below. The * indicates that his or her office is actually within our synod's offices in Yorba Linda. Some on the list are deployed and are called to serve in more capacities than only the Pacifica Synod. (ELCA) indicates that these staff members work for the ELCA and are assigned to work in an area that includes the Pacifica Synod.

The Rev. Karen Parker, Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry and Pastoral Care* The Rev. Lyle Peterson, Assistant to the Bishop for Finance and Administration* The Rev. Dr. Gordon Peterson, Assistant to the Bishop for Reconciliation and Discipleship* Ms. Helga Bergthold, Executive Assistant to the Bishop* Ms. Pam Reynolds, Secretary for Data Management and Candidacy* Ms. Dorothy Aanestad, Secretary and Receptionist* Ms. Terri Robertson, Bookkeeper* Ms. Lori Seargeant, Secretary for Communications, Newsletter Editor, Web Master* The Rev. Yutaka Kishino,(ELCA) Mission Director for Pacifica and Southwest California Synods* Ms. Margy Schmitt Ajer,(ELCA) Region Two Coordinator, Deployed Staff for Division for Ministry The Rev. Thomas Dudley,(Shared-time with ELCA) Director of Stewardship and Mission Support The Rev. Rick Schowalter,(Shared-time) Director of Youth and Family Life Ministry & Leadership Mr. Alan Feddersen, Director for Lutheran Schools of Southern California and Hawaii Ms. Carol Schneider,(ELCA) Deployed Staff for Mission Investment Fund Mr. Craig Smith,(ELCA) Deployed Staff for ELCA Foundation and Lutheran Planned Giving The Rev. Adrianne Heskin,(ELCA) Regional Director for Lutheran Campus Ministry Mr. Mark Carlson(ELCA) Lutheran Office of Public Policy Ms. Maria Paiva(ELCA) Latino Outreach Services Mr. Anthony Briggs(Pacifica and Southwest California Synods) Lutheran Retreats, Camps and Conferences


Within the ten conference deans, we have had a large number of changes as indicated below. I am thankful for those who served in that capacity for many years, for those who continue their terms of office, and for the new deans who have just begun to assume this important role in the Pacifica Synod.

The Rev. Rich Ajer(1) now The Rev. Mark Will The Rev. David Jorstad(2) now The Rev. Andy Taylor The Rev. Mark Knutson(3) now The Rev. Karin Boye The Rev. Chuck Aden(4) now The Rev. Mark Allert The Rev. Joe Matoush(5) The Rev. Jake Bell(6) The Rev. Jim Hale(7) now The Rev. Seth Britton The Rev. Minh-Hanh Nguyen(8) The Rev. David Hodgson(9) The Rev. Ruth Peterson (10)

The other leaders of the synod with whom I work most closely are the Synod Council members. The Synod Council Executive Committee is served so well by these people for whom I am most thankful.

Mr. Rod Anderson(Vice President) Ms. Rena Rustad(Secretary) Mr. Jim Myers(Treasurer) The Rev. Jake Bell The Rev. David Mattson Ms. Sheila Wenzel

Other Synod Council Members that give great service and many extra hours of time and ministry to the church at large are these dedicated servants.

Ms. Betty Dean Anderson Mr. Milt Bledsoe The Rev. Jan Brosen Ms. Kathleen Johnson Mr. Richard Lutz Mr. Peter Martinez Mr. Dale Schmidt The Rev. Steve Beckham The Rev. Tom Brashears Ms. Linda Fox The Rev. Mark Johnson The Rev. Karen Marohn Mr. Jack Pavelich Ms. Eileen Ward

One with whom I work closely, along with her Board of Directors, is Ms. Helen Riggs, the president of the Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA. I am most grateful for the work and ministry and the joyous gatherings of the women of our synod. There are many Ministry Teams leaders and team members who deserve thanks, too, as they give of themselves generously and freely, offering their time and energy for our shared mission together. Finally, there is a group of leaders of institutions and agencies that have a close connection with the Pacifica Synod. The partnership we experience is always appreciated and needed. They are the Rev. Dr. Phyllis Anderson, President of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS) and Professor Martha Stortz, professor of PLTS, assigned to be the liaison to our synod, Professor Tom Rogers of PLTS also serves on our Candidacy Committee; Dr. Luther Luedtke, President of California Lutheran University; the Rev. Gary Wheeler, President and CEO of California Lutheran Homes; Mr. Sam Giesy, Interim President of Lutheran Bible Institute of California; the Rev. Bill Bruggeman, Coordinator of Lutheran Border Ministry; Mr. Dick Oldenburg, President of Lutheran Credit Union; and Mr. John Clawson, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services.

Part Two ­ Cross Marks of the Synod

This past year, there are several significant ministries that our synod has embraced, enjoyed, experienced and envisioned. PALLMM...We celebrate the launching of Preparing Adult Lay Leaders for 4-4b

Mission and Ministry as the PALLMM Ministry Team has begun the discipling work of teaching, equipping and training. How grateful we are to each person in a leadership capacity and to those who are our first students and teachers. CFML...We continue to plan and envision, fundraise and coordinate the work for what is becoming a long, laborious journey to build the Center for Mission & Learning. There have been great outpourings of time and talent from the CFML Teams and wonderful generosity from those who have supported this effort financially. There have also been a few obstacles along the way and we press on as we face those challenges. New Ministries and Missions...This year we welcome two new congregations, Spirit of Peace from Big Bear City and Redeemer in the newly developing communities southeast of Chino Hills. We also rejoice that a new Latino ministry is being born in Indio and another new congregation start will soon begin in an area called 4S Ranch in San Diego County. We are most thankful to the congregations and individuals who support these new efforts in our synod. OH, OH...As our three-year effort to support our newest mission congregations comes to a close, we give thanks that the fruit of your generosity is seen throughout the synod. Open Hearts, Open Hands gifts allowed various ministries of this synod to receive the quarterly reminder that our whole synod stood together with our congregations that were ready to take a next step in development. These OH, OH ministries took significant steps in this past year. Chinese Lutheran in Honolulu dedicated their new building. Kihei Lutheran on Maui broke ground for their first building. Spirit of Joy in Hemet purchased land. Taiwanese Lutheran has just installed a new pastor and continues with their plans to break ground in the near future. River of Light in Riverside continues its ministry development in a storefront as it looks to grow a congregation and locate in a permanent place. Spirit of Joy in Ramona has overcome a long line of hurdles to prepare for a more permanent location on the land they have owned for some years. NMDEF...Pacifica's New Mission Development Endowment Fund could not be more timely in light of the details of the above two paragraphs and the realities of our growing, changing demographics and tremendously high costs of planting new ministry within our territory. How thankful we are to those who worked diligently to put this fund into place. How needed it is that we consider contributing to this fund in the days and years ahead! Jubilee USA Network...Some years ago, 41 of the poorest nations of the world were $206 billion in debt, crippling their overall development in public education, health care and economic sustainability. Through the efforts of the Jubilee Network, a large portion of these huge debts have been forgiven, thus beginning the journey of setting free the peoples of these developing nations. Efforts of some of our congregations have allowed our synod to be one of the leading advocates of Jubilee. In the Jubilee Network Newsletter from Washington D.C., the following quote appeared some months ago, "To date, the greatest response has been received from the Pacifica Synod in California, which pledged $100,000 in support of the Jubilee Congregations Program." Thanks be to God for those who honored our synod resolution in 2002 to be part of the solution as we help support the needed advocacy for debt reduction.

Part Three ­ The Marks of Pain

There have been painful moments in the life of our ministry and mission since we met in Riverside last year. We were still recovering from the devastation of the wildfires and that recovery and relief has been ongoing, not without a few complications and complexities, which often happens during 4-4c

severe hardship. More recently, we have experienced mudslides, flooding, and other dilemmas due to the overabundance of rainfall experienced this year. We all suffered as the tsunami waves devastated many coastal communities of Southeast Asia. Pacifica's outpouring of generosity has been tremendous through these difficult times. We minister in a part of the nation that has more military installations than any other synod in the church. Many of our women and men are deployed and in harm's way as they serve our nation in various military branches. Many families are left with uncertainty during these times of war and international conflict. We give thanks to all those who serve on our behalf. We are grateful to the chaplains, the congregations and their leaders as they touch the lives and families of those who are in military service at this most difficult time in world history. A number of our congregations have experienced significant financial setbacks due to improper bookkeeping--some of it unintentional and some of it fraudulent. In all cases it is very costly and hurtful for the body of Christ. How important it is that each of our ministries be properly insured and that a very carefully planned system of financial management and annual accountability be in place. After months of agonizing deliberations, meetings and unsuccessful attempts for resolution, the Pacifica Synod Council took action regarding the unconstitutional decisions of one of the synod's forming congregations. Following numerous meetings with the synod's Consultation Committee and other leadership groups within the synod, the Council revoked the congregational status of Central City Lutheran Mission (CCLM). This decision left intact the status of CCLM as an ELCA recognized Social Ministry Organization, affiliated with Lutheran Services in America. Over the past year, this synod addressed five situations whereby congregations considered non-ELCA leaders for rostered positions of ordained ministry. Four of the five were resolved through negotiations and conversations and the fifth was addressed in a very difficult Synod Council decision. As of the writing of this report, members of the Synod Council and Staff and Board of Directors of CCLM are meeting in hopes of reconciliation. It has been extremely rare in the ELCA for a synod to call forth a full disciplinary process that involves the whole church. Sadly, the Pacifica Synod also had to invoke this constitutional process this past year in order to give a fair hearing to some who brought allegations of clergy misconduct and to one who claimed innocence in the face of those allegations. It is a very time-consuming and costly process for the synod and the ELCA, but it offers due process for all parties. In Pacifica's case, it brought about a resolution within our synod to a nine-month impasse between the involved parties. In the past 18 months, two of our congregations suffered arson related fires, a number experienced vandalism and some were victims of burglary and theft. We lament these tragic moments in the lives of our congregational families. Finally, a number of congregations were immersed in internal conflict over the past months, paying dearly for misunderstanding, lack of communication, divergent visions for the future and other painful reminders that we are an imperfect people and imperfect church of people. In light of all that is stated above in this section, we see the need for the cross, which marks us all. How important is confession as well as the offering and receiving of absolution. How necessary is the hope of resurrection and a new day. How promising is the truth that love and generosity are greater than separation and scarcity. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Pacifica Synod have in place provisions in our governing documents to guide us along the way. These are the policies and practices that we, as this part of Christ's Church, have chosen to help us live together in the midst of great diversity. 4-4d

Where and when there is disagreement with those guiding principles, there are opportunities within our denomination to seek change, challenge the current guidelines and champion for new understanding and polity. Honoring our governing guidelines honors the whole church that approved them.

Part Four ­ Cross Marks of Tomorrow

What awaits our focused attention and energy in the days ahead as together, 125 congregations, nearly 60,000 baptized people, and many specialized ministries and ministers walk and strive together to do that which none of us is able to do alone? I offer a few areas where I know we will continue to pool resources and people. Companion Synods--our two companion synods, one in Ethiopia (the Southwest Synod of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus) and the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia in East Malaysia (Borneo), are places where we need to revisit and also to try to bring people from there to visit us. Renewed efforts to keep these connections alive will be given in the days ahead. PALLMM--We are thankful for those who are taking teaching roles in this ministry. I, too, am honored to be asked to teach a course on Christian Spiritual Formation and Development. CFML--We have come a long way, but still have a distance to go before we realize the dream of a home for our synod staff and activities. We are thankful for all who have given generously and look for others who will help us with this project and with the funding of the new center. Mission and Multicultural Strategies--Our ten Conference Deans and I have committed to a focus on identifying and implementing mission strategies in each of our ten conferences. We continue to face great potential and challenges in our ever-changing demographic context. We will be hearing much more about this work in the weeks ahead, and we hope many people in each conference will help to identify and address the most urgent missional needs within our ten conferences. Ministry Teams and the Synod Structure--Some of our Ministry Teams meet regularly, are staffed with strong leaders and workers, and are fulfilling their charters wonderfully well on an ongoing basis. Others are in need of re-energizing and refocus. In league with the Synod Council, it is our plan to strengthen our Synodical Structure and its many ministry teams, building on the connectedness and partnership between the Synod Council, Staff and the Ministry Teams. Mutual Ministry--One of our hopes and goals within Pacifica will be to lift up Mutual Ministry teams and processes in a variety of capacities within this synod. We will begin with the Synod Staff, reaching out to those in Specialized Ministries and those under synod call, and take models and teaching into the congregations. The ELCA Churchwide Assembly will meet in Orlando in August. From our synod will go twelve voting members and a variety of others from Synod Staff, churchwide board and committee members, and visitors. Significant questions and decisions are before us regarding the policy and practice of the ELCA. Some of the concerns before us will address how our church body understands gay and lesbian committed relationships. The ELCA has asked itself to speak to the questions regarding ordained and rostered ministry and ceremonies of the blessing of those in such committed homosexual relationships. Among many other considerations, we will also address a new church structure for the ELCA, an interim full communion ecumenical agreement with the United Methodist Church, and the new worship resources of Renewing Worship. Pray with and for our twelve voting members--Rod Anderson, David Chell, Marsha 4-4e

Ehlers, Annie Hewgill, the Rev. Dick Hites, the Rev. David Housholder, the Rev. David Jorstad, the Rev. David Mattson, Jack Pavelich, Curt Spiller, Eileen Ward and Bishop Murray Finck. The Health and Wellness of our leadership and congregations will continue to be a theme within the Pacifica Synod as we promote healthy and wholistic practices of self-care, life-long learning, spiritual formation and development, physical and emotional well being.

Part Five ­ Personal Remarks

I am thankful for your vote of confidence a year ago in assembly as you elected me to serve another six years as the bishop of the Pacifica Synod. I continue to ask for your prayers and cares. I revel in the realities that many of our congregations continue to pray for our churchwide and synodical bishops, our families, our staff and each other. I give thanks for my family and their support--for my spouse Rhoda, and our children Erin and her husband, Malte, for Anne and Adam. I am blessed to be surrounded with the love of these five family members! It has been a challenging year for the Pacifica Synod and for me personally, along with some others within the synod and its leadership. Only the comfort and hope of being marked by the cross and sealed by the promise of the Spirit sees us through. Soon, along with a small group of Pacifica persons and a busload of young people from San Diego County, we will be headed for Hanover Germany to enjoy five days of Kirchentag, which means "Church Days." Tens of thousands of people will be converging on Hanover in a great Christian festival of inspirational speakers, workshops, activities and outings I hope to connect with many of you again throughout the year at various congregational and conference events. I ask that each of you set the dates aside for the four Bishop's Gatherings in August as we report back from the Churchwide Assembly and also talk about the future of the church and in particular this synod. Please mark your calendars now and make these gatherings a priority. If you live in... ...the Riverside and San Bernardino areas (Conferences 4, 5, 6) ...San Diego area (Conferences 1, 2, 3) ...Orange and L.A. Counties (Conferences 7, 8, 9) ...Hawaii (Conference 10) August 20th August 21st August 27th August 28th

Locations and times will be available soon. Please plan for several hours of time together. My duties as one of the 65 synodical bishops include three or four meetings per year as part of the Conference of Bishops. I enjoy a seat on the Conference of ELCA Bishops' Executive Committee, and I serve, along with other synodical bishops, on the Liaison Committee to the Department for Ecumenical Affairs. The ELCA leadership has appointed me to be the liaison bishop with the ever growing and developing Diaconal Ministry part of our roster. Ecumenically, I gather occasionally in all parts of our synod with different leaders from other faith expressions. I continue to feel both honored and blessed to serve this wondrous part of God's church called Pacifica. I love our diversity and am challenged by it daily. I look forward to another year serving you and being identified with you as people who are marked by the cross of Christ forever. Let there be Light! The Rev. Murray D. Finck , Bishop

"In Christ you also, when you had heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and had believed, were marked with the seal of the promised Holy Spirit..." Ephesians 1:13 4-4f

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PACIFICA SYNOD 2005 ROSTERED PASTORS AND ORDINATION DATES Matoush, Joseph R. Mattson, David R. McCammon, James P. McComas, H.G. (Skip) McGaw, Joseph C. Meeks, Tomas E. Meyers, C. Warren Miller, David H. Miller, Gary W. Miller, Judith A. Miller, Leroy Miller, Robert L. Miner, George A. Moody, John H. Mooney, Robert T. Moore, Gilbert C. Morris, Daniel E. Myers, Donovan A. Newman, David D. Ng, Samuel Nguyen, Minh Hanh Nordstrand, Arthur M. Nordstrand, Patrice A. Norman, William A. Oas, Paul C. Olivar, Deogracias Olson, Donald I. Olson, Douglas R. Olson, George L. Olson, Margie A. Pace, Edward B. Parker, Karen S. Patterson, Roger W. Pedersen, Jon W. Perkins, Karen D.S. Person, Truls E. Peters, Harvey S. Peterson, Gordon D. Peterson, Lyle W.A. Peterson, Ruth M. Philips, Timothy A. Puccio, Kenneth A. Radatz, William A. Ramnarine, R. Joseph Reenstjerna, Henry W. 1974 1987 1987 1999 1962 1973 1960 1970 1968 1992 1955 1960 1964 1972 1983 1953 2000 1952 1967 1996 1999 1950 1978 1965 1956 1992 1960 1958 1949 1995 2003 1978 1983 1995 2005 1989 1959 1980 1968 1991 1987 1977 1971 1966 1954 Retamoza, Manuel J. Reynolds, David D. Richter, Kathleen A. Rierson, Richard L. Riggs, Charles B. Roberts, Marda Ruth Robertson, Timothy S. Rodriguez, Victor Roessler, James L. Rohr, E. Jeff Roller, Lawrence H. Rozen, Lee B. Rufsvold, Victoria J. Salmonson Olson, Linda Santa Cruz, Maria Scheer, Tony W. Scheitlin, Paul F. Schick, David A. Schneider, Carl R. Schneider, Delwin B. Schneider, Michael D. Schowalter, Richard P. Schumacher, William H. Seibert, John F. Severtson, Ansle T. Seyb-Stockton, Karla M. Shimota, James C. Sieber, John H. Siregar, Maulinus Skram, Kelli J. Smith, Louis C. Snyder, William J. Jr. Spann, John W. Spielman, Larry Starkey, Frank L. Steinhauer, Frank G. Steward, John R. Stief, Harry F. Stienstra, Bradley R. Stone, Judith E. Stott, Albert W. Strausser, Charles W. Stump, John P. Sundry, Charles W. Sweetman, Sherry G. 2004 1962 1984 1972 1974 1992 1992 1955 1974 1965 1953 1971 1999 1997 2000 2000 1979 1986 1957 1951 1996 1978 1954 1961 1942 1988 1974 1964 1994 2000 1945 1977 1949 1955 1992 1979 1945 1975 1987 1963 1954 1940 1965 1979

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PACIFICA SYNOD 2005 ROSTERED PASTORS AND ORDINATION DATES Taylor, Andrew A. Tengbom, Luverne C. Thul, Corinne A. Tukua, Philip A. Uthus, Gregory J. Van Tassel, P.E. Vevia, Richard W. Jr. Volkmann, Edward J. Wade, Raymond W. Warne-McGraw, Ryan D. Warren, Robert R. Watland, A. Joris Wayne, Robert J. 1986 1946 1994 1981 1979 1945 1981 1956 1981 2002 1983 1968 1952 Weeks, L. Delbert Weiss, Hillard J. Welchert, Werner P. Wenger, David E. West, James E. Will, Mark S. Witt, Carl R. Jr. Wolff, Samuel J. Wothke, Charles A. Wright, John E. Wuebbens, Everett P. Zimmermann, E. Carl Jr. Zuber, Richard S. 1987 1957 1943 1963 1982 1976 1977 1976 1963 1991 1956 1977 1987

PACIFICA SYNOD - 2005 ROSTERED AIMS AND COMMISSIONING DATES Byrd, Gwen K. Christopherson, Mildred Dahlen, Eloise Decker, Georgia Evans, Ann Heinaman, Angela Herbert, Benjamin Hohensee, Lula Kieschnick, Melvin M. Kleiter, Betty 1998 1975 1965 1986 1980 1998 1970 1950 1962 Lee, Shirley J. Lewis, Richard W. Lutz, Mabel E. Nixon, Al Olson, Esther Rustad, Rena Sjolin, Edith Stief, Lavonne Stohlman, Mary 2002 1985 1977 2004 1966 1978 1968 1987

PACIFICA SYNOD - 2005 ROSTERED DIACONAL MINISTERS AND CONSECRATION DATES Deming, Phillip Faulk, Sheryl Fox, Linda 1996 1999 2004 Martyn, Barbara Schmitt Ajer, Margaret 2001 1996

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Assistant to the Bishop for Ministry and Pastoral Care PASTOR KAREN PARKER

Sometimes I wonder how I'm so lucky as to be called to this position! And then there are times...! (But that's true in any work and we won't go there.)

Among the joys of my call I am fortunate to get to...

· · · · · · · · · · · · · work with people through the ministry of the Multi Synodical Candidacy Committee who want to become pastors in the ELCA, or serve this church in other forms of rostered leadership work with congregations in the call process teach, coach and provide resources for call committees get to know pastors from other synods who are open to being called to Pacifica rejoice with the church over the fine rostered leaders who are in their first call, getting to know those in Region 2 as the staff liaison to First Call Theological Education preach and/or lead worship in congregations throughout the synod provide pastoral care to our pastors and their families work with colleagues, especially in Region 2, who serve on their synod staffs spend time with our retired pastors as the staff person who relates to them serve as synod staff member on the Lutheran Office of Public Policy whose board is made up of representatives from the three California synods serve with the Worship Committee which plans synodical public worship services sit in with the Deans on most of their meetings work with the great Pacifica staff who are valued colleagues and dear friends from whom I continue to learn many things and whose support has been personally life-giving!

This year we've had the highest number of vacancies that Pacifica has experienced since the ELCA was formed. Of course people ask "why?" and I believe there are several reasons. One is the reality that we've had so few openings for such a long time and a high percentage of the ones we did have were language or ministry specific so there weren't very many possibilities for first call pastors looking for a second call and several moved to other synods. A second factor is that there have been a number of retirements as well as the death of a pastor who was actively serving a parish. I believe these are among the reasons for the high number of openings at this time. Vacancy reports are very fluid because of timing issues but we are whittling away at the number of openings, which reached an all time high of 28 out of a total of 127 congregations. When a pastor leaves for any reason, the congregation enters a time of transition. Pr Gordon Peterson works with the interim pastor and transition team to do the work that's crucial before even appointing or electing a call committee. About five months into their work, they are at the point of turning the information and next tasks over to a call committee and after a 3-way meeting with the Council, Transition Team and Call Committee, Gordy "passes the baton" to the Call Committee, and I begin again the joy of working in that capacity. It's almost always a real joy to do so. I say I get to work with pastors and other rostered leaders from the time they just begin the process to become ordained, consecrated or commissioned, in the time of their first call, during their ministries in a variety of ways, when they want to move to another call and when they retire. And in addition to working with these individuals I also get to work with congregations. I feel fortunate and blessed! I'm so glad Bishop Murray asked me six years ago to serve on the Pacifica synod staff! I value the partnership with him and our colleagues from whom I learn so much and whose support brings me life and joy.

The peace of Christ,

karen parker

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ASSISTANT TO THE BISHOP FOR ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE Pastor Lyle W. A. Peterson "Walking together" is what it means to be a synod.

The Pacifica Synod is one of 65 synods in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). In the ELCA we speak of three expressions of the church: the congregation, the synod and churchwide. Each is the church but together we can do and be so much more than we can alone. Our "walking together" makes it possible for us to have our ELCA seminaries, bible camps, missionaries, world hunger programs, disaster relief, campus ministries, training and calling of pastors and lay rostered leaders, resources for Sunday School, worship and so much more. As one who has been entrusted with some of the oversight of the finances and administration in our "walk together" in the Pacifica Synod, I say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been faithful in your prayer, financial and leadership support of the ministries of the ELCA in all three expressions of our church this year. I am so grateful for our Presiding Bishop Mark and churchwide leadership, our Pacifica Synod Council, Bishop Murray and staff, and all of our ministry team leaders for "walking together" through some very challenging days. A special thank you to Jim Myers who completes two terms of service as synod treasurer, Vice President Rod Anderson and Secretary Rena Rustad. "Walking together" means seeing Christ in one another. St. Paul reminds us of this truth in I Corinthian, chapter 12: "Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it." "If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it." This does not mean that we will all agree on all matters of faith and life, in this way we are much like the church in Corinth. But St. Paul reminds us that through our baptism into the body of Christ, we are no longer our own but are bound together through the love of God in Christ Jesus. We will be facing some issues, including but not exclusively to the human sexuality study and decisions, that will cause some to question whether we can "walk together" at all in our synod this year, as has been the case ever since the beginning of the church. Some express their views by withholding mission support to the synod, which means that many other ministries suffer.

My prayer and hope is that we will continue to "walk together" in the spirit of Christ, who not only walks before us but with us and in us, as we are his body in this part of God's world today.

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Dear Friend in Christ, Thank you for your ministry in daily life and partnership in the Gospel since our last Pacifica Synod Assembly. It is hard to believe that another year has passed and we stand on the threshold of a year for new ideas, hopes and dreams to begin to take root in this part of God's garden called Pacifica. As I have partnered with you during the past year, I have found our life together to be filled with challenge and the wonders of a gracious God ­ two reasons to praise and give thanks to God! In light of both the challenge and the grace, the following is a brief summary of some of the highlights of this past year. · · The continuation of three monthly leadership seminars held across the synod to study leadership through the lens of family systems theory. If you are interested in the topic and would like to participate in the formation of a new seminar group let me know soon. The opportunities I had to facilitate and plan congregational planning retreats with staffs and councils were great opportunities to explore the joys, challenges and possibilities of healthy and growing congregations. This year we will be providing more opportunities for congregations to work with Natural Church Development ­ if interested, give a call. My work with the various teams such as the Board for Outreach, Intentional Interim Ministry Team, Professional Ethics and Boundaries Team, the Preparing Adult Lay Leaders for Mission and Ministry task force, Outreach Summit task force, Preparing Adult Lay Leaders for Mission and Ministry Cabinet and other teams continues to be very interesting ministry in light of the three emphases of our Synod: Leadership, Outreach, Social Advocacy and Justice. The Congregational Call process is something that I worked with in the previous synod that I served and I am now taking a more active role in working with congregations and their interim ministers in preparing for new leadership and direction. My service as a board member on the Board of Lutheran Social Services of Southern California is both an opportunity and a commitment to the Lutheran Church (ELCA and LCMS) presence and ministry, in a great variety of contexts, from working with those in poverty to providing services to those facing natural disasters. My work with a Lilly Grant Churchwide Advisory Committee for First Call Theological Education continues to provide a fresh perspective in leadership development and lifelong education. I recently accepted an appointment to serve on the Western Mission Cluster Network Coordinating Council and found this work with our seminaries, colleges and continuing education centers a blessing and reminder of the importance of lifelong education. My work with congregational staff development, congregations in change or conflict and mediation/reconciliation have afforded me a greater appreciation for the commitment of congregational leaders who are willing to work hard to become healthier organizations. My work with the Pacifica Synod staff, who make Christ known throughout our little part of God's magnificent garden, has been rewarding and enriching.


· ·

· · · ·

It has been a busy year and I am looking forward to what new ways and new directions the Holy Spirit will guide our life together in the days and months still to come! Blessings, Gordon +

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Report to Pacifica Synod 2005 Assembly

Yutaka Kishino, Mission Director For last several years I have been providing a report of the congregational status of the partnerships that receive Churchwide funding. They are mostly the congregations and ministries that receive program support from Division for Outreach as well church building related loans with the Mission Investment Fund. (You can read the report of Ms. Carol Schneider, building consultant for the Mission Investment Fund, for detailed information about the congregations in a building program.) There were 13 congregations and/or ministries that received program support (grants) in the area of 1) Ethnic ministry development, 2) Renewal of congregation, 3) Global/Ecumenical Partnership, 4) Ministry with the Poor. They are: HKBP California (Huria Kristen Batak Protestant, Indonesian), Norco, Calif. Lutheran Church of Resurrection (Japanese), Huntington Beach, Calif. Chinese Lutheran Church (English ministry, Honolulu, Hawaii House of Prayer Lutheran Church (Latino), Escondido, Calif. St. Paul Lutheran Church, (Renewal of ministry) Fullerton, Calif. First Lutheran Church (Latino), Ontario, Calif., part of the fiscal year Our Savior Lutheran Church (Latino), San Diego, Calif. St Andrew Lutheran Church (Latino), Whittier, Calif., part of the fiscal year St. Luke Lutheran Church (Latino), Fullerton, Calif. Lamb of God Lutheran Church (Korean), Anaheim, Calif. Central City Lutheran Mission (Ministry with Poor), San Bernardino, Calif. First Lutheran Church (Ministry with Poor), San Diego, Calif. Glory Lutheran Church (Chinese), Chula Vista, Calif. There are three congregations under development with Pastor Developers. They are: Filipino Lutheran Church of San Diego, Calif. River of Light Lutheran Church, Riverside, Calif. Iglesia Luterana Camino Cristo (Latino), Indio, Calif. There is a congregation called Spirit of Peace, Big Bear City that is presently a Synodically Authorized Worshipping Community with membership of around 75. This congregation was recommended to become a regular congregation by the synod council of March 12, 2005. The synod assembly's first item of business will be to vote on acceptance of this congregation as the 126th congregation of the Pacifica Synod.

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By this summer we are also excepting to start a new ministry development in an area called 4S Ranch in North San Diego (northwest of Poway, north of Penasquitos). The Lutheran Church of Incarnation expressed their interest in helping to give birth to a new congregation by pledging over $50,000 for the development of this new congregation for their 40th anniversary celebration. The following is a list of possible new ministry sites (to be developed) for the Pacifica Synod. This has been shared with the Board of Outreach and the Synod Council. Beaumont (Riverside County) NE Temecula (Riverside County) N. Fontana (San Bernardino County) E. Mission Viejo (Orange County) NE Mission Viejo (Orange County) Salt Lake area of W. Honolulu (Chinese/Cantonese direct outreach) Indio (Riverside County) Murrieta (Riverside County) NE Murrieta (Riverside County) NW Murrieta (Riverside County NW Poway (San Diego County) Chino Hills (San Bernardino County) SE Chula Vista (San Diego County) National City/Chula Vista (San Diego County) Latino Outreach Kauai, Hawaii, Filipino Outreach Honolulu, Hawaii. Japanese Outreach Menifee area (South of Sun City, Riverside County) Latino Outreach in San Bernardino/Riverside area Latino Outreach in Barstow (San Bernardino County) Our fields are ripe. In order to plant many more congregations/ministry sites we have to develop a comprehensive strategy with the help of the synod, conference churches, the Churchwide office, and faithful individual commitment. Less than 20% of California's population regularly spends time in worship. We have a mission to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not have a relationship with God. Will you help the cause of outreach by supporting New Ministry starts? We need your involvement in spreading the Gospel. Thank you and God bless you.

In His Spirit, Yutaka Kishino, Mission Developer

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REPORT TO THE 2005 SYNOD ASSEMBLY VICE PRESIDENT PACIFICA SYNOD COUNCIL The official actions of the Synod Council follow this report. Your Synod Council met five times this past year, beginning with our Council Retreat in August at Luther Glen in Yucaipa. It was a time to welcome and get to know our new council members, a time to reflect back on the previous year's ministry, a time to look at our current ministries and a time to plan for the future ministries of the Pacifica Synod. Ministry Teams in our synod continue to do their wonderful work. We are blessed to have so many people in our synod that are willing to give of their time to serve on a ministry team. Ministry Teams greatly assist our synod in accomplishing our synod council's three major areas of emphasis, Leadership, Outreach and Social Justice and Advocacy. 2004 Synod Assembly adopted SA04.14. Resolution on Ending World Hunger. SA04.17. resolved that the Pacifica Synod Assembly direct the Pacifica Synod Council to forward this resolution to the Church Council's Executive Committee to ask the Division for Church in Society to consider undertaking, as a response to world hunger, a study looking at raising the hunger issue to the principle of status confessionis. This action was acted upon by Synod Council at its August 28, 2004, meeting. Pacifica Synod Constitution provision S9.04 and Bylaw provision S9.04.04 which presented a conflict in the process of electing a Bishop have been reviewed and are in the process to have appropriate changes recommended for approval by the Synod Assembly. Appropriate oversight was given to Official Roster Issues. I ask for your continued prayers. I would like to thank our synod staff for their commitment for all the ministries throughout the synod. And I thank our Synod Council members for their time and the many gifts they bring to council to accomplish the responsibilities of our council. And thanks to all ministry teams, task forces, committees and all others for your dedication and expertise. Your support and continued prayers for our Synod Council are greatly appreciated. In Christ's service, Rod Anderson, Vice President

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Term of Office - 4 Years NAME The Rev. Murray D. Finck, Bishop Mr. Rod Anderson Ms. Rena Rustad Mr. Jim Myers POSITION President Executive Committee Vice President Executive Committee Secretary Executive Committee Treasurer Executive Committee TERM First First Second Second EXPIRES 2010 (6-yr term) 2006 2008 2005

MEMBERS OF PACIFICA SYNOD COUNCIL 2002-2003 Term of Office - 3 Years

NAME Ms. Betty Dean Anderson The Rev. Jake Bell The Rev. Steve Beckham Mr. Milt Bledsoe The Rev. Tom Brashears The Rev. Jan Brosen Ms. Linda Fox Ms. Kathleen Johnson POSITION Lay-at-Large Clergy Mariposa Conf. Executive Committee Clergy ­at-Large Lay-At-Large Clergy-at-Large Clergy Sonshine Conf. Lay-at-Large Youth Representative TERM First First First First First Second First First Second EXPIRES 2007 2007 2005 2006 2005 2006 2005 2006 2005 (2-yr. term)

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NAME The Rev. Mark Johnson Mr. Richard Lutz Karen Marohn Mr. Peter Martinez The Rev. David Mattson Mr. Jack Pavelich Mr. Dale Schmidt Ms. Eileen Ward Ms. Sheila Wenzel

POSITION Clergy Big Bear Conf. Lay Rejoice Conf. Clergy W. San Diego Conf. Lay-at-Large Clergy Saddleback Conf. Executive Committee Lay Raincross Conf. Lay Harvest Conf. Lay Hukilau Conf. Lay Son & Surf Conf. Executive Committee

TERM Elected to complete vacant term Second appointed to fill vacancy appointed to fill vacancy First Second Second First First First Second

EXPIRES 2005 2005 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006 2007 2005 2006 2005


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Actions of the Synod Council

EXTENSION OF SYNOD CALLS Pastor Tim Drom to serve as interim pastor at First Lutheran, San Diego. Pastor Deb Hippen to serve as interim pastor at Emanuel Lutheran Church, La Habra. Pastor Steven Jensen to serve as interim pastor at Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, Kona, Hawaii. Pastor Ken Anderson to serve as interim pastor at Faith Lutheran Church, Yucaipa. Pastor Dawn Anderson Booth toVitas Hospice Chaplaincy. Pastor Steve Bieghler to Christ Lutheran Church, Chino. Pastor Claire Cassell to serve in full communion partnership with UCC in Hawaii as interim pastor at Kapaa United Church of Christ, Kapaa, Hawaii. Pastor Laura Line to serve as interim pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Alpine. Pastor Don Marohn to serve as interim pastor at First Lutheran Church, San Diego. Pastor Rafael Melendez to serve as pastor/developer at Iglesia Lutherana Camino de Cristo in Indio. Pastor Bill Norman to serve as interim pastor at Faith Lutheran Church, Sun City. Pastor Larry Quanbeck to serve as interim pastor at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Cypress. Approved two-year extension of calls to Pastor Steve Beckham for Mission Development at River of Light Lutheran Church, Riverside; and to Pastor Deogracias (Jogy) Olivar for Mission Development at Filipino Lutheran Ministry, San Diego. ROSTER MATTERS Approved requests for first year On Leave From Call status on the clergy roster from Pastors Bill Bengston, Kelli Skram, Alex Quispe, Abigail Byrd, David Kalke, Dennis Laherty, Laura Line, Judith Stone, Margrethe Kleiber, Tim Drom, Debra Hippen, Bill Radatz and Bob Warren. Approved requests for second or third year of On Leave From Call status on the clergy roster from Pastors Laura Hall, Daniel Morris, Jodi Golden-Lund, Roger Patterson, Tinpo Lai, Margie Olson and Frank Steinhauer. Approved requests for first year On Leave From Call status on associate in ministry roster from Gwen Byrd and Georgia Decker. Approved request for second year On Leave From Call status on associate in ministry roster from Rich Lewis. Removed Pastor David Larsen from the clergy roster. CONGREGATION MATTERS Approved the constitutions of Atonement Lutheran, San Diego; Spirit of Joy Lutheran, Ramona; First Lutheran, Ontario; San Marcos Lutheran, San Marcos; Spirit of Peace Lutheran, Big Bear City. Named the following persons to serve as officers for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Cross, a California corporation: Murray D. Finck, president; Rod Anderson, vice president; Rena Rustad, secretary; and Jim Myers, treasurer; amended the Articles of Incorporation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Cross. Acknowledged the disbanding of Viet Lutheran Church as all of the members have joined King of Glory Lutheran Church of Fountain Valley. Approved the application for reception of Redeemer Lutheran Church of Rowland Heights into the Pacifica Synod from the Southwest California Synod; directed the congregation to work in partnership with the Pacifica Synod Council, bishop and other synod staff, the

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Actions of the Synod Council Division for Outreach mission director, the Pacifica Synod Board of Outreach, and the Mariposa Conference to determine location for this new ministry start within the territory of the Pacifica Synod. FINANCIAL MATTERS Approved expenditure of up to $35,000.00 for necessary maintenance of the Lutheran Church of the Cross, Riverside, property. Endorsed the Invitation to Service Events and voted to support them by including an annual grant to these events in the Pacifica Synod budget planning process proposal at the March 2005 council meeting. Appropriated funds to continue the publishing of the Pacifica Synod Supplement to The Lutheran. Approved a revised spending plan for the Pacifica Synod for 2005-06 and a proposed budget for 2006-07. (See Budget Section). Approved ten grants from the Warner Trust Fund as recommended by the committee. Approved combining the St. Mary's and the Santa Ana accounts into one joint account, the Latino Ministry Endowment Fund account. Authorized the Executive Committee to determine the method of financing a new auto for the bishop's use (as per synod policy). SYNOD ASSEMBLY MATTERS Forwarded the resolution, "Ending World Hunger," as directed by the 2004 Pacifica Synod Assembly, with a cover letter from the Synod Council asking the Church Council Executive Committee to request the Division for Church in Society to consider undertaking a study which would examine the merits of raising the issue of world hunger to status confessionis. Approved designating the offerings received at the 2005 Pacifica Synod Assembly to the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Appointed the following to 2005 Synod Assembly Committees: Nominating Committee-- Pastor Paul Black, Rod Anderson and Ray Wade; Resolutions Committee--Pastor Gloria Espeseth, chair; Larry Anderson, Andre Hanson, Pastor Laurie Line and Eileen Ward. Approved making arrangements for multi-lingual translations for the 2005 Synod Assembly. Authorized getting evaluative expense information for a possible synod assembly in Hawaii in 2007 prior to the March 2005 Synod Council meeting and approved submitting a resolution to the 2005 Synod Assembly regarding the scheduling of the 2007 Synod Assembly in Hawaii. Approved ethnic representation from congregations and worshipping communities/developing congregations at the 2005 Synod Assembly. Approved a list of requests for display space at the 2005 Synod Assembly. Approved submitting to the Synod Assembly proposed amendments to the Bylaws to implement the policy for filling vacancies of assembly-elected positions and approved the interim use of the policy until the amendments have been approved by the Synod Assembly. Approved submitting resolutions to the Synod Assembly that the Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church of Big Bear City and Redeemer Lutheran Church of Chino be received into membership of the Pacifica Synod. Approved recommendation from the Compensation for Rostered Leaders Ministry Team that a 3% increase in the Salary Range Development Worksheet Baseline Salary for Rostered

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Actions of the Synod Council Leaders of Pacifica Synod for 2006 for submission to the 2005 Synod Assembly for approval. Approved submitting a resolution to the 2005 Synod Assembly encouraging increased support for Augsburg Fortress by purchasing supplies from Augsburg Fortress if the quality and costs are comparable to other sources. APPOINTMENTS Approved Pastor Jake Bell of Gloria Dei, Fontana, as a nominee to the Board of Convocators at California Lutheran University. Named Pastor Karen Marohn to serve on the Synod Council as the representative from the West San Diego Conference through the 2005 Synod Assembly. Named Peter Martinez to serve on the Synod Council in an at-large position through the 2005 Synod Assembly. Named Sheila Wenzel and Pastor Jake Bell to the Executive Committee. Authorized the Transformation Redevelopment Ministry Team to appoint a temporary chairperson of the team. Appointed Pastor Judith Miller to fill a vacancy on the Tri-Synod Lutheran Campus Ministry Board. Appointed the following to serve on a Task Force to Develop Policy and Procedures for Filling Vacancies of Assembly-Elected Positions: Richard Lutz, Jim Myers, Pastor Steve Beckham, Dale Schmidt and the bishop or his representative. Appointed the following to the Warner Trust Fund Committee: Jim Lehner, Pastor Rick Schowalter, Michelle Lawrence and Pastor Lyle Peterson, advisor. Appointed the following to the San Diego State Lutheran Campus Ministry Council: Pastor Jonathan Doolittle, Pastor Andrew Taylor, Jean O'Leary, Karla Halvorson, Pastor Laurie Line, Mary Shojai and Jim Muskewitz. Appointed Pastor Tim Philips to a second term on the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Board of Directors. SYNOD MINISTRY TEAMS/TASK FORCES Approved the description for the Evangelism Ministry Team. Approved the Asian Ministry Strategy. Approved the synodical program, Preparing Adult Lay Leaders for Mission and Ministry (PALLMM). Approved Policies and Procedures for the New Mission Development Endowment Fund. Accepted the recommendation of the Task Force on Disposition and Management of Properties to approve the establishment of the Undesignated Gifts Committee to facilitate the receipt of undesignated gifts to the Pacifica Synod valued at $15,000.00 or more, and the recommendations how accepted gifts should be used to further the goals, priorities and needs of the synod. Named the following to the Undesignated Gifts Committee: Linda Fox of the Synod Council; Al Nixon from the Board of Outreach; and Pastor David Jorstad, conference dean and chair of the committee. Established a task force to implement an Annual Support and Review Process for those who are under call from the Synod Council and named the following to the task force: Betty Dean Anderson, Milt Bledsoe and Pastor Karen Marohn. Named the following to the Budget Planning Team: Jack Pavelich, Sheila Wenzel, Jim Myers, Rod Anderson, Dale Schmidt and Pastor Lyle Peterson, staff.

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Actions of the Synod Council Central City Lutheran Mission (CCLM) In response to the decision of the CCLM Executive Committee and Board of Directors to call and then install a person not on the clergy roster of the ELCA into a position of Word and Sacrament ministry, the Synod Council regretfully removed Central City Lutheran Mission from the congregational roster of the ELCA. The council also recognized that this action ends its call to Pastor David Kalke as pastor/developer of Central City Lutheran Mission in accordance with constitutional provision 7.43.01. (Pastor Kalke subsequently applied for and was granted On Leave From Call status on the roster of the Pacifica Synod of the ELCA.) The council recognizes and affirms the work of Central City Lutheran Mission and its place as a unique and highly effective Social Ministry Organization of Lutheran Services in America, affiliated with the ELCA. The above actions do not affect the status of CCLM as a Social Ministry Organization, nor the status of Pastor Kalke as Chief Executive Officer. The council affirmed that the Pacifica Synod Bishop is open to dialogue with CCLM regarding the call of a rostered leader, and the council is open to consider the extension of a synodical call to a rostered person. The council further affirmed that the council and bishop will pray for and seek ways to rebuild the relationship between CCLM and the synod, and extend invitations for further dialogue and understanding, healing and reconciliation. The council discontinued the escrowing of funds budgeted for Central City Lutheran Mission in the Synod's current budget and to bring up-to-date payment of the funds as budgeted. MISCELLANEOUS Approved Compensation Guidelines for Associates in Ministry and Diaconal Ministers. Voted to develop a strategy that would effectively communicate the mission and ministry, lift up and make more visible, and advocate for the Pacifica Synod and churchwide expressions of the ELCA. Approved sending all communications received regarding responses to the Report and Recommendations from the Task Force for the ELCA Studies on Sexuality to the ELCA Church Council.

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The Sonshine Conference has had a year of some change within her churches. Pastors have changed calls and retired, leaving us with three interim pastors. We began 2004 with our annual meeting. There was joint participation with and was sponsored by the West Conference. We strived to have semi-monthly meetings with lay and pastoral representation. This fellowship led to communicating the growth and needs within each of our churches. Pastor Rich Ajer--Dean Ms. Susan Connors--Lay Chair


Congregations: Faith, Anaheim; Grace, Anaheim; Grace Taiwanese, Anaheim; Lamb of God, Anaheim; Good Shepherd, Buena Park; First Lutheran, Fullerton; St. Luke's, Fullerton; St. Paul, Fullerton; Lutheran Church of the Master, La Habra; Emanuel, La Habra; Prince of Peace, La Mirada; St. Andrew, Whittier; Salem, Whittier; Shepherd of the Hills, Whittier; Emanuel Danish, Yorba Linda; Messiah, Yorba Linda The Rejoice Conference includes: -16 congregations -ordained pastors serving congregations, in specialized ministries, and on-leave from call, retired pastors, a diaconal minister, and two serving as AIM Activities: -October Bishop's Gathering at St. Andrew, Whittier -Cabinet leaders serving: Pr. Dave Hodgson, Dean, Pr. Bill Norman, Clergy-atLarge, Stephen Barber, Treasurer, Nancy Mark, Secretary and Ada Gaughan, Lay Leader -Monthly meetings of rostered leaders including Interim Pastors from several congregations, for sharing information and mutual support -May 16 - Conference cabinet leaders selected a youth event ("IT") for Orange County youth and contributed $1,000 toward this all day event at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Garden Grove Serving with you in faith and ministry, Pastor Dave Hodgson--Dean

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Board for Outreach Ministry Team The Board of Outreach has been engaged in several important ministries for the betterment of the congregations we serve and the Pacifica Synod as a whole. The Board has become intentional in its ministry with congregations who are connected with the Division for Outreach, ELCA, by maintaining greater ongoing communication, conducting of input into the grant-writing process and evaluations of congregations who are expanding their ministries with shared monies from the Pacifica Synod and the Division for Outreach. With a year in the planning stage, we have just received approval of our grant from Thrivent for $6,000 designated for costs related to the Grant Writing Conference. The scope of this conference will be for ELCA synods and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod districts. Thrivent is also providing us with an excellent speaker to conduct this meeting. The intent of this conference is to develop the grant-writing skills and vision of congregational leaders as they apply for funds for their ministry, whether it be from judicatories, agencies, foundations or state and federal agencies. The year 2004 has also marked a milestone in the area of outreach within the Pacifica Synod. For several months, representatives from the various teams who are responsible for outreach ministries within the Pacifica Synod, Bishop Murray Finck, the Revs. Gordon Peterson and Lyle Peterson, have been meeting in the synod office to facilitate greater communication and understanding among the Outreach Teams, the development of related budget proposals and to enter into a process for development of a Synodwide Strategy for Outreach. We look forward to this initial work being completed in mid 2005. The past six months, the Board has been introduced to a new program called Natural Church Development. The program originally developed in Germany and is being used by several international and domestic denominations for the strengthening of mission and ministry of congregations with great success. Our Board will be reviewing this program for future development in the Pacifica Synod. I would like to thank the members of the Board who have served with distinction this last year: Al Nixon, Taylor Avery, Carol Schneider, the Revs. Murray Finck, Gordon Peterson, David Krueger, Yutaka Kishino, Bill Snyder and Steve Fiechter. Their tireless work has furthered the breaking-in of the Kingdom in our midst. Respectfully submitted, The Rev. Elwood K. Hall Compensation Ministry Team In 2004, the Compensation Ministry Team of Randy Knapp, the Rev. Gloria Espeseth, Rev. Lyle Peterson and Rev. James Jerpseth completed its report for the assembly on the compensation of Associates in Ministry & Diaconal Ministers. The range of positions, responsibility, education levels, and experience within that group made this task especially difficult. Like all guidelines, they do not provide a definitive answer but a place to begin the conversation around compensation. In 2004, the Clergy Compensation Guidelines were revised for increases in both salary and housing costs for our area. Extra upper-limit points were awarded for post-graduate education and several other small adjustments were made to the form. In 2005, we will have begun our third year of using this system of guidelines for salary range calculation. What we desperately need is feedback on how this system is working for individual

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clergy and congregations. Please send any feedback to me at [email protected] . In 2005, the Compensation Ministry Team hopes to complete its original mandate and produce a performance review form for rostered leaders. Anyone who is interested in providing input for the clergy performance review for should e-mail me at [email protected] In Christ's Service ­ Pastor James Jerpseth, Atonement Lutheran Church, San Diego, CA Ecumenical Ministry Team "Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it." 1 Corinthians 12:27 The Ecumenical Ministry Team is focused on these major areas with our ecumenical partners: · · Meetings with members from the Ecumenical Advisory Team (Affectionately known as the EAT team! See names of ecumenical partners below). Planning the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity worship liturgy (NOTE: Week of Prayer is always, January 18-25). The Taize Prayer Service for 2005 was hosted by the Sisters of St. Joseph on Wednesday, January 19 at the Sacred Heart Chapel, Orange, Calif. Encouraging participation in local communities for ecumenical partners to worship together at several TAIZE PRAYER SERVICES in Orange County: Northern Orange County on the first THURSDAY of each month and on each THURSDAY during LENT @ 7:30 pm at the Sisters of St. Joseph ­ Sacred Heart Chapel, 480 S. Batavia, Orange, 714-744-3175 or Southern Orange County on the third THURSDAY of each month at 7:30 pm at St. George's Episcopal Church, 23802 Avenida de la Carlota, Laguna Hills, 949-837-4530. For 2005 and beyond, we encourage more local participation with our ecumenical partners. There are ecumenical councils in the Inland Empire, Hawaii, Orange County and San Diego. For 2005 and beyond, we will encourage more ecumenical news articles for the Pacifica Synod newsletter and web page ECU NOTES see Click on Ministry Teams. (Send articles and digital photos to: Lori Seargeant, [email protected]). For 2005 and beyond, we will explore peace and social justice issues.


· ·


Ecumenical Ministry Team members: the Rev. Albert Ogle and the Rev. Diane Jardine Bruce, Episcopalians; the Rev. David Hodgson and the Rev. Charles Lopez, Jr, Lutherans (ELCA); the Rev. Rafael Luevano and Ms. Renate Goutier, Roman Catholic; and the Rev. Rebecca Prichard, Presbyterian (USA) The Bishops and Executives also participate in the Ecumenical Ministry Team: Bishop Tod Brown, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange; Bishop Murray Finck, the Pacifica Synod of the ELCA; Bishop J. Jon Bruno, the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Los Angeles; and the Rev. Steve Yamaguchi, Presbytery of Los Ranchos, Presbyterian Church (USA) Respectfully submitted, The Rev. Charles J. Lopez, Jr The Rev. David J. Hodgson

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Global Missions Ministry Team This ministry team is passionate about Jesus' Great Commission by: · Supporting our ELCA accompaniment model for global mission; · · Promoting our Global Mission Events, last summer in Milwaukee, next summer in Fargo (July 14-17) and Baltimore (August 25-28); Encouraging congregations to be in the Missionary Covenant Program to link you with a specific ELCA missionary; Sharing stories of what Pacifica congregations are doing in global mission; Working with the Companion Synod Ministry Team in connecting us with Ethiopia and East Malaysia; Coordinating efforts with other global mission leaders in Region 2 in a once-a-year meeting; Raising awareness that our synod's global mission work includes witness to people in Southern California, Hawaii and at the border with Mexico.

· · · ·

We invite you to stop by the Global Mission display table and pick up some "freebies" to help you pray for, learn about, support and be a partner in Christ's call to be his witnesses "to the ends of the earth." Let us know if you have these same passions; we'd like you to join us on this ministry team. Steve Herder ([email protected], 562-587-4941) Hunger and Housing Ministry Team This ministry team leads our synod's efforts in education and advocacy on behalf of the world's poor and hungry, both international and domestic ministries. Efforts of this team include: · Supporting the Lutheran Church of Honolulu's Synod Assembly Resolution 04-03 on ending world hunger and promoting Craig Nessan's book Give Us This Day: A Lutheran Proposal for Ending World Hunger (Augsburg Fortress, 2003); · Working closely with Third World Opportunities* and director George Johnson for education awareness and service trips into Mexico, along with the "Developing a Heart for Justice" conferences in Tijuana January 2004 and 2006; · Advocating support for the Jubilee movement, canceling the debt of the world's poorest countries, with Bill Harman leading that effort for our synod; · Sending George and Vivian Johnson, Louis Dorvilier and Steve Herder to the ELCA hunger leaders meeting and the Bread for the World Advocacy Day last June, and a group of people to the Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace and Justice March 11-14, 2005 in Washington D.C.; · Endorsing domestic hunger grant applications from four ministries within our synod; · Hosting Kathryn Sime and Nathan Ruby from the ELCA Churchwide Office for a world hunger and disaster appeal leaders' event at St. Andrew, Whittier, on December 7, 2004;

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Promoting the new resource that our churchwide office is recommending ­ "Just Neighbors: Helping Communities of Faith Help People in Need," a flexible format class including nine one-hour sessions; · Being a resource to Pacifica congregations in their education and advocacy efforts for the hungry and homeless. This ministry team meets about four times a year at the Johnson home in San Marcos. It's always an energizing time of discussion, prayer and planning. We invite you to join us and to visit the display tables at the synod assembly. Co-chairs Herman VandenBosch and Steve Herder ([email protected], 562-587-4941) * Third World Opportunities is a ministry of the Hunger/Housing Ministry team of the Pacifica Synod. It has an Advisory Committee made up of pastors and lay people from the Pacifica Synod as well as other church leaders in San Diego. During 2004 Third World Opportunities arranged trips to Mexico for 35 groups from 15 different states. A conference was held in Tijuana for clergy and lay leaders in January 2004 around the theme: Developing Hearts that Yearn for Justice. A similar conference will be held January 23-26, 2006. Third World Opportunities also hosted a seminary class this past January fulfilling a requirement for cross-cultural experience. Eight seminary students from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and Luther Seminary in St Paul, MN attended. Congregations interested in learning more about Third World Opportunities should contact Rev. George S Johnson 779 Fulton Road, San Marcos, CA 92069, email: [email protected] Immigration/Border Concerns Ministry Team This Ministry Team continues to monitor issues related to immigrants and to lift up those concerns to our congregations. This has become particularly critical in the past few years as concerns for homeland security have diminished concerns for protection and rights of immigrants and for compassionate responses to the increasing number of persons displaced from their home countries by violence and oppression. We are compelled to this task by our proximity to the border with Mexico, our scriptural call to welcome the foreigner and the stranger, and our common status as citizens of God's kingdom. This Ministry Team met four times during 2004 to work on these tasks. The Ministry Team attempts to keep close communications with partner agencies to facilitate our tasks. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Survivors of Torture, International, the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, the American Friends Service Committee and our Synod's Hunger, Global Missions and Hispanic ministry teams are important partners. We seek to communicate with congregations primarily through the Synod Assembly and the synod's newsletter. This past year our Team invited Rallie Defenbaugh, the Director of LIRS, to the Synod Assembly to address the assembly and lead a workshop. (The LIRS website is a good place to keep informed of immigrant issues: We provide resource materials for congregations at our assembly display table, including hot salsa tasting! Articles in the synod's newsletter this past year included information of human slave trafficking, legislative issues, survivors of torture and participation in the Posada event. We were co-sponsors of the 11th Annual Posada Sin Fronteras event at the US/Mexico border again this past December, which seeks to draw public attention to our biblical tradition of hospitality to the foreigner, and recalls the over 3000 persons that have died in attempts to cross the border over the past 10 years. We also participated in the California Immigrant Lobby Day in Sacramento. Team members continue to be available as resources to your congregation for immigrant concerns. Respectfully submitted, Bill Radatz, Chair (619-575-2845) ·

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New Mission Development Endowment Fund Committee The New Mission Development Endowment Fund Committee is now entering its second year. We have been laying the framework that will enable us to function as an endowment fund and also get the word out throughout our synod as to what our mission is all about. We have completed the final draft of the Policies & Procedures Manual to be submitted for council approval. We produced a brochure that was distributed at last year's Synod Assembly. We have produced a four-minute video, "Dig a Little Deeper" that we plan to present at this year's Synod Assembly and hope to make available for presentation at other events and local church meetings upon request. We have reassigned Sub Committee Chair positions as follows: Investment Committee- Stephanie Shields Marketing Committee -Rod Anderson Allocation Committee -Marie Kabarsky The full NMDEF Committee for this past year has consisted of: Randy Knapp-chairperson, Lyle Roberts- secretary, Pete Moenter, Marie Kabarsky, Stephanie Shields, Rod Anderson, Bishop Finck and the Rev. Lyle Peterson. Board Advisors: the Rev. Tom Dudley and Craig Smith. We are looking forward to a very productive second year and hope that through our marketing efforts to start building this much needed mission endowment fund in the Pacifica Synod. "The fields are ripe for harvest." Respectively Submitted In God's name, Randy Knapp, Chair

Open Hearts, Open Hands Ministry Team Our Mission is Mission! Three-year Pacifica Synod Goal: Raise $1 Million to: help five congregations build first units & buy land, and help start two new missions in growing areas. The Synod's OH, OH mission is to unite the Pacifica congregations in spiritual and financial partnership with developing congregational ministries. At the 2001 Synod Assembly, we voted to raise $1,000,000 over three years for these developing ministries. Final Report We are thankful for the giving through January 31, 2005: Undesignated $ 200,231 (1) Designated 192,547 (2) Total $ 392,778 (1) (2) The first four congregations listed below received $40,046 each and the last three congregations $40,046 in total. Congregations of two Conferences had started their own campaign prior to OH, OH and gave directly to the last three congregations listed below.

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Although this amount is short of the $1,000,000 goal, God will do wonders with whatever we have gathered. These OH, OH congregations have exciting ministries with pastors enthusiastic for the Gospel! With new permanent, first unit buildings, they will be more effective in reaching out to the unchurched. · · · · · · · Chinese Lutheran, Honolulu, dedicated first unit building in January 2005. Kihei Lutheran starts construction on their first unit building April 2005. Spirit of Joy, Ramona, will start construction in two years when sewer connection is available. Taiwanese Lutheran, San Diego, is still in the planning stage for their first unit. Spirit of Joy, Hemet has paid for its land cost for their first unit. River of Light, Riverside, has a growing congregation meeting in a storefront. South Orange County is in preliminary planning.

Many thanks to the 76 congregations who have supported this campaign! Also, many thanks to the wonderful OH, OH team members who made this happen! You have inspired me and I will always remember the assembly OH, OH presentations. I am writing this from Spokane, Wash., where we have moved to help out with family. I treasure my memories of the great people in the Pacifica Synod and I thank you for letting me serve with you! Al Hanson, OH, OH Administrative Director OH, OH Team The Rev. Emory Ackerman The Rev. John Bunge The Rev. Simon Lee The Rev. Lyle Peterson The Rev. Chuck Aden The Rev. Dan Erlenbusch Peter Mackauf The Rev. Vicki Rufsvold Stewardship Ministry Team Mission: To provide opportunities and events for stewardship education and growth. Serving you in 2004: · We conducted StewardShops with a focus on the ELCA "We Say Yes" program. The program was widely used within our synod. As a result, individuals and congregations made healthy strides in serving the church through our many gifts. We affirmed our stewardship strategies in consultation with ELCA leaders, our Bishop and staff of Pacifica. We provided online stewardship tools to congregations so that vital resources, helpful to stewardship leaders, are readily available to every congregation in our synod. Follow the "Resource" links on the Pacifica Web site to download helpful StewardShop insights to develop your Stewardship staff. The Rev. Steve Beckham The Rev. David Krueger Arnie Metcalf James Turnbull

· ·

To schedule a StewardShop in your area, contact Tom Dudley through the synod office. Team Leader: Jack Pavelich, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Moreno Valley, [email protected]

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