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Volume 31, Number 4

We are the Puget Sound Region of the National WPC Club, named after Walter P. Chrysler. We welcome all Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, Imperial, Jeep, Eagle, and related cars and trucks.

April 2007


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1958 Dodge Sweptside


President: Jon Carson, 425-788-0175, [email protected] Vice President: Jack Perry, 425-485-5225, [email protected] Secretary : Angela Amaya, 425-357-8455, [email protected] Treasurer: Hank Palmer, 425-487-3556, [email protected] Member at Large: Mac McBride, 206-363-8757, [email protected] Newsletter Editor: Larry Zappone, 425-788-2957, [email protected] Membership: Patty Carson, 425-788-0175, [email protected]

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Okay, enough is really enough! Two months ago I wrote about winter's wrath and spring coming, then last month I wrote about winter hanging on and the second snow storm, and now this week we get yet another dusting of snow and freezing temperatures in the north Sound! This is now the end of winter for sure. I even drove the convert today so it has to be true! We will see! I sure hope the weather is decent next week for the Portland Swap Meet, but as veterans of past swaps know, anything is possible in Portland in April. Our tour and meeting at Lemay's was a resounding success. The day started out reasonably dry and the rain didn't arrive until about 2:00 P.M., but then it made up for lost time. We had over 60 people present and a surprisingly wonderful showing of our own Mopars. On top of the regular well known members' cars, we had the treat of seeing Roger Howard's 59 Sport Fury convert, and Dave Crawford's newly acquired 1950 Plymouth Suburban wagon in bright red. New members Jim and Joy Fleming even brought out their woody sedan, rain or no rain, and it was just dazzling. Greg Terhar, a member of the invited Packard club, showed up with his 1972 Renault 16, which can trace its genealogy to today's Chrysler Corporation as well. We enjoyed our catered lunch and had the run of the museum for the afternoon. Local WPC member Dan Corrigan, now an official employee of the museum and really our "inside" man, helped Lauren make the day possible - our sincerest thanks to both of them. Dan is always a gracious host and it was great to see him again, along with his "new" Sinatra Imperial coupe. Next month we will feature information on changes taking place with modern motor oils. At the last two meetings we have discussed how not all oil being sold is really compatible with flat tappet camshafts. It seems some of the additives have been changed in the last few years, and this change has led to premature cam failures in older cars. We are still compiling information on this subject and will print our findings next month. The internet is full of information but we want to get as many facts as possible to share so our members can make the right oil choices for their cars. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic. Larry has included information this month for the upcoming Tenino Coming Out Potluck and our garage tour of Paul Knight's country estate, so we can check out Paul's new Challenger project, now in full swing. Paul is a restoration maniac, so the Challenger should be fully involved when we get there. Rumor has it that he has also been hard at work on "Pinky", the 56 Plymouth that the Mitchells bought last month. It is now nearly ready for its trip home to Victoria. We will again meet in Totem Lake and at the Federal Way truck stop to caravan south to Tenino, so join us and have a very enjoyable day in the South Sound. See page 5 of this newsletter for complete tour details. I finally have a happy E-bay story from one of my customers! She bought a 68 Barracuda coupe on E-bay from down in Reno Nevada, and the car was everything it was supposed to be, and more! She flew down and drove it home with no trouble. That is, until the very last exit on I-5 in Seattle, where traffic went crazy and she was involved in a multi-car accident, damaging the left front of her nice new car! I guess it was an almost happy story, but all's well that ends well, and the car is now mended and looks just as nice as it did two weeks ago. Now she just has to overcome "Freeway Phobia", hit that highway again, and enjoy her "new" car. Check out this month's calendar and mark the events coming up in the next few months so you won't miss any. Our local swap meets and events will be coming fast and furious as the days get longer. Don't forget to watch the national news, as June approaches and Tulsa, Oklahoma, gets ready to unearth that 57 Plymouth it buried in front of their court house 50 years ago. That should be quite an adventure! We have also signed up some new members; we welcome them to our local group and look forward to many great tours and events this coming summer. Jon

Club Membership: Local dues are $18 annually, and may be sent to Patty Carson, P.O. Box 513, Woodinville, WA 98072. Please note that membership in the National WPC Club is a prerequisite for belonging to our local chapter. National dues are $32 annually and can be sent to The WPC Club, P.O. Box 3504, Kalamazoo, MI, 49003. Applications for both clubs can be found online at: and

COVER CAR: 1958 Dodge Sweptside Pickup

In 1957, Dodge dealers were putting a lot of pressure on Chrysler to give them something to compete with the Ford and Chevrolet glamour trucks. This resulted in the Sweptside, introduced as a midyear 1957 model. It had only one full year of production in 1958 before the new Dodge Sweptline pickup was introduced in 1959. Because of this, very little in the way of photographs, literature, or sales materials is available to the collector. Sweptside D100s were never assembled on the production line with other pickups at the Dodge factory. They were contracted out to the S.E.G. Company, which also explains why very little production history is available on them. S.E.G. manager Joe Berr, had an idea. He replaced the stock fenders of a D100 116 in wheelbase, custom cab pickup, with a pair of rear fenders and a rear bumper from a 1957 Dodge 2 door Suburban station wagon. The wagon's rear bumper fit like a glove, but the tailgate had to be cut down to fit between the longer fenders. Chrome trim pieces, custom made to fit the cab, continued lines running forward from the now finned rear fenders. With the addition of a two-tone or tri-tone paint job, white sidewall tires and full wheelcovers, the Sweptside 100 was born. The Dodge dealers were delighted! They now had something they could sell! This beautiful example belongs to John Jackman and was displayed at this February's Collector Car Show & Auction in Abbottsford, BC. John saw his first Sweptside in the 50s in Pouce Coupe, BC, and fell in love with a glamorous truck that looked like it came right out of Hollywood! He spent nearly 20 years searching British Columbia & Alberta before finally locating this 1958 model on a farm north of Edmonton. It was basically all there but very rusty (especially the rear quarters), and the motor was stuck. A five year total restoration followed, returning it to it's original showroom beauty. The truck is powered by a 125 hp six cylinder motor with a push button Loadflite automatic transmission. It has a couple of unique features, one of which is the small back window (the vast majority of Sweptsides have a wrap-around rear window). The other very unusual feature is a roof mounted Mopar model 700 transistor powered radio! Estimated total Sweptside production numbers are only 1255 (180 in 1957, 975 in 1958, and 100 in 1959). A rare, beauty, indeed! Thanks for saving it, John!


Please welcome our newest members, Jim & Joy Fleming, PO Box 66, Burien, WA 98166. They own the beautiful 1948 Chrysler Town & Country sedan you saw at last summer's Regional Meet in Poulsbo.

REMEMBER: A U.S. passport is NOT required to enter Canada until 2008 if you arrive by car or boat. It is only required if arriving by air. So make your plans now to attend the WPC Regional Meet in Victoria, BC this August 9-11! It should be another great one!


The WPC LeMay Tour, March 17th:

The weather was marginal, dry at the moment with afternoon rain forecast, as we formed up at the Bothell/ Woodinville area Park & Ride. We headed south and picked up the major portion of our group at the Federal Way Weigh Station en route to Parkland and the LeMay Marymount facility. It was an enthusiastic group of nearly 60 car buffs! A few brave souls defied the weather and even brought their Mopars out: Roger Howard with his 59 Plymouth convertible, George & Anna Haley in their 49 Plymouth ragtop, Loren & Bonnie Reeves in the 69 Charger, Jim & Joy Fleming in their 48 Town & Country, Harold & Nancy Shew in the 63 Valiant, and Dave Crawford in his "new" 50 Plymouth Station Wagon (more about that next month). Local WPC member & full time LeMay Museum staff member Dan Corrigan was on hand to greet us as we arrived at noon. After a welcome box lunch in the old school cafeteria we split up into three groups of 20 to make the tour more manageable, and set off into "LeMay Land". As always, the sheer numbers of cars on display here, in room after room and building after building, is simply astounding! As many times as I have personally been through this collection (that word simply does not do it justice!), I am always surprised to find many new cars or ones I had not noticed before. The 1949 Kaiser Deluxe 4-door convertible (residing in the former boys' shower room) is an old favorite, as is the 1948 Tucker, but there were some surprises, too. I had not seen the 1932 Stutz DV32 boat-tail Speedster which the Museum entered in the 2006 Great Race. A simply superb automobile! That must have been quite a ride!

At about 2 PM the promised rains finally arrived, but even that couldn't put much of a damper on this enthusiastic bunch of car folks! Maybe the next time we can include the main residence and the other half of the collection!

Tenino "Coming Out" Potluck & Knight's Garage Tour Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Schedule for the day: 8:00- 8:15: Park & Ride, Exit 22, I-405 9:00- 9:15: Truck Weighing Station, after exit 142A 10:00-10:15: Maytown / Little Rock, Exit 95 10:30-1:00: Tenino High School "Coming Out" Potluck 1:00 ­ 2:30: Paul Knight's Garage The Tenino ANNUAL SPRING COMING OUT! Presented by CCVAC (Centralia/Chehalis Vintage Auto Club). Guests are always welcome. Bring a dish or two to share and table service. Drive your favorite old car. Coffee at 10:00 am, Club announcements at 12:00 pm, with lunch to follow. This annual event was a real success last year, so we're going to participate again this year along with another visit to Paul Knight's superb garage! We've again set up a number of spots where people can join us on our caravan southward: 1. Meet at the Park & Ride on I-405 at NE 160th St. /Exit 22, just south of the 522 interchange in the Bothell/Woodinville area, at 8:00 am. We'll leave at 8:15am heading south to join I-5. 2. Meet south on I-5 at the Truck Weighing Station at Federal Way - this is just past exit 142A, and is directly across the freeway from Wild Waves Water Park. See the attached map. We'll arrive there at 9:00 and leave at 9:15 sharp. 3. Another good spot for our south members to join us would be to wait just off the freeway at the abandoned truck scale at exit #116/Mounds Road (just after the Dupont exit north of the Nisqually flats). There is room to pull off at this exit, and the freeway is visible so that anybody parked there would see us go by. From there we'll continue south on I-5 to the Maytown-Little Rock/ Exit 95 just south of Tumwater. After exiting I-5 and making the right turn onto the Maytown / Little Rock Road, there is a nice wide spot where we will meet Paul Knight. From here we will follow Paul to Tenino High School, but here are the directions anyway, just in case: After exiting I-5,turn right almost immediately& go back under the freeway toward Millersylvania State Park. Go through Maytown, about 3 miles to the Tilley Road "T". Turn RIGHT on Tilley Road South. [NOT Left ­ since this would take you thru the Park and back toward Olympia]. Continue south about 4 miles on Tilley Road and turn LEFT onto 143rd. 143rd takes you directly to the Tenino High School [about 4 miles]. We should arrive there about 10:30am, where there will be a designated parking area for our WPC Club. We'll kick tires and socialize before having lunch around noon. Remember, this is a potluck, so please bring your favorite dish to share! There will be full kitchen facilities available, so you can bring any food dish you would like. Don't forget your utensils and paper plates! We will be meeting with a number of other clubs, so there should be a lot to see! After lunch we will form up and head over to Paul Knight' amazing garage [about 15 minutes away] where we can kick more tires and drool over all of Paul's projects and goodies. After the tour, we'll form up and head home. If time allows we will take a more relaxed route home through Tenino, Graham and Puyallup. See you all there! Contact information for Tour: Jon Carson's cell: 206-334-8947 Paul Knight's cell: 360-480-1710

Classified Ads:

For Sale: Spokane WPC member Bill Honeycutt is losing his storage for some parts cars, and would like to offer them to our WPC folks. They are located in the Spokane Airport / Fairchild AFB area and must be removed in the next six weeks or so. Also available are two 1951 Chrysler 331 hemis, complete with transmissions. The cars are: 1. 1964 Crown Imperial 4-door hardtop, with power windows, etc. No engine, but most everything else is still there. 2. 1964 Imperial Crown Coupe. Car still has most everything on it except items like the radio, etc. The black leather upholstery is good enough to go into another vehicle. 3. 1951 New Yorker sedan with great sheet metal and bumpers. No hemi. 4. 1953 Imperial sedan, all there including the hemi, except for the grille and window motors. 5. 1946-48 Plymouth, very rough, but should still have some good stuff left, such as the engine and transmission, and sheet metal pieces. Bill states that the parts cars will be offered at near give-away prices, but that he'll need some money for the 1953 Imperial with the hemi in it. You can reach him at (509) 534-1577, or (509) 991-4423, or (509) 534-3520. For Sale: 1964 Chrysler New Yorker 4-dr, last car left in the Puvogel collection. Asking $2750. Robert Fitzgerald (Helen Jean Puvogel's nephew), (218) 731-0844. For Sale: 1959 Imperial LeBaron 4-dr, complete, loaded, one of only 510, needs restoration, some extra parts, $1250. Also some body parts and chrome for 1956 Dodge Coronet 4-dr. Byron, (425) 334-6177. For Sale: 1948 DeSoto Club Coupe, rock stock daily driver, good body, chrome, & stainless. Interior fair, some rust issues in trunk & front floors. Extra parts inc engine, starter, gen, etc. $5995. Jim, (206) 914-9555 For Sale: 1966 Dodge Dart GT, 318 4-bbl, 8 3/4 rear, original body & paint New magnums & T/A radials, new dual exhaust, new interior, console, wood wheel. Jon, (425) 806-8206. For Sale: Bishman Alignment/Lift system, gets your car off the floor about 18 inches. Includes all alignment tools with storage cabinet. Heavy duty metal ramps, disassembles for transporting in a pickup. Pictures available on the internet - send request to [email protected] $475. Ed McGuire, (253) 839-9512, or (253) 709-7794. For Sale: Complete 1956 Dodge 270 Red Ram Poly motor & Powerflite transmission (I'm putting a 315 Poly in the car). Engine out of the car & ready to go. Gene Kahn, (425) 255-0338. For Sale: 1965 Chrysler 300, 4 door, All or Parts. Make offer. Chuck 425-397-7288 or cell 206-818-3862. For Sale: 1966 Plymouth Belevedere II station wagon, gold color, 98,000 miles. Rare (3) seat, immaculate authentic interior. Small V8, automatic transmission, power steering & brakes. Washington title is 1970, so probably not more than (2) owners. Runs & looks really nice, definitely a get in & drive home vehicle. $4,500. Bill Honeycutt, office 509-534-1577, Spokane For Sale: 1956 DeSoto S-23 hemi, bored out to 341 std, line bored, balanced, new pistons, street performance cam, stainless valves & hardened seats, etc. All new parts, 6 mos or 6000 mi warranty from Action Auto. Includes 4-bbl carb, manifold, and all parts to put it on the road, $5000. Jim VanderHeyden, )206) 914-9555. For Sale: 1948 Spitfire 6-cylinder engine, complete, $250. Jim VanderHeyden, )206) 914-9555. For Sale: Four 1962 Imperial hubcaps, not show quality. Can anyone use them? George Oelrich, (360) 793-0836

Flashlight : a tubular metal container kept in the glove compartment for the purpose of storing dead batteries!

Coming Events Calendar:

April: 12-15: PIR & Portland Swap Meet 21: Mt Vernon Swap Meet 21: XXX Vintage Military show, Issaquah 22: Show & Swap, Burlington 28: Expo Car Show, Pt. Townsend 29: Tenino Coming Out Potluck & WPC visit to Paul Knight's garage! May: 5: Tri Cities Swap, Kennewick 19-20: Monroe Swap Meet 20: WPC Garage tour at Parsons' Everett Home 20; XXX Spring Opener, Issaquah 20: Antique Fly In-Breakfast-Tour, Olympia, (253) 589-0911 21: Waterfront Festival Show, Anacortes, (360) 299-9303 27: Boulevard Park Antique Car Show, Bellingham June: 3: Annual Mopar Spring Roundup, Issaquah, (206) 619-6017 3: 35th Annual Ford Picnic, BCC 4: Maple Valley Days Car Show, Maple Valley, (206) 763-1314 23: Greenwood Classic Car Show 23: Lance Lambert Show & Shine, Issaquah Triple-XXX 24: Strawberry Fest Classic Auto Show, Bellevue



Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 10th

Newsletter articles or ideas please send to your "new" Newsletter Editor, Larry Zappone

[email protected] 206-788-2957

Jay's Cafe

Chrysler Way, Kenmore 7520 NE Bothell Club website: (425) 485-6267 Check out this website for our regional meet: Social Hour and dinner: 6:00 to 7:00 PM Meeting begins at 7:00


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Larry Zappone

Larry Zappone, Editor



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