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Pacific Fishermen, Inc.

Professional Ship and Yacht Repair to 300 ft. Since 1946 260 ft. Moorage Dock with 100 ft. and 160 ft. Marine Railways to 600 tons 145 ft. x 600-ton Covered Dry Dock and Sidetrack for Climate Controlled Work

Tel: 206-784-2562 Fax: 206-784-1986 [email protected] 5351 24th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107

Pacific Fishermen Upgrades Shipyard Facilities...

Seattle's Pacific Fishermen, Inc. upturn in vessel repair activity has prompted the following facility upgrades: Built a 120' x 45' x 45' tall dry dock enclosure on wheels to service vessels both in dock and sidetracked on land in a climate controlled environment. Acquired a Cincinnati 18" radial drill with 8' diameter outreach from the Bird Johnson Propeller Division of Rolls Royce Marine, keeping the larger machine capability in the Pacific Northwest at Pacific Fishermen's Shipyard. Lengthened the marine railway dry dock capacity with containment for vessels to 160'. Upgraded the high-pressure wash water re-circulating system to filter and recycle. Added two Port Engineer's offices for owner's vessel support while under repair. Purchased two additional 40' telescoping man-lifts and scissor lift to cut staging costs. Purchased two Victor VCM200 track-burning machines for precision cutting. Purchased two Marlin high solids spray paint systems. Purchased two additional Seattle Pump high pressure washers for hull cleaning.

...And The Fishing Fleet

Lengthening F/V NORTHSTAR

Adding a Bulbous Bow

New Engine for F/V ARCTIC WIND

Shipyard services commercial vessels of all types

Pacific Fishermen's reputation, making Fishing Vessels seaworthy, attracts Workboats, Tugs and Charter Yachts

With the fishing industry as a beginning, Ballard's Pacific Fishermen's shipyard started several years ago to service workboats, tugs and charter yachts. Ballard is known as the traditional center of Seattle's Norwegian fishing community and Alaska's distant water fleet.

Tug MASTER - Repower

Dahl Tug and Barge's tug MASTER was repowered with two new electronic controlled Caterpillar 3512 DITA diesel engines rated 1675 hp each at 1800 RPM. New ZF model BW 750 6:1 reverse reductions gears were also installed driving 4 bladed 98 x 64 diameter propellers. Fernstum Gridcoolers were fitted to the keel for the added heat rejection of the aftercooler circuit.

Oil Spill Response Vessel - Conversion

National Response Corporation (NRC) is the nations largest for profit Oil Spill Removal Organization, with response vessels located in 13 ports across the U.S. East, Gulf, and West Coast.

F/V BERING STAR Originally founded in 1946 by a collective of Ballard fishermen who wanted control over who repaired their vessels, the shipyard has served as settlement agents for paying out crew shares as well as the ship's chandlery store where boats were provisioned, famous for warehousing more beer than any grocery in Seattle. Pacific fishermen's shipyard will never lose sight of the fact that their real technical advantage and experience is repairing vessels working the Bering Sea. The important message to other vessel owners is let's go to a place that knows how to keep a boat afloat.

NRC CAPE FLATTERY The shipyard completed modifications to the Oilfield Service Vessel ELEANOR G for conversion to Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) service. The vessel is being renamed NRC CAPE FLATTERY and is stationed at the Makah Reservation Marina in Neah Bay.

Excursion Vessels ­ Repair and Conversion

In the 1990's the shipyard started with the Alaska Sightseeing Cruise West passenger excursion fleet, bringing the SPIRIT OF GLACIER BAY out of lay-up, repowering the SPIRIT OF ALASKA and SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY, and adding a new deckhouse with SOLAS upgrades for the SPIRIT of COLUMBIA.

Tug OCEAN EAGLE - Tonnage Reduction

Pacific Fishermen's heavy industrial capabilities were one of the key factors that attracted workboats and tugs such as Fred Dahl's D & V Boat Company, Dave Wells' Island Tug and Barge and Boyer Halverson's fleet.

M/V SPIRIT OF 98 Work for Cruise West continued with rebuilding the SPIRIT OF 98 after grounding and SPIRIT OF ENDEAVOR repower complete with installation of Nautican ducted propeller nozzles and high lift rudders. The shipyard modified Dahl Tug and Barge's tug OCEAN EAGLE with added Deep framing combined with ballast for reduced tonnage. Other improvements included new tow winch, accommodations and the addition of a Wesmar DPC 150 bow thruster.

Roller Bearings - Get the Lead Out

The introduction of roller bearings, requiring only periodic grease intervals, has helped to solve the lead babbitt bearing maintenance problems that have plagued the industry. Various attempts at lubrication for lead babbitt bearings, from auto

pumping grease guns to continuous drip oil reservoirs, have eventually failed causing down time, high lubricating oil bills and oil over the side. Excessive wear and eventual separation of the babbitt sleeve has been a continuing problem in the industry. Roller bearings have solved all these problems.

ELYSATOR - Water Treatment without Chemicals The shipyard has formed a marketing alliance with IWTNA International Water Treatment of North America for sales and installation of the Norwegian ELYSATOR The ELYSATOR water treatment equipment solves the age-old problem of removing harmful corrosion causing impurities in fresh water systems without the use of chemical additives.

Failed Lead Babbitt Bearing

Split Roller Bearing



The shipyard has retrofitted roller bearings for numerous traditional poured lead babbitt bearings on fishing vessels including STARFISH, MARGUN, ADVENTURE and POSEIDON.

First application by Pacific Fishermen's shipyard of the environmentally correct ELYSATOR was onboard The Boat Company's passenger excursion vessel MIST COVE protecting the Cleveland diesel engines and refrigeration cooling circuits.

GoreTexTM GFO - Tail Shaft Packing

Pacific Fishermen's shipyard recently installed GoreTexTM stuffing box seals on Darryl Olsen's Ben Jensen designed F/V MARY ANN of Petersburg, Alaska. The innovative seals, made from GoreTexTM GFO Teflon/Graphite fibers feature New England Braiding Company's ANTI-KEYSTONETM Technology.


PropGuardTM Propeller Line Cutters

The shipyard has solved the age old problem of loose lines and wires caught in the propeller and causing premature wear to tail shafts and stern bearings. F/V MARY ANN Traditional flax packing rings braided symmetrically tend to form a trapezoid cross section when rolled around the shaft. ANTI-KEYSTONETM braiding with reverse trapezoid cross section maintains parallel sides, naturally squaring itself when formed around the shaft surface.


Ivor Garbush

Pacific Fishermen's Chief Boilermaker Ivor Garbush will custom fit a propeller rope guard with up to six ½ inch thick stainless steel PropGuardTM cutting blades, specially shaped to cut the toughest lines you can encounter. The 316L stainless steel fixed blades require no adjusting or complicated assembly.

Traditional Packing


Final Shape - After Packing The Teflon/Graphite material is easy on shaft surfaces, causing less destructive wear than traditional flax packing with longer life. The shipyard has convinced customers it is worthwhile to pay extra up front for high technology packing instead of expensive tail shaft repair.

Before Ivor

After Ivor

Pacific Fishermen, Inc. was originally conceived as a fishermen's cooperative shipyard after WWII on the site of the old Ballard Marine Railway, famous in 1890 for Joshua Green's sternwheeler ferry BAILEY GATZERT, the 1925 world's largest 120' diesel tug MAHOE for Hawaii, wooden halibut schooners, WWII subchasers and minesweepers later named CALYPSO by Jacques Cousteau and WILD GOOSE by John Wayne. The yard was subsequently incorporated in 1946 and has been providing shipyard services, including the new construction of wooden 36' launches for U.S.C.&G. Survey (NOAA) research vessel SURVEYOR and 54' to 58' Ed Monk designed wooden seiners, including NORTHERN LIGHT II (CINNAMON GIRL), CAPE FALCON, MARY D and JERILYN.

Joshua Green's Sternwheeler BAILEY GATZERT 1890

World's Largest Diesel Tug 120' MAHOE 1925

Subchasers and Minesweepers WW II

In the 1960's a series of 86' Ben Jensen designed steel crab vessels were built in partnership with Flohr Metal Fabrication including the F/V SEA ERN, TEMPEST, SHELLFISH, VIKING QUEEN, TEEJIN, AMATULI, DAUNTLESS, TUGIDAK, TUXEDNI, and VALIANT. A series of 92' house-forward, whaleback designs by Ben Jensen followed including the F/V SEAVIEW, CONFIDENCE, ENDEAVOR, RESOLUTION, ADVENTURE and DISCOVERY (ELIZABETH F). Other major accomplishments include acquisition of the assets of Rowe Machine Works in 1985 including all deck machinery plans and patterns with adjacent machine shop and lift dock.

56' CAPE FALCON 92' SEAVIEW 86' VIKING QUEEN Pacific Fishermen' s shipyard maintains the experienced shipwrights, machinists and boilermakers at their ship canal facility. The experienced caulkers on staff in their oakum loft are a diminishing resource in the wooden boat trades. Today the shipyard specializes in repair and consists of three haul out facilities and docks on the freshwater side of the ship canal locks. A 100' x 200 ton marine railway, 160' x 600 ton marine railway and the original Rowe 145' x 600 ton screw lift dock with 140' covered end track rails provide for extended out of the water repairs on dry land. All three facilities are equipped for hull cleaning, high pressure washing and sandblasting with full environmental containment and on-site shipyard run-off wastewater reprocessing. Extensive heavy steel fabrication, piping, wood joinery and full service machine shop give the vessel owner access to a one-stop repair and maintenance facility. The shipyard is equipped for the rapid start of off-site work using a City of Seattle roving pre-approved fire permit for onboard welding and hot work. Vessel owners will appreciate the port engineer's offices overlooking the slipways, available for company representatives and owners' subcontractors, with warehouse space for staging materials and freight forwarding. Notable steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wooden yachts serviced at Pacific Fishermen's shipyard include:


For more information regarding Pacific Fishermen's shipyard, contact ship's chandlery Store Manager Tim Dow (206) 356-8165, Shipyard Superintendent Tom Harbin (206) 730-0569 or General Manager Doug Dixon at (206) 718-0253. Email: [email protected] or on the World Wide Web:


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