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Day 2 April 19 Color Scheme

301A Theatre

301B Banquet

302A Theatre

302B Theatre

303A Theatre

303B Theatre

304A Banquet

304B Theatre

305A Theatre

305B Banquet


307A Theatre

307B Theatre

308A Theatre

308B Theatre

309 Theatre

LILI'U THEATRE 310 (472)

327 Banquet

328 Banquet

326A office





Keynote and Noted Lavender

1/2 Day Workshops

Poster/Reception Session (70) Banquet


Free Community Afternoon

special events and 1/2 day workshops

7:00AM - 1:00 PM REGISTRATION 8:30 - 9:30

TEACH TO REACH: Best INDEPENDENT LIVING INTELLECTUAL TEACH TO REACH: Best Practices Focus: DISABILITIES AND KEYNOTE PANEL: Marca Practices Focus: Breakout: Karyn Lindsay Bristo, Steve Brown, TRANSITION TO POST- Breakout: Andrea Yates: & Christine ReveronLillian Gonzalez Brown & SECONDARY Inclusion: Initiating, Stolz: SOS - Strategies on Linda Toms Barker: Living EDUCATION AND Implementing and Styles! Using Instructional Treasures: Celebrating EMPLOYMENT: Project Maintaining a Successful Strategies and Learning Moving from Institutions to Focus: Breakout: Mari Program the the International Styles to Reach all Guillermo & Bobbie Convention Learners Atkins: From Theory to Practice: A Spotlight on Scholars Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) TEACH TOR REACH ALL EARLY INTERVENTION: NOTED SPEAKERS: TEACH TO REACH ALL INTELLECTUAL THE PACIFIC: Best LEARNERS: Best Best Practices Focus: ACCESSIBLE WORLDS: LEARNERS: Project DISABILITIES AND Practices Focus: Practices Focus: Breakout: Kathleen Megan Conway & Tom Focus: Breakout: Michael TRANSITION TO POST- Breakout: June De Leon & Sadao: Promoting Arthur Albert: Avyllia's Breakout: Jay Breitman: Conway: Using Distance Attocknie & Kelly Roberts: SECONDARY Hope: Effective Reaching All Students by Preschool Inclusion Education to Enhance the "I" in the IEP Journey to EDUCATION AND Transforming Instruction through AT Supports: The Partnerships for Reach of Disability Family Empowerment: EMPLOYMENT: Best SWEET Toolkit and Possibilities in Pacific through Technology Studies Curriculum for Cultural Brokering in Practices Focus: Island Communities Training Module Postsecondary Students Hawaii Special Education Breakout: Lu Merrick & and Faculty Amy Alvord: Yes Virginia, There really is a Seamless Transition INDEPENDENT LIVING: Project Focus: Breakout: Heidi Eidler: HIV/AIDS in Rural Communities: A Step by Step Guide to Develop a Contract and Acquire Funds to Providing IL Services to Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: ACCESSIBLE WORLDS: DEAF AND HARD OF INTELLECTUAL Best Practices: Breakout: HEARING: Best Practices DISABILITIES AND Focus: Breakout: Mary Leena Jo Landmark & TRANSITION TO POSTDalun Zhang: Faculty Morrison & Cathy SECONDARY Learning Communities: McLeod: It is a Big World: EDUCATION AND Using Universal Design to Empowering Students LIVING HEALTHY, EMPLOYMENT:Cate Improve Teaching and Who are Deaf or Hard of AGING WELL: Weir & Debra Hart: Hearing Learning Advocacy/Activism Focus: Federal Updates on the Breakout: Rosa Changes of the Higher McAllister: Finding Your Education Opportunities Energy and Learning How Act That Impact Youth to Use It! with Intellectual Disabilities in PostSecondary Education

Sprout MiniFilm Festival


11:00 -12:00

TEACH TO REACH: Topical (1) Best Practices Focus: Howard Gray & Sharon Reed Gray: SIRA Differentiated Art Instruction Techniques: Kindergarten Student Responses within Control and Treatment Classroom Groupings (2) Research/Theory Focus: Scott Bowditch, Tiffany Wong & Kelly Roberts: Putting the "I" in the IEP: Preliminary Results of a Culturally Responsive Special Education Curriculum for Hawaiians with Disabilities TEACH TO REACH ALL LEARNERS: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Patricia Peterson: Leaders in Exceptional-Education Addressing Diversity

NOTED SPEAKER: INTELLECTUAL STEM: Advocacy/Activism TEACH TO REACH ALL DISABILITIES AND Focus: Breakout: Ann LEARNERS: Bonnie TRANSITION TO POST- Lemke & Steve Brown: Utley: Supportive and SECONDARY High as the Stars, Deep Complementary EDUCATION AND as the Ocean: Promoting Instructional Strategies in EMPLOYMENT: Best STEM Careers for General and Special Practices Focus: Hawaiian Youth with Education. Breakout: Bruce Uditsky & Disabilities Anne Hughson: Inclusive Post-Secondary Education: Enabling an Authentic and Fully Inclusive Student Experience

STEM: Topical (1) Best Practices Focus: Lynn Lovewell & Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh: Building and Implementing a Successful Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program for Students with Disabilities (2) GENDER/STEM: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Stephanie Ortoleva: Expanding Access to Education and Employment Opportunities for Girls and Women with Disabilities in Science INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY STUDIES TEACH TO REACH ALL DISABILITY STUDIES DISABILITIES AND LEARNERS: Topical (1) AND CULTURE:Topical AND CULTURE: Best Practices Focus: (1) Advocacy/Activism Advocacy/Activism Focus: TRANSITION TO POSTBreakout: Jacque Phillips SECONDARY Toni Saunders: Focus: Sara Palmer: & Randy Chapman: All EDUCATION AND Knowledge Creator: The Waking Up: Aboard: Special EMPLOYMENT: Topical Missing Link Representations of (1) Project Focus: Dalun Education Law Using Disability, Race and Zhang: Postsecondary Consciousness in James Collaborative Advocacy Access and Training for Cameron's Avatar Human Services (PATHS) (2) Best Practices Focus: Barbara ThomasBruzzese & Laura Aguilera: Transition Programs in PostSecondary Education: Kwantlen's Experience

HUMAN RIGHTS: Best INTELLECTUAL Practices Focus: DISABILITIES AND Breakout: Risnawati TRANSTIION TO POSTUtami: Disability SECONDARY Awareness Training EDUCATION: Project Model for Advocating the Focus: Breakout: Kaarina Rights of Persons with Mewhinney & Romel Disabilities in Indonesia Mackelprang: Template for Training: We have Created an -On-Line Workshop Template to Share

THE PACIFIC: Best TEACH TO REACH ALL Practices Focus: LEARNERS: Best Breakout: June De Leon, Practices Focus: June Quitugua, Michael Breakout: William Peet: Burdge & Jean Clayton: Talking Word Processors: HIDDEN DISABILITIES: Did Juan Take an The Missing Link in Best Practices Focus: Alternate Assessment Literacy Learning Breakout: Jerry Wright & Based on Alternate Achievement Standards Stephanie KolakowskyHayner: It Takes a Village (AA-AAS)? to Improves Lives After Brain Injury: How to Find, Create, or Reinvent that Village


EARLY INTERVENTION: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Natalya McComas, Cheryl Henderson & Jodi Oakerson: Consultation in Early Childhood Settings

MENTAL HEALTH & ACCESSIBLE WORLDS: YOUTH: Project Focus: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Janet SooHoo, Breakout: Susan Lee: Jocelyn Lui & Junko Disability, Embodiment LIVING HEALTHY, Yamazaki: Effective and Accessible Physical AGING WELL: Best Engagement Strategies Activity Practices Focus: with Marginalized Youth in Breakout: Maria Grazia Mental Health Services Bevilacqua & Maria Stella Guadagnoli-Closs: Which Part did you not Understand? It HURTS! Understanding Others, Yourself & Perceptions of Pain

LIVING HEALTHY, TEACH TO REACH ALL ENDING POVERTY: Best NOTED SPEAKER: LEARNERS: Best Practices Focus: AGING WELL: Best INTELLECTUAL Practices Focus: Breakout: Brenda Practices Focus: DISABILITIES AND Breakout: Connie Breakout: Kristine Slentz Shebanek: Housing and TRANSITION TO POST& Kenneth Howell: How Supportive Employment: Williams & Raina SECONDARY Long is a Mini-skirt? Inspiration Fueling Koterba: "SuperBrain EDUCATION AND Yoga": Current Research EMPLOYMENT Meg Working Across Cultures to Teach all Learners and Implications for Grigal: What are the Treatment Benefits of Attending Postsecondary Education for Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities?

TEACH TO REACH ALL LEARNERS: Research/Theory Focus: Topical (1)Research/Theory Focus: Kamil Ozerk & Meral Ozerk: Assessment of Bilingual Children with Inattention, Overactivity and Impulsivity:Challenges and Solutions in the Norwegian Context (2) Best Practices Focus: Nancy Hoyano: Preparation for the Evolving Role of Education Assistants in British Columbia

LIVING HEALTHY, INDEPENDENT AGING WELL: Topical (1) LIVING:Topical (1) Research/Theory Focus: Research/Theory Focus: Claire Brolan: Roy Scheller: Community, Overcoming the Barriers THE PACIFIC: Social Capital and and Improving the Health Research/Theory Focus: Disabilities: The Breakout: Katherine and Well Being of Importance of Informal Filipinos with Intellectual Ratliffe, Eric Folk, Social Interactions Mautumua Porotesano & Disabilities: Health Workers and Volunteers Lillian Segal: Pacific Islander Youth Perceptions (2) Best Practices Focus: Claire Acculturation, Cultural Brolan: Understanding the Identity, Perceived Unseen? Reasons why Discrimination and Family Members Seek out Perceptions of School Traditional Healers to 'Treat' Relatives with Intellectual Disabilities in the Philippines

ACCESSIBLE WORLDS: Topical (1) Research/Theory Focus: Advocacy/Activism Focus: Hayes: Of Toads and Men Thomas Conway: Breakout: Roz Rosen: Accessibility, Virtual Reality, and Distance Lanugage Human Rights: To Reform, Reframe Education (2) ACCESSIBLE WORLDS & DEAF: Research/Theory Focus: Catherine Beaton: Enhancement of Educational Access through Emerging Technologies

SPECIAL EVENT: 9 am 12:00 pm. Workshop: HUMAN RIGHTS/DEAF NOTED SPEAKER: SPECIAL Tammie HUMAN RIGHTS AND AND HARD OF EVENT: 10:00 DISABILITY STUDIES: HEARING: McNaughton, am- 1:45 pm: Advocacy/Activism Focus: Bethany Stevens: Political Lou Orslene & Topical (1) Barbara Economy of Disablement: Mental Health Raimondo: View from Why the Disability Poverty Debra Ruh: Self-Advocacy Washington(2) Barbara Trap Persists Workplace Forum: Living Raimondo: Using the Diversity--a Individuals with to Our Fullest Strategic Disabilities Education Act Potential (IDEA) to Advocate Business Together (A Advantage Forum Navigate organized and ADA, for mental Accessibility health and consumers) KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Accommodati HUMAN RIGHTS/DEAF STEM & ENVIRONMENT ons with the AND HARD OF AND HEALTH: Tyrone "A Team!" HEARING:


12:00 - :145 1:45-2:45

TEACH TO REACH ALL LEARNERS: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Chris Horrocks: Creating Classrooms with Growing Room : An Examination of Instruction HIDDEN DISABILITIES: INTELLECTUAL GENERAL: Topical (1) GENDER: Topical: (1) ENDING POVERTY: Best Practices Focus: DISABILITIES AND Best Practices Focus: Best Practices Focus: Topical (1) TRANSITION TO POSTPaul Leung: Making Maria Stella GuadagnoliResearch/Theory Focus: Topical (1) Adele Proctor HUMAN RIGHTS: Topical Jenni Mays: Disabling & Phyllis Proctor: SECONDARY Program Evaluation Closs: The Melancholy of (1) Research/Theory EDUCATION AND Relevant (2) Project Pain: Misinterpretation of Income Support Policy Bilingualism and Pediatric Focus: Tavee EMPLOYMENT: Project Focus: Yoshiko Okuyama: Women's Chronic Pain and the Examination of an Traumatic Brain Injury (2) Cheausuwanatavee: Alternative Based on Advocacy/Activism Focus: Focus: Breakout: Mary An Online Internship Experiences Synthesis of Social Social Citizenship (2) Joe Timmons: Meeting Matsukawa, Tara Sabado, Program for Deaf Policies and Laws Research/Theory Focus: the Vocational and Social & Steven Vannatta: University Students Related to Disability in Robert Metts: The Poverty Needs of Youth and Building a Network Thailand (2) Best Young Adults with Hidden Reducing Benefits of Between Public and Practices Focus: Anthony Disabilities Involving Private Private Providers to Anirud: Defining the Enterprise in the Assist Students and Boundary: AntiFormulation of Disability Families to Navigate the discrimination Policies Strategies Transition from High and Academic Freedom School to Community AUTISM SPECTRUM: Topical (1) Research/Theory Focus: Best Practices: Sarah Pelangka: A MultiComponent Autism Awareness Training for Typical Peers (2) Best Practices Focus: Melinda Pierson & Erica Howell: Faith Communities and Children with Autism Spectrum EARLY INTERVENTION: Topical (1) Research/Theory Focus: Maria Eugenia Ortega y Mena: Toddler Tantrums: A Harbinger of Hidden Disabilities? (2) Best Practices Focus: Reiner Haus: Learning with a Familiar Tune: Music Therapy as a Key for Language Acquisition and Ethnic Identity in Multicultural Early Intervention in Germany LIVING HEALTHY, AGING WELL: Project Focus: Breakout: Molly INDEPENDENT LIVING: Kennedy & Joseph Topical (1) Best Practices Amoroso: Health Disparities and their Focus: Jeannette Campbell : Case Study of Impact on People with a Social Business for Disabilities Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (2) Best Practices Focus: Blake Beecher: Moving Away from the Deficit Model: Valued Living as the Primary Focus in Practice TEACH TO REACH ALL DISABILITY STUDIES LEARNERS: Best AND CULTURE: Best Practices Focus: Practices Focus: Breakout: Norma Jean Breakout: Maria D. Stodden, Sara Podlewski, Thomas: Disability Martha Guinan, David Studies in the Caribbean Strauch & Meghan Whitfield: Get Caught Up in Webquests DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Genie Gertz & Patrick Boudreault Genetics Research in Linguistic and Cultural Minority Populations and Paradigm Shift in Research Model KEYNOTE SPEAKER:HIDDEN DISABILITIES: LeDerick Horne: Beyond Classification

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

GENERAL: Research/Theory Focus: Breakout: Linda Shiraishi: The Magical World of Learning and Personality Styles

SPECIAL EVENT: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Workshop: Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls with Disabilities: Marsha Saxton, Heidi Case & Stephanie Ortoleva

GENERAL: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Kenneth Deitmen: A Collaborative Interagency Approach to Transition Planning

HIDDEN DISABILITIES: Research/Theory Focus: Breakout: Hsiang-Yi Wu: Families' Perspectives about Learning Disabilities in Taiwan

GENERAL: Topical (1) Best Practices Focus: Michelle Sparling & Rosa McAllister: Exploring Your Life's Passions: Making the Most of your Community Connections and Resources to Make HUMAN RIGHTS: Topical (1) Research/Theory the Life You've Dreamed Focus: Sarah Chapple: About Hope as an Agent of Change

ENDING POVERTY: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Raymond Cebula & Mary Ridgely: Strategies for Continuous Quality Improvement and Performance Measurement for Benefits and Work Incentives Planning Programs

LIVING HEALTHY, DISABILITY STUDIES AND CULTURE: AGING WELL: Best Research/Theory Focus: Practices Focus: Breakout: Katharina Heyer Seminar: & Romel Mackelprang: Madeilaine Palma & "Pawns and Parasites?" Researchers and Activists Vicki Smith: in Conversation Creative and Healthier Alternative Care for Seniors with Developmental Disabilities

GENERAL: Best Practices Focus: Breakout: Amos Sales & Tom Mullis: Empowering Positive Psychology Exercises


INDEPENDENT LIVING: Advocacy/Activism Focus: Breakout: Tara Bremer: Transition Planning with Sticky Notes

LIVING HEALTHY, AGING WELL: Project Focus: Breakout: Peter Benavidez & Robin Unruh: Strategies and Practices for Improving Health and Wellness

ACCESSIBLE WORLDS: Best Practices Focus: Marcia Petrini: Nursing Efforts in Mainland China to Improve the Access

WORKSHOP: National Council on Disabilities Forum: Aaron Bishop & Joan Durocher: DEAF AND HARD OF GETTING HIRED: Reaching Out HEARING: Best Practices COMMUNITY Focus: Breakout: Mark NETWORKING FAIR: to Listen, Bella, Jennifer Cook, Sam Breakout: Laura Tronge & Understand, Costner & Paul Singleton: Stephen King: Federal Engage, and Promoting Self-advocacy Employment of Individuals Act! and Self-Employment with Disabilities

through Effective Communication

Private Function: Explore Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics: Learn about STEM in College Special Session for High School Students with Disabilities

4:00 pm - 5:00pm

GETTING HIRED: COMMUNITY NETWORKING FAIR: Dinah Cohen, Jo Linda Johnson & Elisa Gonzalez: Resolving Accommodation Issues: The Executive Order at Work

GETTING HIRED: COMMUNITY NETWORKING FAIR (Various Places and Rooms) 2:00 pm 5:00 pm.

PRIVATE FUNCTION: 5 PM - 7:00 PM, Kelly Roberts

GETTING HIRED: COMMUNITY NETWORKING FAIR: Heidi Burghardt & Wynetta Jones: What do I Need to Know About Applying for A Federal Government Job?



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