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Fact Families

Congratulations on your purchase of the Really Good Stuff® Fact Families product--an interactive way for students to learn addition and subtraction facts. Inside this Really Good Stuff set you'll find: · Fact Families Banner Set · (3) 12" x 39" banners · This Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide


last space as the total. In the subtraction facts, the larger number will be found first.

Fact Family Match

Have students work with partners. Give each of the p a rtners a copy of the reproducible. Assign a number to each of the partners. Have them cut out the bird with that number and paste it in the outline on the roof. Have them complete the fact family using the Fact Families product as their guide. Ask the partners to check each other's work. Have the partners cut out and color their houses.

Introducing Fact Families

Tell the students that a collection of addition and subtraction facts is called a Fact Family. Show them that on the roof of each fact family house are the numbers needed for that fact family. Show them the addition and subtraction facts that are on the house. Point out that the same numbers are used in each fact. In the addition facts, the larger number is used in the

Fact Family Fill-In reproducible

Fact Family Fill-In

Give each student two copies of the blank fact family house. Encourage them to use the Fact Family Fill-In reproducibles to fill two different fact families. Have the students complete the fact families and color the houses.

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Fact Family Match reproducible

2 5 8

3 6 9

4 7


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