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Cooperative Grouping Cards

chalkboard or flip-chart paper. Assign a corresponding Card number to each role and add it to the list. For example, make ones the Material Monitors, twos the Note Takers, and so forth. Possible roles include: · Leader · Moderator · Timekeeper · Presenter · Troubleshooter · Taskmaster · Material Manager · Checker · Initiator · Clarifier · Note Taker To create random groupings and weave some fun into your students' day, once you have separated out the appropriate amount of cards, let your students choose their own cards and tell them to find the other students with matching cards. Or, you could use the Group Tracking Reproducible to help you select your groups based on ability and past group combinations. Or, to ensure that you are mixing your student combinations on a regular basis: Place the date in the small box and record students' names in the main boxes to reference your previous groupings quickly. To help you easily differentiate between one activity and the next, use a different colored pen each time. Record any observations you have, such as notable student combinations, on the lines at the bottom of the reproducible.

This Really Good Stuff® product includes: · 40 Cooperative Grouping Cards · This Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide

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Congratulations on your purchase of these Really Good Stuff® Cooperative Grouping Cards--a quick and easy way to place your students in groups and assign roles within the groups. Arranging Cooperative Groups Before using your Cooperative Grouping Cards, make copies of this Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide and file the pages for future use. Or, download another copy of it from our Web site at Prior to distributing the Cooperative Grouping Cards, determine how you are going to group your students. For example, if you are going to have seven groups of three, select seven different photos, and pull cards 1, 2, and 3 of each of those seven photos. Determine the roles that need to be completed for the activity; then list them on a whiteboard,

Group Tracking Reproducible


Cooperative Grouping Cards RGAG

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