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Development Studies 2011

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Development Studies 2011


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Introductory Texts Development Theory Rethinking International Development series Political Economy and Economics of Development International Political Economy Series Politics, Governance, Globalization and the State Civil Society, NGOs and Human Rights Non-Governmental Public Action Series Poverty and Human Development Migration, Ethnicity and Identity Society, Culture and Development Health and Development Teaching and Researching in Higher Education Universities into the 21 Century Series


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Welcome to the new Palgrave Macmillan Development Studies 2011 Catalogue. Here we aim to showcase the very best in Development Studies titles from a variety of Palgrave Macmillan lists, including Politics, International Relations, Sociology and Economics. Look out especially for the new series Non-Governmental Public Action, edited by Jude Howell and some fantastic new titles in the renowned International Political Economy series, edited by Tim Shaw. Our market-leading student texts include: E. A. Brett's Reconstructing Development Theory, Ray Kiely's Rethinking Imperialism, and Alastair Greig et al's Challenging Global Inequality to name a few. For more information on our wide range of development titles (of which only a fraction can be included here) please visit or contact us directly : Steven Kennedy, Publisher, College Division, [email protected] Stephen Wenham, Commissioning Editor, College Division, [email protected] Christina Brian, Commissioning Editor, Scholarly and Reference Division, [email protected] Dan Porter, Senior Marketing Executive, [email protected]


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International Development

Issues and Challenges

Damien Kingsbury, Associate Professor and Director, Masters of International and Community Development, School of International and Political Studies John McKay, Partner, Analysis International and Adjunct Professor, School of International and Political Studies, both at Deakin University, Australia, Janet Hunt, Fellow, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University, Australia, Mark McGillivray, Deputy Director, World Institute for Development Economics Research, Finland and Matthew Clarke, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University, Australia


Challenging Global Inequality

Development Theory and Practice in the 21st Century

Alastair Greig, Reader in Sociology and Head of School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, Australia, David Hulme, Professor of Development Studies and Associate Director, Chronic Poverty Research Centre, Institute for Development and Management, University of Manchester, UK and Mark Turner, Professor of Development Policy and Management, University of Canberra, Australia

Reconstructing Development Theory

International Inequality, Institutional Reform and Social Emancipation

E.A. Brett, Visiting Professor, Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

`Original and engaging, this introductory text provides an accessible overview of global inequality and development ideas and practices in the twenty-first century. I am sure it will prove very popular with my students.' - Ben Crow, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA This major text on development theory and practice takes as its starting point the challenge of overcoming development and global poverty and inequality. It traces the origins of the idea of Development Studies and introduces the main methodologies and theories of development, and examines the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Contents: Introduction: The Story So Far... / The Nature of of Inequality and Poverty / Measuring Development / The Roots of the Development Project / The PostWar Development Project / The Framework of Early Twenty-First Century Development / The Millennium Development Challenge / Globalization and Inequality / Modernity, Development and their Discontents / Development, Politics and Participation / Conclusion: The Ends of Development and the End of Inequality

January 2007 Paperback 312pp £23.99 234x156mm 978-1-4039-4824-3

Designed as a replacement for Key Issues in Development this text provides a critical interdisciplinary introduction to the theory, practice and study of development and to key twenty first century challenges such as securitization and global warming.

Contents: Introduction / What is Development? / Reassessing Development Theory / Aid and Development / Economics of Development / Globalization and Development / Poverty: Concepts, Measures, Trends and Responses / Crises in Africa, Asia and Latin America / Political Development / Community Development / Gender and Development / Environment and Development / Security and Development

July 2008 Paperback 384pp £25.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-57342-0

'...a remarkable intellectual achievement...' - m. Crawford Young, University of Wisconsinmadison, USA The book provides a systematic assessment of the evolution of development theory, its relationship to orthodox social science analysis and the liberal pluralistic orthodoxy that now dominates the mainstream approach to international development, showing how we can transcend its failure to address some key problems of late and uneven development

Contents: Preface / Introduction Reconstructing Development Theory for the 21st Century / PART I: THE NATURE OF DEVELOPMENT THEORY / The Crisis in Development Theory / The Analytical Assumptions of Development Theory / Evolutionary Institutional Change and Developmental Transitions / PART II: THE LIBERAL INSTITUTIONAL PLURALIST CONSENSUS / Market Societies, Open Systems and Institutional Pluralism / State Regulation, Democratic Politics and Accountable Governance / Politics and Public Management / The Nature and Organisation of Capitalist Firms / The Nature and Role of Solidaristic Organizations / PART III: BEYOND LIBERAL PLURALISM: RECONSTRUCTING DEVELOPMENT THEORY / The Political Economy of Structural Change / Developmental Transitions: Learning from History / Explaining Blocked Development / The Social Theory of Developmental Transformations / Building Strong States / Building Capitalist Economies / Conclusion: Theory, Agency and Developmental Transitions

July 2009 368pp 234x156mm 5 b/w tables and 4 b/w line drawings Paperback £24.99 978-0-230-22981-5

ebook available from: John Smith & Son


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Rethinking Imperialism

Ray Kiely, Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary and Westfield Colege, University of London, UK

Palgrave Advances in Development Studies

Edited by Jeffrey Haynes, Professor of Politics, London Metropolitan University, UK

Theory and methodology of World Development

The Writings of Andre Gunder Frank

Sing C. Chew, Professor, Humboldt State University and Senior Research Scientist, Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany and Pat Lauderdale, Professor of Justice, Arizona State University, and currently Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, Stanford University, USA

`A clear, comprehensive and compelling assessment of the contemporary debate about empire and its relationship to the history of imperialism and the key classic theories.' - Andrew Gamble, University of Cambridge, UK `Ray Kiely's wonderfully wide-ranging study... has rethought an idea and opened up a discussion that should now move from the margins to the centre stage.' - michael Cox, london School of Economics and Political Science, UK Imperialism has become a key focus of debate about world politics in the post-9/11 world. This major text provides a systematic reappraisal of the evolution of the phenomenon and the concept from the nineteenth century as the basis for a reassessment of Globalization and US hegemony in the world today.

Contents: Introduction / What is Imperialism? / Capitalism and the Origins of Imperialism / Liberal Imperialism and Capitalist Expansion / Classical Imperialism 1870-1945 / US Hegemony, the Cold War and the Post-War Boom / Neo-Liberalism and US Imperialism in the Post-Cold War World / Imperialism after 9/11: New Challenges to US Hegemony / Conclusion: Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism Today

April 2010 2 b/w tables Paperback 320pp £24.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-20106-4

`This is, quite simply, the best thing on development that I have read in many, many years.' - Professor michael Fleet, marquette University, USA Palgrave Advances in Development Studies aims to provide readers with an understanding of the disparate theories concerning development, their assumptions and the intellectual forces underpinning them. In thirteen specially commissioned essays, leading contributors from the field of Development Studies present the relevant material to analyze and evaluate current debates about development, together with the intellectual tools to judge contemporary arguments concerning development across the world and the ability to relate theories of development to contemporary policy issues.

Contents: List of Contributors / List of Tables / PART I: CONCEPTS AND THEORIES / Introduction; J.Haynes / Discourses on Development; B.Hettne / Changing Notions of Development: Bringing the State Back in; P.Calvert / PART II: DEVELOPMENT AND DOMESTIC FACTORS / Democracy and Democratisation; M.Kamrava / The Political Economy of Development; G.Sen / The Power of the Gun: Armies and Armed Force; R.Pinkney / Religion and Development; J.Haynes / Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict; H.Handelman / The Natural Environment; P.Eadie & L.Pettiford / Human Rights in an Unequal World; J.Chiriyankandath / Gender and Development; S.M.Rai / PART III: DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBALIZATION / The Global Political Economy; T.M.Shaw / Globalization and Development; I.Taylor / Regionalism and Regionalization; K.Lambrechts & C.Alden / Conclusion; J.Haynes / Bibliography

April 2005 Paperback 368pp £22.99 216x138mm 978-1-4039-1635-8

This book brings together key, incisive writings (published and unpublished) of the late Andre Gunder Frank on world development and world history. The selections provide the reader with a historical tracing of Gunder Frank's conceptual thinking on development, through to his views on world history, world development and globalization.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

may 2010 hardback 300pp £55.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-62311-8

ebook available for library subscription

Rethinking World Politics Series Editor: Michael Cox

Palgrave Advances ebook available from: Ebook Library, Myilibrary, NetLibrary,, Dawson ERA, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections, Ebrary

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Series Editors: Andy Sumner Ray Kiely

Challenging the Aid Paradigm

Western Currents and Asian Alternatives

Edited by Jens Stilhoff Sörensen, Research Fellow, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sweden

Transforming Participation?

The Politics of Development in malawi and Ireland

Niamh Gaynor, Lecturer in International Development, Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland

Challenging Capacity Building

Comparative Perspectives

Edited by Sue Kenny, Director, Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Rights and Matthew Clarke, Deputy Head, School of International and Political Studies, both at Deakin University, Australia

Challenging the Aid Paradigm critically examines central aspects of Western international aid policy, while at the same time exploring non-western, especially Chinese, aid and assesses to what extent these may be competitive or complementary.

Contents: Introduction: Reinventing Development for the 21st Century?; J.S.Sörensen / PART I: WESTERN CURRENTS / The Development-Security Nexus in Historical Perspective: Governing the World of Peoples; M.Duffield / From Materialism to Non-Materialism in International Development: Revisiting Rostow's Stages of Growth and Schumacher's Small is Beautiful; V.Pupavac / Aid Policy, Civil Society and Ethnic Polarization; J.S.Sörensen / PART II: ASIAN ALTERNATIVES / Challenges or Complements for the West: Is There an Asian Model of Aid Emerging?; M.Söderberg / China's Aid to Africa: Policy Evolution, Characteristics and its Role; H.Wenping / Chinese and African Views on Chinese Aid and Trade in Africa; J.Lagerkvist / Chinese Foreign Aid: The tale of a silent enterprise; Y.Mohamed-Mahmood / China in Africa: Any Impact on Development and Aid?; H.Melber / Conclusion: The `Bios' and `Geo' of Contemporary Development-Security Policy; J.S.Sörensen

April 2010 13 b/w tables hardback 272pp £60.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-57766-4

Interrogates the idea of capacity building theoretically and explores the variety of meanings, constructions and practices of capacity building. This book examines capacity building in both developing and developed countries and takes the position that fragile communities are present in all societies.

Contents: Introduction; S.Kenny & M.Clarke / Developing Capacities and Agency in Complex Times, C.Miller / Community Capacity-building: Critiquing the Concept in Different Policy Contexts; G.Craig / Capacity Building and Community Development; J.Ife / Emergent Drivers for Building and Sustaining Capacity in Australian Indigenous Communities; J.Abdullah & S.Young / Re-imagining Capacity Building when Participation is Constrained: Illegal Burmese Migrants in Thailand; M.Clarke / Solomon Islands: Conflict and Capacity; H.Wallace / Capacity Building in Indonesia: Building what Capacity?; I.Fanany, R.Fanany & S.Kenny / Capacity Building and Urban Regeneration in Dublin, Ireland; M.Share / Capacity Building and Community Power; R.Stoecker / Transition Towns and Community Capacity Building; P.Connors / Conclusion: Critical Capacity Building; S.Kenny & M.Clarke

June 2010 3 b/w tables hardback 288pp £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-23323-2

`Original and insightful.' - Jenny Pearce, Professor of latin American Politics, Director of International Centre for Participation Studies, University of Bradford, UK `Essential reading for students of civil society, governance, globalization, international development and public administration.' - Peadar Kirby, Professor of International Politics and Public Policy, University of limerick, Republic of Ireland Do participatory processes open a political space to marginalized groups and individuals? Or do they co-opt and coerce groups to reinforce existing inequitable relations? In an innovative comparative study which breaks with tradition this book explores these questions by looking at Malawi and Ireland.

Contents: Introduction: Participation and Development - Beyond the Impasse? / PART I: PARTICIPATION IN CONTEXT / Globalization, Governance and Participation / Malawi and Ireland in a Globalized World / Analyzing Participation: A Theoretical Framework of Analysis / PART II: PARTICIPATION IN PRACTICE / The Dynamics of Participation in Malawi and Ireland / The State and Participation in Malawi and Ireland / Civil Society and Participation in Malawi and Ireland / PART III: TRANSFORMING PARTICIPATION?: CONCLUSION / Transforming Participation?: The Politics of Development in Malawi and Ireland / Bibliography / Notes

April 2010 7 b/w tables hardback 264pp £60.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-23894-7

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Economics of Institutional Change

Central and Eastern Europe Revisited 2nd edition

Tomasz Mickiewicz, Senior Lecturer in Economic Restructuring, School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) and Director, Centre for the Study of Economic and Social Change in Europe, University College London, UK

The Age of Productivity

Transforming Economies from the Bottom Up

inter-American Development Bank, (IDB) is an international institution created in 1959 to foster economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Is the World Trade Organization Attractive Enough For Emerging Economies?

Critical Essays on the multilateral Trading System

Edited by Zdenek Drabek, Senior Adviser, World Trade Organization, Switzerland

Do countries benefit from their Membership in the WTO. This book addresses this question and examines the role of the WTO in the process of economic development of emerging markets and other developing countries.

Contents: Preface / Introduction / PART I: WTO AGREEMENTS - A DEVELOPMENT-FRIENDLY POLICY INSTRUMENT? / Development Implications of WTO Accession Procedures / Toward a DevelopmentFriendly International Regulatory Framework for Foreign Direct Investment / The WTO: A Sweet or Sour Chinese Banquet? / PART II: WTO MEMBERSHIP AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION (ACCESSION AND IMPACT ON POLICIES) / Effects of WTO Accession on Policymaking in Sovereign States: Lessons from Transition Countries / Policy Anchors: Do Free Trade Agreements Serve as Vehicles for Developing-Country Policy Reform?/ Regional Trading Arrangements and WTO Membership: Substitutes or Complements? / PART III: IMPACT OF THE WTO ON TRADE FLOWS OF GOODS / The Effect of Membership in the GATT/WTO on Trade: Where Do We Stand? / Does WTO Membership Make a Difference at the Extensive Margin of World Trade? / PART IV BROADER COSTS AND BENEFITS OF WTO MEMBERSHIP / Who Should Join the WTO and Why?: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of WTO Membership / Uneven Benefits from the Dispute Settlement Mechanism / Costs of Implementation of WTO Agreements / Index

December 2009 384pp 45 tables and 19 figures hardback £74.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-58184-5

This book is about the process of institutional change: its characteristics, determinants and implications for economic performance. With specific focus on Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, this revised and updated edition examines the process of development, and its interdependence with institutions.

Contents: Introduction / Central Planning ­ Command, Control and Surveillance / Decline and Fall of the Soviet System / Institutions; Institutional Reform / Political Economy of Reforms / Hard Budget Constraint / Liberalisations, Partial Liberalisations and Recessions / Unemployment / Labour Market Institutions / Privatization: Speed, Efficiency, Distribution / The Order of Financial Liberalization / Public Finance: Size and Efficiency of the Government / Anatomy of a Crisis / Bibliography

August 2010 hardback 256pp £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-24262-3

The Age of Productivity offers a look at how the low productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean is preventing the region from catching up with the developed world. The authors look beyond the traditional macro explanations and dig all the way down to the industry and firm level to uncover the causes.

Contents: Latin America's Productivity Problem / Aggregate and Sector-based Productivity Analysis; E.Fernández-Arias / The Role of Firm Entry, Exit and Resource Allocation in Explaining Productivity; C.Pagés / Productivity Dynamics: The Role of Innovation; J.Navarro & J.Llisterri / The Role of Market and Policy Failures in Explaining Latin America Productivity Problem / Uninsured Risk and Social Protection Policies; H.Ñopo / Tax Policy; A.Chong / Financial Market Failures and Policies; A.Galindo / Macroeconomic Instability and Macroeconomic Policies; A.Izquierdo & E.Cavallo / Product Market Competition Policies; M.Mesquita / Innovation Policies; J.Navarro & J.Llisterri / Industrial Policies; E.Fernández-Arias / SME Policies; P.Ibarrán & A.Maffioli / Unlocking Productivity Growth / The Political Economy of Productivity; C.Scartascini & M.Tomassi / How to Unlock Productivity Growth in the Region

may 2010 hardback Paperback 368pp £69.00 £23.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-62350-7 978-0-230-62352-1

Studies in Economic Transition Series Editor: Jens Hölscher

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Economics & Finance Collections

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Economics & Finance Collections

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Economics of Development

Theory and Evidence 9th edition

A.P. Thirlwall, Professor of Applied Economics, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK

Economic Development in latin America

Essay in honor of Werner Baer

Edited by Hadi Esfahani, University of Illinois, USA, Giovanni Facchini, Department of Economics, University of Essex, UK and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, University of Illinois, USA

Economic Reforms in Chile

From Dictatorship to Democracy 2nd edition

Ricardo Ffrench-Davis, Department of Economics, University of Chile, Chile

The 9th edition of Thirlwall's Economics of Development: Theory and Evidence (formerly Growth and Development) represents the most thorough revision of this classic textbook to date. For nearly forty years, it has offered students a clear, comprehensive and rigorous overview of the economic aspects of growth and development.

Contents: PART 1: DEVELOPMENT AND UNDERDEVELOPMENT / The Study of Economic Development / The Development Gap and the Measurement of Poverty / The Characteristics of Underdevelopment and Structural Change / The Role of Institutions in Economic Development / Theories of Economic Growth: Why Growth Rates Differ between Countries / PART 2: FACTORS IN THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS / The Role of Agriculture and Surplus Labour for Industrialisation / Capital Accumulation, Technical Progress and Techniques of Production / PART 3: PERPETUATION OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT / Dualism, Centre-periphery Models and the Process of Cumulative Causation / Population and Development / PART 4: THE ROLE OF THE STATE, THE ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES, AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT / Resource Allocation in Developing Countries: The Market Mechanism and the Role of the State / Project Appraisal, Social Cost­benefit Analysis and Shadow Wages / Development and the Environment / PART 5: FINANCING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / Financing Development from Domestic Resources / Foreign Assistance, Aid, Debt and Development / PART 6: INTERNATIONAL TRADE, THE BALANCE OF PAYMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT / Trade Theory, Trade Policy and Economic Development / The Balance of Payments, International Monetary Assistance and Development / References and Further Reading

march 2011 620pp 246x189mm 1 maps 56 graphs and 5 diagrams Paperback £44.99 978-0-230-22229-8

This book addresses a diverse set of challenges facing Latin American economies. These range from the role of neo-liberal policies, deficit targeting, import substitution, role of institutions, trade and regional development and human capital and poverty.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

January 2010 336pp 47 b/w tables and 38 figures hardback £70.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-22381-3

This book provides an in-depth analysis of neoliberal and progressive economic reforms and policies implemented in Chile since the Pinochet dictatorship. The core thesis of the book is that there is not just `one Chilean economic model', but that several have been in force since the coup of 1973.

Contents: Preface / PART I: AN ACCOUNT OF ONETHIRD OF A CENTURY / Economic Development in Chile since the 1970s / Import Liberalization in 1973-82 / Domestic Financial Liberalization and External Debt in the 1970s: Building a Mayor Crisis / PART II: ECONOMIC RECOVERY AND THE HERITAGE OF THE DICTATORSHIP, 1982-89 / Policy Rectifications and Recovery from the Debt Crisis, 1982-89 / Export Development During the 1980s / PART III: CHALLENGES FOR DEMOCRACY / Export Dynamism and Economic Growth since the 1990s / Income Distribution and Poverty since the 1970s / Managing Capital Inflows in the Nineties / Economic Policy after the 1999 Recession

September 2010 320pp 45 b/w tables and 19 figures hardback £67.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-57738-1

The Accumulation of Capital

Joan Robinson, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

In this classic work Joan Robinson goes back to the beginning and works out the basic theory that is needed for a coherent treatment of the problems that present themselves in a developing economy. This new edition features a new introduction, which discusses the great significance of Robinson's work.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

march 2011 Paperback 464pp £25.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-24932-5

Palgrave Classics in Economics


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minsky, Crisis and Development

Edited by Daniela Tavasci, is completing her PhD in Economics and is Teaching Fellow, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK. She has seven years experience in the financial sector; asset management. She studied in Bologna, Department of Economic Science and in Buenos Aires, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales - Unesco and Jan Toporowski, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK

Economic Growth and Structural Features of Transition

Edited by Enrico Marelli, Professor, Universita di Brescia, Italy and Marcello Signorelli, Associate Professor, Universita di Perugia, Italy

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Edited by Wim Naudé, Senior Research Fellow and Project Director, UNUWIDER

This book provides a systematic account of financial crisis in the developing world by exploring how Minsky's theory may be extended to countries at early stages of financial development, going beyond the parameters of the established `emerging market crisis' literature.

Contents: Introduction; D.Tavasci & J.Toporowski / Minsky Moments, Russell Chickens, and Grey Swans; A.Vercelli / The Transformation of the Financial System; Y.Nersisyan & L.Randall Wray / Financial Globalisation and Financial Exclusion; G.A.Dymski / Magdoff-Sweezy and Minsky; R.Bellofiore & J.Halevi / Reclaimed by the Mainstream?; A.Nesvetailova / A Minsky Perspective on the Global Recession; C.J.Whalen / Macroeconomic Imbalances in the U.S.; J.S.Perelstein / Minsky, Financial Structure and Development; V.Chick / Minsky in the New Financial Institutional Framework; N.Levy-Orlik / Money Manager Capitalism; L.Ventimiglia & D.Tavasci / Minsky au Vietnam; S.Cheshier & J.Pincus / Islamic Banking in Malaysia; E.Karwowski / Ponzi from the Start; D.Bezemer, M.Hudson & J.Sommers / Financial Crises in an Asian Transitional Economy; R.Marshall & B.Walters / Speculative Behaviour and Financial Fragility; V.Arza & P.Espanol / Financial Crises the Latin American Way; M.Cruz & B.Walters / Banks in the Korean Financial Crisis of 1997; J.P.Painceira / Minsky and Indonesia; Y.Matsumoto

September 2010 360pp 38 b/w tables and 54 figures hardback £67.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-23507-6

This book examines, theoretically and empirically, the key aspects and differences of economic growth. It provides a comprehensive investigation of the numerous features of development in transition countries, covering the last two decades, from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to the current financial crisis.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

January 2010 hardback 336pp £70.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-23570-0

Leading international scholars provide a timely reconsideration of how and why entrepreneurship matters for economic development, particularly in emerging and developing economies. The book critically dissects the evolving relationship between entrepreneurs and the state.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

December 2010 304pp 216x138mm 41 b/w tables, 10 figures and 1 chart hardback £67.50 978-0-230-28220-9

Studies in Economic Transition Series Editor: Jens Hölscher ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Economics & Finance Collections

Studies in Development Economics and Policy Series Editor: Anthony Shorrocks Series produced in association with UNU-WIDER For more details on the series, please visit:

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The New Political Economy of Development

Globalization, Imperialism, hegemony

Ray Kiely, Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary and Westfield Colege, University of London, UK

Global Political Economy

Evolution and Dynamics 3rd edition

Robert O'Brien, LIUNA/ Mancinelli Professor of Global Labour Issues and Chair, Political Science Department, McMaster University, Canada and Marc Williams, Professor of International Relations, University of New South Wales, Australia


Series Editor: Timothy M. Shaw

Inter-American Cooperation at a Crossroads

Edited by Gordon Mace, Professor of Political Science, University of Laval, Canada, Andrew F. Cooper, Distinguished Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Canada and Timothy M. Shaw, Professor and Director, Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

`This invaluable text aims to restore to development the `broad ambition of that once stimulating area of study' by re-setting it in the indispensable historical and politicaleconomic context from which it has been progressively divorced in recent decades and engaging with the large and complex forces that actually determine the fate of the world's poor. To a truly admirable extent, it succeeds, in the process guiding the reader through a vast range of literature and making judicious assessments of all the key debates.' - Colin leys, Emeritus Professor, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada This major new text analyzes changes and continuities in the current international order and their implications for understanding international development in the twenty-first century. The author assesses the extent and impact of globalization, the emergence of a more aggressive stance by the U.S and the debates to which they have given rise.

Contents: Introduction / Capitalist Expansion and Imperialism / Pre-War Capitalism and Development / The End of the Post-War Boom and Capitalist Restructuring / Globalization and Contemporary Imperialism: Theoretical Debates / Cosmopolitan Globalization and Global Governance / Globalization, Poverty and the Contemporary World Economy / Globalization, NeoLiberal and the State / Globalization, Regionalization and Hegemony / Resisting Globalization: Islam, PostDevelopment and Global Justice / Conclusion

November 2006 344pp Paperback £24.99 234x156mm 978-1-4039-9997-9

`The third edition of this unusually wideranging and historically informed introduction to the field of International Political Economy is better than ever, with expanded treatment of theoretical perspectives and a thorough updating of contemporary developments.' - Benjamin Jerry Cohen, University of California, USA `This edition continues to provide an outstanding introduction to this rapidly changing field taking full account of scholarly trends and of the impact of global transformations in manufacturing and finance on the structure of international power.' Craig N. murphy, Wellesley College, USA The third edition of this popular and successful text on the contemporary global political economy and its historical evolution has been systematically revised and updated throughout. The impact of the banking and broader crisis is fully covered and new chapters have been added on security and on theories and methods.

Contents: Introduction / PART I: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES / Approaches to Global Political Economy / Methods and Theorists / PART II: EVOLUTION / Forging a World Economy 1400-1800 / Industrial Revolution, Pax Britannica and Imperialism / The Twentieth Century: World Wars and the Post-1945 Order / PART III: DYNAMICS / International Trade / Transnational Production / The Global Financial System / Global Division of Labour / Gender / Economic Development / Global Environmental Change / Ideas / Security / Governing the Global Political Economy / Conclusion: Issues in Contemporary GPE Theory

march 2010 Paperback 544pp £25.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-24121-3

Fifteen years after the first Summit of the Americas, the world and the Americas have changed enormously. Competing strategies for economic development and political representation have shattered the hemispheric consensus of the 1990s. This book analyzes these developments and points towards a future for inter-American co-operation.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

December 2010 320pp 2 figures and 9 b/w tables hardback £60.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-24361-3


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Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital

Kenneth P. Thomas, Associate Professor of Political Science and Fellow, Center for International Studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA (he is an expert on multinational corporations, competition for investment, and subsidies)

marginalization in Urban China

Comparative Perspectives

Edited by Fulong Wu, Professor of East Asian Planning and Development and Chris Webster, Professor of Urban Planning and Development, both at School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University, UK

The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Edited by Xu yi-chong, Research Professor, Centre of Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University, Australia and Gawdat Bahgat, Professor, Near East South Asia, Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University, USA

This is a global study of government subsidies to attract investment. The book shows how corporations use site selection as rent extraction, with developing countries investing more than developed ones. It demonstrates that incentive use is rarely a good policy, especially for countries without adequate education and infrastructure.

Contents: 'Competing for Capital' Revisited / Models, Models, and More Models / Policy Studies / Industry Case Studies: Steel, Biofuel Production, Semiconductors, Automobiles, Call Centers / The Celtic Tiger: Incentives, Infrastructure, Tax Rates, Luck / Who Provides the Most Investment Incentives: EU vs. U.S. / The Spread of Investment Incentives to Developing Countries / Controlling Incentives and Maximizing the Value of Inward Investment / A Policy Agenda for the 21st Century: Transparency and Beyond / Notes / Bibliography / Index

December 2010 12 b/w tables hardback 240pp £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-22905-1

This book covers social inequalities in Chinese cities and provides comparative perspectives on inequality and social polarization, neoliberalization and the poor, the change of property rights, rural to urban migration and migrants' enclaves, deprivation and residential segregation, state social security and reemployment training programs.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

November 2010 336pp 57 b/w tables and 19 figures hardback £60.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-23772-8

This book examines the origin, nature, the portfolio, organizational structure and operation of the seven largest SWFs from the perspective of the holding countries. Uniquely it tackles the issues from the perspectives of those non-OECD countries whose access to funds creates the most concern.

Contents: The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds; X.Yi-chong / Contributing to a Harmonious Society: China's Sovereign Wealth Fund; L.H Liew & L.He / Between Principles and Politics: The Pragmatic Practice of Singapore's Sovereign Wealth Funds; Y.C.L.Lee / Kuwait Investment Authority - An Assessment; G.Bahgat / Sovereign Wealth Funds in the United Arab Emirates; J.A.Kéchichian / Russia's SWFs: Controlled by a Domestic Agenda; S.Fortescue / Some Macroeconomic Implications of the Future Fund; J.Freebairn / The Political Economy of Australia's Future Fund - The Political Dimension; R.Eccleston / Aboriginal Investment Funds in Australia; C.O'Faircheallaigh / Norway - The Accidental Role Model; B.S.Tranøy / Nationalism or Capitalism? Sovereign Wealth Funds of Non-OECD Countries; J.Ø.Møller / The United States Policy on Sovereign Wealth Funds' Investments; G.Bahgat / Global Disequilibria; X.Yi-chong

October 2010 288pp 8 b/w tables and 2 figures hardback £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-24109-1

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The International Political Economy of Work and Employability

Phoebe Moore, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Salford, UK

Business, Politics and Public Policy

Implications for Inclusive Development

Edited by José Carlos Marques, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada and Peter Utting, Deputy Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Switzerland

Globalization and labour in China and India

Impacts and Responses

Edited by Paul Bowles, Professor of Economics and International Studies, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada and John Harriss, Director, School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University, Canada

`Phoebe moore makes an important contribution to our understanding of the fundamental changes to International Political Economy over recent years.' - matt Davies, Newcastle University, UK International competition and skills shortages caused by technological advancement have raised entirely new issues for workers, not least how responsibility is increasingly being transferred to them. This book looks at how workers are expected to survive unstable job market conditions in three locations: the UK, Singapore, and South Korea.

Contents: Introduction: The International Political Economy of Work / Work, Employability, Subjectivity / Skills Revolutions in the `West' / Skills Revolutions in the `East' / Employability as Renewed Subjectivity: Sooda, and Peer Production / Bibliography

August 2010 hardback 200pp £55.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-51794-3

Globalization has pushed China and India to the centre of the stage but what has been the impact on workers in these countries? This book demonstrates the complexity of the processes and responses at play. There are signs that both states are shifting their role in a `counter movement from above'. But will this be enough to quell the social unrest?

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

August 2010 288pp 17 b/w tables and 3 figures hardback £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-23088-0

`This is a farsighted and agenda-setting volume.' - Ben Ross Schneider, Professor of Political Science, massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA This is the second volume on the changing nature of state-business relations. This book examines how the dynamics of business have influenced public policy in the context of economic liberalization and democratization. It identifies the circumstances under which business might support progressive policies in developing countries.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

may 2010 352pp 4 figures and 30 b/w tables hardback £63.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-57645-2

Co-publisher UNRISD


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Global Agro-Food Trade and Standards

Challenges for Africa

Edited by Peter Gibbon, Senior Researcher, Stefano Ponte, Senior Researcher, Research Group on `Global Economy, Regulation and Development', both at Danish Institute for International Studies, Denmark and Evelyne Lazaro, Senior Research Fellow, SokoineDepartment of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Agriculture, Tanzania

World Orders, Development and Transformation

Eunice N. Sahle, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

The Politics of Economic Regionalism

Explaining Regional Economic Integration in East Asia

Kevin G. Cai, Associate Professor, Renison University College, University of Waterloo, Canada

`This book fits well within the finest work from Africa's critical intellectual tradition.' Patrick Bond, Professor and Director, Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa The book examines how hegemonic development ideas and practices emerged in the context of the changing world order post-1945 and how this transformation was characterized by neoliberalism and securitization of development and security. Sahle also explores the rise of China and the start of Obama's presidency.

Contents: List of Tables / Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Introduction / PART I: WORLD ORDERS AND DEVELOPMENT DISCOURSES / Analytical Framing / World Orders, Development Discourse, and Coloniality / State, World Order, and Development: Malawi and South Korea / PART II: NEO-LIBERAL AND SECURITIZING WORLD ORDER: DEBATING TRANSFORMATION / Global Governance / Russia, China, Africa and Multi-Polarity / Human Security, Neo-Liberalism, and Securitization of Development / World Social Forum / Epilogue: Global Financial Crisis, Barack Obama's Presidency, and World Order / Notes / Bibliography / Index

may 2010 2 b/w tables hardback 288pp £60.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-22107-9

Standards are replacing tariffs as the main trade barriers facing African agro-food exports. This book examines the challenges and opportunities that new public and private standards present to African countries ­ focusing on food safety, environmental and climate change, and social and labour standards.

Contents: Global Agro-Food Standards and Africa: An Introduction; P.Gibbon & E.Lazaro / Product Carbon Footprint Standards and Schemes; S.Bolwig & P.Gibbon / Institutional Capacity for Food Safety Conformity in Tanzania; A.Akyoo & E.Lazaro / An Analysis of Organic Contract Farming Schemes in East Africa; P.Gibbon, A.Akyoo, S.Bolwig, S.Jones, Y.Lin & L.Lund Rants / Challenges and Opportunities of Organic Agriculture in Tanzania; E.Mbiha & G.Ashimogo / Sustainability Standards And Agro-Food Exports; E.Lazaro, L.Riisgaard, F.Kilima, J.Makindara & R.Mnenwa / Localizing Private Social Standards: Standards Initiatives in Kenyan Cut Flowers; L.Riisgaard / Food Safety Standards and Fishery Livelihoods in East Africa; R.Kadigi, N.Mdoe, E.Senkondo & Z.Mpenda / When The Market Helps: Standards, Ecolabels And Resource Management In East African Export Fisheries; S.Ponte, R.Kadigi & W.Mitullah / European Food Safety Regulation and the Developing Countries Regulatory Problems and Possibilities; M.Broberg / Conclusion; S.Ponte

may 2010 296pp 216x138mm 37 b/w tables, 14 figures and 1 map hardback £62.00 978-0-230-57951-4

`Theoretically sophisticated and empirically rich, this is an excellent introduction to what is becoming the world's most important economic region.' - mark Beeson, Professor of International Politics and head of Department, Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham, UK While major theories of economic regionalism in the existing literature are primarily constructed to explore institutionalized regional integration, European integration in particular, the analytical framework developed in this work explains the unique process and pattern of regional integration in East Asia.

Contents: Introduction / Theoretical Perspectives: Constructing an Analytical Framework / The Evolution of the Global Economic Order since 1945 / Regionalism in the World Economy since the 1950s / Regional Economic Integration in East Asia / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index

January 2010 216pp 9 b/w tables and 5 figures hardback £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-57654-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

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Globalizing Social Justice

The Role of Non-Government Organizations in Bringing about Social Change

Jeff Atkinson, Advocacy Co-ordinator, Oxfam Australia and Martin Scurrah, Senior Research Associate/Consultant, Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales (CEPES)

Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime

Ben Richardson, Independent Scholar

Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Governance

Towards Inclusive Development?

Edited by Peter Utting, Deputy Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Switzerland and José Carlos Marques, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada

`historically informed, theoretically sophisticated and empirically grounded.' Professor David l. levy, Department of management and marketing, University of massachusetts, Boston, USA This is the first of two volumes that examine the changing nature of state-business relations. This book assesses the potential and limits of CSR in developing countries, by focusing on aspects that are often ignored in the CSR literature: historical experience, theoretical perspectives, and institutional and political dimensions of change.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

November 2009 328pp 216x138mm 14 b/w tables, 4 figures and 1 table hardback £63.00 978-0-230-57644-5

A study of the international NGO advocacy for social and environmental justice, it looks at the fundamental issues of legitimacy, accountability and democracy that such activities involve and how they are manifested. It presents case studies on trade issues, labour rights, extractive industries and indigenous people in Asia and South America.

Contents: Foreword / Preface / Acknowledgements / Explanation of Terms Used / Glossary / Types and Tactics / Challenges and Questions / Oxfam and its Global Campaign On Trade / Case Study - Garment Workers in Sri Lanka / Case Study - Trade and Agriculture in India / Oxfam's Global Extractive Industries Campaigning / Case Study ­ Natural Gas Project in Peru / Case Study ­ Jobs and Health in Peru / Legitimacy, Accountability and Voice / Conclusions / Notes / Bibliography / Index

September 2009 272pp hardback £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-22113-0

Sugar is a commonplace product with a complex background, mainly because of the high degree of protectionism given to the industry and the benefits of ensuring domestic producers stay in business. This book asks why there are such disagreements over trade policy, who profits within the current regime, and where power ultimately lies.

Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Introduction / Conceptualising Power in the World Economy: Reviving Regimes in IPE Theory / From a Colonial to a National Regime, 1500-1945 / Imminent Crisis and the Embryonic Global Regime, 19451994 / Restructuring in the EU-ACP: Out of the Strong There Came Forth Sweetness / US Under Stress: Free Trade and Fracture in the National Regime? / Antinomies in Asia: Political Conflicts in Protected Markets / The End Game of the Global Regime: A False Promise of Free Markets / Conclusion / Bibliography / Notes / Index

September 2009 256pp 15 figures and 7 b/w tables hardback £60.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-23220-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections, Dawson ERA,, Ebook Library, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA, Ebrary

Short-listed for the BiSA international Political Economy Group Book Prize 2010

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA

Please use the following ISBNs to order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-333-71708-0 Paperback: 978-0-333-71110-1


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The Rise of China and India

Impacts, Prospects and Implications

Edited by Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Research Fellow and Project Director, UNU-WIDER and Guanghua Wan, Senior Economist, Asian Development Bank

China and the World Economy

Edited by David Greenaway, Professor and Pro Vice Chancellor, Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalization and Economic Policy, School of Economics, Sir Clive Granger Building, Chris Milner, Professor of International Economics and Head of School, both at University of Nottingham, UK and Shujie yao, Reader, Department of Economics, University of Portsmouth, UK

Political Culture in Panama

Democracy after Invasion

Orlando J. Pérez, Professor of Political Science, Central Michigan University, USA

The most comprehensive and empirically grounded analysis of the institutional and attitudinal factors that have shaped Panamanian politics since the 1989 U.S. invasion. Panama offers a unique opportunity to understand the long-term effects of United States policy and the challenges of building democracy after a military invasion.

Contents: PART I: POLITICS AND SOCIETY IN PREINVASION PANAMA, 1903-1989 / Elites and the United States During the Early Period of Nation Building, 19031968 / The National Guard, Elites and the United States, 1968-1981 / Economic Crisis, Political Opposition, and the U. S. Military Invasion, 1981-1989 / PART 2: POSTINVASION PANAMA: INSTITUTIONAL RECONVERSION AND DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL CULTURE, 1989-2009 / Institutional Reconversion in Post-Invasion Panama / Elections and Political Participation in Post-Invasion Panama / Tolerance and Political System Support in Post-Invasion Panama / Government Performance and Democratic Stability in Post-Invasion Panama / Lessons from Panama: Can Democracy Endure in the Aftermath of a U.S. Military Intervention?

January 2011 11 figures hardback 224pp £55.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-10251-4

This volume is a timely addition to the emerging literature on the rise of China and India, focusing on how rapid economic growth and geopolitical changes in these countries are reshaping the world economy and global governance. It covers issues such as productivity, labor market, trade competition, and energy.

Contents: List of Tables, Figures and Boxes / Foreword / Preface / Notes on Contributors / List of Abbreviations and Acronyms / PART I: THE RISE OF CHINA AND INDIA: DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES AND LESSONS FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES / Globalization and the Developing World: The Difference that China Makes; J.Henderson / China, South Africa, and the Lewis Model; J.Knight / India's Economic Growth: Lessons for the Emerging Economies; S.Chakraborty / PART II: ECONOMIC STRUCTURE AND GROWTH / Beyond Industrialization: New Approaches to Development Strategy Based on the Service Sector; P.Sheehan / The Service Sector Revolution in India: A Quantitative Analysis; R.Verma / China's Development Strategy and Energy Security; H.A.Khan / Identification of Regional Fundamental Economic Structure (FES) of India: An Input-Output and Field of Influence Approach; S.K.Thakur / Comparing Regional Development in China and India; Y.Wu / The Gains from Growth for Women and Informal Workers in India: A SAM Based CGE Analysis; A.Sinha & H.A.Khan / PART III: TRADE AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT / Firm Location Choice in Cities: Evidence from China and India; K.S.Sridhar & G.Wan / China's Global Growth and Latin American Exports; R.Jenkins / Component Trade and China's Global Economic Integration; K.Li, L.Song & X.Zhao / The Rise of China and India: Lessons and Implications for Global Development; A.U.Santos-Paulino & G.Wan / Index

October 2010 304pp 216x138mm 62 b/w tables, 32 figures and 2 charts hardback £67.50 978-0-230-25273-8

The rising importance of China and its impact on the world economy has attracted massive interest worldwide. This book examines a wide range of issues related to China and its relationship with the world economy, focusing on its succesful development experiences and how its rise may affect the rest of the world in the coming decades.

Contents: Introduction / China, the WTO and the Doha Agenda / China and Regional Integration / Balance or Imbalance of China's Economy versus the World / Has China Displaced Other Asian Countries' Exports? / China, Commodity Prices and the Terms of Trade / Inward and Outward FDI in China / Outsourcing to China / FDI in China: Facts and Impacts on China and the World Economy / Multinationals and Trade Linkages / Patenting in China / Economic Growth, Foreign Investment and Regional Inequality in China / China's Labour Market: Evolution and Impediments

September 2010 288pp 44 b/w tables and 43 figures hardback £67.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-52152-0

Studies in Development Economics and Policy Series Editor: Anthony Shorrocks

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Japan-Africa Relations

Tukumbi LumumbaKasongo, Professor of Political Science, Wells College in Aurora, USA

Contemporary India

Katharine Adeney, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Sheffield , UK and Andrew Wyatt, Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol, UK

Contemporary South Africa

2nd Revised and Updated edition

Anthony Butler, Professor of Politics, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Japan-Africa Relations seeks to study the complex nature of the dynamics of power relations between Japan and Africa since the Bandung Conference in 1955, with an emphasis on the period starting from the 1970s up to the present.

Contents: Approaches and Perspectives / The Bandung Conference (1955): Ideology of Non-Alignment and Pragmatism of Afro-Asian Alliances / Contextualizing Contemporary Japanese Politics and Japanese NationState in the 'Caricature' and Reality of Bipolar World since the 1970s / Reflecting on African Conditions in the Period of the Recent Global Reforms / International Cooperation between Western Powers and Africa: A Comparative Reflection / Concept of Peace and the Japanese Economic Development Model / Japanese Foreign Policy Toward Africa During and After the Cold War Era: 'Pax Nipponica' versus 'Pax Africana' / Japanese Official Economic Assistance (ODA) to Africa: Old and New Trends / Japan's Relations with Africa in the Post-Bipolarity: Reflection on The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) / The Role of Education in the Japanese International Cooperation with Africa: Earlier and Recent Trends

June 2010 44 illustrations hardback 294pp £55.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-61932-6

'This is the introduction to India that everyone needs, but which most other scholars have been deterred from writing by the sheer diversity of India and of the debates that surround it. Adeney and Wyatt are to be congratulated for pulling this off.' - Barbara harriss-White, University of Oxford, UK `This is the one book I recommend as essential reading for anyone interested in today's India. Impressively up-to-date, it elegantly synthesizes deep knowledge of India's politics with a sensitive feel for Indian society, culture, and the dynamics of its expanding economy and rising global influence.' - James Chiriyankandath, Institute of Commonwealth Studies `With illuminating discussions of politics, culture and social change, Adeney and Wyatt's excellent book provides a highly informative gateway to modern-day India. An outstanding selection for courses on Indian politics and society.'- John Echeverri-Gent, University of virginia, USA A broad-ranging introduction to politics and society in India, set in a historical and cultural context. Written by two expert authors it assumes no prior knowledge but aims to provide a balanced and nuanced understanding of the key issues that have faced India since independence and the challenges it confronts in the twenty-first century.

Contents: The Making of Modern India / The Diversity of India / Governing Structures / Social Change / Politics and Society / Nationalism and Culture / Political Economy / India and the World / Conclusion

November 2010 304pp 216x138mm 30 b/w photographs, 2 maps, 12 b/w tables and 1 b/w line drawing Paperback £19.99 978-1-4039-4313-2

Review of the 1st edition: `...essential reading for students of political science and for a wider readership interested in democratization in developing societies.' Professor hans Keman, vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Editor of the European Journal of Political Research A wide-ranging introduction to the social, political, cultural and economic life of South Africa. Updated throughout, this edition considers the particular challenges of the early twenty-first century: unemployment, education, crime, a maturing HIV/AIDS epidemic and South Africa's complex international relations within sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Contents: Introduction / Historical Context / A Rainbow Nation? / The South African Economy / Social Structure and Social Policy / Government / Political Life / Culture, Ideas and Issues / South Africa and the World / South Africa in the 21st Century

September 2009 264pp 216x138mm 3 maps, 15 b/w tables and 1 figure Paperback £20.99 978-0-230-21767-6

Contemporary States and Societies series

Contemporary States and Societies series


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Understanding Third World Politics

Theories of Political Change and Development 3rd Revised and Updated edition

B. C. Smith, Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Dundee, UK and Visiting Professor of Politics, University of Exeter, UK

Issues in 21st Century World Politics

Edited by Mark Beeson, Winthrop Professor of Political Science and International Relations, University of Western Australia and Nick Bisley, Associate Professor of International Relations, La Trobe University, Australia

Foreign Direct Investments from Emerging markets

The Challenges Ahead

Edited by Karl P. Sauvant, Executive Director, Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment and Research Scholar and Lecturer in Law, Columbia Law School, USA with Wolfgang A. Maschek and Geraldine A. McAllister

Now revised and updated throughout with additional coverage of the impact of democratization and globalization, Understanding Third World Politics provides a critical introduction to theories of political development and to the comparative politics of the Third World in the twenty-first century.

Contents: The Idea of a `Third World' / Modernization and Political Development / Neo-colonialism and Dependency / The State in the Third World / Political Parties and Party Systems / Bureaucracy and Political Power / Military Intervention in Politics / Nationalism and Secession / Instability and Revolution / Democratization in the Third World / Conclusion: Democracy and Development

April 2009 312pp 12 b/w tables and 1 figure Paperback £24.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-22358-5

'Combining intellectual rigor and contemporary focus, a wide-ranging portrait of the global system bringing together leading scholars to reflect on the great changes underway in world politics.' - Professor G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University, USA From climate change and financial crisis to new security challenges and the rise of new powers, this major text brings together specially-commissioned and carefully edited contributions by a range of leading scholars to provide a very accessible and genuinely global introduction to the key issues in international relations today.

Contents: Introduction: Issues in Twenty-First World Politics; M.Beeson & N.Bisley / PART I: EVOLUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM / Globalization and Statehood; P.G.Cerny / Regions and Regionalism in World Politics; S.Breslin / Climate Change and the Politics of the Global Environment; N.Carter / Global Power Shift: The Decline of the West and the Rise of the Rest?; N.Bisley / There are Alternatives: The Washington Consensus versus State Capitalism; M.Beeson / Democracy and Democratization; W.Case / Nationalism and Ethnicity in World Politics; R.W.Mansbach / PART II: CONFLICT, CRISES AND AUTHORITY / Old and New Wars; M.Killingsworth / Transnational Terrorism; A.Phillips / Peace Operations and Humanitarian Intervention; A.J.Bellamy / The New World of Security; M.CabelleroAnthony / Gender Matters; L.J.Shepherd / Inequality and Underdevelopment in World Politics; R.Kiely / Energy Security and World Politics; F.Umbach / Global Financial Crises; T.J.Sinclair / Governing the Global Economy; R.Higgott / Population Movement and its Impact on World Politics; A.Hammerstad

April 2010 Paperback 312pp £24.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-59452-4

Collected here are papers from the conference, Thinking Outward, which dealt with a range of issues related to the key players in this process firms, home countries and host countries and the book will have a foreword from Jeffrey Sachs. In the wake of the financial crisis, these issues remain increasingly critical for developing countries.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

October 2010 90 pp figuress hardback 492pp £82.50 234x156mm 978-0-230-10021-3

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The Dynamics of local learning in Global value Chains

Experiences from East Asia

Edited by Momoko Kawakami, Deputy Director, Technological Innovation and Economic Growth Studies Group, Interdisciplinary Studies Center, Institute of Developing Economies, (JETRO), Japan (his main areas of interest include industrial development in Taiwan and East Asian economies) and Timothy J. Sturgeon, Senior Research Affiliate, Industrial Performance Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Community, market and State in Development

Edited by Keijiro Otsuka, Professorial Fellow, Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development and Professor, National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies, Japan and Kaliappa Kalirajan, Senior Fellow, Department of Economics, Australian National University, Australia

Cluster-Based Industrial Development

A Comparative Study of Asia and Africa

Tetsushi Sonobe, Professorial Fellow, Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development and Professor, National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies, Japan and Keijiro Otsuka, Professorial Fellow, Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development and Professor, National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies, Japan

This book investigates the process and mechanism of the capability development of East Asian local manufacturers, which has underpinned their phenomenal rise in the world's competitive landscape of industrial production during the last few decades.

Contents: Introduction: Value Chain Dynamics and Capability Formation by Latecomer Firms / Inter-firm Dynamics of Notebook PC Value Chains and the Rise of Taiwanese Original Design Manufacturing Firms / Value Chain Creation and Reorganization: The Growth Path of China's Mobile Phone Handset Industry / Value Chain Dynamics and Local Suppliers' Capability Building: An Analysis of the Vietnamese Motorcycle Industry / Local Firms' Capability Development in Captive Value Chains: Evidence from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry / To Be or Not to Be a Supplier to TNCs? An Entrepreneurial Approach to Linkage Formation in Malaysian Electronics Industries / Inter-Country Value Distribution in the East Asian Electronics and Automobile Industries: An Empirical Global Value Chain Approach / Summing Up: Global Value Chains and Capability Upgrading in the East Asian Supply Base

October 2010 hardback 240pp £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-23849-7

This book draws on the experiences of different countries in Asia and Africa, discussing a number of mechanisms to achieve efficient interactions between state, market, and community.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

October 2010 hardback 344pp £67.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-27458-7

This book examines how to promote industrial development in low-income countries. It considers the role of traders in the evolution of a cluster, the role of managerial human capital, the effect of the `China shock', and the role of industrial policies focused on international knowledge transfer in supporting the upgrading of clusters.

Contents: Introduction: Scope and Significance of the Study / PART I: THE ROLE OF TRADERS IN CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT / Overseas Vietnamese Traders in a Garment Cluster in Vietnam / Petty Traders in a Garment Cluster in Kenya / PART II: THE ROLE OF MANAGERIAL HUMAN CAPITAL IN THE UPGRADING PROCESS / The Product Ladder in the Steel-Bar Industry in Vietnam / The Move to the Formal Sector in the Metalwork Industry in Kenya / PART III: THE CHINA SHOCK AND QUALITY IMPROVEMENT / The Coping Strategy of the Electrical Fittings Industry in Pakistan / The V-Shaped Growth in the Leather Shoe Industry in Ethiopia / PART IV: THE SUCCESS AND FAILURE OF INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES / International Knowledge Transfer in a Garment Cluster in Bangladesh / Misfired Promotion of the Export-Oriented Garment Industry in Ethiopia / Conclusion: Towards the Design of Effective Industrial Development Policies

December 2010 224pp 77 b/w tables and 10 figures hardback £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-28018-2



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International Discord on Population and Development

John F. Kantner, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, USA and Andrew Kantner, Adjunct Research Scientist, Pennsylvania State University, USA


A Critical Introduction 2nd Revised and Updated edition

Jan Aart Scholte, Professor of Politics and International Studies and Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Globalization and Regionalization, University of Warwick, UK

Commodities, Governance and Economic Development under Globalization

Edited by Machiko Nissanke, Professor of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK and George Mavrotas, Research Fellow and Project Director, World Institute for Development Economics Research, United Nations University (UNU-WIDER), Finland

Tracing the population assistance movement from its tentative beginnings to the present day, this book employs history to examine the new paradigm created from the Cairo Conference - the "road map" for the population policy future. The authors consider the paradigm, take stock of its current state and progress, and explore policies and strategies for the future.

Contents: Introduction / The Early Years of International Population Assistance: The Striving for Consensus / The Emergence of New Priorities for International Population Assistance: The Years of Growing Policy and Program Discord / The New Millennium: The Ascendancy of Antiabortion Politics and Millennium Development Goals / International Population Assistance since Cairo: Trends in Funding and Program Action / An Overview of Major Donor Organizations Currently Providing International Population Assistance / Where Do We Go from Here?

January 2010 Paperback 272pp £20.00 234x156mm 978-0-230-62113-8

`...required reading for anyone interested in the various dimensions of contemporary globalization. Scholte has succeeded in writing a book that is, in fact, much more than an `introduction'.' - Wil hout, Development and Change A systematically revised and updated edition of a highly acclaimed text which was an immediate bestseller on courses around the world. The second edition takes a broader perspective giving increased coverage of other dimensions of globalization alongside its core focus on the rise of supraterritoriality which, the author argues, is globalization's most distinctive feature.

Contents: PART I: FRAMEWORK OF ANALYSIS / Globalization Debates / Defining Globalization / Globalization in History/ Explaining Globalization / PART II: CHANGE AND CONTINUITY / Globalization and Production / Globalization and Governance / Globalization and Identity / Globalization and Knowledge / PART III: NORMATIVE AND POLICY ISSUES / Globalization and (In)Security / Globalization and (In) Equality / Globalization and (Un)Democracy / Future Globalizations / Conclusion

August 2005 Paperback 520pp £25.99 234x156mm 978-0-333-97702-6

Alfred Maizels' work on commodity trade and prices documented trends in a major area of international economic relations. This book elaborates the ideas in the tradition of Maizels' contributons, and discusses and extends these theories in relation to current problems.

Contents: Foreword / Preface and Introduction / Current Contextual Setting for Development Finance / PART I: COMMODITIES, TRADE AND GOVERNANCE: REFLECTIONS ON ALFRED MAIZELS' LIFE, WORK AND LEGACY / Commodities, Co-operation, and World Economic Development: The Mission of Alfred Maizels, 1917-2006 / Poverty, Power and Global Economic Governance / PART II: COMMODITIES AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY IN THE 21ST CENTURY / Issues and Challenges for Commodity Markets in the Global Economy: An Overview / Commodity Market Structures, Evolving Governance and Policy Issues / Commodities still in Crisis? / Asian Drivers, Commodity Prices and the Terms of Trade / Uncertain Prospects of Commoditydependent Developing Countries / PART III: CASE STUDIES OF COTTON AND COPPER / Crises in Cotton of Francophone Africa: Fatality or Challenge for Multidimension Cooperation? / Exchange Rate Management for Commodity Dependent Countries: A Zambian Case Study / PART IV: FINANCE AND GOVERNANCE UNDER GLOBALIZATION / A Role of Compensatory Finance in the 21st Century after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis / The `Bottom Billions': A Critique and Alternative View / Global Rules and Markets: Constraints over Policy Autonomy in Developing Countries

January 2010 408pp 35 b/w tables and 70 figures hardback £74.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-20334-1

ebook available from: Myilibrary, Dawson ERA

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Economics & Finance Collections

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Theorizing Global Studies

Darren J. O'Byrne, Principal Lecturer in Sociology and Human Rights, and Subject Head of Social Sciences and Alexander Hensby, Lecturer in Social Science, both at Roehampton University, UK

Constructing Democracy in Africa

mali in Transition

Susanna D. Wing, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Haverford College, USA

The Failure of Democratic Nation Building

Ideology meets Evolution

Albert Somit, Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University, USA (he has served as Executive Vice-President of SUNY-Buffalo and President of Southern Illinois University, USA - he is a pioneer of biopolitics) and Steven A. Peterson, Professor of Politics, Penn State University, Harrisburg, USA and Director of its School of Public Affairs (he has authored or edited 15 books, mostly in the area of public policy, his research interests include political behaviour, political psychology, and biology and politics)

Introducing seven models of global change, this book explains, challenges and redefines the core theories used in global studies today. Using fascinating case studies to illustrate how each model works in practice, the chapters look at society, culture, politics and economics.This book gives students a solid understanding of current global conditions.

Contents: Introduction / Globalization / Liberalization / Polarization / Americanization / McDonaldization / Creolization / Transnationalization / Balkanization / Conclusion

February 2011 336pp 216x138mm 1 b/w line drawing and 16 b/w tables hardback £55.00 978-0-230-51731-8 Paperback £19.99 978-0-230-51732-5

`This is an important and defining book about democratization in Africa focusing on the case of mali, but within a comparative African perspective. Dr. Wing has a new and exciting perspective on the themes of democracy, constitutionalism, participation, and legitimacy, and Constructing African Democracy: Mali in Transition can be a real landmark in the field of comparative democratization in Africa, and in the study of constitutional transformation in plural societies.' - Bruce magnusson, Professor of Politics, Whitman College, USA Based on extensive field work in Mali, this book explores the process by which constitutions and democratic institutions are constructed. It shows how innovative constitutional dialogues involving participation, and recognition of groups previously excluded from political decision-making may be the key to a legitimate constitution.

Contents: Introduction / Principles of Constitutionalism / Democratic Transitions and Their Legacies in Comparative Perspective / Originating Participation: The Sovereign National Conference / Integrating Citizens and the State: Decentralization and Elections / Challenges to Inclusion: Constitutionalism and the Rights of Women / Experiments in Dialogue / Dialogue in Times of Crisis / Conclusions: Dialogue and Legitimacy

January 2011 Paperback 260pp £19.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-10915-5

In this timely account, Somit and Peterson argue that humans are social primates with an innate tendency for hierarchical and authoritarian social and political structures, and that democracy requires very special 'enabling conditions' before it can be supported by a state, conditions that require decades to evolve.

Contents: Forward / Introduction / Authoritarian Government: The Default Option / What Is a Democracy?: Toward a Working Definition / Democratic Nation Building: From Concept to Operational 'Check List' / Democracy: The Requisite 'Enabling Conditions' - No Small Order / Will the Real Democracies Please Stand Up? / American Nation Building, 1945-2005: Costs and Consequences / The Fourth 'Whereas'/ 'Therefore Be It Resolved...': Toward More Realistic Foreign and Domestic Policies

January 2010 Paperback 184pp £20.00 216x140mm 9780-230-62112-1

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary


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States versus markets

The Emergence of a Global Economy 3rd edition

Herman M. Schwartz, Professor of Politics, University of Virginia, USA

The Rise of Technological Power in the South

Edited by Xiaolan Fu, Director of Sanjaya Lall Programme for Technology and Management for Development, University Lecturer in Development Studies and Fellow of Green-Templeton College, Oxford University, UK


Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest

Concepts, Policies and Politics

Edited by Armando Barrientos, Senior Research Fellow and Research Director, Brooks World Poverty Institute, and Senior Researcher, Chronic Poverty Research Centre and David Hulme, Leverhulme Research Professor of Development Studies, Institute for Development Policy and Management, both at University of Manchester, UK; Director of the Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, UK, and the Chronic Poverty Research Centre and author of The Challenge of Global Inequality

'[Not] only an impressive work of scholarship but also a pleasure to read, culminating in a dramatic account of financial crisis and the future of the global political economy.' - Geoffrey R.D. Underhill, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands States Versus Markets shows that globalization is not a novel phenomenon but a recurrent process whereby markets have, since the sixteenth century, periodically redistributed economic activity. This revised and updated edition takes account of the new rise of Asia and the global financial crisis originating in the US housing finance system.

Contents: Introduction / PART I: STATES, AGRICULTURE, AND GLOBALIZATION / The Rise of the Modern State: From Street Gangs to Mafias / States, Markets, and the Origins of International Inequality / Economic and Hegemonic Cycles / The Industrial Revolution and Late Development / Agricultural Exporters and the Search for Labor / Agriculture-Led Growth and Crisis in the Periphery: Ricardian Success, Ricardian Failure / The Collapse of the Nineteenth-Century Economy: The Erosion of Hegemony? / PART II: THE REEMERGENCE OF GLOBALIZATION / The Depression, U.S. Domestic Politics, and the Foundation of the Post-World War II System / International Money, Capital Flows, and Domestic Politics / Transnational Firms: A War of All against All / Industrialization in the Old Agricultural Periphery: The Rise of the Newly Industrialized Countries / Trade, Protection, and Renewed Globalization / US Hegemony: Declining from Below? / US Hegemony: Reviving or Declining from the Top Down

November 2009 360pp 234x156mm 26 b/w tables and 11 b/w line drawings Paperback £26.99 978-0-230-52128-5

This book explores the drivers of technological upgrading and catch-up in the emerging economies, paying specific attention to technology and innovation policies, national innovation systems, the role of foreign direct investment and small and medium enterprises. It provides practical implications for other developing countries.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

April 2010 hardback 384pp £74.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-23840-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Economics & Finance Collections

Delivering Development

Globalization's Shoreline and the Road to a Sustainable Future

Edward R. Carr, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of South Carolina, USA

Social protection is fast becoming a key theme in development policy. This book, now in paperback, examines the political processes shaping social protection policies; compares key conceptual frameworks available for analysis; and provides a comparative discussion on social protection policies focused on the poor and poorest.


August 2010 376pp 27 tables and 20 figures Paperback £19.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-27358-0

A vivid account of two centuries of life in rural Ghana, demonstrates how commonly held beliefs about globalization and development fail to capture the lived experiences of the global poor.

Contents: Taking it all Apart / Getting to the `Beach' / A Day at the Beach / Living with Uncertainty / Nothing Has Always Been Like This / The Tide Goes Out / The Tide Comes Back In / Scaling Up: Why the Lessons of Dominase and Ponkrum Matter to the World / Losing the Signal in the Noise / The Long Emergency on the Shoreline of Globalization: It's Not Their Problem / Understanding the World Anew / Truly Participatory Development / Two Futures (Out of Many) / Uncertainty Is Hope / Bibliography

January 2011 hardback 224pp £20.00 234x156mm 978-0-230-11076-2

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

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The Development of Institutions of human Rights

A Comparative Study

Edited by Lilian A. Barria, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Eastern Illinois University, USA and Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Georgetown University, USA and Steven D. Roper, Associate Professor of Political Science, Eastern Illinois University, USA and Visiting Associate Professor, School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Georgetown University, USA

Public Policies for human Development

Achieving the millennium Development Goals in latin America

Edited by Marco v. Sánchez, Economic Affairs Officer, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations (UN/DESA), USA

humanitarian Intervention

An Introduction

Aidan Hehir, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, UK

During the transition to democracy, states have used various mechanisms to address previous human rights abuses including trials, truth and reconciliation commissions and internationalized tribunals. This volume analyzes the transitional justice choices made by four countries: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), Sierra Leone and East Timor.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

July 2010 hardback Paperback 256pp £58.00 £19.99 240x156mm 978-1-4039-7652-9 978-1-4039-7653-6

This book assesses financing strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean, in pursuance of the United Nations' millennium development goals (MDGs) and their achievement in 2015. It looks at how to make public policies more conducive to support sustained growth and reduce the still widespread poverty and inequality in the region

Contents: Preface / About the Editors / About other Contributors / Overview; R.Vos, M.V.Sánchez & E.Ganuza / Latin America and the Caribbean's Challenge to Reach the MDGs: Financing Options and Trade-offs; R.Vos, M.V.Sánchez & C.Kaldewei / MAMS: an Economywide Model for Analysis of MDG Country Strategies - an Application to Latin America and the Caribbean; H.Lofgren & C.Diaz-Bonilla / Argentina; M.Cicoweiz, L.Di Gresia & L.Gasparini / Bolivia; W.Jiménez, M.Mariscal & G.Canavire / Chile; R.O'Ryan, C.J.De Miguel & C.Lagos / Costa Rica; M.V.Sánchez / Ecuador; M.León, J.Rosero & R.Vos / Honduras; M.Bussolo & D.Medvedev / Mexico; A.Ortega & M.Székely / Nicaragua; M.V.Sánchez & R.Vos / Peru; J.F.Castro & G.Yamada / Index

April 2010 424pp 120 illustrations hardback £74.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-24776-5

Perspectives in Comparative Politics ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Politics and IR Collections

`highly recommended. lively and accessible, and a wonderful resource for teaching. Aidan hehir provides a comprehensive overview of the history, theory and practice of humanitarian intervention, and of the concepts, controversies, moral claims and political calculations that have shaped the field.' - Anne Orford, michael D. Kirby Professor of International law, University of melbourne, Australia `This thoughtful and thought-provoking book presents an accessible and engaging introduction to the key issues involved in humanitarian intervention. It will not end debates over this important subject, but it will ensure that those debates are better informed.'- Simon Chesterman, New York University School of law, USA, and author of Just War or Just Peace? `Objectively surveying a wide range of perspectives on an inherently contentious topic, this is an outstanding teaching tool and a textbook from which scholars will benefit as much as their students.' - Anthony F. lang, Jr., School of International Relations, University of St. Andrews, UK A broad-ranging introduction to the theory, practice and politics of humanitarian intervention on the contemporary world, its historical background and future prospects after the experiences of Rwanda, Kosovo, Darfur and Iraq.

Contents: PART I: CONCEPTS AND CONCEPTIONS / What is `Humanitarian Intervention'? / The Just War Tradition / The Sovereign State / Theoretical Perspectives / PART II: CONTROVERSIES / Legality and Legitimacy / Sovereignty as Responsibility / Who Decides?/ Motives and Means / PART III: CASES / `Humanitarian Intervention' in History / Rwanda / Kosovo / Iraq / Darfur / Conclusion: The Future of Humanitarian Intervention?

December 2009 320pp Paperback £21.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-22031-7


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Series Editor: Jude Howell Non-governmental public (NGPA) action by and for disadvantaged and marginalized people has become increasingly significant over the past two decades. This new book series makes a fresh and original contribution to the understanding of NGPA. It presents the findings of innovative and policy-relevant research carried out by established and new scholars working in collaboration with researchers across the world. The series is international in scope and includes both theoretical and empirical work.

Development and Politics from Below

Exploring Religious Spaces in the African State

Edited by Barbara Bompani, Teaching Fellow, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK and Maria Frahm-Arp, Senior Lecturer, School of Theology, St Augustine College, South Africa

Participation and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century City

Edited by Jenny Pearce, Professor of Latin American Politics, Department of European Studies, University of Bradford, UK

The Challenge of Transition

Trade Unions in Russia, China and vietnam

Tim Pringle, Freelance Researcher and Simon Clarke, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK

`This groundbreaking volume makes a significant contribution to an emerging field in Development Studies.'David maxwell, Professor of African history, Keele University, UK Religion is playing an increasingly central role in African political and developmental life. This book offers an empirical and theoretical reflection on the relationships between religion, politics and development in Africa; the meanings of religion in non-Western contexts and the way that is embedded in the everyday life of people in Africa.

Contents: Introduction; B.Bompani & M.Frahm-Arp / PART 1: `CHALLENGING THE SECULAR: RELIGION AND PUBLIC SPACES' / Development and Invisible Worlds; S.Ellis / The Mbuliluli Principle: What is in a Name?; G.ter Haar / Muslim Shrines in Cape Town: Religion and Post-Apartheid Public Spheres; A.Tayob / Remaking Society from Within: Extraversion and the Social Forms of Female Muslim Activism in Urban Mali; D.E.Shulz / PART 2: `RELIGION BETWEEN STATE AND SOCIETY' / Da`wah and Politics in West Africa: Muslim Jama`at and Non Government organisations in Ghana, Sierre Leone and The Gambia; D.E.Skinner / Faith-based Organisations, the State and Politics in Tanzania; E.T.Mallya / Pentecostal Religion and Development in Urban Mozambique; L.Van de Kamp / PART 3: `HEALTH CARE PROVISION: REFLECTIONS ON RELIGION' / Health and the Uses of Religion: Recovering the Political Proper?; J.R.Cochrane / Marshalling the Powers: The Challenge of Everyday Religion for Development; E.Graveling / Sacred Struggles: The World Council of Churches and the HIV Epidemic in Africa; E.Chitando / Conclusion: Reflections on Modernisation without Secularisation; B.Bompani & M.Frahm-Arp

July 2010 1 b/w table hardback 272pp £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-23775-9

Debates on participatory tend to be abstract, with references to experiences in Athens over 2000 years ago. This book uses recent experience in participatory innovations at the city level to explore the practice of participation. Taking examples from Latin America and the UK it argues the case for revitalizing democracy through participation.

Contents: Introduction; J.Pearce / Co-Producing Knowledge: Critical Reflections on Researching Participation; J.Pearce / Porto Alegre: Popular Sovereignty or Dependent Citizens?; S.Baierle / Porto Alegre: From Municipal Innovations to the Culturally Embedded Micro-Politics of (Un)Emancipated Citizens: The Case of Rubbish Recyclers; Z.Navarro / Caracas: The State and Peoples' Power in the Barrio; M.Lopez Maya / Medellin: Participatory Creativity in a Conflictive City; O.Uran / Manchester: Between the Grass Roots and City Hall: Participation in a Global City; J.Diamond & J.Pearce / Bradford: Professionalised Participation in a Northern De-industrialised City; H.Blakey / Salford: Beyond Parochialism: The Challenge of Participation for Change in a Working Class City; D.Miller / Participation as a Field of Study and Practice: A Modest Contribution; J.Pearce

January 2010 288pp 216x138mm 15 b/w illustrations, 4 b/w tables hardback £60.00 978-0-230-22944-0

`This is a unique and valuable contribution to research on post communist reform of labour.' - Bill Taylor, Fulbright Senior Fellow, Cornell University, Asia Programs Fellow, harvard University, USA, and Associate Professor, City University of hong Kong `This is vital reading for students of comparative employment relations...' - Sarah Ashwin, Professor of Industrial Relations, london School of Economics and Political Science, UK `A major achievement.' - Guglielmo meardi, Associate Professor of Industrial Relations, Warwick Business School, UK This book explores the transformation of employment relations, the rise of worker protest and the reform of trade union practice to ask how successfully the state-socialist trade unions have adapted to their new role of representing the rights and interests of workers.

Contents: List of Figures and Tables / List of Acronyms and Abbreviations / Introduction / State-Socialist Trade Unions in the Transition to a `Socialist Market Economy' / The Challenge of Worker Activism / Traditional Trade Unions Adapting to New Conditions / The Limits and Possibilities of Trade Unions in Transition / Labour Activism and the Reform of Trade Unions / References / Index

December 2010 2 b/w tables hardback 288pp £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-23330-0

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

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Counter-Terrorism, Aid and Civil Society

Before and After the War on Terror

Jude Howell, Professor and Director and Jeremy Lind, Research Associate, both at Centre for Civil Society, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

The Fight for the Right to Food

lessons learned

Jean Ziegler, Vice-President, UN Human Rights Council's Advisory Committee, Christophe Golay, Joint Coordinator, Project on Economic, Claire Mahon, Joint Coordinator and Senior Researcher, Project on Economic, both at Social and Cultural Rights, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Switzerland and Sally-Anne Way, Research Director, Center for Economic and Social Rights, Spain


Poverty, hunger and Democracy in Africa

Potential and limitations of Democracy in Cementing multi-Ethnic Societies

David Bigman, Professor of International Trade and Development, The Netherlands

`An extremely timely and important analysis of how the `war on terror' has eroded the qualities of autonomy and dissent in civil society.' Professor Jenny Pearce, Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK `...a wake-up call for policy makers, advocates and academics interested in the intersection of security and development as they affect civil society.' - Sidney Tarrow, maxwell Upson Professor of Government, Cornell University, author of The New Transnational Activism The book critically examines the effects of the War on Terror on the relationships between civil society, security and aid. It argues that the War on Terror regime has greatly reshaped the field of development and it highlights the longer-lasting impacts of post-9/11 counter-terrorism responses on aid policy and practice on civil society.

Contents: Introduction / Theorizing the Securitization of Aid and Effects on Civil Societies / Government-Civil Society Relations Post 9/11 / Civil Society, Security and Aid: Shifting Donor Perspectives / Civil Society, Security and Aid Post 9/11: Afghanistan / Aid, Civil Society and the State in Kenya / Civil Society, Security and Aid in India / Conclusion

September 2009 256pp hardback £60.00 216x138+mm 978-0-230-22949-5

This book documents and analyzes the experiences of the UN's first Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. It highlights the conceptual advances in the legal understanding of the right to food in international human rights law, as well as analyzes key practical challenges through experiences in 11 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Contents: Preface / List of Acronyms and Abbreviations / Introduction: Hunger and the Right to Food / PART I: THE RIGHT TO FOOD IN INTERNATIONAL LAW / The Definition of the Right to Food in International Law / The Right to Food of the Most Vulnerable People / The Right to Food in an Era of Globalization / The Right to Food in Situations of Armed Conflict / PART II: THE RIGHT TO FOOD IN PRACTICE: COUNTRY MISSIONS IN AFRICA, ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA / Niger / Brazil / Bangladesh / The Occupied Palestinian Territories / Ethiopia / Mongolia / Guatemala / India / Lebanon / Bolivia / Cuba / Conclusion / Annexures / End Notes

February 2011 hardback 512pp £70.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-28464-7

The book evaluates alternative policy options for the African countries to overcome the food crisis and the changing structure of world trade to sustain their impressive growth of the early 2000s.These policies must go beyond economic reforms and seek a solution to the entrenched political problems that divided the continent.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

October 2010 40 illustrations hardback 320pp £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-20528-4

International Relations and Development Series Series Editors: Marc Galvin and André Liebich

human Development Report 2010

20th Anniversary edition

Edited by United Nations Development Programme

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA, Ebrary

The 20th Anniversary edition is a time to take stock, reflect and move forward. It rigorously reviews the past two decades of human development trends and challenges, and provides newly available data and supplementary indices weighing the effect of income inequalities, gender disparities and household-level poverty.

Contents: Foreword; A.Sen / Introduction; H.Clark / Development as Freedom / Addressing Measurement Challenges / The Advance of People / Progress - Drivers and Barriers / Beyond 2010

Please use the following ISBNs to order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-230-22939-6 Paperback: 978-0-230-22940-2

October 2010 Paperback

256pp £24.99

297x210mm 978-0-230-28445-6


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Poverty in haiti

Essays on Underdevelopment and Post Disaster Prospects

Edited by Mats Lundahl, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

vulnerability to Poverty

Theory, measurement and Determinants

Edited by Stephan Klasen, Professor of Economics, University of Göttingen, Germany Hermann Waibel, University of Hannover, Germany

Overcoming the Persistence of Inequality and Poverty

Edited by valpy FitzGerald, Head of Department, Oxford Department of International Development (Queen Elizabeth House), UK, Judith Heyer, Emeritus Fellow, Somerville College and Rosemary Thorp, Emeritus Reader in the Economics of Latin America, Department of International Development, and Emeritus Fellow of St Antony's College, both at University of Oxford, UK

Following the 2010 earthquake catastrophe, this book examines the economic and political challenges facing Haiti. It presents an overview of the country's economic history, and seeks new prospects for economic growth and development in the future.

Contents: Preface / Prologue: Will Haiti Rise from the Ashes? / PART I: HISTORY / Five Decisive Events in the Economic History of Haiti / Economic Interests Are Color-Blind: On Class Divisions in Haitian History / Poorest in the Caribbean: Haiti in the Twentieth Century / PART II: CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS / Economic and Political Forces in Haitian Underdevelopment / The Haitian Dilemma Reexamined: Lessons from the Past in the Light of Some New Economic Theory / Income and Land Distribution in Haiti: Some Remarks on Available Statistics / Some Economic Determinants of Haitian Migration to the Dominican Republic / PART III: THE FAILED TRANSITION / Another Failed American Occupation? / From Kleptocracy to Democracy? / Problems of Policy Reform in the Haitian Economy / Sustained Growth in Haiti: Pipe-Dream or Realistic Possibility? / PART IV: A FUTURE FOR HAITI? / Hating the US Does Not Help Haiti / After the Earthquake: What Future for Haiti?

December 2010 hardback 272pp £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-28941-3

With the current global crisis, high levels of volatility in trade, capital flows, commodity prices, aid, and the looming threat of climate change, this book brings together high-quality research and presents conceptual issues and empirical results to analyze the determinants of the vulnerability to poverty in developing countries.

Contents: Introduction / Vulnerability to Poverty: Concepts, Measurement, and Data Issues / Vulnerability Concepts: State of the Art and New Proposals and Applications / Establishing a Database for Vulnerability Assessment / Issues in the Design of Vulnerability Surveys / Mapping Vulnerability to Poverty: Extending Static Poverty Maps for Vietnam / Rural-rural Differences in Pro-Poor Growth in Thailand and Vietnam / Shocks and Ex Ante and Ex Post Coping Strategies / Agricultural Diversification and Vulnerability to Poverty: A Comparison between Vietnam and Thailand / Coping Strategies of Agricultural Households in Thailand and Vietnam / Financial Decision-Making and Shock Coping in Rural Thailand and Vietnam / Participation in Different Nonfarm Wage Activities: Evidence from Thailand and Vietnam

January 2011 288pp c. 100 illustrations hardback £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-24891-5

International experts evaluate new policy directions in economic development and poverty reduction, building on the ideas of a pioneer in the new discipline of Development Studies, Frances Stewart. Combing ideas and evidence on technological change, human development and conflict prevention to address the issue of the persistence of inequality

Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION / Presenting the Book; V.FitzGerald, J.Heyer & R.Thorp / Social Wellbeing and Conflict: Themes from the Work of Frances Stewart; J.Toye / PART II: TECHNICAL CHANGE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / Technology Change: Sources and Impediments; G.Ranis, M.Irons & Y.Huang / Migration and Productivity Patterns in European Regions; G.B.Navaretti, G.De Simone, G.Orefice & A.Salvi / Revisiting Technology and Underdevelopment: Climate Change, Politics and the `D' of Solar Energy Technology in Contemporary India; B.Harriss-White, S.Rohra & N.Singh / PART III: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, INCOME DISTRIBUTION AND POVERTY / Advancing Human Development: Values, Groups, Power and Conflict; S.Deneulin / Welfare Regimes and Economic Development: Bridging the Conceptual Gap; T.Mkandawire / Democracy, the New Left and Income Distribution: Latin America over the last Decade; G.A.Cornia & B.Martorano / PART IV: CONFLICT, ETHNICITY AND INEQUALITY / Understanding Horizontal Inequalities: the Role of Civil Society; G.K.Brown / Horizontal Inequalities and Militancy: The Case of Nigeria's Niger Delta; A.Langer & U.Ukiwo / Seeking Representativeness: Affirmative Action in Nigeria and South Africa Compared; A.R.Mustapha / Frances Stewart: A Selected Bibliography

January 2011 288pp 21 figures and 15 b/w tables hardback £57.50 216x138mm 978-0-230-24970-7


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Alleviating Poverty through Business Strategy

Edited by Charles Wankel, Associate Professor of Management, St. John's University, USA

Institutions, human Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies

Pasquale Tridico

Innocent Bystanders

Developing Countries and the War on Drugs

Edited by Philip Keefer, Lead Research Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank

How the for-profit model can be harnessed to provide the poor with a share in the world's prosperity is discussed through actual cases, and nested in innovative theories of business, social sciences, and philosophy.

Contents: PART I: THE CONTEXT / Introduction: The Context of Alleviating Business Strategy; C.Wankel / The End of Foreign Aid as We Know It: The Profitable Alleviation of Poverty in a Globalized Economy; S.Kelley, P.H.Werhane & L.P.Hartman / Innovative Business Approaches and Poverty: Toward a First Evaluation; E.Raufflet, A.Berranger & A.Aguilar-Platas / Information and Communication Technology for Alleviating Poverty in Developing Nations; N.Yajnik / PART II: NGOs AND UNIVERSITIES / A Collaborative-Systemic Strategy Addressing the Dynamics of Poverty in Guatemala; J.L.Ritchie-Dunham / In Search of Sustainable Social Mission Ventures to Eliminate Poverty; S.McIntyre / PART III: COMMUNITIES AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP / Scrutinizing the Link between Poverty and Business Strategy: What Can We Learn from the Case of Shuttle Traders in Laleli; M.Eder & Ö.Öz / Dynamics of Value Creation and Value Appropriation in Network-based Enterprises; O.Branzei / Alleviating Poverty Using Microfranchising Models: Case Studies and a Critique; L.Jones Christensen / PART IV: BUSINESS INITIATIVES / Developing Export Capacity among Craft Manufacturers; J.Hack Katz / Doing Well by Doing Good: Unilever's Contribution to India's Poorest; W.Amann & S.Khan / Marketing Strategies for Subsistence Marketplaces; M.Viswanathan, S.Sridharan & R.Ritchie

July 2010 Paperback 256pp £19.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-10404-4

This book analyzes the development path of Transition economies in European Countries and Former Soviet Republics that have experienced the transformation from planned economies to market economies since the fall of Berlin wall in 1989. It examines economic growth, institutional change and human development performance.

Contents: PART I: TRANSFORMATION, DECLINE AND UNSTABLE GROWTH / The Fall of Communism in Former Soviet Republics and in Central and Eastern Europe / Transition to Market: a Long and Undefined Journey / The Great Transformation: Recession, Recovery and EU Conditionality / PART II: INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE AND VARIETY OF CAPITALISM IN TRANSITION ECONOMIES / Institutional Change: Old and New Institutionalism / A Model of Institutional Change in Transition Economies / Variety of Capitalism and Socio-Economic Models in Transition Economies / PART III: CAPABILITY APPROACH, SOCIAL CAPITAL AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN TRANSITION ECONOMIES / Explaining Economic Development: Old and New Theories / Institutions, Human Development, Economic Growth / Origins of Development: Social Capital, Middle Class and Democracy / CONCLUSION

march 2011 256pp c. 30 illustrations hardback £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-24068-1

This volume systematically assesses the costs of drugs for developing countries. It brings together evidence on the efficacy and consequences of all aspects of current drug policies, including criminalization, eradication and interdiction.

Contents: Introduction / Drug Prohibition and Developing Countries: Uncertain Benefits, Certain Costs / The Historical Foundations of the Narcotic Drug Control Regime / Can Production and Trafficking of Illicit Drugs Be Reduced or Merely Shifted / Evaluating Plan Columbia / General Equilibrium Analysis of the Market for Illegal Drugs / Competitive Advantages in the Production and Trafficking of Coca-Cocaine and Opium-Heroine in Afghanistan and the Andean Countries / Cocaine Production and Trafficking: What Do We Know? / Responding to Afghanistan's Opium Economy Challenge: Lessons and Policy Implications form a Development Perspectiva

April 2010 hardback 350pp £70.00 216x138mm 978-0-8213-8036-9

Studies in Economic Transition Series Editor: Jens Hölscher

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Economics & Finance Collections, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

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South-South migration

Implications for Social Policy and Development

Edited by Katja Hujo, Research Coordinator, Social Policy and Development Programme, (UNRISD), Switzerland and Nicola Piper, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director, Centre for Migration Policy Research, Swansea University, UK

The Age of migration

International Population movements in the modern World 4th Revised and Updated edition

Stephen Castles, Research Professor of Sociology, University of Sydney, Australia and Associate Director, International Migration Institute (IMI), University of Oxford, UK and Mark J. Miller, Emma Smith Morris Professor of Political Science and International Relations, University of Delaware, USA

Children and migration

At the Crossroads of Resiliency and vulnerability

Edited by Marisa O. Ensor, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, American University in Cairo, Egypt and Elzbieta M. Gozdziak, Research Director, Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University, USA

Providing a comprehensive analysis of the increasingly common phenomenon of child migration, this volume examines the experiences of children in a wide variety of migratory circumstances including economic child migrants, transnational students, trafficked, stateless, fostered, unaccompanied and undocumented children.


September 2010 304pp 8 figures and 9 b/w tables hardback £55.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-27253-8

This book seeks to explore the development and policy implications of South-South migration, specifically with regard to the role and challenges for social policy. It examines the linkages and impact of migration on gender and care regimes, human resource flows, remittances, poverty, and political organizations by or for migrants.

Contents: Preface; K.Hujo & N.Piper / Linking Migration, Social Development and Policy in the South - An Introduction; K.Hujo & N.Piper / The Implications of Migration for Gender and Care Regimes in the South; E.Kofman & P.Raghuram / Human Resource Flows from and between Developing Countries: Implications for Social and Public Policies; J.Meyer / Migration and Social Development: Organizational and Political Dimensions; N.Piper / Remittances, Migration and Development: Policy Options and Policy Illusions; H.Haas / Migration and Poverty: Linkages, Knowledge Gaps and Policy Implications; A.Haan & S.Yayub / Bridging Gaps in Research and Policy: Toward Inclusive Migration and Social Policy Regimes - Conclusion; K.Hujo & N.Piper

August 2010 hardback 256pp £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-27158-6

'[A]n impressive achievement.' - helena Ekelund, Journal of Contemporary European Research '... just gets bigger and better...The fourth edition reinforces the strengths...noted by reviewers and readers over the last decade and a half... Suitable for lay readers and especially valuable for undergraduates...its wide range and authoritative voice make it equally useful as a primer for graduate students and ready reference for academics and migration experts.' - Russell King, Ethnic and Racial Studies International migration is an ever-more central aspect of globalization in the contemporary world. The fourth edition of the leading text in the field has been completely recast and updated to provide a comprehensive assessment of the nature, extent and dimensions of international population movements and of their consequences.

Contents: Introduction / Theories of Migration / Globalization, Development and Migration / International Migration before 1945 / Migration to Europe, North America and Oceania since 1945 / Migration in the Asia Pacific Region / Migration in Africa, the Middle East and North America, and Latin America / The State and International Migration: The Quest for Control / Migration and Security / Migrants and Minorities in the Labour Force / New Ethnic Minorities and Society / Migrants and Politics / Conclusion: Migration and Mobility in the Twenty-First Century

January 2009 Paperback 392pp £24.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-51785-1

Social Policy in a Development Context Co-publisher UNRISD

Co-publisher Guilford


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Ethnicity and the Persistence of Inequality

The Case of Peru

Rosemary Thorp, Emeritus Reader in the Economics of Latin America, Department of International Development, and Emeritus Fellow of St Antony's College, University of Oxford, UK and Maritza Paredes, Junior Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford University, UK

horizontal Inequalities and Conflict

Understanding Group violence in multiethnic Societies

Edited by Frances Stewart, Professor of Development Economics, Director, International Development Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, and Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford, UK

A New Politics of Identity

Political Principles for an Interdependent World

Bhikhu Parekh, Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Westminster, UK

Understanding why inequality is so great and has persevered for centuries in a number of Latin American countries requires tools that go beyond economics. Investigating the case of Peru, this book explores how inequality is embedded in institutions that constitute the interface between the economy, the polity and geography of the country.

Contents: Introduction / Appendix: Background on Peru / The Complexity and Salience of Ethnic Identity in Peru / Appendix: The Methodology of the CRISE Perception Survey: The Questionnaire and the Sample; D.Sulmont / Measuring Group Inequalities; A.Figueroa, M.Paredes & R.Thorp / Persistent Inequalities in Education; A.Figueroa, M.Paredes & R.Thorp / The Historical Embedding of Group Inequalities: From the Colony to the War with Chile; C.Contreras, M.Paredes & R.Thorp / The Embedding of Regional Inequality and the Consequences for Group Inequalities: The 1890s to the 1960s; C.Contreras, M.Paredes & R.Thorp / The Evolving Crisis and Consequences for Group Inequality, 1968-90 / The Fujimori Years: the Peak of Political and Economic Exclusion / Conclusion

October 2010 256pp 216x138mm 32 b/w tables, 9 figures, 1 map and 1 illustration hardback £57.50 978-0-230-28000-7

`This interdisciplinary volume...will stimulate academic and policy debate for years to come.' - Donald l. horowitz, James B. Duke Professor of law and Political Science, Duke University, USA `Innovative and insightful.' - Thandika mkandawire, Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Drawing on econometric evidence and indepth studies of West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, this book explores how horizontal inequalities - ethnic, religious or racial - are a source of violent conflict and how political, economic and cultural status inequalities have contributed. Policies to reverse inequality would reduce these risks.


January 2010 392pp 38 figures and 56 tables Paperback £20.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-24550-1

`In this wide-ranging and clearly argued book, Bhikhu Parekh shows how identity lies at the heart of modern democratic politics.' Charles Taylor, mcGill University, Canada ` of the most important studies of globalization yet produced.' - Anthony Giddens, formerly london School of Economics and Political Science, UK `...a book for our times, must reading for political theorists and practioners alike.' - Benjamin R. Barber, University of maryland and DEmOS (New York), and author of Jihad vs. McWorld, Strong Democracy and Consumed `A profound meditation on how to be truly human in an increasingly dehumanized and globalized world.' - Ziauddin Sardar, The New Statesman Books of the Year 2008 Ethnic, religious and national identities come under pressure in a globalized world. Is it possible to embrace the sense of belonging and rootedness these identities give and still cultivate human solidarity based on principles of common humanity? This book examines this and related questions, advocating a globally orientated citizenship.

Contents: Introduction / The Concept of Identity / The Politics of Collective Identity / National Identity / Multicultural Society and Convergence of Identities / European Liberalism and the `Muslim Question' / Pathology of Religious Identity / Challenges of the Multicultural World / Globalisation and Culture / Principles of Global Ethics / Moralities of Partiality and Impartiality / Citizenship in the Global Age / Promoting Democracy

march 2008 Paperback 328pp £23.99 234x156mm 978-1-4039-0647-2

Conflict, Inequality and Ethnicity Series Editor: Frances Stewart

Conflict, Inequality and Ethnicity Series Editor: Frances Stewart ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

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Physical Infrastructure Development

Balancing the Growth, Equity, and Environmental Imperatives

Edited by William Ascher, Donald C. McKenna Professor of Government and Economics, Claremont McKenna College, and the Director, Pacific Basin Research Center, Soka University of America, USA and Corinne Krupp, Associate Professor of the Practice of Public Policy, Duke University's Terry Sanford School of Public Policy, and serves as the Director of Graduate Studies, Sanford School's Master in International Development Policy


Religion and Development

Conflict or Cooperation?

Jeffrey Haynes, Professor of Politics, London Metropolitan University, UK

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Society

Peter Washer, has taught at University College London and Imperial College London, UK, his research interests are in representations of infectious diseases, he is Editor of Clinical Communication Skills (Oxford University Press)

While religious fanaticism in the developing world has received extensive scholarly attention in recent years, haynes offers a more nuanced view that focuses attention on the positive contribution that religious beliefs, institutions, NGOs, and individuals have brought to challenges such as conflict resolution, economic development, and environmental sustainability. A skillful blending of theory and case studies.' - howard handelman, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-milwaukee, USA Jeffrey Haynes adopts a chronological and conceptual approach to introduce students to the central themes and theoretical perspectives in the study of religion and development in the developing world, focusing on key themes including environmental sustainability, health and education.

Contents: Introduction: Religion and Development / Religious Resurgence, Globalization, and Good Governance / Religion and Development: The Ambivalence of the Sacred / Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building / Economic Growth, Poverty and Hunger / Environmental Sustainability / Health / Education / Conclusion

October 2007 Paperback 264pp £21.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-54246-4

This book addresses the key challenges of balancing economic growth, poverty alleviation, and environmental protection in the development of major physical infrastructure, ranging from transport to energy.

Contents: Rethinking Infrastructure Development; W.Ascher & C.Krupp / Distributional Implications of Alternative; W.Ascher & C.Krupp / Beyond Privatization; R.Little / Infrastructure Development in India and China; J.Kim & R.Nangia / Physical Infrastructure as a Challenge for Far-sighted Thinking and Action; W.Ascher / Transit Transformations; R.Cervero / Urban Reclamation and Regeneration in Seoul, South Korea; R.Cervero / Electrifying Rural Areas; C.Krupp / Infrastructure and Inclusive Development through `Free, Prior and Informed Consent' of Indigenous People; R.Fernholz

June 2010 hardback 256 pp £52.50 234x156mm 978-0-230-10030-5

`The book offers an unusually clear account of how perception of biological reality is shaped by society and culture. Essential reading for plotting the territory between panic and pandemic.' - Jon Turney, Author of The Rough Guide to the Future `Washer writes in clear, even-handed language that makes the book rewarding reading for the public and professionals alike.' - Professor D. Ann herring, mcmaster University, Canada `This informative, crystal clear book charts the rise of the Emerging Infectious Diseases discipline in the context of political, social and cultural forces.' - Dr helene Joffe, Division of Psychology, University College london, UK In the 1970s it seemed infectious diseases had been conquered, but today global epidemics seem to pose a new, more sinister, threat. This fascinating study explores these new infectious diseases, such as Swine Flu, SARS and AIDS, and the re-emergence of old threats, and discusses their role in society.

Contents: Factors in the Emergence of Infectious Diseases / The Conquest of Infectious Disease / AIDS and the End of the Golden Age of Medicine / Modernity, Globalization and Emerging Infectious Diseases / Mad Cows, Modern Plagues and Superbugs / Dirt, Germs and the Immune System / The Bioterrorism Myth / Emerging Infectious Diseases, Security and Global Poverty / References

may 2010 5 graphs hardback 208pp £52.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-22132-1

ebook available from: Ebook Library, Dawson ERA,, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Social & Cultural Studies Collections, Ebrary


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Comparative health Policy

3rd edition

Robert H. Blank, Research Scholar, New College, USA andviola Burau, Associate Professor in Public Policy, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Impact of TRIPS in India

An Access to medicines Perspective

Prabodh Malhotra has Taught at a number of Universities in Australia, he has PhD in Economics and Masters in International Business and has published conference papers, journal articles and government reports in these areas - this book is based on his extensive research and fieldwork in India

health Inequality and Development

Edited by Mark McGillivray, Deputy Director, World Institute for Development Economics Research, Finland, indranil Dutta, Brooks World Poverty Institute Lecturer in Economics and David Lawson, Lecturer, Institute for Development Policy and Management and Senior Research Fellow/Faculty Associate with The Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC) and Brooks World Poverty Institute (BWPI), both at University of Manchester, UK

Review of previous editions: `An excellent introductory text for a complex and changing subject.' - Ted marmor, Professor of Public Policy & management, Yale School of management and Professor of Political Science, Yale University, USA This wide-ranging text assesses the extent to which policy problems and responses in different countries have common causes or spring from specific national circumstances. This fully revised third edition includes details of reforms in Germany and the Netherlands, more examples from Asia, and boxed histories of the health systems covered.

Contents: Comparative Health Policy: An Introduction / The Context of Health Care / Funding, Provision and Governance / Setting Priorities and Allocating Resources / The Medical Profession / Beyond the Hospital: Care in the Home / Public Health / Understanding Health Policy Comparatively

April 2010 328pp 234x156mm 14 b/w line drawings and 42 b/w tables Paperback £24.99 978-0-230-23428-4

In India today only thirtyfive percent of people have access to medicines. This book examines the rise of drug prices in India, and develops a new healthcare model, which if implemented, would extend access to medicines to India's entire population. Sensitivity tests show that the proposed model is affordable, equitable and implementable

Contents: Foreword / Acknowledgments / Introduction / PART I: INFLUENCE OF GLOBAL FORCES ON ACCESS TO MEDICINES / The World Trade Organization and the TRIPS Agreement / The Global Pharmaceutical Industry and Developing New Drugs / PART II: ACCESS TO MEDICINES IN INDIA / Development of India's Pharmaceutical Industry / TRIPS and the Indian Patents Regime / Price Controls and Drug Affordability in India: Policy Options / Health Insurance in India / Broadening the Access to Medicines and Healthcare in India / PART III: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE / Is TRIPS Appropriate for Developing Countries? / Which Way Ahead?/ Final Conclusions / References

October 2010 288pp 216x138mm 32 b/w tables, 6 figures and 2 charts hardback £65.00 978-0-230-27278-1

This book investigates issues related to health inequality with a particular interest on developing countries. It provides rigorous empirical work on both trends and causal factors behind health inequality, analyzes the implications of health deprivations on poverty traps and suggests practical policies which can be implemented.

Contents: Health, Inequality and Development ­ Achieving Better Health in Developing Countries; M.McGillivray, I.Dutta & D.Lawson / Measurement and Explanation of Inequality in Health and Healthcare in Low-Income Settings; E.van Doorslaer & O.O'Donnell / Global Inequality in Health: Disparities in Human Longevity among Countries; M.McGillivray / Determinants of Child Weight and Height in Sri Lanka: A Quantile Regression Approach; H.Aturupane, A.B.Deolalikar & D.Gunewardena / Environmental Determinants of Child Mortality in Kenya; C.J.Mutunga / How Growth and Related Instabilities Lower Child Survival; P.Guillaumont, C.Korachais & J.Subervie / IntraHousehold Arrangements and Adult Health Satisfaction: Evidence from Mexico; M.Rojas / Individual and Collective Resources and Women's Health in Morocco; M.C.Martin / Health and Female Labour Market Participation: The Case of Uganda; S.Bridges & D.Lawson

December 2010 256pp 44 b/w tables and 16 figures hardback £65.00 216x138mm 978-0-230-28065-6

Studies in Development Economics and Policy Series Editor: Anthony Shorrocks Series produced in association with UNU-WIDER. For more details on the series, please visit: www.

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Series Editor: Noel Entwistle

Global Inequalities and higher Education

Whose interests are we serving?

Edited by Elaine Unterhalter, Professor of Education and International Development and vincent Carpentier, Senior Lecturer in History of Education, both at Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science

Brooke Ackerly, Associate Professor of Political Science, Vanderbilt University, USA and Jacqui True, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Becoming an Academic

Lynn McAlpine, McGill University, Canada and Gerlese Akerlind, Australian National University, Australia

'A splendid book... It should be required reading not just for every social science - and of course feminist methods course but for all researchers, reviewers and gatekeepers too.' - Sandra harding, University College los Angeles, USA 'methodologically diverse and theoretically rich, an important and accessible guide.' - J. Ann Tickner, University of Southern California, USA 'This timely, accessible and practical guide...' - Nira Yuval-Davis, University of East london, UK This extremely innovative interdisciplinary text guides the reader through the research process from research design through to analysis and presentation while at the same time introducing the range of debates, challenges and tools that feminists use in their research around the world.

Contents: Introduction to Feminist Research / The Feminist Research Ethic Explained / Feminist Roadmaps: Planning, Doing and Presenting Your Research / Question-Driven Research: Formulating a Good Question / Theory and Conceptualization including the Literature Review / The Personal and the Political: Constraints and Opportunities of Research Design / Designing and Timing a Research Project / Sampling Cases, Operationalizing Concepts and Variables and Selecting Data Requirements / Generating and Collecting Data / Common Techniques for Analysis / Structured Inquiry Research Designs / Methods for Data Management and Field Research / Writing and Publishing / Conclusion: Feminist Research Ethic, Review, and Evaluation

August 2010 Paperback 320pp £22.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-50777-7

This book draws on research in Australia, Canada, UK, and US into the experiences of doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and new academics. Each chapter develops research-informed implications for policy and practice to support developing academics, and concludes with commentaries by early career academics, developers and administrators.

Contents: Academic Practice in a Changing International Landscape / Expectations and Experiences of Aspiring and Early Career Academics: Implications for Strengthening Career Preparation / Meaning and Purpose in Postdoctoral Research: Developing as an Academic Researcher / Comings and Goings? Disciplinary Employment Trajectories in the UK Social Sciences / Doctoral Students and a Future in Academe? From the Iceberg to the Shore / Living and Imagining Academic Identities: Perceptions of Doctoral Students and Pre-Tenure Academics / Rethinking Preparation for Academic Careers: Privileged Versus Neglected Aspects of Academic Practice / Commentaries on the Chapters: Responses from Early Career Academics, Developers and Administrators

October 2010 224pp 2 b/w tables and 3 charts Paperback £21.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-22791-0

'A strong feature of the book is that it is timely and fresh. The editors have done much work to connect to sensibilities of the global recession and the emerging effects in higher education and the developing world.' - Dr Simon marginson, Professor of higher Education, University of melbourne, Australia Examines how higher education has contributed to widening inequalities and might contribute to change. By exploring questions of access, finance and pedagogy, it considers global higher education as a space for understanding the promises and pressures associated with competing demands for economic growth, equity, sustainability and democracy.


June 2010 344pp 6 graphs and 7 b/w tables Paperback £22.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-22351-6


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Understanding the International Student Experience

Catherine Montgomery, Associate Director for Research, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Northumbria University, UK

Teaching for Understanding at University

Deep Approaches and Distinctive Ways of Thinking

Noel Entwistle, Professor Emeritus, Department of Higher and Further Education, University of Edinburgh, UK

learning Development in higher Education

Edited by Peter Hartley Professor of Education Development in the Academic Development Unit, University of Bradford, UK, John Hilsdon Head of Learning Development at Plymouth University, UK, Sandra Sinfield Co-ordinator for Learning and Language Development, London Metropolitan University, UK, Christine Keenan Learning and Teaching Fellow , Bournemouth University, UK and Michelle verity Head of Student Enterprise and Development, York St John University, UK

Presents a contemporary approach to the experience of international students in Higher Education. Using empirical and qualitative data, the book explores their social and cultural context and its impact on their learning experience.

Contents: Preface / PART I: THE CONTEXT / Culture in Higher Education / Research on the International Student Experience: A Cultural Landscape / PART II: THE RESEARCH / Student Voices, Student Lives: International Students in Context / International Student Networks: A Community of Practice? / International Students and Home Students: Worlds Apart? / Preparing for Life in a Global Community? / Concluding Comments to the Research / PART III: DISCUSSION / Paths Towards an International Experience for All: The Criticality of Discourse, Context and Internationalization at Home / Postscript / Appendix i / Appendix ii / List of References / Index

January 2010 2 b/w tables Paperback 184pp £22.99 216x138mm 978-1-4039-8619-1

` could well become a classic text in this field.' - John Nisbet, honorary Research Fellow and Professor of Education, University of Aberdeen, UK This book brings together a range of research findings and professional experience about the effects of teaching on the quality of learning at university, encouraging university teachers to think broadly and imaginatively about approaches to teaching in their own area to help students develop deep, personal understandings of the subject.

Contents: Preface / Introduction and Outline / PART I: HOW STUDENT'S LEARN / Educational Psychology and Student Learning / Learning and Influences on It / The Impact of Approaches to Learning / How Students Learn and Study / PART II: WHAT IS LEARNED / Understanding Understanding / The Nature of Academic Understanding / PART III: HOW ACADEMICS TEACH / Evolving Approaches to Teaching / Ideas About Teaching and Learning / Teaching for Understanding / Research into Teaching for Understanding / PART IV: PROVIDING TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT TO SUPPORT LEARNING / A Heuristic Model of Teaching and Learning / Research Guiding Teaching / Assessment as the Driver, but in which Direction? / Influences of the Learning Environment / Practical Guidelines for Teaching that Encourages Deep Approaches / PART V: MONITORING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF TEACHING / Professional Development of Teaching / Monitoring Teaching and Carrying Out Investigations / Appendix A: Indicative Interview Schedule / Appendix B: Questionnaire for Monitoring Learning and Teaching (SETLQ) / Index

July 2009 224pp 234x156mm 29 b/w tables and 12 b/w line drawings Paperback £22.99 978-0-333-96298-5

This book shows how Learning Development enhances the student experience and promotes active engagement. Written by staff from the UK's largest collaborative Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), the book includes important insights for everyone interested in supporting student retention, progression and success.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

November 2010 272pp Paperback £22.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-24148-0

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Writing in the Disciplines

Mary Deane, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Academic Writing (CAW), Coventry University, UK and Peter O'Neill,Writing Specialist in Write Now Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, London Metropolitan University, UK

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Our complete catalogue of over 23,000 titles is available at and includes :

Writing in the Disciplines is an expanding field in which subject specialists and writing specialists collaborate to provide academic writing tuition to student writers. This book places WiD in its theoretical and cultural contexts and reports on initiatives taking place at a range of UK Higher Education Institutions.

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

may 2011 Paperback 156pp £22.99 216x138mm 978-0-230-23708-7

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A New Politics of Identity Parekh 27 The Accumulation of Capital Robinson 6 Ackerly True Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science 30 Adeney Wyatt Contemporary India 14 The Age of migration Castles Miller 26 The Age of Productivity Inter-American Development Bank 5 Alleviating Poverty through Business Strategy Wankel 25 Ascher Krupp Physical Infrastructure Development 28 Atkinson Scurrah Globalizing Social Justice 12 World Development 3 Children and migration Ensor Gozdziak 26 China and the World Economy Greenaway Milner Yao 13 Cluster-Based Industrial Development Sonobe Otsuka 16 Commodities, Governance and Economic Development under Globalization Nissanke Mavrotas 17 Community, market and State in Development Otsuka Kalirajan 16 Comparative health Policy Blank Burau 29 Constructing Democracy in Africa Wing 18 Contemporary India Adeney Wyatt 14 Contemporary South Africa Butler 14 Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Governance Utting Marques 12 Counter-Terrorism, Aid and Civil Society Howell Lind 22 Entwistle Teaching for Understanding at University 31 Esfahani Facchini Hewings Economic Development in latin America 6 Ethnicity and the Persistence of Inequality Thorp Paredes 27


The Failure of Democratic Nation Building Somit Peterson Ffrench-Davis Economic Reforms in Chile The Fight for the Right to Food Ziegler Golay Mahon Way FitzGerald Heyer Thorp Overcoming the Persistence of Inequality and Poverty Foreign Direct Investments from Emerging markets Sauvant Maschek McAllister Fu The Rise of Technological Power in the South 18 6 22 24 15 19


Barria Roper The Development of Institutions of human Rights 20 Barrientos Hulme Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest 19 Becoming an Academic McAlpine Akerlind 30 Beeson Bisley Issues in 21st Century World Politics 15 Bigman Poverty, hunger and Democracy in Africa 22 Blank Burau Comparative health Policy 29 Bompani Frahm-Arp Development and Politics from Below 21 Bowles Harriss Globalization and labour in China and India 10 Brett Reconstructing Development Theory 2 Business, Politics and Public Policy Marques Utting 10 Butler Contemporary South Africa 14


Deane O'Neill Writing in the Disciplines 32 Delivering Development Carr 19 Development and Politics from Below Bompani Frahm-Arp 21 The Development of Institutions of human Rights Barria Roper 20 Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science Ackerly True 30 Drabek Is the World Trade Organization Attractive Enough For Emerging Economies ? 5 The Dynamics of local learning in Global value Chains Kawakami Sturgeon 16


Gaynor Transforming Participation? 4 Gibbon Ponte Lazaro Global Agro-Food Trade and Standards 11 Global Agro-Food Trade and Standards Gibbon Ponte Lazaro 11 Global Inequalities and higher Education Unterhalter Carpentier 30 Global Political Economy O'Brien Williams 8 Globalization and labour in China and India Bowles Harriss 10 Globalization Scholte 17 Globalizing Social Justice Atkinson Scurrah 12 Greenaway Milner Yao China and the World Economy 13 Greig Hulme Turner Challenging Global Inequality 2


Economic Development in latin America Esfahani Facchini Hewings 6 Economic Growth and Structural Features of Transition Marelli Signorelli 7 Economic Reforms in Chile Ffrench-Davis 6 Economics of Development Thirlwall 6 Economics of Institutional Change Mickiewicz 5 Emerging Infectious Diseases and Society Washer 28 Ensor Gozdziak Children and migration 26 Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Naudé 7


Cai The Politics of Economic Regionalism 11 Carr Delivering Development 19 Castles Miller The Age of migration 26 The Challenge of Transition Pringle Clarke 21 Challenging Capacity Building Kenny Clarke 4 Challenging Global Inequality Greig Hulme Turner 2 Challenging the Aid Paradigm Sörensen 4 Chew Lauderdale Theory and methodology of


Hartley Hilsdon Sinfield Keenan Verity learning Development in higher Education Haynes Palgrave Advances in Development Studies Haynes Religion and Development health Inequality and Development McGillivray Dutta Lawson 31 3 28 29

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Hehir humanitarian Intervention 20 horizontal Inequalities and Conflict Stewart 27 Howell Lind Counter-Terrorism, Aid and Civil Society 22 Hujo Piper South-South migration 26 human Development Report 2010 United Nations Development Programme 22 humanitarian Intervention Hehir 20 International Development Klasen Waibel vulnerability to Poverty 2 24


Palgrave Advances in Development Studies Haynes 3 Parekh A New Politics of Identity 27 Participation and Democracy in the TwentyFirst Century City Pearce 21 Pearce Participation and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century City 21 Pérez Political Culture in Panama 13 Physical Infrastructure Development Ascher Krupp 28 Political Culture in Panama Pérez 13 The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds Yi-chong Bahgat 9 The Politics of Economic Regionalism Cai 11 Poverty in haiti Lundahl 24 Poverty, hunger and Democracy in Africa Bigman 22 Pringle Clarke The Challenge of Transition 21 Public Policies for human Development Sánchez 20


learning Development in higher Education Hartley Hilsdon Sinfield Keenan Verity 31 Lumumba-Kasongo Japan-Africa Relations 14 Lundahl Poverty in haiti 24


Impact of TRIPS in India Malhotra 29 Innocent Bystanders Keefer 25 Institutions, human Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies Tridico 25 Inter-American Cooperation at a Crossroads Mace Cooper Shaw 8 Inter-American Development Bank The Age of Productivity 5 International Development Kingsbury McKay Hunt McGillivray Clarke 2 International Discord on Population and Development Kantner 17 The International Political Economy of Work and Employability Moore 10 Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital Thomas 9 Is the World Trade Organization Attractive Enough For Emerging Economies? Drabek 5 Issues in 21st Century World Politics Beeson Bisley 15


Mace Cooper Shaw Inter-American Cooperation at a Crossroads 8 Malhotra Impact of TRIPS in India 29 Marelli Signorelli Economic Growth and Structural Features of Transition 7 marginalization in Urban China Wu Webster 9 Marques Utting Business, Politics and Public Policy 10 McAlpine Akerlind Becoming an Academic 30 McGillivray Dutta Lawson health Inequality and Development 29 Mickiewicz Economics of Institutional Change 5 minsky, Crisis and Development Tavasci Toporowski 7 Montgomery Understanding the International Student Experience 31 Moore The International Political Economy of Work and Employability 10


Reconstructing Development Theory Brett 2 Religion and Development Haynes 28 Rethinking Imperialism Kiely 3 Richardson Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime 12 The Rise of China and India Santos-Paulino Wan 13 The Rise of Technological Power in the South Fu 19 Robinson The Accumulation of Capital 6


Naudé Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 7 The New Political Economy of Development Kiely 8 Nissanke Mavrotas Commodities, Governance and Economic Development under Globalization 17


Japan-Africa Relations Lumumba-Kasongo 14


Kantner International Discord on Population and Development 17 Kawakami Sturgeon The Dynamics of local learning in Global value Chains 16 Keefer Innocent Bystanders 25 Kenny Clarke Challenging Capacity Building 4 Kiely Rethinking Imperialism 3 Kiely The New Political Economy of Development 8 Kingsbury McKay Hunt McGillivray Clarke


Sahle World Orders, Development and Transformation Sánchez Public Policies for human Development Santos-Paulino Wan The Rise of China and India Sauvant Maschek McAllister Foreign Direct Investments from Emerging markets Scholte Globalization Schwartz States versus markets 11 20 13 15 17 19


O'Brien Williams Global Political Economy O'Byrne Hensby Theorizing Global Studies Otsuka Kalirajan Community, market and State in Development Overcoming the Persistence of Inequality and Poverty FitzGerald Heyer Thorp 8 18 16 24


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Smith Understanding Third World Politics Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest Barrientos Hulme Somit Peterson The Failure of Democratic Nation Building Sonobe Otsuka Cluster-Based Industrial Development Sörensen Challenging the Aid Paradigm South-South migration Hujo Piper States versus markets Schwartz Stewart horizontal Inequalities and Conflict Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime Richardson 15 19 18 16 4 26 19 27 12


Wankel Alleviating Poverty through Business Strategy 25 Washer Emerging Infectious Diseases and Society 28 Wing Constructing Democracy in Africa 18 World Orders, Development and Transformation Sahle 11 Writing in the Disciplines Deane O'Neill 32 Wu Webster marginalization in Urban China 9


Yi-chong Bahgat The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds 9


Tavasci Toporowski Minsky, Crisis and Development 7 Teaching for Understanding at University Entwistle 31 Theorizing Global Studies O'Byrne Hensby 18 Theory and methodology of World Development Chew Lauderdale 3 Thirlwall Economics of Development 6 Thomas Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital 9 Thorp Paredes Ethnicity and the Persistence of Inequality 27 Transforming Participation? Gaynor 4 Tridico Institutions, human Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies 25


Ziegler Golay Mahon Way The Fight for the Right to Food 22


Understanding the International Student Experience Montgomery 31 Understanding Third World Politics Smith 15 United Nations Development Programme human Development Report 2010 22 Unterhalter Carpentier Global Inequalities and higher Education 30 Utting Marques Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Governance 12


vulnerability to Poverty Klasen Waibel 24

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Catalogue ISBN: 978-0230-33367-3

An interactive e-learning resource for students

With the right tools, you can have sharper students Our innovative new online study skills resource will help your students to develop personal strategies to improve their study skills. skills4studycampus is an ideal way to engage with students and improve their learning experience. By recommending skills4studycampus, you can help your students write better essays, have more creative ideas, use greater critical analysis, make the most of lectures and face exams with confidence. skills4studycampus focuses on the core skills required for success at university or college. The content has been adapted from The Study Skills Handbook by our experienced team, including the author Stella Cottrell, Director of Lifelong Learning at the University of Leeds, UK. skills4studycampus offers modules on: Reading and Note-Making Critical Thinking Skills Writing Skills Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism Enhanced core modules, as well as additional modules on Exam Skills and Presentations and Groupwork, will be available by Spring 2011.

To watch a free online demo of the site, please visit:

To arrange a trial please ask your librarian or library support manager to contact [email protected] or phone +44 (0)207 0144225. We will also be happy to provide price information, including discounts on new modules for our existing subscribers.


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