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Parent Information Letter No. 28

Date: Thursday 16th July 2009 Panaga Staff for 2009/10 An increasing school population has meant the recruitment of several new teachers and a change in role for some of our existing staff. Here is a `who's who' for next academic year. Creche Following Miss Cindy's departure and the development of morning and afternoon sessions for 2009/10, two new Creche Leaders have been appointed: Charlotte Broekman and Maricel Balde. In the first week of term, crèche will be run by Miss Hettie who will thereafter be on maternity leave for the remainder of term. To ensure continuity for the children of IP3H, Miss Janet Taylor will lead the class for this time. New School Timetable for 2009/2010 Following last week's letter relaying the new school times next academic year, please be advised that a half term holiday now features in the school calendar ­ Monday 15th to Friday 19th February 2010. Full details of the school calendar may be found on the school website ­ A reminder that the new school term begins on Monday 31st August 2009. Staff Training Days ­ Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th August In the week prior to school opening, staff will be engaged in a variety of training activities in the areas of the International Primary Curriculum and assessment, which will have positive impacts on the children's learning. Assemblies End of term assemblies will take place tomorrow at 10:00 to 10:30am on Rampayoh and 10:30 to 11:00am on Teraja..We will say farewell to all leaving students: parents of children leaving the school are welcome to attend. We will also say a sad goodbye to three members of staff: Miss Hanneke, Miss Mieke and Mr Hotze. Miss Hanneke joined the school in 2002 and has made great contributions in her EAL teaching and support of Milepost concerts. Miss Mieke and Mr Hotze joined the school in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The children have greatly benefited from their creativity and enthusiasm. All three members of staff will be missed.

Class IPN IPN IP1 IP1 IP1 DP1 IP2 IP2 IP2 DP2 IP3 IP3 IP3 IP3 DP3 IP4 IP4 IP4 DP4 IP5 IP5 IP5 DP5/6 IP6 IP6 IP6 DP7/8 IP7 IP7 IP7 IP8 EAL SEN Music P.E. I.C.T Support Teacher Teacher Vicki Psiahos Diaan Hemelsoet Liza Davison Julie Bonner Sandy Collinson Atsje Wiersma Vanessa Clee Gina Bobrow Philip Crooks Mary Meijer Stephanie Heaton Hettie Barnard/Janet Taylor Perminder Sanghera Robert Jan van Leeuwen Frits van der Ree Paul Moffett Clare White Yvonne Crooks Matthieu Bouwman David Kanani Nichola Day Paul Creaton Saskia Raghoebarsing David Maddocks Gordon Gray Liz Wood Maaike Bernauer Robert Taylor Simon Butterwick Alison Ball Helen Rhodes Darice Cairns Hazel Allen Imogen Piccirilli Paul Deelen Aijaz Mirza Damian Brady

Panaga School HRS/4, BSP Company Sdn Bhd , Seria, KB3534, Negara Brunei Darussalam School website Tel : 3375728

Highlights of 2008/9 The past year has been a very busy one! Here are some of the achievements made in our shared drive to establish Panaga as an excellent international school: · · · · · · · · · · · · · New school website Weekly Parent Information Newsletter New tropical hours timetable Reorganisation of Early Years to facilitate improved education for all eligible children School Self Assessment Programme focused on raising standards Improved integration of International and Dutch streams in IPC Revised admission guidance and procedures New rigorous tracking system of children's progress in literacy and numeracy Introduction of new teaching methodologies in literacy Creation of new leadership and management roles across the school Successful visit by David Playfoot (co-founder of Fieldwork Education Services and The International Primary Curriculum) New ICT room established on Teraja Reorganisation of Crèche to preserve this service

And here are some of the targets for 2009/10... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · An expanded school website, with a range of material from the children Expresso - an award-winning intranet educational resource for children Introduction of new teaching methodologies in numeracy Homework guidance for children, teachers and parents New Home School Communication Book for all year groups New school exercise books for key subject areas Presentation guidance for children and teachers Marking and feedback guidance for children and teachers Improved self-assessment tools for children Improved science learning Whole school rewards and recognition policy Improved recording of children's work in IPC Dutch Nederlandkunde learning targets implemented in the IPC Dutch focus on vocabulary and reading in the language curriculum

And finally... We wish everyone a very relaxing summer vacation and look forward to welcoming the children back in the new academic year!

Panaga School HRS/4, BSP Company Sdn Bhd , Seria, KB3534, Negara Brunei Darussalam School website Tel : 3375728


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