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Pollera Montuna Santeña

The Pollera Montuna Santeña

Despite being a Montuna Pollera, as its name implies, this is one of the most valued skirts and most appreciated by the people of Las Tablas and its surrounding areas, precisely because of its bright colors and the delicate touch of the work done in the shirt, which always match the color of Pollerón. Even though this is a not considered a Pollera de Lujo this beautiful style for sure captivates the looks of the people.

The Montuna Santeña or Zaraza is complemented with earrings, a flat chain, the Guachapalí chain and the Tapahueso with a gold medal, for the head a set of combs with a tortoiseshell frame with a thin gold blade with pearls and bright stones inserts, a pair of buns and a pair of Colored Tembleques known as Pimpollos.

Like the Pollera de Lujo, this shirt should be reel off matching the pennant and corduroy shoes, everything should be the same color.

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Pollera Montuna Santeña

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